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  1. Bitch Slappd
  2. "Its Zwan!"
  3. My Columbus Zwan Pictures
  4. Have they been selling new shirts at the shows?
  5. Uh, another Mashed Potatoes B+P
  6. Pitchforkmedia's review of Earphoria
  7. Can someone post pics of all the available zwan shirts and merchandise that came out?
  8. Muchmusic Performance = AMAZING
  9. Can someone share the Holiday Love and B+P me one of the newer Zwan shows?
  10. what time will doors open in toronto?
  11. so what are the torontonians doing tomorrow?
  12. an idea for the trading community
  13. My band's cover of TAFH. Act 4 demo.
  14. Extra Toronto tickets - face value
  15. What if the album cover is a rainbow?
  16. finally, i ordered my germany tickets
  17. NME give a thumbs up to Zwan
  18. ISO: Recent DVD's
  19. want a bass guitar?
  20. Funny shit...
  21. Honestly Video INFO!!
  22. LiveZwan actually has the Spaceland links now
  23. Much Music???? Best of U2 is on?
  24. Trade any1 ?
  25. Toronto show
  26. December Zwan Shows @ Metro
  27. Extra Weezer 09/03/00 for trade
  28. No Zwan album promo's?
  29. wtf is
  30. The Truth About Zwan
  31. Phase 4 updated
  32. Coming to a Hub near you!
  33. Smashing Pumpkins 7" - Promo copy for sale
  34. Smashing Pumpkins 7" - Promo copy for sale
  35. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  36. OT: If you can't play the Vieuphoria DVD in your pc (nvidia+tvout)
  37. Anyone catch Zwan interview on 102.1 The Edge this afternoon (12/20)?
  38. Just got this in email from
  39. so is this the story behind 'mary star of the sea'?
  40. Mashed Potatoes leaked!!!
  41. much music performance
  42. Im hoping to tape the Zwan - UK - Shepherds Bush gig
  43. Well here's a leet piece still missing from my collection
  44. a few newport mp3s
  45. Zwan in 12/26 Rolling Stone
  46. Battle of the Zwan Sites
  47. ISO: Yo La Tengo Hanukkah shows
  48. OT: Is Jimmy Eat World open taping?
  49. Help a Stupid Newbie!!!!
  50. Jesus fuck.
  51. My Band
  52. Rainbow is thanks to Matt?
  53. Jesus vs Mary Star of the Sea
  54. listen to my sigur ros recording!
  55. Billy Corgan: the guitarist
  56. Toronto mp3s available
  57. >> Machina Survivor Round 8
  58. New Zwan Pic
  59. Rocket (Alt Lyrics)
  60. Merry Christmas
  61. Is the HUB down, Please help
  62. With Every Light (anime video)
  63. gets a face lift.
  64. wtf happened to the o-site?
  65. Mashed Potatoes errors?
  66. i need a little ********** here
  67. Will there ever be a good book about SP?
  68. Mashed Potatoes - highlights so far
  69. ISO: mashed potatoes b+p (shn)
  70. Zwan home movie # 5 Now up...
  71. Qotsa "Live from the Troubador" 12.28.02 MTV2
  72. Zwan back in the studio?
  73. Pumpkins in Feb 03 Guitar World
  74. Has the REAL billy corgan ever posted?
  75. Promo and Vinyl SP stuff for sale...
  76. for trade: mashed potatoes (snail mail only)
  77. Ride a Black Swan-T-Rex reference?
  78. Please list all good SP audience recordings , i have listed a few to kick it off.
  79. Trade anyone ?
  80. >>Machina Survivor Round 9
  81. WANTED: Pisces Iscariot 7"
  82. Bleed - Mashed Potatoes
  83. Create the Z
  84. Gish Vinyl for Sale/Trade
  85. Mary Hansen, Star of the Sea
  86. Track 14a on earphoria
  87. Veiuphora DVD/ Jimmys Snare Drum
  88. ISO: Mashed Potatoes Discs
  89. Zwan and rainbows: gay pride??
  91. Greatest Hits DVD Question
  92. (another person wanting Mashed Potatoes)
  93. just a cent (mp)
  94. Looking for someone to tape KCRW Dec 31, 2002
  95. Pumpkins Or Zwan?
  96. about how much does the MCIS triple numbered vinyl go for these days?
  97. mashed potatoes
  98. Ok, who / what the fuck is this...?
  99. >>Machina Survivor Round 10
  100. the wild thornberrys=b0lly
  101. TSP Live CDs B+P or ratio
  102. i just went to tower records and got earphoria
  103. A Test of Morality
  104. Snail mail trade for MP
  105. Hey, remember when people said if you kept playing your Machina discs ...
  106. #8 Billboard Modern Rock Chart
  107. 'For Your Love' Appreciation Post
  108. trade? just starting back up after year break!
  109. B&P offer: MP
  110. Album leak anytime?
  111. Honestly single still coming out?
  112. UK Mary Star of the Sea DVD?
  113. Uber Rare Shirt on eBay?
  114. i miss trading :(
  115. hub question!
  116. a few Pumpkins CD's for sale
  117. I Am About To Proclaim My Love...
  118. 'There It Goes' Appreciation Post
  119. Mashed Potatoes B+P Heeyah
  120. Old SP question: Who's decision was it to change the singles on Machina?
  121. What if Pisces is my favorite Pumpkins album?
  122. zwan home movies
  123. geek usa is the best song ever played on this planet
  124. another MP request (SHN)
  125. ISO: Beach Boys - Unsurpassed Masters vol 16
  126. Which Zwan song are you most looking forward to hearing the studio version?
  127. b&p time
  128. Zwan needs to tone down the backing vocals when they play live.
  129. What SP Items Do You Own/Like Most?
  130. What do I need to download to get the movies on the Zwan site to work?
  131. New Years Tunes
  132. What did everyone think about Queens stone Age touring with Pumpkins in 1999?
  133. Please list all good SP audience recordings
  134. Has Anyone Made MP Cover Art Yet??
  135. Is MSOTS (the song) definately be on the album?
  136. Smashing Pumpkins AND Music Trading Post?
  137. Thru the Eyes of Ruby Question
  138. can someone please point me towards a guitar tab for This Time acoustic
  139. Billy Corgan's conspiration against Billy Corgan
  140. smashing pumpkins mp3 discs
  141. Offering this for a MP trade
  142. Hey Everyone Im New To Trading
  143. Porcelina. Lost '94 Tapes.
  144. Zwan on Much Music DVD?
  145. Spilled Milk studio on DVD
  146. >>Machina Survivor Round 11
  147. MP Please.
  148. All of the Zwan home movies should be...
  149. Probably the wrong forum but...
  150. Mp B+p
  151. ISO: These Shows, Please Help!
  152. Yet another MP request: UK
  153. flaming lips open taping?
  154. ISO: tapers in the Seattle area (The Fire Theft, formerly SDRE)
  155. Honestly premiere - Jan 8th
  156. I have some shirts SP, Cure, Nirvana, Flogging Molly for trade or sale.
  157. Sorry if this has been asked 100 times over...
  158. United Center show, November 2000
  159. Siamese Dream Multi-Colored Vinyl LP Set
  160. Mellon Collie vinyl
  161. Looking for non-pumpkins trades
  162. Honestly CDS & MSOTS CD
  163. updated - "Behind the scenes."
  164. for anyone that went to one of the recent club shows
  165. Problems with D7's and D8's
  166. Mini-DV cam help?
  167. "And why we play music is to just have a good time."
  168. Can someone please post a picture of the Zwan rainbow tshirt?
  169. What is the site with the decent Toronto Zwan recording?
  170. Has anyone taken a shot at the Mary Star of the Sea lyrics?
  171. Zwan are french fries
  172. An MP FAQ In Progress - Don't Kill Me :)
  173. QUES: How do you guys feel about this?
  174. Zwan Bio
  175. mashed potatoes SHNs.
  176. FS: SS-DSM6's/EL with PA-6LC3 filter
  177. Mp Shn
  178. Do you feel the Pumpkins get the recognition they deserve?
  179. '92 Metro Videos
  180. MP Box Set
  181. I am no longer a Djali Zwan virgin!
  182. Ride a Swift Fox!
  183. Wouw!! What an offer
  184. now HERE'S a trade page
  185. My *NEW* Columbus Pics
  186. Fav. Zwan live song?
  187. Iso Zwan Dc
  188. pumpkins mentioned "Strangest angels play electric guitars..."
  189. james in Ivy video: let's go to bed - is this new?
  190. Pics Of Pumpkins` Gear...???
  191. So what does everyone think of mashed potatoes
  192. My crappy today cover
  193. so are the pumpkins (billy) done with Virgin now?
  194. 5 track sampler
  195. A good dis
  196. 01/28 Sound Opinions: show dedicated to Zwan
  197. Marcus Columbia ripped me off
  198. Version of Eye in Lost Highway?
  199. "Some of these bootleggers, they make pretty good stuff"
  200. Got any spare change?
  201. Has anyone taped at the Vic before?
  202. 5 zwan metro dates this month @ ticketmaster, go on sale 1-8-03
  203. ummm....shows?
  204. ticket presale for all 5 metro shows tomorrow (the 8th) at noon
  205. >>Machina Survivor Round 13
  206. 90-06-16
  207. MTV premiere update
  208. 6 years ago today...
  209. No More Presale!
  210. There IS a Pre Sale
  211. Honestly video... you thought I was joking?
  212. "livezwan recordings CANNOT be in SHN"
  213. The Honestly video is up.
  214. 03.25.94, palmer audit, davenport?
  215. zwan image
  216. Best Mashed Potatoes Disc
  217. Zwan interview in Kerrang this week
  218. Presale????????
  219. i just purchased 2 tickets for the sunday show
  220. MP B + P offer.
  221. new sigur ros U.S. tour dates
  222. Zwan in Kerrang
  223. "Zwan was formed in New Jersey in December of 2000."
  224. Honestly Video Finally up at
  225. Zwan @ Metro: Who's Going To What?
  226. should i tape the 01.19 show with this gear?
  227. To All Tapers going to Chicago
  228. Hate to make you wait...
  229. All the other boards are broken / What the hell is going on with the pre-sales?
  230. If you have DOF or Settle Down, link here!!
  231. Hearing Siva on the radio
  232. Zwan album is part of Machina
  233. Where do you think the Zwan album will premiere when it is released?
  234. Zwan DVD question
  235. Zwan Album= major disappointment
  236. Does anyone have Soundforge or any audio program like that?
  237. Honestly video in Mpeg format and my mini-review
  238. 2 b-sides
  239. My *NEW* Webpage full of Zwan pics :)
  240. Best Leak EvAr
  241. Signal This Strong >>> Declarations of Faith
  242. The video is up at now
  243. >>Machina Survivor Round 14
  244. Would you be intrested in
  245. TRADE: sunday ticket
  246. iso: the toadies 12-30-02
  247. What is Mashed Potatoes?
  248. Heartsong and Settle Down.
  249. Did Billy produce Zwan's album?
  250. Dynamic Audio Weekend Special!