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  1. LMA: tsp2007-10-21.mk4.flac16 - Upper Darby #2
  2. LMA: tsp2007-10-09 - Pittsburgh, PA
  3. If all your SP albums were stolen
  4. DFA chords
  5. FS: Two Memphis,TN GA Tickets below face
  6. Songs that don't have "alternate versions"?
  7. BTL remix?
  8. ISO: 1991-11-02 Memorial Auditorium; Burlington, VT
  9. Neverlost and God + Country are the best songs on Zeitgeist
  10. for sale
  11. That's The Way (How To Bomb)
  12. Would you S Corgan's D for a copy of Let Me Give the World... (Adore version)
  13. God's gonna set the world on fire
  14. Boredom....Found this link (old, but interesting nevertheless)
  15. untitled instrumental
  16. Album Elimination Challenge - FINAL ROUND - SD/MCIS SMACKDOWN
  17. That's the Way 7"s
  18. Favor to ask...
  19. girl talk remixes zwan
  20. Zwan @ CDUK : best billy performance evverrrrr
  21. Any Depeche Mode fans out there?
  22. Zeitgeist Elimination Challenge (FINAL POLL)
  23. Gish Survivor, Round 3
  24. machina Mystery... what you liked:
  25. Adore Survivor I
  26. into the eyes of the jackal i say KA BOOOOOM!
  27. Definitive Smashing Pumpkins Survivor
  28. which pumpkins t-shirt should I wear to the show tomorrow??
  30. My Smashing Pumpkins Collection
  31. Tonight, Tonight is Vanilla, revamped
  32. Adore Promo Shot
  33. Billy singing James' songs
  34. Have I ever posted this video
  35. I'm bored...
  36. What if...?
  37. EITS recordings from SP tour?
  38. Anyone have this pic from the 96 SNL performance?
  39. 10-15-07 Boston, MA
  40. new old James picture
  41. Adore Survivor II
  42. so what's the score on those unheard b-sides?
  43. Does anyone have a good quality version of White Spyder?
  44. 10-13-07 Boston, MA
  45. soundcheck thread (again)
  46. Some SP video footage I uploaded
  47. How often do you ruminate about meeting billy corgan?
  48. Does anyone have an audio clip of We Love You?
  49. FS: 2 GA tickets to Austin, TX 11/2
  50. Right out of the bowling alley jokebox
  51. does any other guitarist here...
  52. Will I get beat up if ...
  53. Anyone on here going to the Nashville show>?
  55. Pennies is She, Revamped
  56. have you seen these pics?
  57. Siamese Dream Platinum Record Award
  59. whats the date that
  60. has ma belle leaked yet?
  61. requesting ma belle
  62. Poll for people who saw both real SP and SP2 live
  63. atlanta tix now available on (pit *******d)
  64. iso: 2 nashville tix
  65. To anyone going to the next few shows, could you pick me up something?
  66. guitar hero faceplate
  67. New Ford commercial
  68. Chicago Aragon Ballroom Mid December
  69. Pumpkins in Chicago
  70. How would you feel about...
  71. torrent: london 6/19/07 3x DVD
  72. Full Spun Soundtrack
  73. I need one ticket for any concert
  74. new splra features
  75. 7 shades of blood
  76. 2 Lodge tickets Halloween night
  77. NHL Highlights set to Tarantula
  78. sp 2007-10-27 Voodoo New Orleans on
  79. Glass + Ghost Children History
  81. To trade: ATL 10/31 for 10/30
  82. Your Favorite Zeitgeist Track
  83. Bill Corgan is a loser
  84. so, here were the Z elimination poll results
  85. Is anyone gonna rip best buy Zeitgeist DVD?
  86. REQ: SP: Paris Le Grand Rex 2007- Videos
  87. Adore Survivor III
  88. FS: 1 ticket to DALLAS, 11/3; 203GG
  89. Ma Belle
  90. Request: 10/23/07 Recording
  91. Cessations Of Grandeur 9CD FLAC B-Sides & Rarities - TORRENT
  92. where would you put superchrist
  93. SP Ford Promotional Poster
  94. Pumpkins cancel shows
  95. petition to get billy back on drugs
  96. im confused
  97. those of you who've purchased zeitgeist
  98. Township Auditorium
  99. White Board Songs
  100. Who owns every Zeiteist?
  101. 10/7/07 - Detroit video
  102. Ticketmaster will rape you if you try to get a refund for Atlanta shows
  103. Zeitgeist = ....
  104. SP soundboard?
  105. Asheville Drifter Shirt
  106. FS: Atlanta 10/30/07 Show PostPoned Tickets
  107. anyopne notice that that song at the end of the chevrolet commercial...
  108. christmas card incident of 12/99
  109. Any other bands that have these same elements?
  110. Zeitgeist DVD
  111. so what exactly is "inside the zeitgeist"
  112. Is the Dallas show still on?
  113. Which song is Jimmy most likely to die playing?
  114. Zeitgeist Vinyl - So when's it being released?
  115. for the first time in my life: FUCK THIS BAND. GIVE US AN OFFICIAL FUCKING UPDATE!!!
  117. Crying Tree of Mecury Piano Version?
  118. Sad Peter Pan
  119. how much would Billy's hair fetch on ebay?
  120. REQUEST - Boston Shows Video
  121. Acoustic gigs?
  122. Billy likes Haunted Houses
  123. some help on a video request
  124. so are the Atlanta shows getting rescheduled?
  125. rescheduled shows and jimmy update
  126. updated tour info
  127. ISO: 10-11-2007
  128. Ten Years Ago...
  129. Best new part of an old song in the 07 tour
  130. so i'm writing an essay on music production
  131. quick question
  132. this is the thread where we say nice things about SP
  133. How unorthodox would it be to play loki cat + Zwan(off albulm) material now?
  134. Shame on all of you Roy Thomas Baker haters!! (re: Tarantula)
  135. Billy Corgan: Netphoria's Most Successful Troll
  136. Starbelly (Hole) = Cinnamon Girl
  137. MACHINA Appreciation
  138. "Patrick!?" "I WANT MY MOOOOM!!!"
  139. TN Titans tix for someone who is in Nashville this weekend
  140. Jimmy post-op poll
  141. selling my tix for atlanta show
  142. Superchrist
  143. selling 2 tix to atlanta (Nov. 15) show
  144. Need 2 Athens tickets, will trade 2 11/16 ATL tickets
  145. july 30th fillmore setlist
  146. Zeitgeist Song Titles Analysis
  147. Spun / Djali
  148. Why isn't TFE as good as Adore?
  149. "The End Is The Beginning Is The End" (Stuck In The Middle with Fluke Instrumental Mi
  150. ISO Live Earth
  151. Gossamer
  152. Jimmy's article in Modern Drumming Magazine?
  153. Name 5 songs off MACHINA that're better than "Jesus Loves His Babies"
  154. its definitely "FA Stomp"
  155. Favorite Pumpkins Instrumental
  156. bc's 10 greatest songs.
  157. wow this site pushes out lots of spyware
  158. Does anyone else get depressed when listening to the Gravity Demos?
  159. anyone one from charleston, SC?
  160. its saturday afterrnoon so i might download...
  161. bodies lyrics
  162. You know what's funny
  163. 99 Floors
  164. ISO: Residency Songs
  165. United States used on Top Gear
  166. The Empty Sea
  167. BC in the latest issue of RS...
  168. AOL Sessions vocals
  169. Zeitgeist Revised
  170. ISO- Tower Theater 10/22 recording
  171. live effects question...
  172. dug up some info about that first zwan show
  173. Pumpkins Term Paper
  174. Adore Survivor IV
  175. SP Music Videos
  176. Ma Belle Guitar Tab
  177. perfect and 1979
  178. Is God ruining SP?
  179. an official metro dvd for sale, not 'the' metro dvd
  180. aol sessions?
  181. i need something to play this:
  182. for sale:::
  183. Billy sighting in south FL
  184. Have You Bitches Seen This?
  185. White Spider
  186. Do the Beastie Boys own the term "Ma Belle"?
  187. what could have been
  188. Eye Demo?
  189. The Zeitgeist Mystery MEGA THREAD
  190. in the mail
  191. Billy smoking in the Zeitgeist DVD......
  192. Snail Mail and my 7/16/07 Recordings
  193. DAT Advice
  194. Djali Zwan Recordings
  195. Atlanta, Ga 11/15
  196. Chill Pumpkins
  197. Can someone please upload "Tilt" for me???
  198. Selling 1 Ticket for 11/16 Atlanta Show
  199. Melloncollie vinyl re-released
  200. Can someone repost the HUB FAQ.
  201. Courtney to Auction off SP tour shirt
  202. Requesting-10-25-07 Memphis Show
  203. Nick Carter Loves Zeitgeist
  204. Eye with Marilyn Manson.
  205. Quick Question
  206. how many albums has Zietgeisesgst sold so far?
  207. Good site for downloading smashing pumpkins concerts?
  208. PM me if you want the setlist txted to you in realtime tomorrow nite
  209. Drown cover by Jarflys
  210. In Rainbows / Zwan cover
  212. On stage time?
  213. Dynamite Hack - Boys in the Hood
  214. Hollywood Friends
  215. Adore Survivor V
  216. Moon Demo drumming
  217. 2007-06-24 - Orange Peel - Asheville, NC - 1st row 3 x DVD
  219. charleston, sc township rideshare
  220. Japanese Zeitgeist promo dvd
  221. Bootleg covers
  222. If Billy had released The Future Embrace as the Smashing Pumpkins.....
  223. The Bomb
  224. Why couldnt have zeitgeist sounded a little more like..
  225. what is the most hard-core recording of gossamer we have available?
  226. 2007-11-08 Greensboro, NC Online
  227. ISO / Requesting some audio for DVDs I'm making
  228. Gio Appreciation Thread
  229. what b0lly would you most like to see come back?
  230. I like Zwan
  231. Zero + 33 have a Siamese Twin?
  232. When Did Billy Decide Sounding Effeminate Was A Key to Rock Stardom?
  233. Tarantula Appreciation Post
  234. Striped Shirts are making a comback
  235. Why couldnt have zeitgeist sounded a little more like..
  236. Attn Guitarists: Who owns the Skreddy Mayo?
  237. Pumpkins song at the Flyers game.
  238. FS: 1 Ticket to Atlanta 11/16
  239. Where are all of the b-sides from The Zeitgeist?
  240. Marianne Faithful's new book?
  241. Anyone going to the show in Nashville tonite>?
  242. What caused the band's demeanor to change so much from SD to Machina?
  243. why does everyone hate imploding voice
  244. Mouthes of Babes Gravity Demo Appreciation Thread
  245. Why does everyone hate Heavy Metal Machine?
  246. Looking for Columbia S.C. media
  247. why does everyone hate zeitgeist
  248. Why does everyone hate the smashing pumpkins?
  249. Why does everyone hate Linda Strawberry?
  250. so, european tour in january....