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  1. Looking for Columbia S.C. media
  2. why does everyone hate zeitgeist
  3. Why does everyone hate the smashing pumpkins?
  4. Why does everyone hate Linda Strawberry?
  5. so, european tour in january....
  6. your favourite Pumpkin deputy?
  7. what would it take for Billy to get back to the top?
  8. why does everyone hate the machina mystery?
  9. new best buy circular
  10. bringing Jimmy back and then breaking up the band
  11. Atlanta, GA - Nov. 15/16
  12. Billy Corgan features in Brian de Palma's Iraq-war drama 'Redacted'
  13. what was you immediate opinion of each album?
  14. What happened to the 10/7/07 video?
  15. holy shit
  16. looking for video copy of sp storytellers
  17. HMM - do you like?
  18. how long to you give an album before giving up on it?
  19. if SP broke up again, how would you feel?
  20. James Iha
  21. What makes you a true fan?
  22. Adore Survivor VI
  23. Melissa > Ginger > D'Arcy
  24. UK tour dates 2008
  25. Uk Tour Feb 2008
  26. up-to-date future tour date info?
  28. The Beginning Is the End Is... 4 Track Single
  29. Billy still likes James and Darcy
  30. WTB: 11/15 Atlanta Ticket
  31. Sign my Petition: Release "Bring the Light" as a single!
  32. Surprise guest at Austin show tonight
  33. FS: 2 Atlanta tickets 11/16
  34. Request: Daydream from "That's the Way" single
  35. Infinite Sadness?
  36. given how fast z'geist disappeared from UK top 75 this trikes me as an ambitious tour
  37. i only play 4 money
  38. Billy is unique looking
  39. zero karaoke
  40. FS: Atlanta 11/15 and 11/16
  41. 2007/10/23 on LMA
  42. ISO: Machina II / Eric Agnew ~ 3% fast rip
  43. tix prices of the tour so far
  44. SP Live 2007: Your Verdict
  45. Should I interview Linda Strawberry?
  46. What do you think The Smashing Pumpkins will be doing from November 19 to January 31
  47. Ribbit Ribbit
  48. Did they ever find this broad?
  49. Philly show from the 21st on tomorrow
  50. Pro Tools
  51. Columbia, SC 11/9
  52. Light into Dark promo cassette
  53. Siamese Dream-era w/ Violin showies?
  54. Pumpkins on MSN
  55. Resist the Devil so that He Will Flee
  56. so no one cares about the new Ginger blog
  57. 21/10/2007- watch live tonight on MSN
  58. German tour dates 2008
  59. Jimmy Chamberlin is one of the best drummers in rock
  60. Pumpkins playing Nottingham, MEN and 02
  61. how to make Adore slightly better
  62. For God & Country album version vs. live version
  63. Annie-Dog vs Appels + Oranjes
  64. April 2008 Australian Tour so it seems
  65. More surprise guests come on stage in Atlanta....
  66. UK 2008 Tour Support
  67. It just makes me wonder
  68. Brussels show 2008
  69. So what direction do you think they will go with on the next album?
  70. the good about zeitgeist
  71. early zwan sbd / fm ?
  72. London O2 Arena Feb 16th 2008
  73. Has Billy Ever expressed an opinion good or bad about Nick Cave?
  74. SP O2 arena show sells out in one freakin' day - unlike those overhyped motherfuckers
  75. 2007/11/13 on LMA
  76. ALD and the availablity of recordings
  77. Funny bootleg SP shirts
  78. so are the uk tix sold out already or what.
  79. new short vid at
  80. I wish Zeitgeist sounded more like Black Oblivion.
  81. Complete list European Tour
  82. torrent: 2007/11/07 2xDVD
  83. As tour winds down....
  84. since we're on the subject of analog/digital recording
  85. Billy Corgan on PI.. Zwan era
  86. I don't wanna fight...
  87. Adore Survivor VII
  88. Sinking Liberty, Plane on the Right, Fighter Planes on the Left
  89. ISO: video from 2007-11-16 for multi-cam dvd
  90. I don't think these have been posted yet--pix from Athens, GA show & Atlanta comments
  91. 2004.04.19 - Info please.
  92. Spilled Milk v Superchrist
  93. [Question]Machina 2 [ebay]
  94. dallas ticket available at face value
  95. Come On Let's Go used on ABC College Football
  96. the Pumpkins get a little mention in Glamour mag
  97. daughter flexi still in magazine on ebay
  98. Waiting
  99. Selling some TSP shirts
  100. tsp1992-01-19.sbd - speed correction?
  101. Making a Zeitgeist EP with the 4 Bonus Songs
  102. "It's Only Rock & Roll" for $800, Alex
  103. What was the name of the band that Opened up for Pumpkins 10/22/07
  104. Happy Birthday Lisa 11/18/07
  105. Appels + Oranjes vs Ava Adore
  106. MSN Tower Theatere
  107. Billy with Depeche Mode 1998 video
  108. SP tour story some may find interesting
  109. Backup vocals on "BSBT" (Machina I version)
  110. Winterlong/Soot And Stars
  111. Siamese Dream vs. Mellon Collie
  112. Zeitgeist back on the soundscan charts thanks to repackage/reissue
  113. end of tour recording roundup
  114. "Gish" included in Blender's "100 Greatest Indie-Rock Albums Ever"
  115. Tour Memories
  116. REQUEST: BWBW MTV europe awards
  117. a blogger's post about recording
  118. Joy and SIYL are the same riff, right?
  119. Corgan in RS story about JT Leroy
  120. 2007-10-04 [AMT#1]
  121. funniest picture
  122. New Lisa Blog (11/20)
  123. kristin burns tour pics
  124. help identifying a song?
  125. Speed
  126. Is the Hub down?
  127. Smashing Pumpkins Live at Nokia Theater on 2007-11-18 on LMA
  128. January 31, 2008 - Stadthalle - Vienna, Austria
  129. Adore Survivor VIII
  130. Ginger with 'old' pumpkins
  131. James Iha: wingman for Billy Corgan
  132. Nashville: "Thanks Dick"
  133. That's the Way Single for only $2.98 Brand New from Amazon
  134. Ryman - Nashville, TN - 11.11.07
  135. eBay: 238 Copies of "Ava Adore" 7"
  136. Billy is sooooo Cooool!!
  137. Annie-Dog vs Because You Are
  138. When do you think the next SP Album will be out?
  139. "ToLoveSomebody" was the greatest wasted oppurtunity in Billy's history?
  140. Possible leak topic in main forum
  141. SP Board Survivor I
  142. LMA: Zwan 2003-03-28 interview (this week in baseball)
  143. turn my way
  145. Why aren't they playing in Australia?
  146. taking songs for granted/i wish billy played more piano
  147. it so infinitely depressing to see
  148. Adore vs. Mary Star of the Sea
  149. NYC Dates - None?
  150. any chicagoans around remember lounge ax?
  151. Someone is selling "unsurfaced" 1996-10-05 video
  152. Best era for Billy's vocals
  153. SKIPGO's A SONG A DAY thread
  154. misc vids from all eras
  155. Mac and the hub
  156. Blank Page/White Chalk
  157. nice youtube finds
  158. 95-10-08 sound opinions
  159. St. Paul Show on DVD
  160. Adore Survivor IX
  161. video-smart people, halp
  162. Poster from Madison Square Garden 7/12/96
  163. Mp3s of the Chicago songs 2004/04/19
  164. mp3 of 'The sky is crying' of 2003/04/09 Zwan
  165. OMG, Billy's old.
  166. eBay: UK Machina 2 Promo Set, Adore RIAA Award
  167. That's The Way $3 Single
  168. Billy compared to Damon Albarn & Thom Yorke
  169. SP performing at the Super Bowl XLII
  170. Couple quick questions
  171. A,Ab,E,B,F# and Endless Summer
  172. The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music T-shirt:
  173. QAOS
  174. when we start getting physical, rather than having intercourse, he ends up just mastu
  175. SP to play in Stockholm 1/3
  176. dragon tattoos rebel flag tattoos free tattoos
  177. Poetry!
  178. iso: 1998-06-04 FNAC rooftop, Paris, FR [PRO]
  179. Aussie fans: V Fest confirmed!!!
  180. Has this been posted yet?
  181. MCIS tour opening "opera" music
  182. mac help w/ vids?
  183. So....when will they record the new one and what will it sound like?
  184. V Fest ACTUALLY confirmed.
  185. wav to flac
  186. let's talk about i adore adore's TTEOR cover
  187. where's the best place to find set lists for each gig?
  188. Completely un-informative blog from Jeff posted today
  189. funny take on the band by a photographer
  190. Could someone send me a Luna mp3?
  191. Billy Corgan sings a prayer...
  192. Solo twister is, of course, played to blank page by the smashing pumpkins
  193. Will James Iha Possibly work with M Manson?
  194. Bearded Billy
  195. Songs that end in "for you"
  196. what's a rotten apples worth now?
  197. SP playing in Sweden march 1st..
  198. Remembering 11/29/00, the UC Show...
  199. band t-shirts
  200. Whats the average set time for their current tour?
  201. Adore Survivor X
  202. if there is a god:::::dont mistake my song for my version
  203. the first time i heard pastichio medley and gravity demos
  204. What ever happened to this?
  205. A Question about the Best Buy Edition of Zeitgeist
  206. Myspace Tribute to the Smashing Pumpkins
  207. Doomsday Clock Instrumental
  208. Capping 8-4-00 right now
  209. I've been looking for this for years
  210. Whir Lyrics
  211. Billy Corgan plays show with.....
  212. The entrance band *featuring paz*
  213. Smashing Pumpkins CDs, Cassettes, and Minor Misc. For Sale
  214. <I>HEY WHAT'S THIS</i>
  215. check out this review of Siamese Dream
  216. Baby GAP loves Smashing Pumpkins...Christmas Time
  217. 12/2/07 is almost over...obligatory post
  218. Gary Numan Covers
  219. My SP Collection
  220. So who wants to torrent 10/20/95 Dekalb?
  221. Bootleg DVD-torrents + Zeitgeist tour amps
  222. 1997/01/15 - Civic Auditorium; Omaha, NE, US
  223. my favorite interview
  224. 1979 Grammy Performance?
  225. Adore Survivor XI
  226. Billy mentioned in article about self-tuning guitar
  227. SP concert songs broadcst on US TV on Dec. 8th
  228. Korg MR1000
  229. wtf @ "billy corgan page layouts" being advertised on myspace
  230. billy talks about some muti personality phone sex chick in rollingstone
  231. It's Back! - CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - LIFETIME Subscription Donation - HALF PRICE
  232. problem
  233. Would Cobain have turned out to be a Jesus Bitch like Corgan?
  234. are old vhs vieuphorias collectible
  235. LAST TIME
  237. Ginger Reyes performing with Tom Morello, Flea, etc in Los Angeles tomorrow 12/6 8pm
  238. Does anyone know when the great year ends? Is it a calendar year or is it one year f
  239. XRT new years at metro question
  240. future release formats
  241. Adore era BWBW
  242. shame 2007 tab
  243. Spun Songs Please
  244. Could somebody possibly upload "Never Let Me Down Again."
  245. sp_zwan_corgan dvd.torrent - Can someone help seed?
  246. FYI: Live Earth Broadcast Radio CD on eBay.
  247. Adore Survivor XII
  248. What.
  249. Lisa Harriton's updated her blog
  250. Pumpkins performing tomorrow night on my My Network TV Channel 13 (LA)