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  1. An Update From Kenny Aronoff #1
  2. What will you purchase on 07/10/07?
  3. how will the sales be tallied with all of the different editions?
  4. Kenny Aronoff looks so gay in this live video of "Perfect"
  6. JC BC on 98 rock just now (baltimore)
  7. New Darcy pics
  8. I will now actually complain about something
  9. Bodies appreciation thread
  10. Smashing Pumpkins - 9/19-07 - San Diego
  11. Big Pumpkins concert announcement tomorrow in SF
  12. Your personal Zeitgeist tracklisting?
  13. Pitchfork review of Zeitgeist- 4.9
  14. New myspace layout!!
  15. Tarantula not in UK top 50 singles chart
  16. Billy's best long-distance runner
  17. Zeitgeist on Metacritic
  18. lol.
  19. Can the Myspace page be anumore red?
  20. Reviews Are Coming In Pop Matters 8/10
  21. Do you think they'll release a "complete" Zeitgeist in 6 months?
  22. who is going enter to win this contest?
  25. Definative Zeitgeist song
  26. Billy's black and white striped long sleeve shirt
  27. Favourite Pumpkins closing track?
  28. Ticketmaster seems to be updating now...
  29. announcing a new blog
  30. Zeitgeist 1680x1050 wallpaper
  31. Extra ticket for The Hillmore 7/28 show (sat)
  32. If Anyone Wins a Ticket for July 19th @ Fillmore
  33. Anybody else get the Tarantula CD or vinyl yet?
  34. Torrent: Smashing.Pumpkins.Asheville.062907.HDTV.Xvid.avi
  35. Newsday Review
  36. Zeitgeist 5 out of 5 from BostonNOW
  37. tomorrow!!!!!!!!
  38. So I went to get Zeitgeist today.
  39. why has billy not done many interviews for zeitgeist?
  40. Gish-era t-shirt for sale on eBay
  41. Bring The Light and Come On (Let's Go) Questions
  42. Vote on
  43. What is the best OPENING track?
  44. There are more outright idiots...
  45. billy corgan to host 92.3 KRock New YOrk Thursday
  46. itunes presale password
  47. Tabs for the Pumpkinssong "Home"
  48. anyone got the 180g vinyl yet?
  49. Highlights from Ask a Pumpkin
  50. Lisa Harriton's Hat
  51. Entertainment Weekly review (B)
  52. What's the best track 2?
  53. Ticketmaster has the Detroit show listed as "Smashing Pumpkins Tribute"
  54. Medellia of the gray skies
  55. Where can you buy the Tarantula single
  56. Presale: Thursday @ 10AM
  57. Torrents disappearing???
  58. Looking for one 930 club ticket
  59. Best Closing Track?
  60. Who else here hopes sp
  61. ZEITGEIST Airplane Coming To a Town Near You
  62. Tower Theater, PA bullshit
  63. Anyone know Billy's '07 rig?
  64. ITT you tell me why I should sell you my extra ticket for tomorrow's 9:30 show.
  65. I am the luckiest...
  67. was Paris Hilton hired for the photo shoot?
  68. the new 'zwan' nothing else.
  69. Smashing Pumpkins at The Ryman in Nashville...
  70. Atlanta Show Still Not Up
  71. Smashing Pumpkins Tribute??
  72. which of these bands do you like
  73. So does anyone have any idea if Normal is a pre-sale or not?
  74. iTunes Zeitgeist email at 11:54 PM EDT
  75. Oui Henri Tease
  76. EXCLUSIVE: A Message To Chicago From Kenny Aronoff
  77. iTunes Zeitgeist sounds much better...
  78. Have we all decided That's The Way (MLI) is for Courtney Love? Cuz its so obvious.
  79. My Pumpkin Day is here =)
  80. Sunday's Circuit City ad says "CD/DVD Version Available"
  81. Second Wave of Zeitgeist Reviews Overwhelmingly Positive
  82. Netphoria selling the album...
  83. zeitgeist track
  84. "Vancouver 24 Hours" Zeitgeist review - 4 stars
  85. Audio version of the Leaving Lament?
  86. where did zeitgeist debut on billboard?
  87. Billy Visits Moog Music - Some photos
  88. I came this close to pre-ordering on iTunes
  89. different album cover COLORS
  90. The equipment testing got off to a routine start,
  91. Zeitgeist - The weakest link?
  92. Neverlost appreciation thread
  93. Stellar vs. DFA
  94. How many copies of Zeitgeist are you buying / have you bought today?
  95. Zeitgeist gets 4/5 stars from mansized
  96. Like the day TFE was released...
  97. New Single=Starz
  98. pro-shot shows from '97
  99. fgac and btl have to be...
  100. Pumpkins on NPR at 1p.m.
  101. So who else is going to the 9:30 Club show tonight?
  102. XM Radio Show Today?
  103. Where can I buy Zeitgeist with the book?
  105. Zeitgeist Press...
  106. Taper ISO 1 7/18 Ticket
  107. Are you buying Zeitgeist?
  108. Is there any other country where the album isn't in stores yet?
  109. Who's hearing Zeigeist for the 1st time today?
  110. Letterman?
  111. preorder problem
  112. Smashing Pumpkins Cover Band
  113. Download Hi-res Video from the Asheville Residency -
  114. SP in Boston question
  115. death from above
  116. zeitgeist at target is only $10
  117. ISO: 1996-09-11 Montreal
  118. where the fuck is the pre-sale for normal
  119. whoever wrote the newsletter needs to learn to spell
  120. fuck this, i refuse to buy zeitgeist until there is a CD version with "stellar"
  121. Who's gotten their iTunes/Ticketmaster codes?
  122. CANADA
  123. SP Myspace lists Ginger, Jeff, Lisa as band members
  124. Detroit, MI - 10/7/2007
  125. where were you when you unwrapped zeitgeist?
  126. how many Zeitgeist CDs have you bought so far?
  127. "The Boy" appreciation thread
  128. anyone got any original Siamese Dream reviews?
  129. Download bonus track here
  130. Only going to a show for the old stuff...
  131. Billy is a douche
  132. Help me find a picture
  133. Itunes pumpkin booklet
  134. Machina II: Forgotten Finale
  135. did anyone who knows what they're doing record letterman?
  136. New Interview with Billy and Jimmy on AT&T Blueroom...
  137. lucky bastards at 9:30 club
  138. James + D'arcy thread #3126
  139. surprisingly good
  140. hELLO GUYS (zeitgeist vinyl mix question)
  141. "The Bells" appreciation thread
  142. Zeitgeist... the song
  143. How much Pumpkins did your radio station play on release day?
  144. That's The Way (My Love Is) appreciation thread
  145. fuck this, i refuse to buy zeitgeist until there is a CD version with "gossamer"
  146. Zeitgeist will sell...heres why:
  147. Washington, D.C. - 7/10/2007
  148. Whoa, seriously the best article about SP I've ever read (Boston Globe)
  149. Favorite Part About Zeitgeist Booklet
  150. Opposing Viewpoints: Drug Abuse (Mentions Jimmy and Melvoin)
  151. Pumpkins on Letterman HDTV stream
  152. scent of an album
  153. $102 tickets Atlanta 10/30/07
  154. Fillmore Tickets On Sale
  155. What were your original opinions on each album?
  156. wtf was everyone talking about... Starz sounds pretty damn cool
  157. Zeitgeist (bonus track) official lyrics?
  158. Rolling Stone 'New Music' blog review
  159. Did you open Zeitgeist while taking a shiznit?
  160. Billy's most lyrically strong songs
  161. Any recordings of May 22, 2007 (Paris) - First Concert Back?
  162. Zeitgeist lossless
  163. The opening of Neverlost sounds like...
  164. Get your act together, Best Buy!
  165. Zeitgeist is the best thing Corgan has done since Adore
  166. 3D Tarantula Experience
  167. is anyone having problems downloading the album from itunes?
  168. i got the limited edition
  169. Deluxe Book Owners: any idea who the girl is?
  170. vote pumps
  172. Love the Paris Hilton picture!
  173. Who?
  174. Been gone for four years...
  175. Snail-mail fanclub around 1994. Anyone remember?
  176. MTV's Zeitgeist news blurb
  177. Instructions for sharing Stellar (iTunes)
  178. Is there a reason that they aren't going to NYC
  179. For God and Country
  180. Gray/Silver Zeitgeist
  181. The whole Zeitgeist album lyrics
  182. Good Sign For Zeitgeist?
  183. Orange Zeitgeist Cover (High-Res)
  184. Classic Albums
  185. wanted: passcode sellers
  186. Asheville Residency Poster
  187. Darcy's rat bass
  188. a question about the song "stand inside your love"
  189. rolling stone good review of zeitgeist
  190. Ticket Presale
  191. The Artwork.
  192. C'Mon (Lets Go) is a great song.
  193. Starz--an interpretation?!
  194. Rank Smashing Pumpkins albums and album tracks
  195. do we have lossless versions of the zeitgeist bonus tracks?
  196. Petition for Gossamer studio recording
  197. Route Du Rock, St Malo - Anyone going?
  198. Short Article
  199. 24 Hours of Pumpkins on Sirius today + comments from the band
  200. new QaoS leaks
  201. hey netphoria, help me with my SP film
  203. tarantula 3 track single?
  204. Zeitgeist (W. All Bonus Tracks)
  205. terrifying phone call
  206. Entrance Song at Asheville Shows
  207. Starz--part of Itunes "best of the store"
  208. new pumpkins pics on pitchfork
  209. Dallas, TX - 11/3/2007
  210. Venue size for Fall tour
  211. I wonder how much money I can get for a fall tour ticket
  212. Indepent Record Store - Atomic Records (Pisces Iscariot Connection) Whines About SP
  213. Vancouver venue passcode
  214. MTV.COM writer rips on the Pumpkins some more, references netphoria in his article..
  215. Link to review on NPR
  216. that's the way
  217. D'arcy and James performed at Live Earth....according to Yahoo.
  218. July 10th 2007 1PM @ XM Stuios Washington DC
  219. so what exactly did billy say at live earth that has everyone so pissed?
  220. Photos from the D.C. show line.
  221. For those who saw SP recently...
  222. Looking to trade a pair for 7/22 for a single for 7/18.
  223. 11 Years Ago Today
  224. do ticket brokers always have tickets to shows before they go on sale?
  225. Donate
  226. Stellar in place of neverlost
  227. First Week Projections.
  228. The Bitch List: The Irrelevant Criticisms Waged Against the Reunion/Zeitgeist
  229. steve albini's take on the smashing pumpkins
  230. Asheville 6/30/2007 Footage
  231. Ticket to 15/16/28th available
  232. WTD: 1 ticket to 8/1
  233. Baltimore, MD - 8/5/2007
  234. Collecting: Remixes and Schroeder/Reyes previous
  235. "Limited" edition Zeitgeist?
  236. Speed Kills (Single Version)
  237. Billy Smiling Thread
  238. wtf happened to the arizona date????
  239. Tab for "Zeitgeist" song
  240. Zeitgeist + Illustrator = Awesome
  241. Pretz's Two Cents
  242. Record Store Snobbery About Zeigeist
  243. Seattle Newspaper the Stranger Rips Corgan?
  244. With the "rebirth" of the Pumpkins, can we forget about Machina?
  245. what if zeitgeist had been released instead of adore in '98?
  246. the whole REUNION nonsense
  247. billy rig pics
  248. Just about the cutest thing in the world
  249. Zeitgeist Photo F-Up
  250. cd r trading