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  1. 1979 Info/Influences?
  2. Mayonaise
  3. Disco Rebel
  4. SP Song Collection
  5. Kevin Cadogan as Guitarist
  6. James Iha - Linda Linda Linda Soundtrack
  7. Jesus Fish?
  8. Metro - Reunion gig?
  9. (Turns Left, Looks Right)
  10. recent-ish james sighting
  11. a new era of classic songs?
  12. Who Else Thought The Crimea Was The Best Part...
  13. TORRENT: tsp1991-02-08 (ANA-M>DDC-3)
  14. Anyone Here Go To Montreal Spectrum Show in 2000?
  15. Smashing Pumpkins confirmed (and not allegedly) for 2 german festivals
  16. Question about a mixed cd
  17. what is that latest news?
  18. SMASHING PUMPKINS at ROCK AM RING : Germany in June
  19. has this been posted? the pumpkins headlining couple of festivals?
  20. ATTN: Sebastian Boschert
  21. darcy's picture in the SP wiki entry
  22. TORRENT: tsp1994-07-16
  23. Chasing the Rainbow - Iha and America
  24. Entertainment Weekly: Some Decent Information!
  25. question about cd set "Collective Thoughts"
  26. TORRENT: tsp1996-04-24
  27. Possible Chicago Dates
  28. Wanted: Mellon Collie 3LP
  29. Fellow Pittsburgh fans...
  30. Ticket prices
  31. Backing Tracks
  32. My prediction
  33. is billy corgan a douchebag?
  34. Wiki entry for Melissa Auf der Maur
  35. Where can I find high-res Machina 2 artwork?
  36. Where are the songs on Billy's Myspace From
  37. Sequence IV
  38. what do Machina / MII mean to you.
  39. there are 33 people viewing this board right now
  40. FS: Early Demo CS
  41. TORRENT: tsp2000-04-22
  42. Why aren't there any Zwan demos out?
  43. TREE: "The Halteh Tapes" plus bonus 6x DVDr
  44. BC/Frogs video
  45. OT: Syco54645, clear some space
  46. So who's going RockAM for SP?
  47. Billy's Journal: Entry 1 (january 29 2007 2 p.m.)
  48. Billy Corgan Jack Skellington
  49. circulating SBDs
  50. Many Pumpkin references in new SPIN (MCR article)
  51. Billy Corgan talks about D'Arcy and James
  52. TORRENT: tsp2000-04-25
  53. Are these out there somewhere?
  54. i need help with a tab guitar players
  55. What one Pumpkins track can you never grow tired of hearing?
  56. TORRENT: tsp2000-05-05
  57. Which old SP song do you expect to be most similar to the new album?
  58. Found this Jimmy interview around the time of SD release
  59. Matt Sweeney: discuss
  60. mcr and muse added as top friends on sp myspace
  61. TORRENT: tsp2000-04-19 (SPPB>M1)
  62. Extra "Lyric" single, anybody?
  63. 7/17/07
  64. Official Email Updates
  65. When do you think the new album will be released?
  66. zwan demos
  67. Billy Corgan allergic to alcohol?
  68. Does Jimmy get enough credit
  69. d'arcy ??
  70. iha remix on ladytron comp
  71. Kenny Arranononnonooff to play Jackson Hole Winter Mountain Festival, April 6th...
  72. If you could choose any movie, make it real-life (not a movie), and subsitute Bill as
  73. ZOMB Torrents
  74. SP song for theology class?
  75. Imploding Voice thread
  76. New band manager says reunion is all about the "artistic vision".
  77. They're me, but I'm not them; I'm you, and you are me
  78. my brother in law is a casual sp fan and i want to make him a cd...
  79. smashing pumpkins confirmed for nova rock festival in austria!
  80. post your recommendations for new sp members.
  81. can someone please paste the contents of this topic into here
  82. Machina 2
  83. 11-28-2000 Sound Opinions interview
  84. new track - Starla (streetlab mix)
  85. Pumpkins said to be playing "Download Festival" in UK
  86. The Poetry of Billy Corgan
  87. i think i give up
  88. 1994 Virgin Rec. Promo Cassete?
  89. Pisces Iscariot
  90. Vinyl Help
  91. "Billy Pumpkin"
  92. TORRENT: The Smashing Pumpkins 1998-07-12 Adore Tour Footage - Houston (NTSC)
  93. The Hub
  94. if you could choose any movie, then choose a documentary, then ******* billy in the..
  95. TORRENT: 04/19/2000 (DSM-6S > PA-6LC3B > M1)
  96. A Sweet PI appreciation thread
  97. if you could choose any billy to inc|ude in a doc. about the making of "MSOTS"...
  98. will someone please post that sweet interview w/ billy re: each of the aeroplane...
  99. now and then tfe
  100. [rumour] New festivals
  101. siamese dream fails as an album
  102. Who will open up for sp during the USA Tour
  103. The live Tear on their MySpace
  104. 1989/03/28 Cassette
  105. Underrated SP Songs
  106. Pumpkins to headline Nova Festival...
  107. smashing pumpkins for president
  108. Greenfield Festival, Switzerland, June 15-17
  109. song rekwest
  110. Some love for 'We Only Come Out at Night'
  111. if billy put out an ep with any unreleased songs
  112. Baby Rock Records
  113. Billy Corgan X Evan Dando - Round 2
  114. The Hideout Compilation II
  115. yet another festival-date confirmed (greenfield festival, switzerland)
  116. Rock im Park tickets
  117. so where is the new album???
  118. Iha-affiliated SP material
  119. James Iha sighting at Bam Margera's wedding on Saturday...
  120. Machina tour shirts on Ebay
  121. machina acoustic demos
  122. If they want to do well the 2nd time around,
  123. letting Jimmy back into the band
  124. Billy posts new bulletin - Feb 6 2007
  125. the 2007 Mystery
  126. Machina Vinyl
  127. Seriously…
  128. D'arcy and James - are they really all that important?
  129. Which songs, realistically would you hope made setlists this year?
  130. Festivals, Arena Rock Shows, Classic Venues?
  131. Tony Wilson is a God! Old but great interview
  132. bc bulletin: "zeitgeist" on 07.07.07
  134. Am I the only one who doesn't want to hear old songs on new tour?
  135. 7/7/07 Predicted in Pisces Iscariot
  136. Zeitgeist Poll
  137. A bit dissapointed about the release date
  138. "I want to do another video!" - nipple rubbing king in SIYL video (article enclosed)
  139. Linda Strawberry is NOT in the band :>
  140. Adore mono MP's (from Vinyl Recording)
  141. Smashing Pumpkins in Italy
  142. I bet you the line up won't be annonced before 1st gig!
  143. Zeitgeist album cover mystery
  144. Once in a While
  145. Countdown graphic on myspace
  146. James Iha not involved in reunion
  147. SP News on Billboard
  148. What will happen to the SPs?
  149. A Black Swan Rode Me
  150. New show announced - Lisbon festival - new MySpace pumpkins bulletin..
  151. top 3 tsp bass lines?
  152. 7-7-07?
  153. Minneapolis shows
  154. Andrew is slackin'...
  155. favourite live instrumental song
  156. Sp zero heart
  157. Who Knows Something About..
  158. Any Chance Pumpkins adds any North American dates?
  159. quick photo question
  160. Will the shows lighten now? (mood)
  161. WA Media
  162. Does anyone think Billy has thought "Shit, what have I done?" lately?
  163. The Zwan 2 argument is not witty
  164. The Smashing Pumpkins Website is Embarassing
  165. Why albums are released on Tuesday
  166. Smashing Pumpkins in Download Now: Bootleg section of newest Rolling Stone
  167. a fucking grey flag with sp in it?
  168. Mashed Potatoes
  169. Metro CD?
  170. Taping Equipment
  171. So I bought MSOTS last night
  172. k, why can I not view my tree thread.
  173. what happens to the metro dvd now?
  174. Between The Buried And Me (Geek usa cover)
  175. How many times have you had to explain that James Iha...
  176. James and D'arcy
  177. someone's behind cubbie's mom
  178. SP poster with their 3 faces does anyone know about this?
  179. happy birthday theZEITGEIST
  181. gees it's quiet in here recently
  182. Hi everyone!
  183. When can we expect a song or demo or some sort of reference material from Zeitergeist
  184. zwan demos/unmastered
  185. Pumpkins on Suretone?
  186. Any chance..........
  187. predict what billy will wear
  188. IS ANY OF THIS.....
  189. A cry for help (free SP photos needed!)
  190. Eric Avery on Zeitgeist?
  191. Zeitgeist...classy
  192. first song to be played live by the new pumpkins
  193. down...
  194. ST #59: Colors of the vinyls
  195. Melissa Auf der Maur in SP?
  196. what happened to TPQ?
  197. garson interview posted on myspace: Part 1 February 12, 2007
  198. To the Haters of a New Lineup..
  199. Why oh Why
  200. Post your best BC or SP pics that you've taken
  201. The Smashing Pumpkins (Ongoing History)
  202. Pornstar in SP video
  203. Billy's guitar sounds
  204. to all those who say it doesn't matter that James isn't in the new lineup:
  205. Alright... download/listen to this, then tell me James wasn't an integral member
  206. Pumpkins will play Pinkpop May 28th
  208. test post: BWBW pre-1995
  209. Some of the Best of "The Smashing Pumpkins" That You've Never Heard
  210. So how long does it take to train hired guns?
  211. pisces iscariot/new album "zeitgeist" connection
  212. Strange Update
  213. Hey MadCapLaughs --
  214. What does Billy really want?
  215. lets play guitar (another tab question)
  216. Will Pumpkins play Lollapalooza in August?
  217. Pisces Iscariot connection 2007
  218. Wicked Acoustic Song
  219. what venues are you expecting SP to play in
  220. SP mentioned on Craig Ferguson
  221. TORRENT: tsp2000-10-20 (DSM-6S>PA-6LC3>M1)
  222. Attn: Billy Corgan
  223. Hey bill, you know what? You're a real piece of work
  224. Please take off that shitty flag NOW
  225. Zeitgeist - the new internet buzzword!
  226. WANTED: Medium Infinite Sadness Tour Tee
  227. Pastichio Medley Release?
  228. Chicago Songs
  229. H.O.M.
  230. Happy. Valentines. Day.
  231. New Pumpkins performance leaked
  232. Any good versions of Transformer?
  233. ST #19: Best SP show you ever saw
  234. new jcc live tracks
  235. Siamese Wooden Box Set
  236. holy shit
  237. 1996/11/23 - Myriad Arena; Oklahoma City
  238. if the video for 1979 was made by lower class hispanic kids in 2002
  239. "Final" Metro show dvd
  240. sound machine savvy, anyone?
  241. salt
  242. Billy is going to eventually freak out
  243. Part II of Garson Regen Interview
  244. More Ebay Madness...
  245. Just a few questions....
  246. Billy + JCC = SP2 ?
  247. stupid M2 Question
  248. Request: Behold! The Night Mare
  249. 07/07/07
  250. 6th Album?