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  1. Request: 11-29-2000 Desperate!
  2. Zeitgeist among RS' Best Albums of '07.
  3. The Surprise
  4. ISO this poster
  5. for you collectors/completists - 'siamese singles' box at amoeba hollywood
  6. 10/2/07 St. Paul DVD torrent up
  7. Oh, so THIS is why Jimmy is the only original Pumpkin left in the band.
  8. Porcelina Vs LOTR
  10. Christmastime! (download included)
  11. Are the Smashing Pumpkins your current favorite band?
  12. Bunnicula vs LOTR
  13. Smashing Pumpkins or The Smashing Pumpkins
  14. What do you know about 2001 Untitled Single material?
  15. Help me find a website
  16. This person says Darcy and James were at a Boston
  17. Swervedriver frontman asked to join Pumpkins
  18. Can Someone buy uncirc video?
  19. I get to work with Billy!
  20. Will the Pumpkins have song on VH1s top 100 of the 90s
  21. Does Billy spit at all the shows?
  22. 2007-07-05 AMT #3 DVD finally up
  23. Wtf Billy??
  24. Manson working with SP?
  25. Spectrum of a Song
  26. hubs for others band?
  27. smashing pumpkins on live earth comp.
  28. b-sides and rarities finally on itunes plus
  29. looking for very hi-res machina 2 artwork
  30. looking for led zeppelin 5.26.77
  31. Future commercial/SP song tie-ins
  32. Tarantula (String Quartet Tribute Version)
  33. ISO: A copy of a SP tour rider from ANY tour
  34. Anyone want Billy's kicks??
  35. January 31st, 2007 - Stadthalle, Vienna
  36. "Hummer" Theory
  38. Those MP3s I promised some of you (covers)
  39. The Guns of Love Disastrous
  40. Why isn't Billy Corgan in a personal relationship?
  41. chances of SP at Coachella?
  42. Zeitgeist Bonus Tracks
  43. God's Gunna set world on Fire.....please
  44. sp 2007-10-23 - Tower Theater - Upper Darby - 2 cam ACOUSTIC set
  45. All of you familiar with EAC
  46. The Divine Invasion
  47. I saw this Pumpkins shirt at Hot Topic:
  48. SP mentioned in KISS dvd commentary
  49. Zeitgeist cover song contest: Deadline extended and prizes added
  50. smashing pumpkins smiley
  51. "christmas time" mentioned in blog
  52. Christmas track released for the holidays!!
  53. favourite pumpkins christmas song
  54. Eric Avery talks about working with Billy
  55. 1988-10-05 Cabaret CD
  56. The Meaning:
  57. Billy the Ego Maniac
  58. Soothe Cover
  59. Lover
  60. residency song mp3s
  61. someone knows japanese?
  62. NO BODIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  63. I'm officially taking requests!
  64. HEXEN - Song1 (1985)
  65. WTTAFH?
  66. American Gothic
  67. In Rainbows + the Sp flag
  68. Hi, I'm the Metro DVD.
  69. Curious BC quote from 1998 Interview...
  70. Anyone else hear doomsday clock on top gear?
  71. What is this song?
  72. home
  73. Ginger and Jeff had been selected as the new members way back in February
  74. iTunes / Amazon
  75. NEED to sell these items
  76. ugh i just heard the Taproot lost in the woods
  77. billy stops 'obscured' b/c of darcy
  78. Billy must be getting desperate for cash after the holidays.. (new items for sale)
  79. Why were The Pumpkins received so badly at Lollapalooza 94?
  80. I'm just sayin'...
  81. American Gothic on iTunes Now!
  82. So I hear Pumpkins played a NYE show in NYC???
  83. SP Guitar Hero Faceplate?
  84. RSS Feeds now available on Netphoria
  85. Smashing Pumpkins - 2007 Residency Songs UPload
  86. word of the day for Jan 1, 2008
  87. Best Cover of ZERO!!!
  88. Best Thing About Live Recordings
  89. b0lly mentionned in a French writer's works
  90. American Gothic EP?
  91. whats with the MBC?
  92. Tonight Tonight Cover
  93. Dream of sp?!? help!
  94. how bad is american gothic?
  95. Does anybody know...
  96. YSI for MSOTS
  97. check out this gif of billy
  98. rate american gothic in terms of pies
  99. william patrick corgan: maybe not a total pussy
  100. Pumpkins to have new song on a Guitar Center compilation..
  101. Poll: Poll: Who thinks that Jimmy Chamberlin ought to
  102. No Spain or Portugal on the European Tour
  103. POX - Sunkissed in the lyrics
  104. Peace + Love
  105. the opening of bleed the orchid sounds like a chorus of dying cats
  106. Top 5 best songs Bill's written since SP1 broke up
  107. Candid Billy Pic
  108. is there a torrent of this video?
  109. Zomb reseed - SP Live Earth TV. Or post new
  110. American Gothic - Hard copy
  111. Billy, Kurt, and Courtney
  112. So is this an EP or an Album
  113. sp phone wallpaper
  114. Listening to SP (AG the latest) on a REAL system...
  115. help finding a track missing from cessations of grandeur
  116. Anyone know where the American Gothic cover art was taken?
  117. When was "The Rose March" originally written?
  118. Anyone managed to confirm with the UK venues about Open Taping?
  119. American Gothic Sunkissed Guitar Effect
  120. Billy Corgan mentioned on new Futurama DVD
  121. jimmy's drum sound on zeitgeist
  122. Is This Old/Common News? (Billy and Jimmy remixing band Medicine)
  123. iso: mashed potatoes D1 T06 Stray Cat Blues & D4 T13 Geek U.S.A.
  124. Billy: "Rap is fucking dead"
  125. Where to get gossamer ?
  126. My personal 12 track Zeitgesit
  127. lyrical content
  128. is billy voting?
  129. Mondegreen: Rose March :love:
  130. Brabanthallen 02/18 Holland
  131. American Gothic reviews
  132. Doomsday Clock cover
  133. Did Singing Lessons Affect Billy's Singing?
  134. Neverlost on One Tree Hill...
  135. MCIS CD or Vinyl tracklistings?
  136. Adore's production
  137. Are SP Cassettes worth anything?
  138. American Gothic vs. Djali Zwan
  139. Glass and the Ghost Children lyrics
  140. chronological rolling SP song-a-day discussion
  141. Studio Superchrist (Its gonna happen!!)
  142. Limited Edition SP Memorabilia Available after Feb.1
  143. Originals of covers performed by Smashing Pumpkins / Zwan
  144. Massive Machina Analysis Undertaking Underway - Req Help
  145. I Want You To Want Me studio?
  146. anybody know where i can get a high quality arising version of machina?
  147. Netphoria's Favorite SP Song *EPIC*
  148. Can someone upload Speed Kills, PLEASE!
  149. assorted machina contentions
  150. stephen malkmus likes american gothic
  151. Smashing Pumpkins Show in Tokyo
  152. More people need to buy Machian & Zeitgeist...
  153. Sends shivers down my spine....proof God Exists
  154. Billy Sr. arrested, SP cancels two tour dates
  155. What's wrong with SP since 2000?
  156. What's Ginger's real name?
  157. Savoy Truffle Lyrics?
  158. New (radio)single: Neverlost
  159. what the hell?
  160. Brilliant old 'new' musics > American Gothic LOL
  161. What Def Leppard Song Should The Pumpkins Cover?
  162. French Movie Theme (From Cherub Rock CDS)
  163. "17" Lyrics
  164. MCIS 3LP gatefold pics?
  165. Batman & Robin
  166. Budapest and Belgrade tour dates cancelled
  167. To accomodate this nonsense, Billy is cancelling tour dates?
  168. Is it just me, or is this kinda like porn?
  169. Question about Japanese Machina CD
  170. will someone please provide the link to the voodoo fest performance?
  171. Jeff is Asian
  172. What to wear???
  173. Corgan backing vocals on mansons "mechanical animals"????
  174. When people know you love teh b0lly, do they use his lyrics to charm you?
  175. [request] official Zeitgeist tab book
  176. how 'bout that Coat of Eyes?
  177. Netphoria's Favorite SP Song POLL
  178. req: ransom soundtrack
  179. Sky Sunlight Saxon and The Seeds
  180. Website down?
  181. [request] Adore shows dvd box
  182. February 16, 2008 - O2 Arena - London
  183. soundboard recordings?
  184. 20th Anniversary
  185. Billy: How weird can I possibly be?
  186. February 29th, Oslo, Norway
  187. No good pumpkin books/interview collections?
  188. Zeitgeist Cover Song Contest on
  189. Do you think BC is always motivated in every show ?
  190. annie-dog lyrics
  191. New SP board policy regarding thread derailing
  192. i saw a guy in psych class today with the green zeitgeist shirt
  193. fanboys rock harder and r cooler
  194. Clerks 2 - 1979
  195. Do you guys think Billy is still sexually active?
  196. Fagphoria
  197. Zeitgeist (Bonus Track Version) Available 2038
  198. "I really can't see myself being a rock musician when I'm 40 years old."
  199. Mighty morphin power Jimmy.
  200. back up
  201. Home Improvement Pumps Sp's Tires
  202. Siva to be released as a downloadable track in Rockband
  203. Billy to tour with Sky Saxon?
  204. NEWS: Doomsday Clock video!!!
  205. That's the Way vinyl single used as example in Time magazine
  206. Natalie Imbruglia and Corgan
  207. absolute middle of nowhere?
  208. egyyyypt
  209. has this pic been posted before
  210. Are you happy SP dropped their psychedlic influences?
  211. Billy: different setlists
  212. Sparkling Bright Purple tinted lights of 2007 tour
  213. 2007: Netphorian criticism list
  214. spinoff: assorted tfe contentions
  215. Lovely, yet odd version of Today (video)
  216. best year of sp
  217. Does James used this kind of guitar ?
  218. Which is the most underrated SP album?
  219. BC signing autographs at NAMM in 6 minutes
  220. bill's speech, 10-26-96
  221. the lost drum fill
  222. ATTN: Billy
  223. mashed potatos cover art
  224. Stellar lossless
  225. is billy still doing the soundtrack for
  226. sp2007-10-27 - Voodoo Fest - New Orleans, LA - aud/pro 1 cam DVD
  227. Download Voodoo Fest 2007 DVD
  228. sad peter pan/forgotten songs
  229. Sunshowers Plus
  230. "hot 70s nurses"
  231. Tours by the numbers
  232. 07/18/07 DFA
  233. SP Inside the Zeitgeist DVD Re-up
  234. Audio gurus: How to remove vocals??
  235. Manchester Arena Thread
  236. February 12th - Glasgow SECC
  237. what will corgan's signature guitar look like?
  238. is this a fake autograph
  239. Disco King
  240. #1 Overrated Album of 2007: The Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
  241. what pumpkin songs would you like to see in guitar hero 4
  242. PUMPKINS - AUSTIN - 2000
  243. Never listen to this haterz!
  244. Can anyone tab out White City please?
  245. best mashed potatoes disc?
  246. Zwanfluence
  247. Rose March vocals
  248. James and Darcy being left out of Eye
  249. you're all gonna laugh at me, but i got an SP tattoo
  250. New SP album?