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  1. bleeding the orchid
  2. good indie store in chicago
  3. Re-release of Siamiese Dream or Mellon Collie?
  4. Which Zeitgeist song is stuck in your head right now?
  5. the bravery are opening in normal. boo.
  6. i got a ? about the presale tommorrow...
  7. Any fool can see for himself...
  8. Ginger and Jeff. . .?
  9. Smashing Pumpkins or smashing pumpkin pie?
  10. after my third listen of Zeitgeist
  11. Zeitgeist was a surprisingly worthwhile purchase for me
  12. [bad word removed]
  13. I Waited 15 Hours in D.C. to Get Shut Out (Cartoon Billy Inside!)
  14. chamberlain
  15. LP Cover Art Review Thread
  16. Is billy just too old?
  17. AT&T Blue Room - Billy + Jimmy video interview
  18. whats up with nashville ?
  19. the bravery are opening in st. paul. boo.
  20. Presale Password?
  21. Smashing Pumpkins in Hostile Takeover of K-Rock
  22. Pumpkins on WFNY radio
  23. so what's in the 80-page booklet?
  24. Normal ticket price confusion...
  25. new pumpkins video
  26. Red Rocks/St Paul/Normal, IL Ticket Trade????
  27. Thats the Way #1 Rolling Stone Hot Tracks
  28. Ticketmaster Pre-Sale Thread
  30. Post here if you got completely screwed by iTunes/Ticketmaster
  31. Washington Post 9:30 Club Concert Review: "Fuck you, Smashing Pumpkins"
  32. The song Zeitgeist is better than the album Zeitgeist
  33. gregoden appreciation thread
  34. Anyone have a code they are done with?
  35. Fillmore EXTRAS 15th, 16th for AUD TAPER (or a fan)
  36. 1 Ticket To Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, Oct 15, 2007
  37. St. Paul, MN - 10/2/2007
  38. Normal, IL - 10/4/2007
  39. Atlanta, GA - 10/30/2007 and 10/31/2007
  40. Boston, MA - 10/13/2007, 10/15/2007 and 10/16/2007
  41. Nightclub 9:30 - 07.11.2007
  42. Pittsburgh, PA - 10/9/2007
  43. Should I go to the SP Concert?
  44. Philadelphia (Upper Darby), PA - 10/19, 10/21-23
  45. Morrison, CO - 9/30/2007
  46. Nashville, TN - 11/5/2007
  47. What was qaos disarm called when it was posted?
  48. Columbus, OH - 10/11/2007
  49. Post all tour information in new tour forum
  50. REQUEST: Silverfuck from "Final" Metro Show
  51. San Diego, Ca - 9/19/2007
  52. Memphis, TN - 10/25/2007
  53. If Jimmy never OD'ed - what wouldve come next?
  54. Time to move on?
  55. if you've got an itunes code and won't be using it...
  56. Potential trade: 7/19 for 8/1
  57. Looking for Tickets Thread
  58. article says Zeitgeist may debut at number 1
  59. Will you miss the days of Pumpkins being a niche interest if they hit big again?
  60. Best Buy Reward Zone is giving away tickets to the Fillmore Shows
  61. Pumpkins in 2nd on Live Earth Vote
  62. SP fans should refrain from talking about indie music or the indie community
  63. Another Review (from, montreal journal)
  64. The Easter Rabbit covers Pastachio Medley
  65. SF FIllmore Shows Info (bathrooms, place to eat)
  66. Rumor: Smashing Pumpkins to Giveaway Tickets to the Fillmore shows
  67. Rumor: Smashing Pumpkins to Giveaway Tickets to the Fillmore shows
  68. Las Vegas, NV - 9/13/07
  69. Chicago - 12/02/2000
  70. Zeitgeist is the best album I have heard in years
  71. United States should be the next single
  72. Blue Skies Bring Tears
  73. why are SP posting 1908650198609821091 blogs
  74. United States performance on live earth
  75. Tribute to Johnny on BF2
  76. lameness to the fans
  77. Presale code for sale
  78. Seeking Itunes Password
  79. I like the retro T-Shirt!
  80. Pomp & Circumstances vs. Can You Feel the Love Tonight
  81. Zeitgeist digital vs. Zeitgeist cd.
  82. New MySpace Bulletin
  83. archive: 2007-07-05 (mg300 source)
  84. Vancouver, BC - 9/24/07
  85. Question about Zeitgeist iTunes version - is it "real"?
  86. Paris Hilton whats up with her on cover and in artwork
  87. Listen to Highlights from KROCK Hostile Takeover
  88. do we have a thread about "Stellar"?
  89. Since Billy's Over 40 Now...
  90. Who is in the coffin and what does the whole scene symbolize?
  91. Anybody else annoyed they dropped the "the"?
  92. if adore isn't your favorite album, you're stupid
  93. so i was listening to "malibu" tonight...
  94. Does Zeitgeist have the most mediocre Billy Corgan lyrics of all time.
  95. Amid these infidelities he remained faithful to letters.
  96. QAOS > Zeitgeist!
  97. Unbelievably awesome album review
  98. Different studio versions of "Today"?
  99. Does anyone have DIA, from the Sydney acoustic gig?
  100. Worst three songs written by Billy Corgan
  101. TORRENT: 2007-07-12 KROCK's Hostile Takeover
  102. A Quick Note To Everyone Assuming The 'Different Versions For Different Shops" is....
  103. Regenmag review Zeitgeist
  104. Awesome Pumpkins Album
  105. Mighty boosh guy name drops Billy, Courtney looking good
  106. Washington D.C. - 7/10/07 - New official video
  107. who would you rather shag?
  108. What's so 90's about Zeitgeist?
  109. who would you rather fuck? (for girls)
  110. Corgan featured in shoegaze doc
  111. Zeitgeit advertised on Rush
  112. extra presale codes
  113. Crestfallen = good or bad?
  114. Did Zeitgeist Meet Your Expectations?
  115. where to buy the striped shirt Billy has been wearing?
  116. Dormant fan, back on board.
  117. Billy hangs out with Hilton?
  118. Looking for Mashed Potatoes torrent, can anyone help
  119. Vast Records
  120. XYU Halloween 98, Los Angeles
  121. The Marked
  122. Newsweek "Zeitgeist" Review
  123. French Movie Theme
  124. Zeitgeist Test
  125. What song got you addicted to the Pumpkins?
  126. The Girls on the Cover of Siamese Dream
  127. Asheville July 5th 2007 - stagscousin version - gossamer probs?
  128. Is Zeitgeist "loud at any volume" ?
  129. What is the deal with Billy and the Star Spangled Banner?
  130. Filter Magazine "Zeitgeist" Review
  131. This band sounds almost identical to Smashing Pumpkins
  132. What is the definitive Mellon Collie Track?
  133. Jimmy needs to make all the music for the next Pumpkins album.
  134. An Open Letter from Billy Corgan
  135. MCIS Zero vs. later live cuts of Zero
  136. Source files from Tarantula video on
  137. If Bevis and Buthead debuted in 2007
  138. I wish Billy didn't "Bleed The Orchid" when MCIS made them so popular.
  139. anyone camping out @ the fillmore?
  140. Pumpkins playing thats the way tonight
  141. have we discussed the liner notes and terrible album art yet?
  142. Zeitgeist released in Australia today...
  143. Death from above 1979
  144. RidgeField WA Passcode (Not iTunes!)
  145. Jimmy's Love letter 5 - which song on Zeitgeist??
  146. looking from DFA fan video
  147. Zwan was the only time Billy was in a band that looked remotely normal.
  148. I was lost, it was already dusk, I had been driving for hours and was practically out
  149. review
  150. Why does it take 5 years for each page to load on this site?
  151. TORRENT: 1920x1080 HD video 2007-07-13 David Letterman
  152. Sasha Grey
  153. Zeitgeist track rankings, anyone?
  154. Bevis&Buthead2007 what bands on Stewart's shirt?
  155. Did Billy pick James and Darcy because of their image?
  156. talking tag
  157. Looking for some FLACs
  158. Would Zeitgeist have been the next album after Machina II?
  159. SP Song used in new UK short film
  160. Give/get rides in this thread
  161. ATTN: starlightvideoproductions
  162. Zeitgeist songs: Live boots vs Studio
  163. New date added
  164. Tucson - 9/16/2007
  165. Sharephoria - a new request/share idea
  166. looking for girls from the Siamese Dream album cover
  167. i dont understand something about the critic and fan reactions to new band members
  168. 7/10 930 show
  169. My Ticketmaster
  170. For Martha made me cry
  171. Ridgefield County, WA - 9/21/2007
  172. fs- 1 ticket to 11/5 ryman
  173. Whats the shittiest Zeitgeist??
  174. I Guess I'm As Good As New
  175. i know this is old, but about the band name / lineup...
  176. Should Speed Kills be in Machina?
  177. limited merch?
  178. Vote for my SP Picture on
  179. what is the best version of 1997/01/08
  180. I need help identifiying these instrumentals!
  181. Pumpkins on Letterman Video (That's the Way)
  182. 15th & 16th extras
  183. Pumpkins marathon playlist
  184. Tarantula on the iphone display models
  185. lol, remember this?
  186. went to future shop today...
  187. Is Zeitgeist your favorite Pumpkins album?
  188. fs- 1 ticket to 11/5 ryman
  189. Pumpkins in concert
  190. SP on mainpage at MSNBC Thanks to You!!
  191. Anger is the same: it blockades savage minds, but slips straight out of educated ones
  192. Album sales
  193. The drumming at the end of starz is beastly
  194. Should the whole tour be will call ONLY?
  195. Darcy left SP at right time
  196. Zwan and Zeitgeist
  197. so.. sp2 on letterman > zeitgeist
  198. The only good thing about Zeitgeist
  199. Joy and Jersey Shore
  200. can someone paraphrase the lyrics of the song "1979"..?
  201. the band split screwed Billy's head
  202. What recordings of Adore feature Matt Cameron on drums?
  203. Opening Bands
  204. Check out all this Smashing Pumpkins stuff some guy is selling on Ebay
  205. Why is there no O board?
  206. Tickets for both Atlanta dates for sale (face value)
  207. The Smashing Pumpkins
  208. one request
  209. Gish doesn't have any dreary songs
  210. zeitgeist guitar tabs
  211. For anyone missing any of the tracks
  212. 1 PA, 1 OH Ticket face value or trade...
  213. Are you here for nostalgia or for the new Pumpkins?
  214. Rumor about upcoming Fillmore show setlist
  215. Is Zeitgeist Your Least Favorite Pumpkins Album?
  216. who's your favourite zeit-hater!
  217. I dont understand why everybody keeps saying that
  218. Fillmore #1 - 7/15/2007
  219. Tarantula Karaoke
  220. Zeitgeist on my house stereo...
  221. REQUEST: Speed Kills from European/Vinyl Release of MACHINA
  222. Does Zeitgeist Have Depth?
  223. WTD: 1 ticket to 7/15 for old timer Netphorian
  224. SP2 II
  225. You know what Billy should cover?
  226. What is your favorite LP bonus track?
  227. So did we ever find out what the 4 songs BC played back in December with Townshend
  228. REQUEST: "Tonight Reprise" and "Infinite Sadness" (final track) from MCIS Vinyl
  229. Jimmy's Love letter 6 - Starz or Pomp and Circumstance
  230. How many people are going to the Nashville show>?
  231. Zeitgeist will mean more to me a couple years from now
  232. ticket sales for the u.s. tour
  233. Images / video from 2007-07-05?
  234. i just realised
  235. he noticed me and opening his own breast with both hands cried See how I rip myself!
  236. ticketmaster question
  237. Will we ever see the Original Lineup?
  238. Explosions in the Sky, Bravery to support Smashing Pumpkins
  239. billy's dad needs to die
  240. New Review.
  241. vote for Smashing Pumpkins on TRL here:
  242. Does Bleeding the Orchid
  243. Has Doomsday clock been released as a radio single?
  244. Zeitgeist - Album Chart Thread
  245. Billy praising Jesus?
  246. Pumpkins or bust-the movie
  247. Q magazine gives Zeigeist...
  248. Uncut review
  249. filmore poster
  250. ST 3478389: my casual sp fan friend wants a live SP mix and a studio SP mix...