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  2. 2007/07/20 Santa Cruz DVD torrent
  3. why do people say zeitgeist sounds like sabbath???
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  5. In all Honesty
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  14. is pwning Bolly
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  16. Billy: 'American Girls are Sluts' (NME HYPE)
  17. Thankyou...
  18. The Smashing Pumpkins are the best band EVER
  19. eBay Item Authenticity?
  20. LMA having problems?
  21. Attended 2007 shows, got something?
  22. Smashing Pumpkins-The Restaurant
  23. fuck nme/the british music press in general
  24. Lisa's Keytar
  25. Tarantula Single bside ?
  26. Tarantula on the new Tony Hawk's blahblahwhatever game!!
  27. page-and-a-half-long article in SPIN magazine
  28. Intro Music
  29. "Today" and "Cherub Rock" Promotional VHS?
  30. Billy Corgan referenced on tonite's epidode of "My Boys."
  31. The Smashing Pumpkins - Live At The Orange Peel - July 5th 2007 DVD
  32. 2 Disc Zeitgeist on Ebay
  33. zeitgeist flags
  34. TAPERS: are the missing dates of San Francisco shows comming?
  35. is there an mp3 version of Tulips available yet?
  36. Machina Acoustic Demos v Machina
  37. Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre - Oct. 13th, 15th & 16th
  38. Pumpkins at reading?
  39. What other bands/musicians do SP fans listen to?
  40. Auto Trader UK - Buy, Sell New Cars
  41. I'm selling my ticket to Virgin Fest Toronto
  42. Maybe Dumb Question regarding the Tarantula Single...
  43. That's the Way video debut
  44. BC in new documentary in 2008
  45. Guitar Tab/Chord Help
  46. "Billy Corgan is Weird"
  47. Magazine Cuttings Collection
  48. Photo Restrictions for Detroit Show?
  49. FLACs for 6/27 & 7/02 on
  50. HELP! (RE: AEROPLANE FLIES HIGH Discography)
  51. [I want] High Quality Zeitgeist Single Videos
  52. New Ginger Reyes Interview about the Pumpkins.. talks about D'Arcy, Billy...
  53. Bang Festival in Miami, Florida
  54. What do the new Smashing Pumpkins become when...
  55. Live Music Archive - Hum
  56. Former Pumpkins pretty bitter sweet when you think about it
  57. I would LOVE Zeitgeist if...
  58. Does Billy Corgan have a wife, girlfriend or F buddy?
  59. Breaking: Pumpkins rip off Shania Twain
  60. Favourite of the Previously Unheard Songs
  61. What do I give D'arcy and James credit for?
  62. WTS: Toronto Virgin Festival - Day 2 Pass Ticket (Sunday)
  63. Bad Brains an Influence on the Pumpkins?
  64. trent commenting on billy
  65. hey netphoria cunts, where can i get Zeitgeist tshirts? UK..?
  66. This song captures the American Zeitgeist better than anything on Z...
  67. Need Help Here About The Latest Setlists...
  68. Need a Live Earth Torrent
  69. "Wasting Time" Tab
  70. Netphoria: Billy Sucks
  71. Taping in Utah and in General
  72. why hasn't 'Stellar' been played live yet?
  73. How much is Jimmy's used drumstick worth?
  74. How Billy ended up on the Scorpions album...
  75. Does anyone have larger versions of these Lemon Magazine pics?
  76. anybody listening to ginger sling?
  77. The beautiful mysterious blonde girl from the video "That's the way..."
  78. Zeitgeist Elimination Challenge (Week 1)
  79. Best dark heavy sp track
  80. Fall Tour hopes & predictions
  81. Tarantula String Quartet cover coming 9/18
  82. small chance my pit tix to dallas will be avail
  83. What's her name again?
  84. We are pretty fookang lucky fans...
  85. In My Body/Stellar
  86. Gisssssssh
  87. Greatest SP Epic song
  88. Istanbul - 2007/09/01
  89. That's the Way video - higher quality?
  90. Cherub Rock (abandoned) 7/30
  91. Interesting perspective from the Gazette in Canada....
  92. C'Mon Let's Go
  93. Weird Pumpkins Tribute in Taiwan yesterday
  94. billy on wrestling?...
  95. 1996 VMAs
  96. FS: 2 Philadelphia 10/21 tickets
  97. Machina/TFE/Zeitgeist premasters?
  98. Asheville 6/29 video
  99. Marianne Faithful@Billy Corgan - Not everyone hates him!
  100. Question: Smashing Pumpkins July 16th DVD INFO
  101. Why sh sh shayne loves ameoba hollywood
  102. audio for The Rose March?
  103. YouTube thread. Post neat videos.
  104. maybe the bid to connect with the myspace generation did work...
  105. Valid Pricing Structure ... or not so much?
  106. ginger's ass
  107. is awesome.
  108. watch Pumpkins related youtube video thread.
  109. Looking for old/new SP fan for OSHEAGA Festival in Montreal
  110. tonite, tonite single
  111. Question on recording the Toronto Island show.
  112. Looking for trades of new shows.
  113. Anybody have the Virgin Fest Baltimore?
  114. Pumpkins In New Orleans, Voodoo Fest
  115. 7-18-07 dvd acquired
  116. SemiOT: Who else is getting F'ed in the A by Comcast?
  117. If There Is A God (sad-remix)
  118. Toronto, ON- 9/9/2007
  119. decent quality 7 shades live video?
  120. Everyone should enter this contest
  121. The Smashing Pumpkins - Live At The Fillmore - July 31th 2007 [AUD]
  122. Rank 'em: Top 5 shows from the 2007 tour
  123. will there be a proper zeitgeist world tour (i.e. not just festival shows)?
  124. Old articles (Corgan interview *******d) from The Chicago Reader, circa 1993
  125. i'm a fucking poser!
  126. Zeitgeist Elimination Challenge (Week 0 - Instant Gratification Version)
  127. What does it look like from the front row?
  128. Secret Rehearsal Show - Montreal
  129. Billy Corgan Drunk!?
  130. Do you like Machina?
  131. higher quality TTW video
  132. SP Myspace: Winners of the Tarantula fan-made video contest announced!
  133. What are Billy Corgan's favorite books?
  134. Corgan's Such a Nerd
  135. TTW single success.
  136. Billy - Yahoo! Photo from Reading
  137. how many of you have met billy
  138. Have you fapped to ginger?
  139. smashkin33: "we are not alone"
  140. Corgan Fuck Ups?
  141. I made a somewhat cover of Tonight, Tonight
  142. Request for a compilation of the new songs
  143. thats the way single tracklisting
  144. Buzzfest: Houston, TX Sunday, October 28th
  145. Madm:
  146. Selling nashville ticket (face value)
  147. September 21 - The Amphitheater at Clark County, Washington
  148. Paz Lenchantin's MySpace
  149. more empty promises?
  150. New ginger blog: she is friends with The Used
  151. bowie/pumpkins similarity
  152. Zeitgeist Elimination Challenge (Round 2)
  153. malibu, celebrity skin, identify
  154. Loan your preamp or battery box
  155. Opening Band in Vegas
  156. First blog from Ginger
  157. remember the "post your pic" post?
  158. Ginger in Bass Player Magazine
  159. Artist Confidential: Smashing Pumpkins (XM)
  160. Will there be a 3rd single?
  161. Natalie Imbruglia re-releasing Identify on her new single
  162. spinoff: what was the planned 3rd adore single?
  163. MCR mentions SP again
  164. 7/18/07 Audio from the same dvd source
  165. Fighting A Netphorian
  166. That's the Way single leak
  167. That's The Way My Love Is [Single]
  168. Seattle, Wa 09/22/07
  169. 07/18/07 my dvd
  170. Montreal 2007/09/08
  171. 2 sets of face value San Diego tickets
  172. death from a bug :(
  173. in my body
  174. females of the sp board appreciation thread
  175. Smashing Pumpkins - 1991-10-22 Vatican, Washington?
  176. so whats the story on the zeigeist 2LP
  177. "Doomsday Clock" Used as Intro to NFL Games on CBS
  178. Blender magazine
  179. Can you make a DVD from RAVE HD?
  180. 1979 on Cold Case
  181. lucky 13 lyrics (shepherd's bush)
  182. most consistently awesome live songs
  183. 2007-09-09 - Virgin Festival @ Toronto on archive
  184. Billy's new singing voice
  185. SP goes contest crazy
  186. Smashing Pumpkins wallpapers
  187. For sale: 2 tickets 10/22/07 - Philly
  188. LMA: 2007/08/26 DPA 4061 source (incomplete)
  189. anyone good with VHS transfers? need to know if my player is good or not
  190. ATTN: Spfc
  191. 2 tix Las Vegas less than face value
  192. Create your ideal set list..what would it be?
  193. Who'd you rather do ?
  194. So I finally met Billy
  195. Ginger in Bass Player Magazine
  196. 2 Tickets 10/19/07 PA looking to trade for 10/16 MA
  197. HELP! Looking for - Smashing Pumpkins 1994-04-17 @ Buffalo State
  198. (for you techies) An article on SP's live mix
  199. only for Y!!!
  200. Metro CD 10-5-88
  201. The singles off Zeitgeist are by far my favorite songs
  202. Billy's SG?
  203. New SP 2007 Tour Songs Torrent >> FLAC
  204. How to convert 48khz wavs to 44.1khz?
  205. gays of the SP board appreciation thread
  206. anyone got tips to getting a soundboard.
  207. Pumpkins Tickets, San Diego 9-19
  208. I lost my Zwan cd
  209. ... Said Sadly
  210. Zeitgeist Loathing Thread
  211. Does your partner share your SP obsession?
  212. *Sigh* Whatever happened to "Home?"
  213. Tou wanted a compilation of the "new residency songs"? here it is.
  214. SP appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 9/23?
  215. billy's stance on drugs/alcohol?
  216. hey The New
  217. psychodelic
  218. ATTN: Ginger (nsfw)
  219. SP should have a songwriting contest
  220. all right, fine.
  221. Mission to Mars and Altitude Not Attitude Shirts
  222. o-site allowing audio uploads
  223. sp tribute show in london 23rd september
  224. torrent: 1994/04/15 audio
  225. ISO: 2 tix to nashville, any seats. will pay face value + rice krispy treats.
  226. What to/not to wear @ pumpkins show...
  227. Luna Live?
  228. XM Artist Confidential (non-webcast) on
  229. Which versions of Machina II do You like to listen to?
  230. Team Sleep - The Aeroplane Flies High
  231. The Psychology Of Billy Corgan: DSM-IV
  232. Favorite Machina II song?
  233. (Late) ANNC: Secret Gig, Berlin torrent [Matrix] & Best of Orange Peel [Acoustic]
  234. Billy has great taste in women - right?
  235. Zeitgeist Elimination Challenge (Round 3)
  236. Fan made Tarantula Video winner
  237. Fall Tour Merch??
  238. Billy Corgan Songs For Chicago
  239. Some questions on XM Artist Confidential
  240. Results: Zeitgeist Instant "Elimination" Challenge
  241. sp tickets-2-halloween atlanta
  242. Machina II Q101 Cd on sale
  243. Machina II q101 cd on sale
  244. Greensboro, NC - 2007/11/08
  245. Columbia, SC - 2007/11/09
  246. Anyone have an itunes presale code left?
  247. from my younger brother's music section on fcbk
  248. Zwan
  249. lol....bill maher just mentioned SP on his show
  250. Machina II q101 cd on sale