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  1. Gerard Way (MCR) and Billy Corgan - The Black Parade
  2. 1 ticket needed for Luxembourg & Brussels
  3. NBC Today show
  4. attn mcis 3lp owners (both #d and un#d)
  5. 'Zeitgeist' track list discussion
  6. Aeroplane Flies High(the song, not the set)
  7. Live songs that it's a tragedy there aren't circulating studio versions of
  8. What in the hell is the thing in this box from Billy's birthday party?
  9. what will come next?
  10. Will Zeitgeist Songs Be played at upcoming SP shows?
  11. To piss Billy off
  12. "a sprawling fuckfest"
  13. Pumpkins Pre-Production Recordings
  14. Identify
  15. Where are you see teh Smashing PUmpkins? How much did it cost you?
  16. Greetings from an old listener
  17. Really Stupid Question
  18. 35 Tracks
  19. Wikipedia
  20. just an idea
  21. New Billy Corgan O.S.T. for upcoming movie
  22. Dream setlists for the Paris show
  23. about the reunion.
  24. The Pumpkins could create a great album...
  25. Shot Full of Diamonds
  26. So, I am listening to Siamese Dream for the first time in at least two years.
  27. does anyone have that rockabye baby lullaby rendetions ablum?
  28. Does anyone know how to turn a tape into a dvd?
  29. I need 1979 instrumental...
  30. American Zeitgeist
  31. Chicago Sun Times Short Interview
  32. Jacksonville, FL
  33. TORRENT: Smashing Pumpkins - 07/02/1997 - Alfandega; Porto, PT
  34. Billy Throwing 'For You' into songs...
  35. 10 years of
  36. Dean R Koontz: no, i'm not part of the current smashing pumpkins line-up or tour
  37. First Impressions: Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist
  38. anyone going to live earth in ny?
  39. TORRENT: Smashing Pumpkins - 09/23/2000 Arena; Oberhausen, DE (SBD)
  40. Will somebody please IM me when this album leaks
  41. Remember when MACHINA leaked...
  42. for all you apple users
  43. Was this posted here as well?
  44. how many bands have albums called Zeitgeist?
  45. Netphorians assemble
  46. np: valentine (heart of mine)
  47. netphoria traffic stats?
  48. Online Store has a 'Team Iha' Shirt
  49. So with james gone
  50. 2007 Pisces Iscariot Reference
  51. Remember when MCIS leaked...
  52. The Hummer realization + C'mon nightmare.
  53. Need place to host Bootleg, anyone?
  54. Pumpkins announce Seattle concert date
  55. TORRENT: 1/20/92 Melkweg; Amsterdam, NL (FM source)
  56. Am I the only one would (have) prefered a box set of old stuff than a new album?
  57. when will the album leak?
  58. Does anyone know where i can get this?
  59. When will he speak?
  60. Nightmare!
  61. zeitgeist track lengths.
  62. ITT: What has Billy ever given us? These things:
  63. Why do people assume this is an anti-war album?
  64. Single pushed back a week
  65. why am i so tired appreciation thread
  66. BC song "Mini"
  67. geek usa instrumental
  68. Where can I find the song , "why am I so tired"
  69. attn billy corgan
  70. Zeitgeist will fail!
  71. No Melissa, for sure
  72. Wow, this is news to me...
  73. "1979" in Rolling Stone's top 25 songs to play while getting high
  74. ginger/jeff discussion again.
  75. Zwan Scandal Breakup
  76. TORRENT: The 2000-09-16 Leak! Finally!
  77. So... Anyone taping the upcoming SP shows?
  78. Zeitgeist stuff on eBay!
  79. small zeitgeist listening sesion
  80. why is small z listening session locked?
  81. anybody want to get rid of a resume the pose shirt?
  82. Ascendo and MCIS(mellotron mix)
  83. Looking for 07-21-1998 show
  85. The streets are hot tonight.
  86. Virgin Festival Lineup Announced
  87. Drown Waterfront studio recording
  88. Alternate Muzzle lyrics
  89. ugly
  90. Billy has bad breath, is bad kisser
  91. Two Billy Autographs + MCIS/SD Tab Books
  92. Zeitgiest / Dark side of the moon
  93. Zeitgeist cover
  94. Zeitgeist Cover Redux.
  95. Well look at that. Pumpkins are playing in Seattle
  96. Less than a month now
  97. Has James heard Zeitgeist?
  98. Zwan 2001-12-14 Early Show
  99. Baltimore Presale?
  100. (the) smashing pumpkins ???
  101. I bet that
  102. Outrageous eBay auction
  103. Studio version of Join Together?
  104. Billy has talent, creativity, and will make more $ this year than all of us combined.
  105. The Zietgiest Promotion wheels have started spinning.
  106. Attn: Kahlo
  107. Poll: What will be the best album released on 7/10
  108. weird coincidence in "today" video
  109. Billy to replace James with 3 guitarists?
  110. First Single??
  111. billy corgan sucks at the internet
  112. Frantic Ab Groove
  113. why billy goes crazy
  114. Whats Siamese Singles worth now?
  115. On Characters and Symbolism
  116. Why do you hate MACHINA?
  117. man...
  118. the guitar tone on The Marked - Pelican
  119. is reporting first SP show will be on 7th May..
  120. Will the new album clip?
  121. Where do you think we will hear the news first?
  122. Happy Birthday D'Arcy!
  123. How fast can we get a boot of the first show?
  124. Pumpkins & Drugs
  125. Think this will put a dent in Zeitgeist sales?
  126. Single - Q101/93WXRT?
  127. Rehearsing at Music Garage Chicago
  128. What is this myspace page?
  129. Hideout pictures
  130. possible listening opportunity
  132. I Just Want To Be In Your Panorama - Roy Thomas Baker
  133. predict how high Zeitgeist will reach on Oink's list
  134. Billy Reference / Scar Tissue
  135. Metro Show Possibility?
  136. Available pumpkins DVDs?
  137. Long Island show
  138. what if...
  139. Zeitgeist heavy setlists or "greatest hits" setlists for these festival shows?
  140. Billy Corgan and James Iha 'Stay'
  141. Somebody Leak Zeitgeist
  142. Fuck the leak
  143. Zeitgeist-July 6 at HMV?
  144. The Promotions Sites
  145. do you think billy regrets not releasing this album in 1997 or so instead of "Adore"?
  146. Whoever said the Pumpkins had crappy posters
  147. Attn Pyrocus
  148. Best Pre-Gish Song
  149. I'm looking for two tickets for Luxembourg
  150. Rarely seen BWBW making of special
  151. My SP story
  152. whoever said the pumpkins had crappy posters?
  153. Lyrics about James/Darcy?
  154. Who is going to Virgin Fest in Baltimore?
  155. Is Billy burnin the lies off Courtney Love's soul?
  156. q101 copy?
  157. your favorite b0lly singing
  158. "Tarantula" is the first single (22 May)
  159. Single Day Ticket for Rock am Ring?
  160. im selling TAFH
  161. Fake Ass Album Cover?
  162. Sacred + Profane Live clip!
  163. Starla appreciation thread
  164. Courtney talks about Billy & Zietgeist in Coachella Interview.
  165. Fruit bat salad
  166. 13 days to bid on billy's charity guitar...
  167. purr snickety
  168. do you think billy regrets realesing this album in 2007 instead of "Zeitgeist"?
  169. possible different titles for zeitgeist tracks?
  170. how it went down
  171. Anyone taping upcoming European SP shows?
  172. 10 Best Live Recordings CD
  173. When will the first single from Zeitgeist leek?
  175. Another Machina Thread.
  176. mII
  177. Some Soldiers In Here? (Where They At)?
  178. Kenny Aronoff or Jimmy Chamberlain?
  179. Always Appreciation Thread
  180. Fake Aass Album Cover?
  181. sp added another date
  182. Adore Promo CD
  183. I apologize, sincerely
  184. a thought i had whilst consuming ice cream
  185. Game playing?
  186. The Zeitgeist Mystery
  187. Clean thread for the bottom line
  188. thisistheend is for real
  189. Does anyone remember
  190. Is this billy's response to the Year Zero campaign?
  191. has netphoria turned into digg?
  192. This is ridiculous...
  193. My Opinion... and i'll leave it at that.
  194. so why all the fuss?
  195. one of the best nights ive experienced on netphoria
  196. why would paris want to embarrass herself like this?
  197. do you realize how much this is going to suck?
  198. Andrew, I see you're online...any more details available?
  199. Did I miss something?
  200. Need some catch up info re: boots?
  201. Statement on the Music Garage Incident
  202. What if the photos WEREN't album artwork, but rather they for concert posters?
  203. Who actually believes this Music Garage story?
  204. Jeff + Ginger / Tristan + Tristessa
  205. Worst News Yet (About The New Single, Tarantula)
  206. What exactly did quinto say.....
  207. 97.7 St. Catharines just said that they're playing Tarantula
  208. Update on the Thieves
  209. SF Shows?
  210. Vinyl
  211. UPDATE: Smashing .
  212. Boycott Pumpkins
  213. 96.5 The Buzz (Kansas City) to play Tarantula Monday
  214. Do they look like Kristin Burns photos?
  215. Current "Legal" Situation is bad omen for future leaks
  216. 1998-05-14 on German TV
  217. Live Zeitgeist vs. Studio Zeitgeist
  218. Western Avenue archive?
  219. o.O
  220. Reading Festival Sunday
  221. The MySpace Smashing Pumpkins Tribute Project
  222. Update on San Francisco Filmore Shows
  223. please stop sending me PMs asking me to send you the leaked pictures
  224. here is the pitchfork story
  225. Paris Ticket for Sale
  226. Will the music garage incident help or hurt new album sales?
  227. New song
  228. There will most likely be a secret show at the Congress...
  229. Have a cry? Yes, I will!
  230. What genre / style of music does Billy prefer?
  231. what does rolling stone have against the smashing pumpkins?
  232. post your thoughts about why we don't have the leak yet
  233. did anyone really think billy was going to write another "soma"?
  234. Why did HMV do this?
  235. funny stuff from
  236. THIS is ridiculous....stop the thought police before they erase your mind too
  237. Any netphorian going to Berlin show?
  238. real love question
  239. billylicker, are you responsible for this?
  240. One of the theives Myspace page??
  241. Positive References On
  242. Special Guest for Rock am Ring: Uli John Roth (ex Scorpions)
  243. Emo's are gonna show big love for the new pumpkins
  244. Billy went to the XRT's staff meeting this morning...
  245. NME report on stolen pics
  246. Stumbleine w/ drums
  247. Netphoria/garage incident story reports here
  248. Where to download Pug (acoustic)?
  249. Do you think
  250. noobs, introduce yourself here