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  1. "I really can't see myself being a rock musician when I'm 40 years old."
  2. Mighty morphin power Jimmy.
  3. back up
  4. Home Improvement Pumps Sp's Tires
  5. Siva to be released as a downloadable track in Rockband
  6. Billy to tour with Sky Saxon?
  7. NEWS: Doomsday Clock video!!!
  8. That's the Way vinyl single used as example in Time magazine
  9. Natalie Imbruglia and Corgan
  10. absolute middle of nowhere?
  11. egyyyypt
  12. has this pic been posted before
  13. Are you happy SP dropped their psychedlic influences?
  14. Billy: different setlists
  15. Sparkling Bright Purple tinted lights of 2007 tour
  16. ITT: you post a YSI or rapidshare of the the best machina II copy
  17. 2007: Netphorian criticism list
  18. spinoff: assorted tfe contentions
  19. Lovely, yet odd version of Today (video)
  20. best year of sp
  21. Does James used this kind of guitar ?
  22. Which is the most underrated SP album?
  23. BC signing autographs at NAMM in 6 minutes
  24. bill's speech, 10-26-96
  25. the lost drum fill
  26. ATTN: Billy
  27. mashed potatos cover art
  28. Stellar lossless
  29. is billy still doing the soundtrack for
  30. sp2007-10-27 - Voodoo Fest - New Orleans, LA - aud/pro 1 cam DVD
  31. Download Voodoo Fest 2007 DVD
  32. sad peter pan/forgotten songs
  33. Sunshowers Plus
  34. "hot 70s nurses"
  35. Tours by the numbers
  36. 07/18/07 DFA
  37. SP Inside the Zeitgeist DVD Re-up
  38. Audio gurus: How to remove vocals??
  39. Manchester Arena Thread
  40. February 12th - Glasgow SECC
  41. what will corgan's signature guitar look like?
  42. is this a fake autograph
  43. Disco King
  44. #1 Overrated Album of 2007: The Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
  45. what pumpkin songs would you like to see in guitar hero 4
  46. PUMPKINS - AUSTIN - 2000
  47. Never listen to this haterz!
  48. Can anyone tab out White City please?
  49. best mashed potatoes disc?
  50. Zwanfluence
  51. Rose March vocals
  52. James and Darcy being left out of Eye
  53. you're all gonna laugh at me, but i got an SP tattoo
  54. New SP album?
  55. naive question
  56. Billster needs to pick one vocal style and stick with it.
  57. jesus i, spun version
  58. SP logos
  59. Billy and Jimmy don't listen to modern music.
  60. This is the real tab for the intro of The Rose March
  61. Great example of how embarassing is
  62. you're all gonna laugh at me, but i made a shitty zeitgeist cover
  63. Little Moments of Bliss
  64. Lassie Foundation apparently got back together
  65. American Gothic CD - PRE-ORDER
  66. LOL
  67. Pastichio Medley
  68. Live Pumpkins Experts
  69. let's discuss Siamese Dream "drop ins"
  70. Siamese Dream 2
  71. Info for 1995/12/12 - Melkweg; Amsterdam sources?
  72. January 30-Sportovni Hala-Prague
  73. How to make shows go to dvd from .iso
  74. spinoff: moments of cringing
  75. what are the rose march lyrics again
  76. billy's vibrato
  77. Zwan DVD Songs
  78. Discuss the videos for 33 and Stand Inside Your Love
  79. i lost everything :(
  80. best performance of Siva?
  81. NOW SHIPPING: Smashing Pumpkins - American Gothic EP (Import) only $10.99
  82. I like D'arcy Doing Backup Vocals, and They Should Have Done This More Often
  83. anyone play siva on rockband yet?
  84. Ava Adore Video
  85. Billy & Kerry Produce New Material For The Seeds
  86. Nothing & Everything
  87. From "European Landing"
  88. TORRENT: 2007/07/18 audio (Diss N Chanted source)
  89. remember that heavy metal machine remix billy posted on his myspace when he was doing
  90. February 19, 2008 - Forest National - Brussels
  91. SP on Control Room in HD 720p? (2007-10-21)
  92. Madrid and MSN show mp3s
  93. Pumpkins to tour New Zealand with Queens
  94. Pumpkins play U of I Frat Party?
  96. exclusive hot topic SP t.shirt
  97. official taping policy link
  98. Marylin Mason Eye Acoustic
  99. How much do song titles affect what you think of a song, if at all?
  100. question re prague show/THANK FUCKING GOD
  101. Adelaide show announced
  102. I wish Machina wasnt so insincere
  103. Old song: She Says?
  104. Peace and Love
  105. Average IQ of a Smashing Pumpkins Fan.
  106. asheville question
  107. Pastichio Medley SPLIT! (download included)
  108. Dublin Feb 9th Belfast Feb 10th..
  109. February 5, 2008 - Hallenstadion - Zürich, Switzerland
  110. Zeitgeist Goes Gold In The US!!!!
  111. Win Tickets to the O2 Gig in London... and ever so DIFFICULT!
  112. Standing tix for 02 available
  113. theory
  114. February 2, 2008 - Datch Forum - Assago/Milan, Italy
  115. March 18th, 2008 - Tennis Indoor Senayan - Jakarta, Indonesia
  116. Smashing Pumpkins Flag
  117. Looking for infamous 666 shirt
  118. Relation of 7, 0, and the Saturn shirt from the European Tour
  119. how much have you spent on smashing pumpkins/corgan/etc
  120. TORRENT: SP 2008-01-31, stadthalle, vienna, aut
  121. The song "Zeitgeist"
  122. Anyone have Zeitgeist High-Res art?
  123. 2007-10-15 Boston question
  124. A question about Pumpkins and MTV?
  125. Would you go to Billy Corgan's Funeral?
  126. bill's new getup
  127. February 3, 2008 - PalaMalaguti - Bologna, Italy
  128. does anyone have that crucified devil picture from the stolen Zeit pics
  129. new superchrist
  130. LMA: 2000-10-15 Hallenstadion; Zürich, Switzerland
  131. A few videos from Milan (yesterday)...
  132. Recommend me an 07/08 show for d/l?
  133. Biggest Pumpkins ripoff ever?
  134. Which residency song you liked the most?
  135. Am I the only one?
  136. Paris 2/06/08
  137. Live Stellar...Finally
  138. huge sale on hard to find stuff
  139. That hour long radio show they did
  140. when are we gonna see some more behind-the-scenes stuff
  141. Upcoming Summer U.S. Tour, False but It's Fun to Pretend
  142. Hope (pre-sp demo)
  143. Affordable Pumpkins merch?
  144. I'm looking for a certain "Let me Give the World to You" version...
  145. d'arcy's sisters
  146. James Iha 75.1% Douchebag
  147. Tear has such a stunning live arrangement.
  148. Sacrifice one, get two of the other...
  149. msots
  150. who the hell thought arena would be a good idea?
  151. will we ever see zwan and TFE songs played live again?
  152. Will provide Blank DVD's and postage + $$ for help
  153. rock grandpas
  154. Neverlost new single ???
  155. TORRENT: SP 2008.02.03 Bologna,IT - AT853 > R09
  156. Looking for a superchrist.mp3
  157. The best "whale noise" interlude part of Gossamer?
  158. torrent: 2008/02/06 - Paris
  159. The Smashing Pumpkins are this.
  160. Next time SP tour it'll be more of a TFE deal
  161. 2 XSTANDING TICKETS - 15TH Feb - Manchester MEN for sale
  162. [ARTICLE] I was a teenage Pumpkins fan
  163. how embarassing is this?
  164. Smashing Pumpkins Authentic "Signed Discography"
  165. Smashing Pumpkins Inspired Guitar Pedals
  166. fuckin' glynis
  167. Nuclear bombs unleashed worldwide, cosmicide in 12 mins, what sp songs do you play?
  168. Zeitgeist contest: Somaziro wins draw; Best cover song voting stage still to go
  169. Here are alot of pic from the new tour
  170. Dross apreciation thread
  171. torrent: new source of 1996-03-04
  172. February 14, 2008 - Nottingham Arena - Nottingham, UK
  173. fuckin' apathy's last kiss
  174. F'n A: My Hard Drive, Yo
  175. American Gothic (CD rip/Flac upload)
  176. ISO 1998.07.29 Video
  177. Muzzle and early set of lyrics
  178. Glasgow 12/2
  179. Guys was that Kenny Aranoff on the Grammys?
  180. February 18, 2008 - Brabanthallen - Den Bosch
  181. Why did billy decide to dress normally while in zwan?
  182. Quotephoria
  183. When a man falls (in the forest)
  184. "I will never fucking sell out." - William Patrick Corgan
  185. IS0 1998.05.28 Torrent FULL VERSION
  186. Guitar Geek U.S.A. Articles?
  187. Support/stage times?
  188. London signing
  189. Zeitgeist LP Not Being Released
  190. Valentine's Day help
  191. Billy Corgan "Im Irish and Im stickin with my own kind"
  192. Do we have American Gothic lyrics yet?
  193. no fucking way
  194. Current live version of Ava Adore
  195. 1979 played at heath ledgers funeral
  196. What's for you the most 'magic' 1979 live version?
  197. Billy Corgan and co to greet fans in Britain
  198. weird fx, samples and other sounds
  199. 2 Free tickets for Manchester- email me by 3pm Today (Streeteam)
  200. MCIS Yellow Vinyl?
  201. Selling: The Smashing Pumpkins: Still Becoming Apart (rare compilation)
  202. Interview on Radio 1 Now
  203. calling all netphorians!
  204. Rock Band - "Zero" possibly in the near future
  205. "Zero" coming to Rock Band, soon
  206. spaceboy, we'll miss you.
  207. Pumpkins looking for 5 writers
  208. Happy Valentine's Day BC and TSP!
  209. 2 morons going to the concert in Brussels thanks to Studio Brussel
  210. Saturday Zavvi signing
  211. Has anyone got a hi-res version of this?
  212. Update: Guitar Center CD w/ "SuperChrist"
  213. Trying to find this one version of "Today"
  214. Oh no! Special edition with additional tracks of American Gothic coming soon
  215. Nottingham show ended early - billy walks off
  216. london signing - roll call
  217. For Sale - 2 Standing Tix for O2 Arena
  218. BC Sound Opinions
  219. Anyone know why Billy stormed off the stage at Notts yet??
  220. True about American Gothic?
  221. Possibly an odd request...
  222. Pale Scales/Greatest Hits Video Collection
  223. [Torrent] DVD Tour 2007
  224. How is all your Pumpkins music organized?
  225. DRM-free Pumpkins and FLAC Radiohead
  226. is anyone here seriously applying for the militia thing
  227. 2 O2 seating tix for sale.
  228. "Soothe" Only played live once...*sigh*
  229. the terms and conditions of joining
  230. Manchester gig - Billy walks off stage again!
  231. ISO: Decent quality VID of Gossamer at the REX
  232. And here's why you British fans are a bunch of fucks.
  233. February 21, 2008 - Olympiahalle - Munich, Germany
  234. Smashing Pumpkins Live in Nottingham : Some Good Pictures and Hi Quality Videos!
  235. holy fuck!
  236. Would Let Me Give the World to You have saved the band's reputation?
  237. tsp2008-02-12 - SECC, Glasgow, UK [Torrent]
  238. Is the HUB down for anybody else?
  239. 180g vinyl re-issue of Siamese Dream?
  240. torrent: 2007/08/14 - Vega, Copenhagen
  241. If billy had hair would it have saved the Bands Reputation?
  242. anyone know who opens the scandinavian tour dates?
  243. torrent: tsp2008-02-02 Datch Forum, Assago, IT (DVD)
  244. 7/5/07 new youtube videos
  245. Reminder: Zeitgeist contest-All Pumpkins fans invited to vote
  246. So did anyone here ever end up liking Blinking With Fists
  247. i wish the pumpkins would do this
  248. Anybody know the date of this concert? Good version of 1979 Video Included
  249. ISO Apples and Oranges acoustic
  250. how many more versions of zeitgeist will you sheep buy?