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  1. Rock Im Park - Gossamer
  2. woah woah woah. "recorded by a dude who didn't want it converted from FLAC"
  3. Tarantula 7"/CDS
  4. Would You Like SP to Release an Unplugged Album?
  5. The Future Embrace influences
  6. SP pictured in "Alt. music" mural poster
  7. DoomsDay Clock in Transformers Soundtrack
  8. who is this Uli Roth i'm hearing so much about
  9. Billy's Lyrics
  10. That's The Way Lyrics
  11. ATTN:
  12. Do you know people with whom you can talk forever about the pumpkins?
  13. SP Dream Interpretation
  14. Kaiser Chiefs play Pumpkins on Radio Show
  15. People in the Media are Clueless about SP2
  16. So I'm doin a little channel surfin
  17. POST REVISED TOP 10's here...
  18. Pumpkins Categories
  19. Extra ticket for 2 Fillmore shows... the 15th & 24th of July... Looking for trades
  20. i think the bollster moved back into his house
  21. doomsday clock paris
  22. How loud have the shows been?
  23. pumpkins primavera live images
  24. Madrid Secret Show
  25. wasnt there some guy who sued the Pumpkins for hearing damage at a concert?
  26. Shepherd's Bush June 19th - role call
  27. Smasheville?
  28. Skin disease? Birthmarks? TFE artwork
  29. Zeitgeist - Special Deluxe Edition (76 pages book)
  30. SP songs - the tables have turned
  31. If you could choose one old song for the Pumpkins to play on the current tour...
  32. SPFC down?
  33. SP merch
  34. Pistachio Medly
  35. ATTN: Smashing Pumpkins Fans
  36. "Doomsday Clock" in Pisces Iscariot
  37. Looks like Doomsday clock won the Paris Vote - Official Paris Video
  38. ISO: Machina II, Virgin in-house promo set
  39. How are the Pumpkins spending their days off??
  40. Ah, the good 'ol days
  41. So what happend to the kids that stole that shit?
  42. Billy Corgan still had hair in the "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" video
  43. Wanted: Studio Sessions Information
  44. Bleeding the orchid - acoustic video
  45. so i'm listening to the scorpions "the zoo"
  46. why no drown -> hummer segue
  47. submit sp songs for video game rockband
  48. sp rock am ring dvd
  49. Good mix CD for friends
  50. ultimate bass player's poll
  51. where will Gossamer end up?
  52. OMG I just realized that Jeff
  53. TORRENT: 2007-06-05 Zitadelle Spandau - Berlin, Germany (MBHO)
  54. guy selling sp stuff for download on ebay
  55. I think this basically sums up the concept of Zeitgeist...
  56. Smashing Pumpkins Zeitgeist RockAmRing June 2nd 2007 Recording
  57. Backstage Paris Footage
  58. Promo interview cds
  59. Tales of a Scorched Earth (essential beach reading)
  60. Adore Sessions
  61. billy corgan mention and quote in new sonia choquette book
  62. Zwan- Think you know and My life and times
  63. TFE haterz, enter.
  64. Question about RSPAA
  65. 2 clips from Bridge '99
  66. Kahlo
  67. Possibly: Official Nova Rock recording
  68. TORRENT: Rock Am Ring 2007 Pre-satellite feed UPGRADE - COMPLETE (w/Gossamer)
  69. Wanted: YSI good quality live Sacred and Profane MP3
  70. Remember Bill's gig w/ pete townsend..
  71. ITT: Give one-word reviews of all of the pumpkins albums
  72. Wanted: YSI good quality live Sacred and Profane MP3
  73. Looking for original Earphoria CD-cover scan...
  74. HOLY SHIT! Zeitgeist listening party in Austin tomorrow June 10
  75. Pumpkins MP3
  76. Zeitgeist Lyrics
  77. Important Info about SP Ticket Scalping/Buying
  80. SP to play scotland on 22nd August
  81. happy birthday jimmy!
  82. Smashing Pumpkins Glasgow August 22nd.
  83. Backing Vocals - Lisa vs. Ginger
  84. theUKembrace
  85. interesting (hypothetical) pumpkins covers
  86. TORRENT: 1996-05-15 (Promo VHS source not listed on Splra)
  87. june 15, Nickelsdorf
  88. New DVD up - Oeiras Alive Festival, Portugal 09/06/2007 [PRO-SHOT PAL DVD]
  89. Torrent: 2007-06-09 PRO DVD
  90. RIDER
  91. ISO pitchfork festival Friday ticket (Sonic Youth & Slint)
  92. Question about VH1 Storytellers
  93. Spinoff: Recommend live versions of MACHINA songs to download
  94. Push 1979
  95. All the recent Europe shows!
  96. downloading/burning dvds from youtube..?
  97. TORRENT: 2007-06-09 Oeiras Alive!, Lisbon, Portugal
  98. Smashing Pumpkins: Bleak?
  99. Pink Pop 94
  100. Zeitgeist VINYL (180 gram 2 LP) Pre-Order Link
  101. Can we sticky all the new torrents?
  102. Pumkins' Picks / FAO Guitar Nerds
  103. gossamer in standard
  104. Need Guitar Tab For "To Love Somebody" Acoustic Version...
  105. What happened to the uber discography site??
  106. shepherds bush ticket arrivals
  107. SLURPEE
  108. Is it just me?!!!
  109. A few questions to all "Zeitgeist" listeners
  110. Zwan rough mixes
  111. ZEITGEIST promo material from listening party
  112. 1996/01/13 - Academy; New York City, NY, US
  113. Ascendo
  114. With all these bootlegs coming out...
  115. post new live vids that mindfuck u here
  116. i wasn't finished...
  117. Zeitgeist review in Blender
  118. help me make Greatest Hits for gf
  119. Absolutely ridiculous....
  120. Are the band ripping off UK fans??
  121. Building a better Mellon Collie....
  122. Rock am Ring - complete TV broadcast announced
  123. Courtney Love writes about Billy in her blog
  124. smashing pumpkins hub down?
  125. your perfect setlist
  126. SP pinkpop 1994, 07-04-00
  127. New Pumpkins site for residencies
  128. Tila Tequila in this month's Penthouse
  129. ISO lodging in Asheville
  130. Zwan reunion (pictures!)
  131. Earphoria II - Earierphoria
  132. Can anyone YSI the Ransom songs?
  133. James Iha resurfaces on
  134. The Smashing Pumpkins Have Sparked Interest...
  135. did that "All RapidShare/YSI..." thread get deleted?
  136. apparently sp played in madrid today
  137. Will trade Asheville 6/24 for 6/23
  138. What the hell kind of tour is this?
  139. another sine?
  140. another Zeitgeist review-Relix Magazine
  141. Gish Siva or Peel Sessions Siva?
  142. I dont get this "lie burning" thing
  143. What kind of Smashing Pumpkins album did Terry Date and RTB make?
  144. I'm hoping a SP issue of Guitar World...Any News ?
  145. so are we gonna see a music video from zeitgeist?
  146. Why¿
  147. TORRENT: 1996/04/30 Palacio de Deportes; Barcelona, ES
  148. Zeitgeist makes Jane Magazine's "Listen to This" list
  149. We have an EXTRA ticket for Asheville JULY 2ND
  150. aeroplane flies high inserts
  151. neverlost and that's the way
  152. Not sure if this is a valid question...
  153. Need a ticket for 7/30 or 7/31 fillmore
  154. Unconditional Positive Regard For Pumpkins...good or bad?
  155. For those creative netphorians out there...
  156. Transmission appreciation thread
  157. What will the next song added to the setlist be?
  158. Has Billy...
  159. Myspace Pastichio Medley
  160. Torrent: Billy Corgan 2005-07-29 - The Tivoli; Brisbane, Australia
  161. Costumes - yes or no?
  162. Costumes - yes or yes?
  163. Anyone been to the fillmore?
  164. costume threads
  165. Asheville tickets still on sale!!!!!!! Hurry!!
  166. ATTN: ATTN: costume hour is over
  167. TORRENT: 1992-08-23 Greater London Radio; London, UK
  168. the bravery's cover of rocket
  169. James quote of the day - 7/2/96
  170. Lollapalooza Rumor
  171. 'By Starlight' Lyrics: An Analysis By The World's Foremost Authority.
  172. Top 14 Dumbest Bolly Lyrics According To Candy Cane.
  173. Request - YSI: Zwan 2/8/03 "A Certain Kind of Change"
  174. Will trade Asheville 7/2 for 6/23
  175. what got you into the pumpkins
  176. TORRENT: 1996/07/02 - Memorial Auditorium; Buffalo, NY
  177. 2007/06/05 Acoustic Show
  178. Tarantula CD
  179. TORRENT: 2007-06-06 Columbiahalle - Berlin, Germany (MBHO)
  180. 6/5/2007 (last three tracks?)
  181. What 2007 shows are/are not available?
  182. Another review (part one???) Rock music reviews
  183. Songs to get busy to...
  184. Pumpkin Fans - Select All The Bands You Like
  185. New Billboard chart?
  186. what festival setlist would you choose?
  187. Rock am Ring including Gossamer @ 06/16/2007
  188. Machina (Promo Version) up in FLAC on OiNK...
  189. Sp songs you played live
  190. Some Hick Newspaper....
  191. Try Try Try
  193. ORDER NOW: Smashing Pumpkins - Tarantula (CD Single, Import) only $11.99 from Amazon
  194. I really hate doing this...
  195. Cash Car Star: Jimmy's best performance?
  196. Spin Review
  197. Death From Above
  198. Fangirls rock & r cool
  199. What was that site?
  200. Two short Zeitgeist reviews from Paste
  201. Zeitgeist Australia Release Date
  202. Pumpkins Fans - Select These ('90s) Bands
  203. TORRENT: The Smashing Pumpkins - Machina - The Machines of God (Promo).torrent
  204. Extra ticket for Fri 6/29 & Sat 6/30 @ Orange Peel
  205. SP fan pic post
  206. TORRENT: 2000-05-12 Bronco Bowl; Dallas, TX
  207. THE HOLY GRAIL...
  208. Jimmy to play on new Gannin Arnold CD
  209. looking for : 2000-03-11
  210. YSI Request Le Deux Machina Michele Garson version
  211. remember the planned Adore movie?
  212. Top 14 Coolest Billy Lyrics
  213. Approximate values of the following items
  214. Do the opening drums of Tarantula remind anyone else of FU from the last metro show?
  215. Does anyone want to go to a Zeitgeist listening party near San Francisco tonight?
  216. Best alltime Setlists??
  217. Your Smashing Pumpkins Story on the Radio
  218. Selling a few promos including Earphoria 1994
  220. Kerrang's "Higher Voltage"
  221. Own Up?!
  222. itunes already has Zeitgeist's cover in their database
  223. shepherds bush start/end times
  224. lyrics? spoliers!
  225. Pumpkins Fans - Select These ('90s) Bands
  226. Jammin' festival destroyed by weather, Pumpkins cancelled
  227. Zeitgeist Listening Party in Chicago this Sunday
  228. Zeitgeist Survivor!
  229. Nova Rock Festival, Austria...
  230. Wouldn't it be cool as fuck...
  231. Holiday would have been a hit single.
  232. mexican 1979
  233. Come to think of it...
  234. Adore documentary
  235. Ticket Trade: June 23rd for June 24th
  236. SP Time Capsule
  237. torrent: 1993/09/03 Pro #1b upgrade
  238. So just when I was thinking how great it is to have sp back.
  239. San Diego Street Scene Rumor
  240. is it just me or did Flood ruin MCIS?
  241. i dont wanna fight... every single night
  242. Now i know you've seen alot of people cover SP from a guitar and song basis.
  243. New SP covers added
  244. help please
  245. Best/Worst B0lly vocals?
  246. Meet up before 6/23 Asheville
  247. Where can I get the Zeitgeist vinyl?
  248. might have just stumbled across some unknown Saturnine lyrics.
  249. Billy and Bono
  250. two london tickets available