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  1. Who's the Asian on the front page of Netphoria?
  2. Luxembourg Den Atelier Tonight 5/24/07
  3. HoneySpider/ Spiteface
  4. SP2? Isn't This SP3?
  5. Do we have a "refuge" for when the site goes down later today?
  7. hi From Myspace land,
  8. Predictions for Tonight's Set list?
  9. Starz clip!
  10. Separate Ticket Forum
  11. Billy's setup
  12. grand rex today 'jesus' lyric?
  14. Tarantula (first time fans?)
  15. 3-hour set for Paris, 3-hour set for Luxembourg... can they keep that up?
  16. TORRENT: 2007-05-22 Le Grand Rex - Paris, France
  17. ISO: Bullet with Butterfly Wings single (Aeroplane Flies High version)
  18. Trade fillmore for fillmore
  19. Full Bootleg of Paris Show
  20. Gossamer
  21. Reading / Leeds Festival - Question
  22. Zeitgeist B Sides
  23. An Ode To No One
  24. Jimmy's Setup
  25. United States appreciation.
  26. Zeitgeist interview
  27. Was the seven year break a blessing in disguise?
  28. paris boot discussion
  29. latest D'arcy pic
  30. Official noob stuff thread
  31. The Radio Better Be Wrong about This!
  32. Bleeding The Orchid Appreciation Thread
  33. Pumpkin fan ages? Mom too old?
  34. pumkinheads ! im a N00b here
  35. SP4mom...what tracks would you recommend?
  36. haven't heard tarantula?
  37. Couple better photos from Paris
  38. James and D'arcy Story
  39. Two hardcore Christians were invited to join Pumpkins?... here's why
  40. To Sheila is the best Smashing Pumpkins song
  41. So Luxemburg Boot?
  42. has there been any interesting stage banter so far?
  43. SP + Goblin = thumbs up!
  44. Show Request: 1998-01-15 Viper Room, Los Angeles
  45. Wow Untitled Live Sucks
  46. Best zeitgeist song?
  47. Jeff/Ginger status
  48. What's up with all the myspace bands covering SP????
  49. the new merch
  50. Japanese Zeitgeist?
  51. To Pre-order or to Pick up at Store?
  52. Dear Smashing Pumpkins....
  53. is there any way of downloading the videos off youtube??
  54. Doomsday Clock's sound.
  55. Luxembourg videos
  56. is there a paris boot not in torrent
  57. collect youtubes/new songs download links here
  58. The new songs have alot of shades of Adore
  59. rate the pumpkins album artwork
  60. Ginger/Jeff v. James/D'arcy
  61. Compilation of Zeitgeist lyrics
  62. SP should do official bootlegs!!!
  63. Nightmare Before Christmas
  64. Berlin 6/6 ticket anyone?
  65. Fillmore ticket for July 24th... looking to trade
  66. So Brussels boot?
  67. bØlly and the striped shirts
  68. bleeding the orchid
  69. BUMP for new people - 31 variations on the Rocket theme.
  70. Heavy Metal Machine is a good song, it was just ruined on the album
  71. Neverlost Appreciation
  72. The Smashing Pumpkins Return
  73. So...
  74. Speculative Thread No. 26: Which song will be the second single?
  75. 11 29 00 UC, Heavy Metal Machine
  76. so is the only way at this point to see the pumpkins
  77. Ransom?
  78. With the recent band/netphoria "relationship", will we be able to post the leak here?
  79. ALL this Jesus Bullshit
  80. 'final show 2000' silverfuck
  81. Winterlong
  82. Why this tour could be the pinnacle...
  83. do you think we're ever gonna a word out of jeff/ginger?
  84. Gossamer intro tab
  85. Very emotional version of Disarm
  86. Very emotional version of Disarm
  87. Pumpkin Fans = A Rare Breed...
  88. Hub News
  89. Pinkpop?
  90. "That's the Way" lyrics?
  91. Songs you want them to play in concert
  92. May 26, 2007 - Ancienne Belgique - Brussels, Belgium
  93. What aspect of the new live shows are you enjoying MOST OF ALL?
  94. fruit bat salad
  95. Any Covers As B-Sides For Zeitgeist?
  96. I think I'm losin my mind
  97. What SP Song Represents Them the Best?
  98. Looking for ONE extra ticket to Ashville Show - 26th-30th
  99. Organism and Flag?
  100. Predict Tarantula Billboard Debut
  101. Current lineup= Best SP musicianship ever assembled=Best SP?
  102. could billy/jimmy have worked live as a duo?
  103. Jimmy's Drums / Zeitgeist
  104. Found a High-Quality video of Gossamer...
  105. SIYL live ebow effects: who's better? James or Jeff?
  106. play siva you worthless faggot
  107. Billy, do a fucking single show in England
  108. did Billy and J.C. trade the fuck up for bassits?
  109. You know what's really cool that I didn't think about until just now?
  110. my plea for tickets
  111. Smashing Pumpkins to be featured in the next Guitar Hero
  112. need ticket to ashville 6.29.7
  113. TORRENT: 2007-05-24 Live at Den Atelier, Luxembourg
  114. People who bought the bside collection on itunes
  115. Den Atelier, Luxembourg 5/24/07 Boot Thread
  116. No tunes of Gish???
  117. The ultimate poll: D’Arcy, Paz, Melissa, or Ginger?
  118. ok i just listened to shame from paris
  119. Will they take a leaf out of Pearl Jam's book?
  120. Wanted: 2 Tickets for any Fillmore date
  121. When did they play 'Telegram Sam'?
  122. pinkpop broadcast is a no
  123. Billy's new strat pickups.
  124. Tarantula Single 2007-06-29
  125. Pale Scales Studio Version?
  126. i think billy should sing 'daydream'
  127. The Ultimate "Dick" Move...
  128. STARZ
  129. Another new song thread: Rank the new songs from favorite to least favorite
  130. 7 Shades of Black
  131. Valentine (H.O.M.) [Demo]
  132. TORRENT: Brussels, 5/26
  133. Let's talk about how Jeff has no soul.
  134. Metro DVD question
  135. tarantula ringtone
  136. Paris rendition of Silvercrank.
  137. Brussels 26/5 Boot thread
  138. New Merch at Pinkpop
  139. SP in Festivals petition.
  140. Spin/myspace sellouts
  141. The ultimate poll: Billy, James, Jimmy, Sweeney, Pajo or Jeff?
  142. What do you think James thinks about Jeff taking his spot?
  143. I kind of like the new G+TGC
  144. Any requests for a custom SP Orly?
  145. album dates wrong on official sp site
  146. BC solo shows - acoustic?
  147. 'Bullet' outro comparison (1995, 1997, and 2007)
  148. Siamese Dream Demos?
  149. I'm listening to 1992/09/01
  150. What I'm really liking about the new material..
  151. Who is Justin Carpenter?
  152. i wasted 3 hours of my life listening to the paris show
  153. FILLMORE TRADE 7/30 for 7/31??
  154. Billy and Josh Homme are a lot alike
  155. Thru the eyes of ruby acoutic?
  156. The most pumpkins sounding song post 2000 break up is not even an SP song
  157. May 28, 2007 - Megaland, Landgraaf, Netherlands - Pinkpop Festival
  158. of course, it's entirely possible that james and d'arcy did actually write parts
  159. Does anyone remember
  160. Predictable Setlists??
  161. Tarantula on eBay
  162. a typical smashing pumpkins fan
  163. Gossamer v. Tarantula
  164. Here's an awesome dream setlist...
  165. If you had cancer and were in the Make-A-Wish program, would you hang out with Billy?
  166. Bleeding the Orchid
  167. Ava Adore by Test Your Reflex
  168. was paris show the only show show?
  169. Honestly 7" and Honestly CD single for sale.
  170. Home is so fucking good.
  171. Gossamer as hiddentrack?
  172. OK, so what do I need to be a tr00 fan?
  173. SP Vinyl
  174. Does anyone have he extended version of Drown?
  175. Fuck Zeitgeist, *this* is what I'll be getting in a month!
  176. Where's the full bootleg of Grand Rex???
  177. Artwork for new shows?
  178. My 1979 cover...
  179. Is it actually reasonable to expect more songs from them as of now?
  180. speculation thread
  181. The best Zwan youtube video
  182. The Second Single
  183. Grand Rex Boot Cover
  184. Two tickets to Berlin available
  185. When will Billy quit the music business?
  186. bolly vs french rap
  187. Pumpkins t-shirts 2007
  188. Zeitgeist BBC session?
  189. mp3 version of 26.05.2007 Brussels show. Or how to convert FLAC to mp3?
  190. how many new songs have you heard?
  191. are there any uk tour dates yet?
  192. Think they'll break out the last 2 songs any time soon?
  193. do any one the Pumpkins have children?
  194. One thing bugs me
  195. Does anyone know how Bill and Jim found Jeff and Ginger?
  196. whatever happened to eric agnew?
  197. Has Billy become lazy with his songs?
  198. How long has Billy's Myspace been like this?
  199. good version of For Your Love??
  200. TORRENT: 2007-05-28 - Landgraaf, Pinkpop Festival
  201. One of Billy's coolest moments is probably...
  202. people from the United Center After party tape
  203. video posted - SP Myspace
  204. The Aeroplane Flies High by Team Sleep
  205. Bolly VS Irish Rap !
  206. So is Tarantula a flop?
  207. Brussels MP3
  208. Go vote for Tarantula here
  209. ITunes B-Sides & Rarities is gone.
  210. Brussels Doomsday Clock
  211. Tarantula.
  212. I Need To Download 'Innosense'.
  213. I'm no longer bothered about the new album
  214. Negativity.
  215. Gossamer the new Bit 5?
  216. A Distinction :
  217. UK date June 19, 2007 - Shepherds Bush Empire
  218. Rank Billy Corgan's first singles
  219. MP3s of Gossamer and United States
  220. Hard Limiting, Do or Don't?
  221. so im reading a promo for the new album the other day
  222. Warner Bros Records promo clip...
  223. NME: Paris show review
  224. Is there a better 666 than jdm
  225. Rock Am Ring Highlights Sat 9pm MTV2 UK
  226. iTunes Plus (DRM Free, Higher Quality) Pumpkins Available
  227. New rocking pumpkins songs?
  228. Paris Review
  229. AMSP 4 lief.
  230. Any ideas what this is???
  231. what the hell
  232. intro track to recent shows?
  233. Billy Corgan thinks he's Michael Jordan. Here's why:
  234. Best Transmission performance
  235. Forever Sound
  236. Doomsday Clock (studio version) 20 secs
  237. ZERO original longsleeve Tshirt
  238. Tarantula about Politics?
  239. Anyone remembers the band "THUMB"?
  240. Who is in the band?
  241. BWBW - Does it suck?
  242. new Pumpkin Shoe!
  243. Compiling a gear list. What am i missing?
  244. Ginger and Jeff.
  245. Remember when...
  246. Hummer or Glass and The Ghost Children
  247. Who on here even likes the Pumpkins?
  248. The State of Todays Smashing Pumpkins Fan
  249. ebay nerd alert
  250. Need 1 ticket for Saturday July 28th's show