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  1. thank yous and credits
  2. Live Earth (MSN) really cares about SP
  3. ok, a few things to sell.
  4. Asheville Summary Post
  5. SP promises something special for Chicago
  6. zeitgeist sounds like it should be a b-side album to TFE
  7. Zeitgeist appreciation thread
  8. Do you miss James Iha influence in the Pumpkins?
  9. the "Brian May" lead guitars
  10. To those that hate Zeitgeist so much
  11. Tarantula white vinyl single - how rare is it?
  12. Davin, found a cover art update spfc doesn't have
  13. Let's stop the negativity people!!!
  14. Siamese Dream Appreciation Thread
  15. transformer,palescales,ifthereisagod up on myspace
  16. NEEDED: Tickets to Asheville 7/05
  17. Soooo, how would you rank Billy's albums?
  18. June 29, 2007 is up on
  19. let's be more negative
  20. June 29, 2007 is up on
  21. the Zeitgeist lyrics
  22. Funny Thing about the SP Video Footage
  23. Doomsday clock ??
  24. Remember when people were comparing the new SP to MCR and Green Day?
  25. Asheville big ass fan appreciation thread
  26. is there a live version of death from above out there yet?
  27. It's growing on me...
  28. why does Howie Weinberg master all Billy's albums?
  29. My "Death From Above" Music Video...
  30. I think I like "?", "If All Goes Wrong" and "Mama" more than...
  31. Zeitgeist feels so fucking forced!!!
  32. SPIN Tribute CD UPLOADS
  33. perfect
  34. Why did fans accept Melissa, but not Jeff and Ginger?
  35. BTL and (CO)LG
  36. why do people on a smashing pumpkins forum hate so much of thier discog?
  37. Pomp appreciation thread.
  38. I feel old now.
  39. Silversun Pickups > Smashing Pumpkins 2007
  40. Extra Songs Speculation
  41. Why did fans accept Jimmy, but not Kenny Aronoff?
  42. I Fall guitar tab
  43. United States solo
  44. 2 Boston/2 Philly Shows
  45. How are you feeling about Zeitgeist now?
  46. Rumours about the Special Edition incl. the DVD
  47. Live Earth Webcast (AU)
  48. Madrid Secret Show on Thelist NOW
  49. will you be buying the new album?
  50. The sound of people making music.
  51. Neverlost appreciation thread
  52. Billy's New Band is so pointless and unremarkable!
  53. June 30, 2007 - The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
  54. Live Earth Schedule
  55. 9:30Club Tuesday 7/10 Who Else Is Going?
  56. Political assumptions about Zeigeist
  57. Billy Corgan found dead in Brooklyn hotel
  58. New-Noise Review
  59. The "New" Heavy Metal Machine
  60. from the Zwan car to the Zeitgeist car
  61. I dont mind on pitchfork
  62. July 3rd, 2007 - The Orange Peel - Asheville, NC
  63. Asheville # 9 July 5, 2007
  64. Endfest additional details released
  65. Predict the Live Earth setlist (20 minutes!)
  66. Who Gives a fuck what MTV thinks?
  67. 6/30 and 7/3 Up on Archive
  68. Alt Version of "This Time" Question
  69. Hummer
  70. Upcoming SP Tour Ticket Trades
  71. Bands are opening every night of the fillmore run
  72. Stellar and Zeitgeist...Anybody have them yet?
  73. ask sp a question!
  74. FS: Live Earth Floor Seats
  75. Will you be buying the album when it is no longer new?
  76. the best songs on Machina: the singles
  77. Positive Zeitgeist review from a former SP hater
  78. Rotten Apples
  79. Which Zeitgeist track is growing on you the most?
  80. Mama is currently restoring my faith in Billy's songwriting abilities
  81. Inside Zeitgeist Interview (DOWNLOAD)
  82. 0bscured is at it again!
  83. Zeitgeist on Vinyl?
  84. hi-res pic of back inlay for new album?
  85. what is going on?
  86. Ask a Pumpkin
  87. fav corgan song from adore era to now?
  88. so i was watching tv
  89. the best song on zeitgeist is
  90. Next Pumpkins Album...
  91. myspace "the list"
  92. pumpkins fans are worse than pitchfork writers
  93. What will be total zeigeist sales number in NA?
  94. Is there any Zeitgeist era pro-shot live footage besides Rock Am Ring circulating?
  95. changing opinions
  96. Zeitgeist title track LEAK HERE
  97. SP vinyl
  98. tarantula on mtv???
  99. Zeitgeist book edition pictures
  100. Guardian UK Zeitgeist Review
  101. The thanks yous on Zeitgeist...
  102. Drowned In Sound review
  103. Real Zeitgeist Track List
  104. great sputnik review!!!
  105. Stellar Lyrics
  106. mBeat: Iha & D'arcy rejected reunion contract
  107. This 930 Club Virtual Waiting Room Blows
  108. my video of starla solo - 7/3/07
  109. Could someone please post "Speed Kills"
  110. 7/5...OP my 3rd and final review
  111. 7/5 will be up later today
  112. The best (and the only good) SP cover ever
  113. Question about the old
  114. Taper Needs Ticket to 7-10 show at 930 club
  115. So...anyone got an extra ticket for the 930 show?
  116. MSN Music - Artist of the Month
  117. 930 taping?
  118. which speed kills?
  119. Light Theme
  120. Request: Torrent: tsp - 1998 Brussels DVD
  121. Amazon Pre-Orders
  122. When will the tour tickets go on sale?
  123. Death from Above
  124. Starz vs. Strayz
  125. We need a recorded Gossamer now, more than ever
  126. Stellar
  127. Alternate album title
  128. Mini Studio -- interest?
  129. virgin festival tickets
  130. Zeitgeist NME review
  131. An old Zeitgeist tracklist I found
  132. Cherub Rock & Cheap Trick
  133. For God and Country
  134. Entertainment Preview
  135. The Poll to End All Polls
  136. Is Jimmy Chamberlin a 'Yes' man?
  137. who else got tickets to the 9:30 show?
  138. Question Mark Lyrics?
  139. Favorite Zeitgeist Bonus Track?
  140. Plea for a FLAC version of Stellar
  141. ISO: Purple Disarm 7"
  142. July 2nd, 2007 - The Orange Peel - Asheville, NC
  143. Sitting here, listening to Siamese Dream...
  144. Review of Zeitgeist
  145. Gossamer - Where can i download the song ?
  146. The Village Voice Review
  147. You Rate Zeitgeist
  148. Merch at the Asheville shows??
  149. billy lives with courtney love
  150. Stellar Appreciation Thread
  151. Davin was right
  152. All of the new songs???
  153. Bullet Vs. God Vs. Starz
  154. That's The Way belongs on MSOTS
  155. rolling stone attacks billy corgan for NO REASON AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  156. zeitgeist destruciton video on you tube
  157. 2 New Crappy Reviews
  158. Should the 3 Extra Tracks Have Been on the Album?
  159. Zeitgeist must be listened to on headphones
  160. ISO: SF tix 7/22-28 (5 shows)
  161. Don't See Transformers!
  162. zero t shirt
  163. LMA: tsp2007-06-29.mk4.flac16
  164. Gish
  165. Great interview from TFE era (BC talks about his blog and the stupidity of rock 'n...
  166. what billy has been missing for 10 years is clean guitar
  167. MSOTS is one of Billys best albums
  168. Zeitgeist Lyrics (song, not album)
  169. SIYL love as opposed to Machina hate
  170. Tarantula DVB cap, if anyone's interested
  171. zeitgeist is album of the weak on german MTV
  172. Is this formation of TSP similar to Guns n Roses "new album"
  173. I have 7/5 Orange Peel video. . .
  174. Pre SP Jimmy Recording on Ebay.
  175. Official Smashing Pumpkins Street Team
  176. Tour Dates - No Chicago?
  177. lol at ask a pumpkin
  178. WTB: Pre Adore SP Shirts
  179. If I don't feel like standing up for some pseudo-political cause, will I like Zeit?
  180. A little help hereee?
  181. It finally hit me! What Zeitgeist sounds like . . .
  182. It finally hit me! What Zeitgeist sounds like . . .
  183. WTB: Any and all SP Posters!!!
  184. Someone's RE: Ask A Pumpkin on youTube
  185. sp interview circa 96
  186. Youtube vid: TFE whacked with baseball bat
  187. Had a dream billy was my dad.
  188. ISO: 2 tickets to 9:30 Show
  189. 105.3 SF to make "MAJOR SP CONCERT EVENT"
  190. 9:30 club extra tickets?
  191. Celebrity Deathmatch
  192. Zeitgeist review by some dude on Youtube
  193. possible new version or mix of if there is a god at sp's myspace
  194. question about standard vs Special edition booklet
  195. pumpkins live earth set is about to start
  196. so, was a complete version of Live Earth broadcast anywhere?
  197. 1fatslug send to me this pm
  198. Pale Scales
  199. 7/3/2007 Schoeps MK4 source
  200. download Live Earth video here
  201. Headline pic on today
  202. Billy's Live Tone
  203. rolling stone makes fun of the pumpkins AGAIN
  204. ride from san jose to fillmore?
  205. 1979 is on vh1
  206. a ride to the fillmore
  207. Review/rating by
  208. Live Earth
  209. zeitgeist gets 4/5 stars from the sun
  210. videos from Asheville (7/2 - 7/5)
  211. HDV Video from SmAsheville - 06|27|07
  212. James iha on nylon tv
  213. DVD Version in the States
  214. I wonder if....
  215. This all but confirms that most reviews are completely full of crap
  216. Download Live Earth Set Here (In Sync)
  217. is there a site where i can find lots of pics of linda strawberry and ginger reyes?
  218. Special Edition of Zeitgeist
  219. New York Times: Pumpkins arrive as "elemental force"
  220. SP Myspace/Grey Cover
  221. I wanted to bring up Pop Culture in Zeitgeist
  222. Video: Asheville show #5 (6/29/07) available on BitTorrent
  223. BBC Review
  224. Zeitgeist Preview and BC Interview - 6pm Tonight
  225. I wish Zeitgeist sounded more like Santana 3 and less like Zebop.
  226. how come when jimmy was gone...
  227. Consensus For A Best Of?
  228. What is the definitive track from Siamese Dream?
  229. new smashing pumpkins greatest hits
  230. How many threads will there be about the Pitchfork review of Zeitgeist?
  231. Does a lossless Machine 2 exist?
  232. Additional DC Show? (please note the question mark)
  233. Tucson Date! KFMA FALL BALL
  234. The best I can
  235. Looking for Billy Corgan 2005-07-07 St. Louis
  236. Best Sounding Recordings for Asheville
  237. For those going to the Columbus show...
  238. god, i go on holiday for one week and i miss ALL the shit
  239. now call me inappropriate, but
  240. brian may
  241. pictures of some stuff from Asheville
  242. Recent HQ / Press pictures?
  243. SP myspace tribute songs suck sooooooooo much
  244. What is the definitive track from Zeitgeist?
  245. Ginger Lookalike
  246. IGN Zeitgeist Review
  247. An update from D'arcy #1
  249. An Update From Kenny Aronoff #1
  250. What will you purchase on 07/10/07?