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  1. Squirrel Nut Zippers opening for SP on 6/24?
  2. Germany show....
  3. Reel Time Sessions
  4. Extra Ticket for Asheville Tuesday/Wednesday 6/26 6/27
  5. Message from the band (re: taping and other such...stuff)
  6. I miss the old SP heart.
  7. Blog entry from Jeff (confirms Tarantula vid, etc...)
  8. Who wants a cd ripped version of "Signal to Noise"?
  9. Which version(s) of the album are you going to buy?
  10. 95-10-20 vs 95-10-19
  11. depeche mode + billy = never let me down video
  12. Are you outraged regarding the multiple CDs?
  13. Jackboot on SP myspace
  14. Am I the only person alive who actually likes Appels + Oranjes?
  15. I just want to say godspeed to all the Asheville tapers/videographers
  16. Revolver Mag Review
  17. anyone in line?
  18. Chances of hearing Spiteface?
  19. Tarantula or Doomsday Clock?
  20. Do you think preordering the iTunes Zeitgeist...
  21. Future of Jeff and Ginger rests on residencies
  22. Doomsday Clock cover sample. Need better drum samples..
  23. Machina RIAA GOLD Award
  24. Who liked Depeche Mode before they liked SP?
  25. how fast will we have the recording?
  26. Asheville Deals/Discounts...
  27. I have extra ticket
  28. odds that netphoria crashes tonight
  29. how big is the orange peel
  30. New Shame Version
  31. Asheville, June 23rd, 2007
  32. TAPERS: how was the venue tonight?
  33. Needed : Ticket(s) for June 30th Show
  34. Is the layout ever going to change
  35. Extra Fillmore show ticket
  36. the best contribution from James
  37. weird thing about doomsday clock
  38. Needed:Ashville 6/30 and/or 7/02 ticket
  39. TORRENT: 1997-06-27 Glastonbury Festival; Pilton, UK (FM)
  40. Need one 6/26 Tuesday Ticket
  41. So, has Jimmy played all of Adore now?
  42. Predict the future of SP!
  43. FS 1 ticket for Orange Peel, Sunday 6/24
  44. please post asheville videos /mp3s here
  45. Zwan playlists
  46. What's the go with donating to Netphoria
  47. Since they are learning old songs anyway..
  48. Check on circulating 2007 shows
  49. No tripods at the Orange Peel...
  50. What are chances of getting ticket at venue?
  51. Tarantula and Doomsday Clock ruined by Billy's production?
  52. What show are these stills from?
  53. 6/23 clip
  54. smashing pumpkins: live music archive approved (june 23, 2007)
  55. Jackboot? on pumpkins myspace
  56. Rock am Audio....
  57. cheapest way to asheville?
  58. full satellites
  59. When did you get in line?
  60. What do these lyrics mean?
  61. How was the opening band in asheville?
  62. videos from 2007.06.23
  63. The Guy with the mic stand
  64. ISO: Ticket for 06/27
  65. At least we know Ginger is in the Tarantula video...
  66. Need 1 ticket for any night this week.
  67. Holiday Appreciation Thread
  68. Pumpkins to play San Diego Same week as Street Scene?
  69. Dear Billy (we know you're snooping, so this is for you.)
  70. jackboot on sp's myspace
  71. Asheville #2 - June 24, 2007
  72. anyone get thier Baltimore Virgin Festival tix?
  73. Just an idea/question
  74. Spaceboy (outtake 93)
  75. This shit is not funny
  76. "Fans fume over Pumpkins album"
  77. What was Come On Let's Go Like?
  78. Pumpkin Songs in the Mix.
  79. Question about Video Cameras @ Asheville Shows
  80. String Quartet, Smashing Pumpkins
  81. bizarre!! doomsday clock is on the uk itunes
  82. Yet more evidence today that Pitchfork is on Billy's nutsack...
  83. I just revisited Let It Come Down
  84. looking to buy: one Sat 6/30 Asheville ticket
  85. Other than the shows, how's Asheville?
  86. People who have been to the residency shows/Orange Peel
  87. Looking for a ticket for ANY night in Asheville..
  88. Stellar > Stellar
  89. The Orange Peel (a thread about stuff other than the pumpkins)
  90. The $50 tshirt
  91. A question about buying Zeitgeist from
  92. FMQB: "Inside Smashing Pumpkins Zeitgeist"
  93. An eventful arrival in Asheville
  94. Silverfuck Appreciation Thread
  95. Just realized something about S.D.
  96. info from Fillmore
  97. Asheville #3 - June 26th, 2007
  98. Asheville Photos 23/24
  99. ISO Asheville Ticket any night to record
  100. Rotten Apples: your way
  101. The Adore Tree
  102. Come On Let's Hear It!
  103. Hey tapers ! What about "With Every light" ? Any links ?
  104. Would I get a backstage pass for doing this?
  105. Need a wow version of Geek USA - '96-'00
  106. ?? song, 6/24 youtube link?
  107. how is the parking at the orange peel?
  108. Watch the video of the new song from Sunday 2007-06-24
  109. historic shows on LMA
  110. Pumpkins make a Grand return!!!!
  111. list of openers for the pumpkins announced
  112. just preordered zeitgeist on itunes canada
  113. I think the ? song is called "?"
  114. Do we have any info about zeitgeist special edition packaging?
  115. so, as somone pointed out in another thread, is accepting SP shows
  116. xrt video
  117. info about upcoming us tour
  118. navigating the sp site...
  119. Billy Corgan on Politically Incorrect
  120. Plenty of LoLs coming from
  121. paris "tarantula" hilton tomorow on lary king
  122. stuff disappearing from
  123. Comments from a Zeitgeist listening party
  124. Billy to no look like a poof!
  125. so what is this hymn song??
  126. Opening Band offering Free Tickets Tonight and Tomorrow
  127. Who sings "Go" from Machina 2?
  128. transformers soundtrack out now?
  129. really dumb question...BUT...
  130. Fall Tour
  131. has anyone taped or filmed Come On! (Let's Go) yet?
  132. writes about zeitgeist
  133. gliss to open for SP july 5
  134. From the Polish SP fan myspace blog
  136. Bonus tracks
  137. d'arcy live
  138. Rolling Stone blog bashes BC.
  139. Asheville Show Tonight
  140. Another eBay asshole!
  141. Is James who sings?
  142. My Tarantula Cover
  143. Billy Corgan TFE Tour Pro Shot
  144. Harmonics are not that cool.
  145. For martha: guitar or synth?
  146. Why couldn't b0lly have used Adore style vocals on Zeitgeist?
  147. I love Starz
  148. sp dvd in the works?
  149. Album Vocals Okay, Not Great
  150. a sad note on the sorry state of setlists
  151. Have you ever predicted how a SP song would sound before you actually heard it?
  152. Netphoria RFC 1
  153. Magnetic Happiness
  154. The Zeitgeist DVD?? and the book for that matter...
  155. brain trip mind drip
  156. This whole new songs thing is really really cool
  157. what the crap is this
  158. Amazon pre-order price is down to 9.99
  159. That's the way reminds you of which Zwan song?
  160. highlights of '95 double door shows!
  161. my boot for 6/29 will be up within 48 hrs.
  162. SPIN on the 4 CD versions
  163. Has anyone seen this (another Youtube thread)
  164. Signal To Noise FLAC download
  165. Era appreciation....
  166. Guitar talk
  167. Shudder to Think w/ Bill on vocals
  168. NME Review (UK)
  169. question about itunes pre-order of zeitgeist and the pre-sale codes that supposedly..
  170. Need last track from 1997-07-06 Werchter FM Source
  171. How was Scissors For Lefty?
  172. Asheville July 5th
  173. Death from Above .... ???
  174. Torrent: June 23, 2007 - The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
  175. GATGC - Uli Jon Roth
  176. Asheville #4 - Wed June 27, 2007
  177. Huge collection for sale. You have to see this!
  178. Transformers trailer with Doomsday Clock
  179. Harp responds to Pitchfork
  180. Which Version of the album are you getting?
  181. question about the shows so far
  182. Can somebody YSI 'Tilt'?
  183. Kweller on the Pumpkins
  184. Brief Sermonic Reference to TSP
  185. Just Won Two VOODOO FEST Tickets!
  186. come on (lets go)
  187. Smashing Pumkins - Smash Mouth Allstar cover.
  188. Live Earth Tickets FACE VALUE
  189. Ticket Trade - 6/29 for ?
  190. Looking for ticket for Friday
  191. Post New Songs Here
  192. What if they played Ride A Black Swan....
  193. Target Review...ugh
  194. zeitgeist
  195. Humour me: "United States" non-political interpretation
  196. Who is on the cover of Adore?
  197. Audio recording issues
  198. Band Around after Show?
  199. Any bootlegs of the recent Starla performances?
  200. Vinyl For Sale...
  201. Billy Corgan: Netphoria is "bullshit"
  202. Corgan speaks: Asheville’s a blast (discusses DVD filming, avoids "band members" Q&A)
  203. Of the zeitgeist songs, which are yout favs and the ones you don't like?
  204. New Zealanders interested in a mail trade?
  205. all smashing pumpkins on aol not working
  206. Tarantula still at #2 on Billboard
  207. Smashing Pumpkins Radio - From Official Site
  208. Torrent: June 24, 2007 - The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
  210. SP2's new album will be better than Zeitgeist. Maybe.
  211. Corgan is "bald and beautiful"
  212. ISO: 1996.12.05 Tingly Coliseum; Albuquerque, NM, US
  213. i can't wait for zeitgeist!
  214. Attention Asheville Youtube video uploaders: USE STAGE6 as well!
  215. Thirty-Three and The Crying Tree Of Mercury videos from 2007-06-24
  216. 2nd Zwan compilation torrent up
  217. Jimmy Chamberlin Complex PUkkelpop
  218. Why is Netphoric so "full of hate"
  219. I need some information, if anyone can oplease help
  220. listening to muse-glorious
  221. Lisa Harriton removed her website
  222. live teitbite
  223. Metacritic average predictions
  224. just visited the netphoria front page by accident
  225. the band that is most similar to Smashing Pumpkins
  226. bill's a perv
  227. 6/26/2007 (Asheville #3) MG300 (Flac16) on Archive
  228. What is Zeitgeist (track)
  229. Netphoria Zeitgeist Giveaway
  230. 3rd single?
  231. Billy's Alien Movie
  232. 01-08-97 TAFH > Silverfuck > Space Jam > Bury Me
  233. I wanna hear FUCK YOU
  234. Tripods in Asheville
  235. Motherfuckin' Jimmy
  236. watching vieuphoria.
  237. ? (the song)
  238. Looking for a 7/02 ticket to buy
  239. I wanna hear ROTTEN APPLES!!!!
  240. Zeitgeist has two Hot 100 hits
  241. Vegoose Music Festival- Las Vegas
  242. Watermarked Copy
  243. Doomsday clock up on the myspace
  244. My Asheville Rant
  245. what *was* he on??? (1989 demos)
  246. Smashing Pumpkins Posters / Wallpapers ?
  247. Death from Above, where is it?
  248. outro/credits track on full circle
  249. Taper needs tix... 6/29 and 6/30
  250. How has the asheville line been ?