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  1. Audio clip from a rehearsal!
  2. Another vague description.
  3. Zeitgeist on 7/10/07
  4. Pumpkins to play with Scorpions' Uli John Roth
  5. Journalist in need of an american sp fan going to France on May 22th
  6. Pre-Machina era Netphoria vs. Pre-Zeitgeist era Netphoria
  7. Zeitgeist release dates fiasco
  8. WTF was with TPQ showing a guy she wanted to bone a secret pic of members in studio?
  9. REQ: Fruit bat salad download
  10. 'ex why you' recorded in one take?
  11. can someone YSI the james & kazu cover of "bonnie & clyde"?
  12. Vote for Smashing Pumpkins for Biggest Band of All Time!
  13. Smashing Pumpkins at Pukkelpop ???
  14. Clear Channel's Rock station in Seattle
  15. What do Smashing Pumpkin fans think of Tool?
  16. what era billy is hottest
  17. What are the robbers of the artwork doing right now?
  18. Last night Davin's mom played Tarantula for is awesome
  19. Confirmed, @ Pukkelpop, Belgium
  20. With Zeitgeist, he's making fun of the concept album...
  21. I still visit the forums, but i feel like my interest has passed...who feels the same
  22. To those of you who think Zeitgeist will suck:
  23. 1:20 in Hope; a riff from Pastichio or Gravity demos?
  24. Rumor from the Coachella Boards..
  25. Looptopia?
  26. The new Smashing Pumpkins line up is being leaked.
  27. Dream Opening act
  28. Is the Simon Brown who got arrested from AMSP?
  29. Zeitgesit. How long being written?
  30. The Zeitgeist Car!
  31. What will be SP's new live configuration?
  32. Check out this t-shirt submission at Threadless...
  33. Recording equipment for the Paris show
  34. Who'se got their virgin festival tickets?
  35. Plea for help from the Kasket
  36. SP Pic?
  37. What is your favorite SP album artwork?
  38. What's the likelyhood?
  39. Can someone please tab you were mine?
  40. will tarantula be a radio-only single?
  41. audsbd is real!
  42. Fat Man Blues
  43. smashing pumpkins make yahoo's top news makers
  44. Best Soft Live performance?
  45. Best hard and heavy live performance?
  46. Best Just Right Performance? (Not too hard, not too soft)
  47. what is this James Iha Remix?
  48. Crushed into dust, or lies burned off your soul?
  49. Congress...
  50. Machina II
  51. Itunes users
  52. do you think zeitgeist will be a drone doom record
  53. Guitar sound on Untitled
  54. people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...
  55. new promo poster
  56. Positive Zeitgeist Reviews
  57. Gish vinyl query
  58. Secret shows lookout.
  59. Smashing Pumpkins - "Zeitgeist" new "American Idiot"?
  60. was billy inpired by Heart...
  61. A total buzz kill
  62. Is Billy Corgan the Smashing Pumpkins?
  63. Smashing Pumpkins - "Adore"
  64. Where do these people get their SP Lyrics?
  65. BC is a guest vocalist on the new Scorpions album...
  66. Bleeding The Orchid
  67. Best non-Adore songs on Adore tour
  68. "My Friend In The Industry"
  69. Petition to have Esty removed from this board.
  70. Smashing Pumpkins To Do 9-show N.C. Residency, 8-shows in San Fran
  71. Tarantula - 30 sec
  72. Places to meet in Paris, 22 May
  73. The Cross, Scorpions feat. Billy Corgan
  74. Tribute? May 14th?
  75. Tarantula on Q101
  76. Tarantula acoustic cover
  77. I am the first to play teh Zeitgeist Tarantula Electric!!!
  78. Poll: Poll: Which is worse (REVISED)
  79. does the artwork and tarantula fit?
  80. edited Tarantula to sound like the full version (mp3)
  81. Music list?
  82. How many times have you listened to "Tarantula - 30 sec"
  83. Keep raping radio stations to play tarantula (official thread.)
  84. chicagoans
  85. first Zeitgeist Tarantula lullaby rendition ever
  86. Who is going to the San Francisco shows?
  87. TORRENT: 1998-05-14 Hamburg, Germany (MTV broadcast)
  88. sp2 to be open-taping?
  89. Why does Billy Corgan like the Scorpions?
  90. Taping the residencies
  91. I'm in here
  92. More zeitgeist audio from wikapedia
  93. Tarantula vocals
  94. article
  95. sp soundalike band with 77 in their name?
  96. Tarantula bassline
  97. Hot Topic T-Shirt
  98. Tarantula - 60 second clip from a different part of the song
  99. Who is the biggest shithead associated with the pumpkins?
  100. Zeitgeist Car Part 2
  101. will there be another smashing pumpkins survivor once the new album comes out?
  102. time to put on your space helmets we're going to the ma
  103. RSPAA
  104. Something fishy going on here. . .
  105. lyrics in the tarantula clip?
  106. Which is/was worse. . Billy solo, Chris Cornell solo. . . . or Han Solo?
  107. 3 hour shows?!?!
  108. Trying to reconnect (aka the way we were)
  109. Tarantula or White Spyder?
  110. I am the only one who's really liking the song?
  111. How fucking great are Billy's vocals on Muzzle from Live on Triple J, 3-13-96??
  112. UK radio show to play Tarantula clip tommorow
  113. Anyone know how Simon's trial went?
  114. Request Tarantula at 102.1 The Edge (All Request Hour at Noon)
  115. Linda Strawberry is a bitch
  116. Cant someone post the 30 sec. clip of Tarantula tabs?
  117. You can totally hear the producer's style on this clip.
  118. youtubeclip request
  119. I love this Ava Adore Song! THE PUMPKINS ARE GOING INDUSTRIAL!
  120. Pre- The Marked material
  121. Looking for 2 Berlin tickets
  122. Prediction: 6-26 August reserved for UK
  123. Excited about Zeitgeist...
  124. Corgan Quote Audit and Discussion
  125. The tickets in SF are non-transferable.... meaning what?
  126. Palm mute?
  127. you 14 year olds have the worst opinions on SP albums and music in general
  128. Adore era shows?
  129. zeitgeist style statement
  130. The Iha/Wretzky Conspiracy
  131. end is the beginning remix
  132. Pics of Zeitgeist shirt
  133. Billy in the rain. .
  134. So - New Album Art (OFFICIAL) / Site update
  135. What do you feel when you look at the new cover and play the tarantula clip?
  136. Zeitgeist wallpaper.
  137. Album Cover Artist Interview/Info
  138. Is it normal that it hadn't leak so far?
  139. rare shirts
  141. Looking for a Paris ticket
  142. Zeitgeist album cover (edited)
  143. Stumbline - 30 sec
  144. Zeitgeist Music Video
  145. I can totally do a better job on the ZITGHOST album cover
  146. "emo"
  147. What is the age of the fans on this board? How old are you?
  148. Which Asheville shows do you plan to attend?
  149. Netphorian meetup at the Cook County Courthouse on 5/31 at 9AM
  150. Tarantula this weekend?
  151. Taran-choola or Taran-toola?
  152. Girl with the Cruel Face
  153. 101.1 JRR Orlando Played Velvet Revolver
  154. smashing pumkins and aerosmith
  155. two tickets?
  156. First Show
  157. Jeff and Ginger Sling (question)
  158. So I listened to Machina again last night and thought about Tarantula
  159. First Song
  160. For anyone interested: Tool 2007-05-15 Desoto County Civic Center, Southaven,MS [AUD]
  161. Another car
  162. So i guess we can all give Up on the Metro DVD?
  163. what i found on soulseek today
  164. Anyone Know what remix of 'Tear' i'm thinking of...
  165. MSOTS / Offer up comparison
  166. TFE non-album tracks
  167. I don't get it
  168. The Smashing Pumpkins - Valentine (H.O.M) Zeitgeist demo
  169. Please
  170. Text Message
  171. new show
  172. Adore Demos II
  173. Tarantula Monday Morning NZT
  174. Pumpkins don't know their own history
  175. mollygs interview suggested questions
  176. The MySpace Pumpkins Tribute Album songs are starting to appear..
  177. thirty three is a beautiful song...
  178. Error in Zeitgeist Cover
  179. Is tarantula digital only?
  180. Where are these from and where can I get the rest?
  181. it says 7/10/07 on the website
  182. KROQ playing Tarantula today
  185. Lyrics for Tarantula!
  186. Tarantula Better Version-ripped from 965 Kansas
  187. Pumpkins have option to extend 8 night residency to 16 in CA
  188. Who ever heard of the SP song 'Signal to Noise'?
  189. Collected Tarantula Download links
  190. Guitars: Tarantula/ Hello Kitty Kat
  191. Can Billy pull off the Tarantula guitar solos off live?
  192. Signal To Noise Lyrics
  193. Do Bill's lyrics suck?
  194. Signal To Noise (equals the power of tarantula)
  195. Best Version of Tarantula[Promo FULL]
  196. Any news on the Tarantula video?
  197. What the hell is the deal with the photo in this article?
  198. Tarantula about?
  199. Finally, an album with better than average BASSLINES!
  200. So, if you scroll up and down on the cover
  201. Help me decide: Should I go to VFest Baltimore?
  202. Best First Single?
  203. someone should mention this poll to BC
  204. Tarantula Guitar Tab
  205. Does Tarantula prove that James and Darcy aren't necessary?
  206. Guitar nerds: Sounds like the Strat + JMP-1 rig is back.
  207. Guitar Zero: Pumpkins Edition
  208. maybe the next album will be more experimental
  209. which old album would tarantula fit on as a closest match?
  210. No cameras at the Fillmore SF shows?
  211. KROQ Weenie Roast Odds?
  212. porcelina cover
  213. New single reviewed on Jonesy's jukebox (Steve Jones, Sex Pistols) MP3
  214. Just registered with my cell number on the SP site. .
  215. Who here has listened to Signal To Noise more than Tarantula?
  216. SF Weekly Full Page Ad for the Fillmore Shows...
  217. Tarantula Youtube Videos
  218. Tarantula
  219. TARANTULA - Promo FULL
  220. How many will zeitgeist sell?
  221. When's the video for Tarantula going to come out?
  222. Signal to Noise download?
  223. Tarantula B-side?
  224. Were TFE and Zwan experiences needed to create Tarantula?
  225. Ticketweb - Asheville Show - Not Good News
  226. What percentage of lies have been burned off your souls?
  227. Live Earth to be broadcast on web
  228. Ad for Virgin Fest at Pimlico
  229. Have your gear ready!
  230. james youve heard the get the fuck back in the band
  231. Tarantula single?
  232. Tarantula
  233. Taruntula Single
  234. ticketmaster purchases?
  235. Add Tarantula to your MySpace page...
  236. Scorpians and Tarantulas
  237. Zeitgeist on vinyl
  238. A Big Thank You To the Smashing Pumpkins!
  239. James Iha at the Orange Peel
  241. Sonic quality of Tarantula
  242. Paris show......anyone recording? Can you record?
  243. lineup announced
  244. Back in 98, I convinced my high school class to make Today our class song
  245. What SP Era do you want Zeitgeist to resemble the most?
  246. Scalping for the San Francisco/Asheville shows has begun before the on-sale..
  247. songs you DON'T want to hear
  248. Pisces 12" + 7" Promo: A Canadian Release?
  249. Max # of tickets one can buy tomorrow?
  250. Someone made a Corgan photocaption blog....