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  1. How much will zietshit sell?
  2. SP2 for VFest Baltimore??
  3. TFE gets an amazing review...
  4. BC + New Order?
  5. pumpkins track leaked for real??!
  6. Pumpkins, Arcade Fire, NIN to Rock Reading/Leeds
  7. Today video
  8. Smashing Pumpkins Mii
  9. album art leaked (no, seriously)
  10. Quick Virgin question...
  11. First SP Show in the States Confirmed in Baltimore
  12. What's with the 'Banter' on myspace?
  13. Your love alone is not enough
  14. Friends as Lovers?
  15. Drown (acoustic)
  16. so who here is getting depressed
  17. ugh...more fuel for the strawberry fire
  18. billy macking with the ladies
  19. Corgan's solo work is more important
  20. just listened to Future Embrace
  21. Demo Tape tracklist anonymously submitted to SPFC
  22. Pumpkins in N.M.E.!
  23. U.S Tour Dates
  24. Zeitgeist photoshoot information
  25. How Many Old Songs Will be Played?
  26. 1994/03/23 soundcheck - actually a 1992 show?
  27. new irc chat in #smashingpumpkins on efnet
  28. by starlight
  29. Quick request
  30. new JCC album "in the not too distant future"
  31. Happy Birthday...
  32. Some new album news
  33. old SP song in new movie
  34. Best solo album
  35. do you like Billy?
  36. Zeitgeist
  37. The 7even Sins Album Theory
  38. Has anyone else ever noticed...
  39. Artwork possibility for album (7 deadly sins)
  40. Question for the Collectors: Israeli Promos
  41. This Thread will Bore you
  42. Magnetic Happiness?
  43. Zeitgeist in stores on July 10, not July 7?
  44. First Smashing Pumpkins Show - May 22, 2007, Grand Rex, Paris
  45. machina II =|= new album
  46. Turkish Muzzle Jukebox 7" promo
  47. Can someone send me Always from the Spun sonudtrack?
  48. New Album: Buy it or Burn it?
  49. hey so what happened at the chicago meetup
  50. Smashing Pumpkins-New Tour Dates
  51. Video Question..
  52. Funny blurb today...
  53. New date incase nobody noticed it
  54. Fav all-time lyrical quote...
  55. Just listened to The Shining Path after like five years...
  56. I had a dream about the first SP2 show
  57. Jackie Blue cover
  58. found my first pumpkin tape
  59. Zwan 2 got dugg
  60. From another site I frequent
  61. Some possible album art? (this is a real topic)
  62. boring website?
  63. nothing special, but sp were on yahoo's homepage today
  64. Possible New Pumpkins vid leaked...
  65. Sydney Acoustic show
  66. first single before first concert?
  67. first show in paris... bitch about it here
  68. Definitive: MCIS and the Holocaust.
  69. MCIS era rarities?
  70. good digital recorder
  71. Predict The Pumpkins' Fate
  72. now seeding in the hub:
  73. The 9 Biggest Wusses in Rock Today
  74. think you know
  75. If MCATIS came out in 2007
  76. Eye Demo
  77. When will Linda Strawberry Stop Ripping off the Pumpkins?
  78. Silverfuck
  79. Pumpkins voted "wusses of rock"
  80. This Could Easily Be Real
  81. Lily : a stalker's anthem
  82. The best part about bill and jim releasing a new album:
  83. April Fools or the Real Thing? (Zeitgeist)
  84. Billy Corgan is anti-American
  85. Billy is ant-christ (q101 music march madness bracket)
  86. Looking for Mellon Collie Poster
  87. so can someone YSI To Love You and Never Ever?
  88. some bull.. but if its tr00 = cool!
  89. how many personal assistants does it take to take care of bill
  90. recent press
  91. Is it me or is this song similar to SIYL?
  92. Buy a piece of Zwan History...Paz's Bass
  93. " burn the lies off the very souls of those who try to discount it."
  94. mr. corgan at wrestlemania last night
  95. How long before they break up again?
  96. I Like Billy Corgan Because...
  97. SP Presale for Osheaga festival
  98. RSPAA- downloading
  99. Buy a piece of Zwan History...Paz's Ass
  100. Giant 1979 poster for sale
  101. Attending the Paris show
  102. Smashing Pumpkins in Montreal
  103. The Pumpkins Should Have My Vitriol Opening For Them.
  104. Man James is looking old
  105. TORRENT: 5/2/1998 The Metro; Chicago, IL (ANA-1)
  106. James Iha on Bam's Unholy Union
  107. some benlee guy likes the pumpkins-
  108. what the fuck is this? breakup 2.0
  109. Request for rare Tape
  110. In this video of the Pumpkins in France, they don't look very happy, do they
  111. First thing we hear?
  112. "wasting time"
  113. mary star of the sea
  114. TORRENT: 08/15/1994 Bayfront Amphitheater; Miami, FL (ANA-1)
  115. SP in Ancien Belgique 26 may?
  116. Soma 2005/7/11
  117. REQUEST: Henry Fonda, Los Angeles 2005/07/12
  118. zeitgeist song names
  119. Inspiration for SP Flag?
  120. just how "heavy" are we talking here?
  121. BC & Strawberry in "Glittercop"?
  122. It Just Hit Me!
  123. New Strawberry blog on Pumpkins album
  124. 3 MACHINA songs that you'll want to hear live with SP2
  125. James Iha: No, Iím not part of the current Smashing Pumpkins album or tour
  126. James: Can I be in the band?.......Billy:NO.
  127. looking for 1993 shows...
  128. the new bass player and guitarist according to buddyhead:
  129. I Want My Pumpkins
  130. Poll: Poll: Poll: Does Bill think Melissa is IMMORAL?
  131. Are bands ever as good when the reform?
  132. Billy's Reaction...?
  133. The Iha Poll
  134. Has Anybody Screened the WesternAve Archive
  135. can someone help me out
  136. DAY 2 Tickets for virgin fest?
  137. Still excited
  138. **Zeitgeist has already officially failed**
  139. **Zeitgeist has already officially succeeded **
  140. What,no secret show??
  141. 3 Siamese Dream/MCIS songs you want to hear from SP2
  142. New single out May 14th?
  143. Does Iha's announcement cheapen the reunion/coming tour?
  144. osheaga!
  145. Corgan to be in a Poetry Slam Book/CD
  146. Why not MADM?
  147. D'arcy vs Ginger
  148. Birthday Photos (request)
  149. PUSH 1979
  150. "Disarm" MTV Studios 10/31/93 randomly shown on MTV/2 tonight, with ZEITGEIST colors!
  151. I would like to propose an idea
  152. James Iha - TBL
  153. And now some (old) news from Ron Roesing
  154. 3 Adore / Gish songs you're gonna wanna hear!
  155. Is This A New Billy Photograph??
  156. I wouldn't mind if Once Upon a Time was recorded this way for Adore
  157. What the hell is this? How Billy spends his spare time.
  158. i like it when James "loverboy" Iha's voice sounds strained on Let It Come Down
  159. Is Jimmy recognized as...
  160. Linda Strawberry
  161. i don't know what to torrent (fixed)
  162. What does this mean? (setlist question)
  163. The Session Pumpkins
  164. this is bs, but another band has the whole 7/7/7 shtick going in some capacity
  165. Proof that Billy wants more than financial success:
  166. Pictures of Ginger Reyes
  167. '99 dross time signature
  168. TFE Mash Up
  169. Remember "TheFutureEmbrace" ?
  170. So I wonder if Billy will call him a fat fuck again in a fax
  171. Final and more relaxed request
  172. Pumpkins to play Live Earth in NJ 7-7-07
  173. PLAY.COM says the new album is out june 18th?!
  174. I hope SP work with
  175. sierra swan still hanging around
  176. SP Publicist Page
  177. Zeitgeist excitement thread
  178. Who's actually going to France?
  179. Winterlong remix
  180. Grand Rex / Brussels / Tickets - request, moan etc here
  181. Billy's being shy about Zeitgeist
  182. Metro 28/8 2007
  183. RE: Fogelsongs torrent thread
  184. Pumpkins definitely at Live Earth?
  185. what happened to the 'zeitgeist excrement thread'?
  186. request: Why Am I So Tired?
  187. Lollapalooza Lineup Tomorrow
  188. billy on a date. craigslist missed connection.
  189. Quick Promo DVD Question
  190. Which releases do you need to feel like you have a "complete" collection
  191. was anyone really surprised when james announced he's not a part of SP?
  192. What Info You Want to Hear First?
  193. Will Pumpkins play UK dates, other than Reading?
  194. I think I just pinointed the first sign that things would go horribly wrong
  195. separate thread: which songs do you think will be singles.
  196. Pink Feather Boa
  197. Universal Amp Promo tape?
  198. The Wave Song. Come on, guys. Really.
  199. SP Tattoos?
  200. pumpkins sampled by tricky
  201. Is Gridlok- Vampire known in the SP community as a "sampled" song?
  202. Art request
  203. Smashing Pumpkins in Berlin 06-06-2007
  204. 2005 article snippet; Vig about Jimmy
  205. Human League cover from 2000-08-12 Montreal Show
  206. If D'arcy and James started their own band...
  207. Where can I find Still Becoming Apart?
  208. Rain falls on everyone...
  209. Gliss & Smashing Pumpkins (New SP covers album)
  210. Musings...
  211. Blissed and Gone - Spoken Parts In Intro
  212. go
  213. Was David Pajo schizophrenic?
  214. More James to feed the fire...
  215. rspaa isnt letting me download
  216. Do yourself a favor
  217. Benefit With Beautiful People
  218. Been gone a while
  219. torrent: tsp1996-07-05 DVD
  220. I'll tell you how the new band should play their back catalogue
  221. How much for CR-05 (Live at Cabaret Metro)
  222. Do yourself a flavor
  223. When Will We Hear the Single?
  224. Looking for a full version of the song columbus
  225. Machina shouldn't have been that bad. Zeitgeist beware.
  226. May 24, 2007: Den Atelier, Luxembourg
  227. Extra Tickets Available from GDP.FR tomorrow 12 (Paris Time)
  228. Reel Time Studios question: Egg
  229. Thanks Billy......
  230. Help me edit my article on the pumpkins
  231. Favorite Live Shows
  232. if zeitgeist started with...
  233. we only come out at night
  234. The Smashed Pumpkin
  235. Song - Not Worth Asking
  236. OSHEAGA 2007
  237. Billy's Motives...
  238. New Image
  239. Smashing Pumpkins vs. Fleetwood Mac
  240. Pumpkins are at CRC finishing up "b-sides"....
  241. Pic of the Day - hmm??
  242. Fat People Who Hate The Pumpkins...
  243. tuning on the new songs?
  244. what if gravity / mcis demos used for zeitgeist material?
  245. First SP Shirt
  246. looks like SP2 wil be at lolla after all
  247. heaviest SP material ever?
  248. Amp settings on the new album?
  249. Zeitgeist Record Sales
  250. For those of you who play guitar...