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  1. to those watching the first show
  2. whole albums played live
  4. New Pumpkins Shirt (PIC)
  5. Fillmore - whose going?!
  6. Expected show length?
  7. New Fillmore Date 7/18
  8. Travis_Wright is going to all 9 asheville shows
  9. sf sold out, another date added
  10. Sell tix here (in mourning of sold out SF shows)
  11. official ticket sell/buy/trade/swap thread
  13. how are people going to scalp these shows
  14. Garbage Brokers
  15. nice...
  16. Smashing_Pumpkins-Tarantula-(WEB)-2007-BitCHs
  18. Two Zeitgiests at
  19. Need to buy 1 Asheville ticket...any date
  20. Funny thing about all of us who bought tickets already...
  21. Asheville Activities
  22. UK Release Date?
  23. Entering the venue
  24. Poll: How many SF Fillmore shows are you attending?
  25. Ladies and Gents, you can stop refreshing (Asheville TicketWeb Fiasco Suspended)
  26. Fillmore show attendees, where are you from?
  27. Asheville Success Stories.
  28. Who's definitely going to Asheville?
  29. $500,000
  30. Asheville Show Attendees, Where Are You From?
  31. TicketWeb Sucks video
  32. Anyone know
  33. SP Myspace Announcement regarding Ticketweb
  34. Asheville Pumpkins Fans-- Let's meet up
  35. Can someone share the Stigmata Soundtrack?
  36. nice
  37. Help Shutting Down Ebay Auctions for Tickets
  38. Methusela: the most unique sounding SP song?
  39. dream setlist for the upcoming shows
  40. Tarantula On Itunes
  41. Seeking Zwan Glass House MP3's
  42. So when exactly is the tarantula single released in the shops in the UK??
  43. So who actually got Orange Peel tickets yesterday?
  44. Asheville up on Ticketmaster
  45. Tarantula - not yet
  46. Asheville Shows sold out?
  47. Looks like Chicago really is getting screwed?
  48. I nominate Travis_Wright as the New Pumpkin Queen
  49. Audio and Video equipment
  50. Can someone please tell me how to download shit off of RSPAA?
  51. Asheville news article about yesterday
  52. spooky bebo skin Zeitgeist
  53. Orange Peel Update
  54. 2007-05-22
  55. Question about transferring fillmore tix
  56. 2007-06-02 Rock am Ring Festival, Germany
  57. Spin-Off: Asheville Nightmare Stories - How long did you spend online and still not..
  58. Pomp and Circumstance??
  59. what are the residencies going to achieve?
  60. Billy explains why he didn't start the revival tour in Chicago...
  61. RSPAA
  62. Did Billy date Shirley before or after Courtney?
  63. any ticket buying tonight
  64. Band Name on Tarantula Single v. Album Cover
  65. small review of zeitgeist
  66. orange Peel tickets: 7:00PM TONIGHT
  67. Thread to bitch about how quickly Asherville tickets sell out
  68. so what do you think'll be the opening song tomorrow night?
  69. iTunes - Bsides and Rarities
  70. Passed by Rex
  71. did the tickets just sell out w/i 10 seconds? impossible
  72. Asheville Show Attendees, Who is Taping/Filming?
  73. How Many Asheville Shows Did You Get Tickets For?
  75. Carpool for Asheville
  76. so who here bought bought one ticket instead of two?
  77. Asheville, NC ticket TRADING--Not scalping!
  78. You punks arent even from NC
  79. So- I will hook it up with a package deal for anyone with an extra ticket!
  80. I got one ticket to 29th of asheville, nc
  81. Designated venting thread for not getting any tickets
  82. Possible Extra Tix
  83. Anyone from Florida going to NC?
  84. How quickly will we get a bootleg of tomorrow's concert?
  85. Tarantula #3 on most popular sp songs on Itunes
  86. SP MySpace Bulletin - posted at 8:04 EST
  88. 07-24 tickets, i need just one
  89. TRADE - 24th + $100 for 23rd
  90. San Francisco taping/filming co-ordination
  91. I appologize, but...
  92. NC Fans Going on the 29th?
  93. Anyone Have EXTRA tickets ?( you only need 1 ?)
  94. Lack of Iha
  96. Need: Aug 1st Filmore (1 ticket)
  97. Why Paris..? I guess it makes a lot of sense
  98. Asheville Stealth Taping Gameplan
  99. ticket to 7/15 show maybe be available...
  100. 0:1 Offer for Asheville Tickets -- All Nights Wanted
  101. Ashville July 2nd or 3rd
  102. Need 1 Ticket for June 26th Asheville, NC
  103. 4/7/1996 DVD Duesseldorf, DE Torrent Reseed
  104. The Mayonaise cover blows eh?
  105. So what US time does the Paris show start at?
  106. Why isn't there going to be a live internet feed of the Paris show?
  107. petition for monte to make a tarantula video
  108. Time to change the picture that represents netphoria
  109. Prediction:
  110. if tarantula is anything to go by...
  111. Fairweather Fans
  112. Counting Down to the Spectacle
  113. billy is the pet shop owner from the parrot sketch
  114. Need one ticket for June 24th Asheville
  115. will have 'on-the-spot" report from Paris - plus Zeitgeist preview
  116. Uncut says it Zwanish...meh...
  117. Uh.. Where does Jimmy sing on F&G?
  118. Hello and Bonjour.
  119. Shouldn't there already be reports from Paris on here?
  120. does anyone have an arrangement for tonight where
  121. NME to liveblog Paris show?
  122. hope for the new album
  123. So why Asheville, of all places? Well, I might have found out
  124. Just remembered an SP dream from last night
  125. Looking For 7-25 tickets
  126. if anyone sees billy...
  127. Need a ticket for 7/30, will trade or pay
  128. tarantula lyric meanings
  129. Netphoria Logo Contest.
  130. die or dust
  131. PUMPKINS HERO guitar game for WII
  132. Paris Live (photo) Blogging
  133. Obligatory Soundcheck Setlist Thread
  134. ORDER NOW: Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist (only $9.99 from Amazon)
  135. PARIS show discussion thread.
  136. enter this chatroom
  138. Rex Clips
  139. Wheres the damn Paris show already???
  140. Lisa - The New Keyboard Player
  141. the Intimate Shows...
  142. Gossamer
  143. STARCHILDREN(SMAHING PUNPKINS) Delusions of Candor 7inch up for grabs!
  144. Need TWO tickets to any SF show between 26th-30th
  145. Netphoria is the key to the Pumpkin Universe
  146. Need Fillmore tickets for any date.
  147. Need ticket for 6/30
  148. Need 1 ticket to ANY Asheville show.
  149. For God and Country new song revealed
  150. MySpace?
  151. Fuck NME
  152. First row pictures from Paris show
  153. SP live guitar amp shocker...
  154. HOLY.... new official website?!
  155. Tarantula in Lossless
  156. Who else is wearing a cape to the Asheville shows?
  157. Will Trade Asheville 6/24 for 6/23
  158. So. How many people here have never seen them live?
  159. I don't want to fight BILLY
  160. rain ponchos?
  161. For God And Country Lyrics
  162. 3:00 minute United States clip.
  163. Short Grand-Rex review from an old-school french bastard
  164. Ginger :o
  165. Tarantula on iTunes Top 100
  166. did anyone else
  167. Vote on the new SP site!
  168. Any Asheville tickets for sale?
  169. 53 second nice quality 'Winterlong' clip from Paris!
  170. Has a full version of United States from the show leak yet?
  171. login to the new site
  172. Hummer
  173. gossamer?
  174. Collect the audio and video links from Rex show here
  175. Billy, if you couldn't get James and D'arcy back
  176. Tarantula (Legit MP3 Rip, Best Audio Quality)
  177. label started sending album to music-press yesterday (i hope u speak german)
  178. Pitchfork on the Pumpkins (5/23)
  179. Guitar geeks: United States
  180. Lies (being burned off, placed back on, and then burned off again)
  181. Pumpkins fans are the worst
  182. Asheville: 6-27 for sale
  183. Cherub Rock confirmed for Guitar Hero III
  184. Any MP3s of Paris?
  185. Live Video Clips Site
  186. Paris MP3
  187. sweetest pumpkin deal (may involve sex)
  188. Remember when. .
  189. Crowd Singing on "Today": Dear God!
  190. Fans Fron Northern Ireland?
  191. Los Angeles, CA - 9/15/2007
  192. stage costumes poll
  193. Are there any decent pics of Jimmy or the Keyboardist from the Paris Show?
  194. Everybody's Better Than "Better Than Ezra!!!"
  195. Hate towards the band!!!
  196. Billy's on Top Form.
  197. If you have Tarantula on your MySpace page, delete it now before they delete you!
  198. wait, wait, wait: when did billy start singing the pro-jesus "BWBW"?
  199. Watch Pinkpop Festival LIVE Saturday
  200. Pointless? Just a little... dammit
  201. Random Siamese Dream Question
  202. capturing webcasts
  203. lists incorrect track titles?
  204. problems with the new sp website
  205. Billy C speaks in depth about the death...
  206. Myspace Pages With Tarantula
  207. history of the cape
  208. hello goodbye, you know you made us cry
  209. One ticket for any Asheville date: Will bake you cookies.
  210. I think that even the French can help us out...
  211. isn't it only fair that...
  212. Need 1 ticket to Fillmore Show (Saturday July 28th show)!
  213. Is this the last record Billy owes to WB?
  214. bwbw tribal
  215. The Jeff Schroeder /pumpkins link
  216. They are offering Cookies + Sex for SP Tickets in the Trader's Forum
  217. How would I sell SF tix for face value?
  218. about 1:50 in Tarantula
  219. Tarantula Music Video
  220. here is no why solo on youtube
  221. Why not Chicago?
  222. Who's the Asian on the front page of Netphoria?
  223. Luxembourg Den Atelier Tonight 5/24/07
  224. HoneySpider/ Spiteface
  225. SP2? Isn't This SP3?
  226. Do we have a "refuge" for when the site goes down later today?
  228. hi From Myspace land,
  229. Predictions for Tonight's Set list?
  230. Starz clip!
  231. Separate Ticket Forum
  232. Billy's setup
  233. grand rex today 'jesus' lyric?
  235. Tarantula (first time fans?)
  236. 3-hour set for Paris, 3-hour set for Luxembourg... can they keep that up?
  237. TORRENT: 2007-05-22 Le Grand Rex - Paris, France
  238. ISO: Bullet with Butterfly Wings single (Aeroplane Flies High version)
  239. Trade fillmore for fillmore
  240. Full Bootleg of Paris Show
  241. Gossamer
  242. Reading / Leeds Festival - Question
  243. Zeitgeist B Sides
  244. An Ode To No One
  245. Jimmy's Setup
  246. United States appreciation.
  247. Zeitgeist interview
  248. Was the seven year break a blessing in disguise?
  249. paris boot discussion
  250. latest D'arcy pic