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  1. hot slut of the day
  2. A serious question for all those who attended the first Fillmore show...
  3. zeitgeist special edition
  4. Open Letter from Billy...WOW
  5. Fillmore Video
  6. I recorded the Asheville 6-27-2007 show in HD... where and how should I share it?
  7. Horrid Australian Review: 1.5 Stars
  8. RollingStone Review Prediction
  9. Merchandise item @ the Fillmore
  10. Do We Have Tapers For These Shows? - July Only
  11. predict how many new songs are played at the fillmore/santa cruz shows
  12. question about vinyl purchased via
  13. What's the deal with Adore Demos II?
  14. best live versions of united states, gossamer and silverfuck from the current tour?
  15. pumpkins "epics"
  16. Pumpkin Songs in the Mix - Part II
  17. Tickets available - FACE VALUE - (3) Normal IL & (1) Detriot MI
  18. The Filmore Best Buy Rewards Zone Ticket Winners
  19. Expression is by no means the sole aim of dramatic music
  20. billy and jeff tweedy
  21. Who the fuck is uploading these setlists?!?!
  22. A Question About Lyric Booklets
  23. we never did discuss the clipping
  24. Request: Spun Sountrack outtakes
  25. Remember that journalist chick who wanted to find the SD girls?
  26. Question about Lyric
  27. so is zeitgeist a flop or success
  28. Spiteface appreciation thread
  29. 2 tickets to the Aug 18th Fillmore show
  30. Zeitgeist Lyrics Interpretation Thread
  31. Is Gossamer getting ridiculous?
  32. Does anyone have the 3-track Tarantula CDS?
  33. Fillmore #2 - 7/16/2007
  34. Has Zeitgeist made you any less of a fan?
  35. No Florida Date?
  37. torrent: tsp2007-07-07 Live Earth audio complete
  38. Rolling stone live review (not good)
  39. Can you help me find this pic...
  40. Why do some people not like Pomp???
  41. Question about Audio Archive.
  42. Ticketmaster Cancellations
  43. The 666 videos....
  44. Sinfony?
  45. These platonic affairs lasted until my baptism in the traditional Saragossa brothel,
  46. the best 2 adjacent songs on zeitgeist are
  47. San Francisco diss to billy
  48. San Jose diss to Billy
  49. For Zeitgeist chart staying power--what should be the next radio single?
  50. I don't think Billy has been more hated than he is right now
  51. Smashing Pumpkins acoustic performance on XM
  52. How many more B-sides?
  53. Memphis Itunes Presale
  54. Zeitgeist observations - one week later
  55. I have two tickets for sale LV, NV
  56. Video format of choice for online clips
  57. ATTN Fillmore Tapers
  58. For those that hate Zeitgeist
  59. Netphoria Home Page Pics
  60. I like 11 of the 12 Zeitgeist songs!
  61. So I went to the Fillmore show last night...
  62. Photo hunt - Billy wearing a soccer jeresey
  63. people that hate zeitgeist?
  64. The new commerical is bad
  65. LeLoup Appreciation Thread
  66. Iha/Corgan Collaborations and Live SP2
  67. History of The Doomsday Clock TONIGHT at 7 PM!
  68. How are you burning the Shows on DVD?
  69. For those who find United States too drawn out
  70. FS: Philly (2) 10/19 & (2) 10/22
  71. Photos from Fillmore July 15th?
  72. Weather you liked or hated Zeitgeist, it did get you back into the Pumpkins...
  73. What if SP2 released an all acoustic/soft songs album?
  74. a possible better US edit?
  75. Zeitgeist Promotion
  76. Ask A Pumpkin (Best Question Ever)
  77. Did anyone notice 7/19 is listed at Ticketmaster?
  78. Zeitgeist > Siamese Dream
  79. Anyone driving down to SF from Portland/Seattle areas? (& ticket trade offer)
  80. FT: 4 tickets (2 loge, 2 orch) for 2 Pit - 10/19 Tower Theatre
  81. Anyone hear this rumor?
  82. That piano version of Death From Above is pretty rad
  83. How much is LID valued at?
  84. at least Machina was varied
  85. WTD: 1 ticket to 8/1
  86. Starchildren
  87. I venture no more than a low whisper, afraid I'll wake the people of heaven.
  88. torrent: 2007/07/15
  89. ZEIT wallpaper and stereo image
  90. How long are the Fillmore shows?
  91. pale scales
  92. Similarity to previous songs...
  93. SP Signing Sessions
  94. Zeitgeist is "Child-friendly"
  95. DAT recording
  96. Death from Above dl?
  97. You know the "Make Your Own Tarantula Video Contest"?
  98. Win Tickets to the Red Rocks show
  99. Should i be crazy?
  100. TEG on "promo only interview cd CDHUTIV 70'
  101. the important thing to remember about the album debut
  102. Zeitgeist officially debuts at #2
  103. Can someone find a review with unabashed praise for Mellon Collie?
  104. ISO: 1 extra ticket for tonight (Weds 7/18)
  105. "For God and Country" - a set phrase?
  106. Agree or Disagree??????????
  107. 1 ticket for Dallas
  108. ST 26: Goddammit Bill
  109. Rolling Stone Review - Zeitgeist = 4 Stars.
  110. Toronto Star review by an idiot- 2.5/4
  111. Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA Oct 15. One Ticket
  112. Hummer appreciation thread
  113. I Need One Ticket For Normal, IL
  114. Fillmore #3 - 7/18/2007
  115. BC commenting on Silverchair (link)
  116. 1 Ticket Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA Oct 15th
  117. Fillmore seating...?
  118. Deerhunter backing out of Asheville Show
  119. Ticket for Atlanta
  120. ATTN: Marc from Florida aka the taper of 5-6 and 5-8-2000.
  121. How to make Zeitgeist worth keeping
  122. WTB: Pin and shirt from DC realease party/ Live Earth sticker
  123. stats
  124. np: The Best Zeitgeist Song
  125. There is one bad-ass moment in United States...
  126. But a negative flow in one direction is exactly the same as a positive flow in the...
  127. What are "Jesus moves?"
  128. FS: One VIP ticket to Virgin Festival Baltimore (Aug 4-5)
  129. Did you guys know pale_princess doesn't like Zeitgeist?
  130. With A Bullet: Today's Charts
  131. Question about will call:
  132. would machina II have sold 146,000 copies if we had been waiting 7 years to hear it?
  133. How much will zeitgeist sell?
  134. What the hell was Black Wings Over America, if more than misc. GATMOG art?
  135. Machina II (bootleg versions and variations)
  136. Best Zeitgeist Marketing
  137. torrents of pre-gish stuff?
  138. Blabbermouth Zeitgeist Review
  139. 3:17 adore demos and qaos
  140. Monte appreciation thread
  141. Zeitgeist Song Tabs or Chords
  142. Are Digital Albums Counted?
  143. Zeitgeist no.1 in Internet and Digital Sales
  144. Glasgow Tickets Not Recieved Help !!!
  145. Memphis, TN - 10/25/07
  146. Opening Taping From Now On
  147. Tarantula 7"
  148. is billy making a point of not playing songs co-written wth james?
  149. Taper Confirmation List
  150. has anyone asked billy about stellar?
  151. Today video in HD
  152. Are People Who Immitate Corgan...
  153. How was last night's show?
  154. WTD - 2 Tickets For Glasgow
  155. Mitch Schneider Org (SP Publicity) find >10 positive Zeitgeist review soundbytes...
  156. have any of the "ask a pumpkin" questions been answered.
  157. When you listen to the Pumpkins...
  158. Fillmore #4 - 7/19/2007
  159. Video of SP Kicking Soccer Balls Darcy Getting Pissed
  160. How does "Zeitgeist" (the song) hold up in comparison to other SP album title songs?
  161. what are the best versions of the new songs???
  162. what can you do.
  163. ok what am i missing (question about the leaks)
  164. I am leaving the sp board
  165. What's the Easiest Song to Learn to Play?
  166. soundchecks for residencies?
  167. Tarantula Video
  168. Obscured
  169. zeitgeist misheard lyrics list.
  170. Billy's interest in Hinduism
  171. is Billy delusional or just a liar?
  172. Zeitgeist at number 1 in world album sales
  174. Live United States Question
  175. Most retarded "Ask a Pumpkin" question on Youtube
  176. Santa Cruz, CA - 7/20/2007
  177. Official response to "open letter"
  178. Regarding the Courtney Love Triangle...
  179. The two Zeitgeist reviews from Pitchfork Reader Byron Barnes
  180. So you're spoiler free. Here's a spoiler: you will die alone!
  181. FS: 3 tickets to Boston, 2nd night
  182. Where are all of these leaks?
  183. Forgive me if this has been answered/asked before: Has "I Fall" leaked?
  184. So what (if anything) hasn't leaked?
  185. Set The Ray To Jerry
  186. sp torrents on etree
  187. What are the hardest sonmg to learn to play?
  188. bootleg artwork site updated
  189. Best/Most interesting SP concert experience (?)
  190. Someone needs to compile all the leaked tracks, declick them and up them to sendspace
  191. I have enough $ to either see SP or Arcade Fire..
  192. Someone needs to...
  193. Exact tracklist of Quiet and Other songs
  194. leaving lament
  195. Version Comparison
  196. Pumpkins Help
  197. Something actually worth reading from
  198. Tarantula about James?
  199. Anyone rip those MySpace "the list" vids?
  200. What's the most moderately easy but not too hard song to learn how to play?
  201. The usually misheard lyrics to Quiet
  202. "Machina I" - best pumpkins album
  203. WTT: Fillmore tickets 1:1
  204. Billy supposedly talks about James and Darcy
  205. I have some free server space
  206. Era Vulgaris > Zeitgeist ??
  207. James' guitar work
  208. Justice? You get justice the next world. In this world, you get the law.
  209. Billys Guitar - United States
  210. 07/20 new Jeff's Blog
  211. Mayonaise Acoustic Cover
  212. Adore Live
  213. Billy can suck a choad
  214. WANTED: 1 Ticket Atlanta 10/30
  215. Its nice to wake up in the morning
  216. DO We Have Tapers For These Shows? - August Only
  217. Zeitgeist New Album Donation Special
  218. The reason James left the band...
  219. Billy is married !?!?!?!?
  220. Zwan rough mixes / rare tracks
  221. the fantastic voyage of billy the bullet
  222. How can we stop this robbery??
  223. FS: 2 Tickets 10/21 Tower Theatre Upper Darby PA 20th Row Orchestra!!!
  224. stellar could have been on msots
  225. So, who would agree that. . .
  226. Sweet Sweet
  228. torrent: 2007-07-02 (mk41 source)
  229. Never ascribe to malice what may just as easily be explained by stupidity.
  230. Billy's mispronunciations and mess ups in his vocals
  231. Machina I and II double album playlist
  232. shn to flac
  233. Fillmore #5 - 7/22/2007
  234. Viva la muerte
  235. Anyone need 2 Fillmore Tickets Wed 25th
  236. stellar lyrics
  237. uuh, waiting on adore b-sides demo?
  238. Anywhere I can get the Saturnine Rotten Apples version?
  239. Poster Trade - Ashville for Fillmore
  240. New Song: Hippy Trippy
  241. TORRENT: 2007-06-11 (secret show)
  242. now playing: sp radio show
  243. FS: Pair of 2-day passes to The Virgin Festival Aug. 4-5 Baltimore less than face!
  244. Additions to Repetoire
  245. What are NY people planning on doing?
  246. Songs in 3
  247. ok, has anyone tracked and fiddled about with the raw transfers yet?
  248. for the uber audiophiles
  249. What is your favorite Pumpkins track?
  250. where did yesterday's leak thread go?