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  1. Best Arising tour show
  2. the worst thing.......ever
  3. 1 Week Until Madness in Asheville, NC...
  4. Siamese Dream lyric sheet.
  5. Soma Live '92/'93 video
  6. Any ticket(s) for Fillmore, Any date?
  7. one ticket for 6/27 ashvlle...
  8. new gish thread ;3
  9. Deerhunter, the opening band for 2 NC shows
  10. OFFICIAL Asheville Residency Thread
  11. TORRENT: 2007-06-02 Rock am Ring Festival (DVD9 - WDR Broadcast)
  12. UNOFFICIAL Asheville Thread
  13. Covers...
  14. The song United States should have been on the sountrack for Sicko (Michael Moore)
  15. Test Your Reflex is opening for SP on July 22 at the Fillmore
  16. Feel like helping me?
  17. Tarantula video to be made this week...
  18. Billy's political views
  19. SP Flag T-Shirt Now Available
  20. Chicago Tribune Magazine 6/17
  21. June 17, 2007 - Greenfields Festival - Interlaken, Switzerland
  22. Pastichio Medley Cover (Video)
  23. Billy's Song Titles
  24. Chicago Zeitgeist Party EXTRA TICKET
  25. Tribuphoria (if that name isn't already taken)
  26. Uli Jon Roth interview translation?
  27. Zeitgeist - First Listen
  28. Smashing Pumpkins - 2007-06-02 - Nurburgring, Germany (WDR with DD2.0 audio)
  29. how come zeitgest hasn't leaked YET ?
  30. Nothing And Everything Appreciation Thread
  31. Tarantula is better than all these songs.
  32. One London Standing Ticket For Sale
  33. this tour has been a disaster from the beginning
  34. Mellon Collie Without the Infinite Sadness
  35. Sheperds Bush tickets available, box office collection
  36. t-minus...
  37. How many times must they taunt us?
  38. Favorite Non-Album Songs
  39. ummm....Tarantula cover??
  40. "Death From Above" "1979"
  41. roll call for april 26th show
  42. DEERHUNTER to open some Pumpkins Asheville residency dates
  43. "tarantula sucks."
  44. sp bbc radio interview
  45. TORRENT: 1996-10-01 Bradley Center; Milwaukee, WI
  46. HMV Exclusive "Zeitgeist" cover
  47. q101
  48. Pumpkins on Letterman
  49. Thinking of selling my Light into Dark promo casssette
  50. ISO: Audio tapers for SF shows
  51. Biggest reason I will miss James
  52. New "Shame" Live Version
  53. Tarantula=The Strokes?
  54. Doomsday Clock iTunes / Zeitgeist preorder available
  55. Doomsday Clock lyrics
  56. Shepperds Bush Ticket WANTED
  57. Zeitgeist US tour Info
  58. Shepperds Bush Ticket WANTED
  59. Stockholm, Sweden date announced 12/8
  60. shepherds bush on radio?
  61. itt: sum up your love for Billy Corgan
  62. $50 for a shirt?
  63. too long a build-up?
  64. Live Earth
  65. Doomsday Clock vote
  66. Rocket Cover FINALLY Up
  67. Pitchfork Inexplicably Spreads More Pumpkin Love
  68. Confirmed tapers for Orange Peel Shows?
  69. Someone Plz Upload Tarantula for me
  70. tarantula lyric request
  71. One extra ticket for asheville show!
  72. Colmar
  73. so whats with the lack of dynamics
  74. Exclusive track at Target
  75. Shepherds Bush Empire - London, UK - SETLIST
  76. so bonus tracks
  77. Cassette Transfer Question
  78. street scene: no sp
  79. Did the Myspace The List Show ever get put up?!?!
  80. 1 ticket left on ticketmaster for 6/23 & 7/2
  81. Asheville Residency Thread
  82. Anyone with an extra June 23 ticket?
  83. TORRENT: 1997-01-26 War Memorial Stadium; Rochester, NY
  84. Both new singles have some awesome parts but both have a couple of near fatal flaws:
  85. Yet another Asheville Request
  86. What do you think the Pumpkins will do after Zeitgeist
  87. Dear Billy Corgan:
  88. Set The Ray To Jerry
  89. Doomsday Clock Drums
  90. does this satisfy anyone?
  91. Billy's Vocals - Are You People Deaf Or Retarded?
  92. Doomsday Clock as an opener
  93. sorrows in blue is a knockoff of a mandy moore song
  94. Hummmer is the best Pumpkins song ever
  95. Corporate ideology
  96. The "Doomsday Clock sucks" thread
  97. Issues with BOlly's Lyrics
  98. we all know about the exclusive iTunes song, amirite?
  99. NME Review of London show
  100. Rat in a Cage pic
  101. Hypothetical Transformer Video Question
  102. Billy's Whiny Scream
  103. 16 years later
  104. Doomsday Clock Tab - By 0bscured
  105. If the pumpkins were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame...
  106. Best Buy Zeitgeist...
  107. Did People Lose Interest In Taping the Shows?
  108. More ASHEVILLE TICKETS on sale @ ticketmaster
  109. Extra Ticket for June 24th Asheville
  110. Can I/How do I buy from the German
  111. Any pumpkin fans from evansville, In?
  112. Are the vocals gonna be this high in the mix throughout the whole album?
  113. 2004-04-19 ???? Chicago songs
  114. Tarantula single (actual physical copy?)
  115. I just spoke to someone at the Orange Peel
  116. "Siamese Dream" poster on eBay signed by original band...
  117. Any extra Asheville any night?!!?
  118. Zeitgeist. To thin?
  119. All Ages Chicago Listening Party
  120. i think i have the first half of doomsday down
  121. Smashing Pumpkins to appear Pet Aid 2007 (Clark County Washington)
  122. Petition for MonteLDS to make a Tarantula video.
  123. album cover
  124. TORRENT: B0lly 1997-02-17 Carnegie Hall; New York, NY
  125. has the SP reference in that LCD soundsystem song been posted?
  126. What about Middle-aged Angst?!?! Do you not care anymore Billy? Making a difference?!
  127. Ridgefield, WA HOUSE OF BLUES 9/21
  128. Pretty cool Bullet with Butterfly Wings cover (piano)
  129. TORRENT: 1998-06-30 DVD
  130. SP video from Martha/Reprise
  131. spirit of the times
  132. Comprehensive Zeitgeist List
  133. The Bravery's cover of Rocket is pretty damn good . . .
  134. What's your perfect opening song?
  135. iTunes Plus / Siamese Dream
  136. Anyone heard Doomsday Clock on the radio yet?
  137. Tarantula hits number 2
  138. which colour Zeitgeist you buying?
  139. the where to buy Zeitgiest cheapest thread
  140. Zeitgeist cover back
  141. how it was then and how it is now (seeing Pumpkins shows)
  142. hey, now whats this
  143. Have extra ticket for 6/29
  144. Torrent: Nova Rock 2007 Madness - part 4 - The Smashing Pumpkins - June 15th 2007
  145. Anyone else hear Jo Wiley from radio 1 give the pumpkins a storming review wednesday?
  146. fillmore openers?
  147. Pumpkins Mashup with...?
  148. BIG DAY OUT 2008???
  149. MySpace TheList show on July 10
  150. Fillmore available on Fri/Sat July 13th & 14th
  151. XRT giving away Fillmore tickets all next week...
  152. Smasheville Website
  153. Old Cartoon about SP breaking up
  154. '97 European festival shows question...
  155. soundchecks
  156. so when is the newsstand version of July's Spin coming out?
  157. good work byron - Pitchfork article - Smashing Pumpkins to Fans...
  158. If Billy read your posts...
  159. Zietgeist on Itunes - I'm confused
  160. OMG Billy and Jimmy on Rolling Stones Cover!!!!
  161. Asheville - Orange Peel - June 29th and 30th
  162. nme article about zeitgeist bonus tracks
  163. What should I torrent next?
  164. All of these different versions and we don't even get a DVD?
  165. existence or nonexistence of DVD?
  166. Extra Ticket 6/24
  167. Zeitgeist #5 on Itunes Albums
  168. Canada release July 3?
  169. That's The Way (My Love Is (the next single))
  170. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Nostalgia!
  171. How much did SP raise for Amnesty Inter. in 1998?
  172. exceptionally badass version of gossamer alert
  173. so I need a pseudo SPLRA person for the first week of the residencies
  174. new dc++ hub, zomb ?
  175. Help
  176. 1996/11/01 - how many transfer of this are there?
  177. screenshots of 1993/09/23 (xdx transfer) wanted
  178. Smashing Pumpkins to headline Voodoo Fest in New Orleans with RATM
  179. New promo material?
  180. TheFutureEmbrace cover scans
  181. Zeitgeist - the film
  182. Any news on London boot?
  183. oldsite i used to visit........cheryll something?
  184. So will the servers..
  185. will there be an LA Zeitgeist party?
  186. Seattle's The End giving away Trip to the Fillmore
  187. Great corgan pic
  188. oh the boohoo memories
  189. THE dilemma
  190. possible complete version of 11/23/88?
  191. No mic stands or tripods will be allowed at the orange peel
  192. Pitchfork removed all SP album reviews but Earphoria
  193. ISO two shows from two different eras
  194. Two Extra Tickets for 6/24
  195. MCIS RIAA Award
  196. The Vigil
  197. Resume the Pose signing online reunion
  198. doomsday clock audio/video on youtube features my picture of the zeitgeist flag
  199. GATMOG... WTF?
  200. WTB: purple SD shirt
  201. 6/23 ticket swap?!
  202. "I wanna flog you when you're sad"
  203. Free Ticket for Sunday, 6/24 at Orange Peel
  204. ashville article and pic
  205. Rain falls on everyone...
  206. Desperation thread: 1 ticket for 06/23
  207. pitchfork deleted all albums older then 01
  208. God and my country - VERY ENLIGHTENING
  209. Smashing Pumpkins to Fans, Indie Stores: Fuck You
  210. you got to be kidding me!! GRRR
  211. sp reunion in asheville
  212. Yet more evidence that Gerard Way is on Billy's nutsack.
  213. Do You Like the Smashing Pumpkins?
  214. Pearl Jam covering "Windowpaine"?
  215. When will see a pro photo of the whole band?
  216. I don't know why but this amuses me.
  217. billy on heroin
  218. Has this been posted yet?
  219. Funny!?!?!?
  220. Squirrel Nut Zippers opening for SP on 6/24?
  221. Germany show....
  222. Reel Time Sessions
  223. Extra Ticket for Asheville Tuesday/Wednesday 6/26 6/27
  224. Message from the band (re: taping and other such...stuff)
  225. I miss the old SP heart.
  226. Blog entry from Jeff (confirms Tarantula vid, etc...)
  227. Who wants a cd ripped version of "Signal to Noise"?
  228. Which version(s) of the album are you going to buy?
  229. 95-10-20 vs 95-10-19
  230. depeche mode + billy = never let me down video
  231. Are you outraged regarding the multiple CDs?
  232. Jackboot on SP myspace
  233. Am I the only person alive who actually likes Appels + Oranjes?
  234. I just want to say godspeed to all the Asheville tapers/videographers
  235. Revolver Mag Review
  236. anyone in line?
  237. Chances of hearing Spiteface?
  238. Tarantula or Doomsday Clock?
  239. Do you think preordering the iTunes Zeitgeist...
  240. Future of Jeff and Ginger rests on residencies
  241. Doomsday Clock cover sample. Need better drum samples..
  242. Machina RIAA GOLD Award
  243. Who liked Depeche Mode before they liked SP?
  244. how fast will we have the recording?
  245. Asheville Deals/Discounts...
  246. I have extra ticket
  247. odds that netphoria crashes tonight
  248. how big is the orange peel
  249. New Shame Version
  250. Asheville, June 23rd, 2007