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  1. James Iha: The New Audioslave Lead Singer?? Rolling Stones = Lame
  2. 1992 Atlanta shows
  3. Chicago Songs
  4. 777 shirt
  5. Bill Corgan: gracious, selfless, respectful
  6. what if corgan got braces?
  7. "Try" the short film
  8. Valentine (H.O.M.)
  9. bugg on earphoria
  10. Who doesnt want the reunion to happen?
  11. Noob here... any former Z-boarders? n0nnies?
  12. SP Freaks
  13. spinoff poll: who does/doesn't think the reunion should happen?
  14. Billy Corgan at Lewis Black Performance???
  15. Stay Far Away So Close = If There's A God?
  16. which album...
  17. which album...
  18. Who was Corgan's wife, and was she hot?
  19. Bill Corgan: tall, dark, and handsome
  20. Billy Corgan
  21. Bill Corgan: terrorist?
  22. Mindy bitching against BC & SP?
  23. What if Billy grew his hair back?
  24. Favorite Billy Quotes
  25. ATTN NETPHORIA: billy grew his hair back
  26. 1997 Grammys Performance - Who is the second drummer?
  27. farewell tour version Ava Adore appreciation thread
  28. The Frogs
  30. Petition to eject smashing0 from the trading forum
  31. Billy Corgan's Bit series?
  32. tilt
  33. request: billy corgan - future embrace acoustic
  34. The Smashing Pumpkins @ Primavera Sound Festival, Barcelona (Spain)
  35. Best order to get into the pumpkins
  36. More info required
  37. Behind the scenes tidbits?
  38. SP2 has to follow the Aerosmith model
  39. Still no SP at Rock Werchter?
  40. i had a cool dream
  41. Does Billy seem impulsive?
  42. needed: 2000-11-28 interview text files
  43. video backdrop for TFE tour
  44. Bury Me 0.04 - 0.07 seconds
  45. In case you didn't know
  46. Sm. Pum. - Tales of a Scorched Earth -BOOK REV.
  47. Does Scramble or any TSP Hub members post here?
  48. So it's pretty much a sure thing
  49. pug 10 year anniversary thread
  50. I wonder if the Pumkins will ever do something like this....
  51. i cant fucking believe
  52. searching for by starlight acoustic
  53. someone write out all of spaced
  54. Zero shirt...
  55. wtf happened to the rep?
  56. request: smashing pumpkins - lmgtwty adore
  57. Need Advice/Opinions on which SP Live Bootlegs to Start With?
  58. ? about
  59. request: smashing pumpkins - pulse tape
  60. Fuck Myspace Pumpkins fans!
  61. request: Billy Corgan / Zwan - Spun Soundtrack
  62. Billy writes songs for movie?
  63. What do you think are smashing pumpkins best songs?
  64. Symbolism
  65. satisfaction with a new lineup
  66. Billy on frontpage of commarts competition page
  67. What do you think are smashing pumpkins worst songs?
  68. "courtney's tease"
  69. Terry Date
  70. whats with the rose
  71. A-Door
  72. So I guess a bad version of Snail does exist
  73. tattoos
  74. Zeitgeist_tentative_cover.jpg
  75. Bobby Franks video from Corgan's acoustic show on youtube
  76. SP Storytellers?
  77. why do people hate mercury tree
  78. The Future Embrace film.
  79. Try to decipher some of these surreal Billy lyrics.
  80. underwhelming promotion?
  81. Busting Billy's Balls
  82. pumpkins sample in tricky song?
  83. what are some good sd era soundboards
  84. request: tsp1996-04-06[vid-l] - flanders expo; gent, be
  85. Goodbye TPQ
  86. There it Goes MP3
  87. TORRENT:1996-04-06 [VID-L>CDR]
  88. starseed spotting
  89. Request: UC show 2000-11-29 dvd (or vhs)
  90. Drain
  91. Wanted: Machina 2 that does not sound like ass
  92. TORRENT: 1998-05-14 [PRO] DVD
  93. Smashing Pumpkins Lossless Media Archive
  94. k, does anyone have 1996-11-15?
  95. What was your first thought when you heard "Walking Shade"?
  96. I just let a girl go based off of her opinion of...
  97. has anyone ever heard of a site called "AMSP"?
  98. Text Message SP News
  99. Best parts of your favorite songs!
  100. What is your least favorite SP music video?
  101. REQUEST: 1996.09.07 Syracuse, New York
  102. Does anyone have friends and lovers from metro
  103. Hey, can anyone YSI/SS the Last Hard Men album?
  104. Request: tsp2000-03-06 KROQ studios
  105. "the killer in me is the killer in you" - What does it mean?
  106. Billy Corgan should unite with Buckethead
  107. request: tsp2000-01-19[md] - cirque royal; brussel, be
  108. Bands/artists you discovered/got into through SP related circumstances
  109. djali zwan recordings/boots
  110. Billy on AOL
  111. Some OLD pics i've never seen.
  112. Need an expert opinion on this - alternate mix?
  113. Another Machina Diss!
  114. where to buy LINDA LINDA LINDA (James Iha)
  115. Looking for the song Wasting Time
  116. Chicago SP fan meetup?
  117. I finished my auditioning tape for the position of the touring keyboardist in the SP2
  118. Atom Bomb (new wave), recorded when?
  119. zeitgeist. discuss its relation to china
  120. I can't wait till bill does an interview and says that all of the recent
  121. billy's strat
  122. who is responsible for this shit
  123. Strawberry auditioning for SP?
  124. sweet caroline cover
  125. Little help with old Pumpkins poster?
  126. Jonathan Melvoin
  127. 7 Questions
  128. soul selling
  129. Blissed and Gone
  130. Window Paine = Ted Nugent's Stranglehold
  131. Anyone have audio from The Heart is Decietful Above All Things
  132. Inspiration for SP flag
  133. Falling back in love with Billy.
  134. wtf is this?
  135. Live Zwan
  136. phittsburg tribune review article on reunions
  137. help please!
  138. Poem "the poetry of my heart" translated to portuguese
  139. SP Mash Ups
  140. Chances that the new bass player will be a guy.
  141. 86th Martober, between day and night
  142. You guys seen this yet?
  143. the smashing pumpkins myspace is online now
  144. Ascendo...
  145. How did they get JC to wear
  146. song titles from the new album that will make you depressed
  147. Blissed and Gone (alt mix?)
  148. I don't even care who is in the band
  149. westernavenue media archive down?
  150. Stupid Question - What's the date of the Avalon show?
  151. And shock leads a cold-hearted young gentleman to renounce the world
  152. Glass and the Ghost Children in Pastichio?
  153. Why no live previews?
  154. static-x: its all billy's fault
  155. Was anybody else expecting something today?
  156. Who was the guy with all those Pumpkins stories?
  157. Inside info, anyone: HOW WAS "HONESTLY" THE FIRST ZWAN SINGLE?
  158. soul machine
  159. Crestfallen VS. Eye
  160. Anyone remember the band from SP Myspace front page?
  161. i just checked out collectspumpkins' pic of the cherub rock 7"
  162. I hope that Tila Tequila is in the new Smashing Pumpkins
  163. so that siamese dream wooden box
  164. Looking for pics from the Austin signing Feb '00
  165. what the fucking shit is this
  166. Win Butler is taller than Billy Corgan
  167. What was Bill's voice section
  168. for my birthday today i unfortunately received
  169. Kim Deal with new pumpkins
  170. crying tree of mercury piano
  171. as they are possessed within themselves and attempt to possess those who, by their
  172. Old fan needs help!
  173. Bullshit Fakers
  174. Behold! The Night Mare
  175. Am I the only one who really does not fucking get Thru the Eyes of Ruby?
  176. Sacred and Profane appreciation thread
  177. HMM from myspace?
  178. Machina Sessions Question
  179. Happy Birthday Billy ! 3/17/2007
  180. Request: 00/08/09 - Winnipeg Stadium, Winnipeg, CA
  181. smashing pumpkins appreciation thread
  182. Ben Lee mentions SP in his studio blog (no news)
  183. best use of sp sample ever (spfc discography dudes to thread)
  184. prayman
  185. what does it means?
  186. Rock n Roll Hall of Fame's definitive 200 albums
  187. Liki Cat
  188. See attached. NOTE THE CHANGE. Sorry if I told you otherwise. I've been a little slee
  189. It's strange how Machina now sounds like a reunion album.
  190. ok, since song appreciation threads seem to be the done thing as of late...
  191. So i was thinking about the pumpkins
  192. SP457 and Salty Bear...
  193. has anyone seen this?
  194. ok let's be rational for a minute
  195. i really wish the pumpkins would play coachella
  196. We Only Come...
  197. untr00 fan alert
  199. NEW Album LEEK by early June
  200. SP website down
  201. sunny and warm outside: time to put away adore and pull out siamese dreams.
  202. With Every Light
  203. slunk on myspace is incredible
  204. mad burner clusterfuck (tree related)
  205. bwbw/1979 45'
  206. a plan
  207. Real Signatures?
  208. Greatest Epic Thread
  209. best i am one version
  210. SP2 or Zwan 2
  211. Pic of Billy from his myspace for sale
  212. 2:42 Transformer
  213. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...?
  214. Corgan Speaks About Going Online
  215. Blamo has a Wiki!
  216. Bye June on the SP Myspace
  217. whir ?
  218. SP2 are headlining day 2 of the v-fest in toronto...
  219. James Iha sighting at SXSW yesterday...
  220. SP Plays Virgin Festival in Toronto
  221. Does anyone know the correct way to play La Dolly Vita?
  222. Zwan - Jools Holland New Year Show
  223. WTF
  224. Happy Birthday Billy
  225. pre-sale vfest
  226. Blinking...
  227. Why only festival dates?
  228. idk when, but JCC's MySpace layout and songs changed
  229. WesternAvenue Down Again?
  230. to love somebody
  231. I Dreamed Of Zeitgeist...
  232. nice to be back
  233. has anyone heard any of jimmy's pre-pumpkins bands?
  234. looking for summersault show 8/4/00
  235. Siamese Dream Song Survivour
  236. Corgan and Keenan
  237. Having some download Problems
  238. i hope to god this is one of you.
  239. Early pumpkin question...
  240. Is Something Happening Today?
  241. sp remixes
  242. Pumpkins Headlining Reading Festival
  244. 9/9/2007 TBA Toronto, Canada
  245. VFest Toronto to be ONLY N.A. tour date of 2007?? Album to be released at 7:07AM??
  246. If You Could Spend One Hour With Billy Corgan
  247. no lollapalooza
  248. Billy Corgan and Courtney Love at the Gay and Lesbian Center
  249. To Sheila live on Bridge School iTunes album
  250. Where are you salty bear?? And sp457??