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  1. White Kids from Middle America - 1979 video
  2. My medicine/1979 video performance
  3. billy confirms residency DVD!!!!!!
  4. Funny Billy Corgan reference
  5. Poster
  6. Vinyl/Promo Remixes
  7. TARANTULA video this week
  8. 6/29 my review kinda long......
  9. Death from above leaked here
  10. ma belle
  11. Help me figure out: Death From Above vs. 80s/90s theme song
  12. mcis would have been pretty decent as a triple album
  13. 2007-06-27 Orange Peel; Asheville, NC [On Archive]
  14. drifter shirts
  15. The Perfect Setlist
  16. Asheville #6 - Saturday, June 30th 2007
  17. SP wikipedia.
  18. Maryland/DC Pumpkins Fan?
  19. My photos from 2007-06-29 Orange Peel
  20. The Smashing Pumpkins died in 1997
  21. So how long before Jeff gets fired?
  23. Live Earth 7/7...SP on at 11:01pm EDT
  24. Zeitgeist has leaked!!!
  25. Official Zeitgeist Review Thread
  26. Djali Zwan II has leaked!!!!
  27. Rate Zeitgeist
  28. Best Zeitgeist Track
  29. Did you like that they debuted Zeitgeist songs live?
  30. my thoughts on zeitgeist
  31. Are you buying the album now that you've heard it?
  32. United States is The Song.
  33. Orange Peel Poster (it's grande)
  34. Pomp and Circumstance sounds like Enya
  36. For God and Country appreciation thread
  37. Zeitgeist tracks versus live perfromances
  38. Zeitgeist LTD (Large)
  39. Which album was your introduction to the Pumpkins?
  40. Compare Zeitgeist
  41. What I think about Tarantula
  42. Billy, you need to stop wearing these shitty clothes
  43. Billy & Courtney
  44. The Best I Can
  45. Zeitgeist Lyrics
  46. Is That's the Way My Love Is a song for Courtney Love?
  47. it's official, "That's the Way" has mass appeal
  48. (Come On) Let's Go
  49. Tarantula vid screen cap
  50. worst vox mix on the record?
  51. For all those who flamed me because I liked the Pumpkins when they ROCK
  52. (Come On) Let's Go similarities to White Spyder?
  53. starz is the great divider. why?
  54. Campaign to fix the fucking vocals.
  55. Worst Zeitgeist track
  56. Cant stomach his vocals
  58. Billy's favorite: Jim DeRogatis Chicago Tribune Zeitgeist Review 7/1/07 - 2.5 Starz
  59. Where are the Acoustic Guitars?
  60. zeitgeist spec with book...?
  61. If Billy played Pumpkins, Zwan and Solo songs at shows
  62. Pumpkins @ Live Earth
  63. Who all just got Santa Cruz tickets?
  64. Gossamer...Where Would It Have Fit On The Album?
  65. Zeitgeist sounds HORRIBLE!!!
  66. Ginger Reyes in Rock am Ring United States video
  67. Favorite Zeitgeist Moment
  68. Live Earth (HD Broadcast)
  69. So how would you rank the albums now?
  70. ITS OFFICIAL!!!!
  71. Not Downloading Zeitgeist Support Group
  72. Jeff Introduced
  73. Zeitgeist FLAC?
  74. I will be wearing this shirt to the fillmore on the 24th
  75. Did anyone's opinion of the album drop over night?
  76. Zeitgeist = most Pop sounding SP record
  77. Neverlost Solo
  78. Billy one of the gratest songwriters of all times
  79. Merch at the shows
  80. Zeitgeist Blooper Reel
  81. Who's going to tommorow's show?
  82. Where's the Tarantula video?
  83. Hypothetical: Pumpkins Rarities Show
  84. Rumor about the 72 page book in the SE edition of Zeitgeist
  85. At this very moment, what's your favorite Zeitgeist song?
  86. Goodbye, Asheville hippies...
  87. Who's already bored with Zeitgeist?
  88. Tarantula video here!!
  89. another taper needs tix 7/2 or 7/3
  90. How do you rate Pomp and Circumstance?
  91. Vocal Layering
  92. Anyone else dislike Bleeding the Orchid?
  93. Corgan's All Access
  94. 1995-10-23 Riviera Theatre - Chicago (Starlight Boot) on Archive
  95. ISO: watermarked Zeitgeist advance copy
  96. has there been a lossless leak yet?
  97. uh a SP DVD called All Excess ? w/ Zeitgeist cover
  98. ISO billy "pope" pic
  99. Zeitgeist on Spinner.
  100. Tarantula Video Poll
  101. Pitchfork insults the pumpkins yet again
  102. That's the way
  103. Anyone rip the streaming "Tarantula" video?
  104. petition for next album to have a release as multi-track source audio files
  105. Stereogum Review
  106. Jimmy's drumsticks - 070630 show
  107. Billy should never produce an SP album again.
  108. Yeah, we talked about the vocals, but how do you like the guitars?
  109. Zeitgeist Machina or Adore ????
  110. Jimmy's drumming on Zeitgeist
  111. Why Eric Avery did not join The Smashing Pumpkins
  112. to those archive orgers
  113. Alt. Pop?
  114. Request for That's the Way Tab
  115. Best United States Live Version
  116. Official: The Smashing Pumkins Headline Endfest in Seattle
  117. My Experiences...
  118. What the Zeitgeist art should have looked like...
  119. Tarantula - UK reception
  120. Santa Cruz Borders not carrying Tarantula single because of...
  121. Randomly came across this Zeitgeist art...
  122. Best Gossamer for zeitgeist
  123. Online Streaming Zeitgeist
  124. Have ticket to 15th 16th, 28th
  125. Asheville #7 July 2nd, 2007.
  126. Where should I go for Lyrics?
  127. Lyrics for Zeitgeist
  128. Valentine (HOM) Zeitgeist Demo.mp3
  129. Swan?
  130. Metamorphosis into a werewolf almost complete!
  131. Fall Tour Dates
  132. Who is poking Bolly in the beginning of Starz???
  133. 7/7 NJ tickets for sale or trade
  134. FS: 1 Pair of 2-day passes for Virgin Festiva 8/3-4l
  135. FS: 1 Pair of 2-day passes for Virgin Festival 8/3-4
  136. reference material for the next video
  137. The Late Show with David Letterman and the FUCKING SMASHING PUMPKINS!!!!!
  139. How does the iTunes presale work?
  140. What do you think of "7 Shades of Black"
  141. Could they have had a better use of dynamics?
  142. Which magazine hates the pumpkins more?
  143. Bumblebee Rocks to Doomsday Clock
  144. Anyone have the lyrics for the new songs yet?
  145. One word to describe a song(s)
  146. Live Earth to be broadcast on BRAVO all day saturday
  147. zeitgust tabs
  148. ? Where is the #1 Hottest Picture of Ginger...
  149. Terrible news
  150. the tarantula video is the worst music video of all time
  151. Zeitgeists artwork [inside]
  152. just curious, why has billy been bald for 10 years?
  153. Support our Smashing Pumpkins!
  154. ISO: 6/29/2007 Asheville
  155. article about SP, Tarantula video
  156. Fillmore & World Tour threads
  157. Looking for the recordings to the following shows...
  158. Quiz on MSNBC
  159. Virgin Fest Baltimore Tapers??
  160. you know what i find to be just dumb
  161. If anybody still cares, the flac version of zeitgeist
  162. Asheville #8 July 3rd, 2007.
  163. The Future Embrace and MSOTS...
  164. Billy must be Desperate...
  165. Seattle's Endfest Details
  166. Awful Reviews
  167. when is the vinyl released?
  168. I Am One from Pisces+Friends... date?
  169. looking for a SANTA CRUZ ticket for a FILLMORE 31st
  170. 9:30 Club Show -- 7/10
  171. attn all posters with less than 250 posts
  172. someone to plz sum up clippings for me
  173. no more angst...
  174. TAFH box ONLY needed
  175. Billy and Jimmy talk on the radio - "Inside SP: Zeitgeist" between July 6-10
  176. Which show has the best performance of Starz?
  177. zeitgeist is much better in your car than at your computer
  178. attn all users with more than and less than 125 posts
  179. New Billy Photo
  180. flood the fucking thing, c0me 0n!
  181. Next album!
  182. Corgan's Biggest Blunder II
  183. I edited the Billy Corgan Wikipedia article
  184. SP fans compared to Pearl Jam fans
  185. Zeitgeist sounds "less bad" this way
  186. Kafka would be proud...
  187. Finally some NICE bass tones from SP.
  188. Zeitgeist vocal problem remedied!!!
  189. deerhunter on 6/29
  190. Stellar and Zeitgeist...Anybody have them?
  191. A question for guitar players
  192. The official "Thanks for ruining Starz, Billy Corgan" thread
  193. the symbolism of the black and white stripes
  194. Long shot but... (Glasgow show)
  195. ISO: 1996-11-01 @ Hartford Civic Center; Hartford, CT
  196. Taratula vs. Just Because
  197. I was thinking today
  198. Zeitgeist FLAC...
  199. What are some of Zwan's...
  200. So maybe
  201. Schroeder's setup somewhat changed between 06/29 and 06/30
  202. 9:30 Club Show
  203. setlist for July 2nd
  204. Clarifying The New Songs
  205. The Drum Circle...
  206. The Transformer movie.
  207. The section in Death from Above from :55 to 1:20
  208. Guitar Crew - Tarantula Tab
  209. Corgan solo 4-19-05
  210. petition to ChristJesus for a better Zeitgeist
  211. Zeitgeist Favorite Track Order
  212. 4 floor ticket for stockholm available..
  213. matt chamberlain WTF!
  214. United States tab by 0bscured
  215. 7/3 Orange Peel my review.......
  216. "Tilt"
  217. Let It Come Down or SP???
  218. Uncut Magazine - 4 Star Review
  219. thank yous and credits
  220. Live Earth (MSN) really cares about SP
  221. ok, a few things to sell.
  222. Asheville Summary Post
  223. SP promises something special for Chicago
  224. zeitgeist sounds like it should be a b-side album to TFE
  225. Zeitgeist appreciation thread
  226. Do you miss James Iha influence in the Pumpkins?
  227. the "Brian May" lead guitars
  228. To those that hate Zeitgeist so much
  229. Tarantula white vinyl single - how rare is it?
  230. Davin, found a cover art update spfc doesn't have
  231. Let's stop the negativity people!!!
  232. Siamese Dream Appreciation Thread
  233. transformer,palescales,ifthereisagod up on myspace
  234. NEEDED: Tickets to Asheville 7/05
  235. Soooo, how would you rank Billy's albums?
  236. June 29, 2007 is up on
  237. let's be more negative
  238. June 29, 2007 is up on
  239. the Zeitgeist lyrics
  240. Funny Thing about the SP Video Footage
  241. Doomsday clock ??
  242. Remember when people were comparing the new SP to MCR and Green Day?
  243. Asheville big ass fan appreciation thread
  244. is there a live version of death from above out there yet?
  245. It's growing on me...
  246. why does Howie Weinberg master all Billy's albums?
  247. My "Death From Above" Music Video...
  248. I think I like "?", "If All Goes Wrong" and "Mama" more than...
  249. Zeitgeist feels so fucking forced!!!
  250. SPIN Tribute CD UPLOADS