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  1. do you like the glamour?
  2. Best Version of Mini TFE B-Side? Help Finding
  3. Need 1 or 2 ticket(s) for 6/23 (Asheville)
  4. What was the first album to leak?
  5. hi-res pics of recent shows? did I miss something?
  6. RSPAA Downloads
  7. The Temple Sessoins
  8. Zeitgeist songs, without road experiance
  9. linda strawberry hatred
  10. linda strawberry hatred
  11. Dear Bill, I will S your D for Studio Spilled Milk
  12. United States Lyrics
  13. Wanted - ticket for London show
  14. Billy & the Record Label [A True Story]
  15. Berlin June 6th - Columbiahalle
  16. No DRM-free Pumpkins rarities on iTunes!
  17. got spare London tickets (want Berlin?)
  18. June 9, 2007 - Oeiras Alive!07 - Lisbon, Portugal
  19. Are any of your SP CDs worn out?
  20. Tarantula Single release - July 2
  21. The Worst SP song I've ever heard
  22. London Gig-Tickets wanted
  23. NBC is broadcasting 22 hours of Live Earth on July 7
  24. Yet another new shirt... for girls!
  25. Rock am Ring live webcast
  26. Atlanta 98 benefit concert
  27. Sometimes the radio makes me happy
  28. Which one of you cats bought Ron Roesing's solo album from me on ebay?
  29. 1991-1993 era shows to download
  30. SIYL Appreciation Post.
  31. Gosssamer tab
  32. Gerard really does love Bill...
  33. Anyone watching the Rock AM Ring webcast?
  34. For those who've seen them in 2007: Hows the stage presence?
  35. Billy Corgan's industry drama.... ?
  36. TORRENT: 02/10/2000 Bostone's; Tempe, AZ
  37. Warner Bros. have trouble keeping the lid on the leaks.
  38. Something that pisses me off about MCIS
  39. i fail at life...
  40. Classic Alobums: Mellon Collie?
  41. bleed the orchid
  42. This is the gayest thing i've ever seen.
  43. free london ticket for a favour
  44. Gish/SD/MCIS era unheard material
  45. vote for the pumpkins here plz!
  46. Why is CA so lucky??
  47. Fresko's Bootlist
  48. download rock am ring performance mp3s
  49. netphoria sux
  50. When can we expect the music video?
  51. Rock im Park - June 3rd
  52. TORRENT: 2007-06-02 Rock am Ring Festival (DVD - MTV Germany Broadcast)
  53. Creating torrent
  54. TORRENT: 2007-06-02 Rock am Ring Festival (ROCKPALAST WEBCAST)
  55. Secret/private gig for 100 people - 07/06/05, Berlin
  56. torrent: 2007/06/02 TV sourced audio
  57. backing vocals appreciation thread
  58. Your impressions on...
  59. United States tab
  60. DRM back on iTunes Pumpkins tracks?
  61. Rock Am Ring Songs Up On YouTube...
  62. Rockplast 3rd June
  63. Request - Gossamer from Rock Am Ring vid
  64. SP2 = Spinal Tap
  65. Warner/Billy & ThePirateBay confusion!
  66. Billy's New Band
  67. Complete Rock AM Ring MP3's
  68. Rip.XviD-iNSPiRED
  69. Anybody know the difference between the 2 Zeitgiest albums on Amazon?
  70. Rock Am Audio Download
  71. How old are these cats?
  72. Why the title: Gossamer
  73. This album is going to be great.
  74. 5-24 August
  75. Webcasts
  76. How early should I show up to a fillmore show?
  77. My original copy of Earphoria
  78. Gossamer Lyrics
  79. Barcelona
  80. Authentication of Signed Siamese Dream Album
  81. 31/5 Barcelona.
  82. I missed he webcast, how can i watch it now?
  83. Cymbal used during Machina recording
  84. Well, which one is it, Billy? Make up your ****ing mind!
  85. ? about this torrent file...
  86. Would this work?
  87. The Smashing Pumpkins website
  88. MAdM Singles
  89. How many different songs will SP perform at residencies?
  90. YSI request: the pumpkins playing "i only play 4 money"
  91. I am now dissapointed by the intro at the shows.
  92. Graceful swans of never?
  93. Your top 10 SP songs
  94. Best 3 song series?
  95. The Zeitgeist Maniphesto...
  96. 7 Shades of Black
  97. Does "starz" remind anyone of BWBW?
  98. Favorite guitar sound
  100. Smashing Pumpkins in our town - Buffalo, NY.
  101. Concert files & my ipod...
  102. Billy Corgan's Split Personality - Gish, Chapter 1
  103. b0llys mic @ Rock AM Ring
  104. ED2K and Torrents - Rock am Ring 2 June 2007
  105. Searching for Rock Am Ring Video Download...
  106. ISO: tickets to 29th and 30th Asheville shows - will be taping with sick rigs
  108. the ghost of james iha?
  109. Vote for SP on Poll
  110. My Gish Review
  111. I think Jeff and Ginger are in the band
  112. Maybe Billy started in Europe to give us time to get used to Jeff and Ginger
  113. June, 4 2007 at Terra Vibe Park, Athen, Greece
  114. Quiet
  115. athens show
  116. Baby Rock Records - Smashing Pumpkins
  117. So awesome to see Billy having fun with Uli Jon Roth!
  118. What does D4 think about the new SP?
  120. Would you rather hear...
  121. Would you be opposed to a Gish/SD medley?
  122. new U.S. shows coming soon
  123. what James meant to the Pumpkins
  124. B-sides to Zeitgeist
  125. I miss James
  126. "This Time" Lyrics, Song Meaning
  127. Check my logic (and my ear)
  128. Are the pumpkins your favorite band?
  129. Rock Am Ring DVD request
  130. Traders: Snail mail trades?
  131. 2006-05-22 Paris, FR Pro-Video promo
  132. Torrent: 2000/01/12
  133. Where did Dave A meet Bill C?
  134. WTD: Mint Condition Version Of Particular Poster
  135. does Billy own the SP catalog now? Did/does Virgin own the Pumpkins?
  136. torrent: 2000-02-17 pre-fm
  137. TORRENT: 1996-11-23 - Myriad Arena; Oklahoma City, OK
  138. 1997/02/04 - does anyone have a clean source of this?
  139. ISO: Two tickets to any of the Fillmore shows
  140. "Let me be every single moment I ever misunderstood"
  141. Questions for today
  142. Shame is a new Song
  143. Gossamer from Rock Am Ring
  144. Bell in disarm
  145. Adore, Porcelina, Once upon.., Perfect, Here is no why...
  146. Pinkpop vid on TSP myspace
  147. does the regular radio listener realize that james and d'arcy are not in this band?
  148. Should i torrent a NTSC copy of the Rock Am Ring show?
  149. "Some Kind of Monster", Ginger, and Jeff
  150. Ginger Reyes Myspace Update
  151. Will the tickets for Heineken be sold at site?
  152. Kind of a noob in terms of boots
  153. Secret Show, Berlin (6/5/07)
  154. Arising Tour bootlegs??
  155. Why are some live versions of Silverfuck so horrible?
  156. Ticket wanted - London June 19th
  157. a question about zwan/solo mp3s
  158. New Pumkin Video
  159. Which Mashed Potatoes disc is bestest???
  160. Possibly redundant MP3 link for Rex, Metro Shows
  161. billy and jimmy should have just been a two man band called...
  162. Look what billy missed at the rock am ring
  163. The Aeroplane Flies High
  164. Torrent Request: 'Untitled' Montage Video
  165. TORRENT: 1999-12-21 Metro; Chicago, IL [AUD #2]
  166. Is there any possility to buy me a shirt in Berlin ?
  167. Now that we've heard 8 "Zeitgeist" songs, which SP album will it be most similar to?
  168. How many songs do you think they'll play for the asheville/fillmore shows?
  169. a true netphorian would...
  170. Why do you people call him b0lly?
  171. suspiria mp3
  172. With all the new shows that have been played...
  173. MCIS vocal mic?
  174. your city by the lake
  175. Anyone in here from Nashville Tn?
  176. United States Guitar Solo Appreciation
  177. oops
  178. ZWAN - 2003-06-13
  179. In My Body appreciation
  180. The Crying Tree Of Mercury
  181. More backstage footage
  182. 10 Worst Pumpkins Songs
  183. Berlin tomorrow.
  184. billy corgan really shouldn't be playing "daydream" at these shows
  185. Looking for Lassie Foundation torrent
  186. TORRENT: Zitadelle Spandau Berlin 5.June.2007
  187. for those who haven't seen graceful swans of never (or those who want to reminisce)
  189. Question and answer...
  190. All Rapidshare/Megaupload/Yousendit Concert Uploads here (Non torrent users)
  191. For those that have heard the album..
  192. with each new Home comes another stab at those ever evasive lyrics
  193. Question about rockpalast webcast-DVD burn.
  194. Ashevillle show, What should i buy?(recording)
  195. Kerrang review of Paris Gig (scans)
  196. Ticket Needed for 6/30
  197. Ebay Tickets - Asheville
  198. Sandoz is not amused...
  199. Rock am Ring MTV broadcast DVD on ebay
  200. Mellon Collie Disc 3
  201. songs people dislike that you dont
  202. Tarantula Lyrics?
  203. Do you think the secret show was a preview of the residencies?
  204. will BC latch on to new emo fans?
  205. Ashville Ticket Trade - You get SUN 6/24, I get SAT 6/23
  206. seeking a ticket to any Asheville night
  207. Tarantula @ #3
  208. TORRENT: 2007-05-31 Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona, ES
  209. Zero from Paris
  210. Billy completely talked his way out of answering the 2007-Pisces reference
  211. the difference between Gish and Adore
  212. Why is Bugg Superstar on the MYSPACE site
  213. Fuck You (An Ode to Rolling Stone)
  214. Are the Residencies the most important thing Billy has ever done (so far)?
  215. Siamese Dream (song)
  216. jp and the cats
  217. For those of you who think Adore is a masterpiece...
  218. Ticket for 7/18 Fillmore show available
  219. Every Other BC album has a solid sound
  220. Wouldbe singles.
  221. A test to prove how troo of a fan you are
  222. Video request: 5-15-96 (Brixton Academy)
  223. DeepDvd Movie program.
  224. My tickets for the 29th and 30th are off the market
  225. The End......Doors teaser
  226. taste the rainbow
  227. new paris pro shot video
  228. what is the SP masterpiece?
  229. any tickets to Ashville?
  230. Favorite Album? & Where are you from?
  231. Any reviews of the non-"secret" show in Berlin? Columbiahalle reviews anyone?
  232. Compare the pumpkins' album progression with other bands'
  233. Melloncollie chopped to 1 disk: article
  234. Video Project...
  235. What Do You Like Most About....Gish
  236. RockImPark - Torrent?
  237. is My Chemical Romance the Smashing Pumpkins of the new generation?
  238. Does Billy hate the South?
  239. Billy Corgan's Split Personality - Siamese Dream, Chapter 2
  240. some infos
  241. zwan
  242. New official Video From Grand Rex : Tonight, Tonight
  243. TORRENT - Columbiahalle, Berlin, GER 6. June 2007
  244. Heineken Jammin Festival 2007
  245. old bootlists
  246. Choose the next Paris clip
  247. Corgan's split personality - PI, chapter 3
  248. SP in everyday life, worlds colliding
  249. Orchid lyrics?
  250. SP on The List