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  1. Netphoria, help me write my pumpkin thesis!
  2. Glass' Theme (spacey version)
  3. Netphoria's top SP/BC threads of 2006
  4. Iha Solo B-sides
  5. Which Pumpkins can you identify with more?
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  7. Glass' Theme (spicey version)
  8. Christmas present: do you remember the most ludicrous bolly interview ever?
  9. BC: Message II
  10. Can anyone upload Christmastime as an MP3?
  11. Five Favourite Freak-Out Moments
  12. Russian Zero Flexi?
  13. Glass......and new stuff from Billy.....
  14. To Billy: The Pumpkin Demo Project.
  15. Wouldnt it be hilarious if...
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  17. Lineup just Corgan/Chamberlin?
  18. I just watched Glass and the Machines of God - Ep 01 for the first time and...
  19. Petition To Ban ThePumpkinQueen
  20. BC = Prophet?
  21. Dutch website dedicated to TSP
  22. So how come the United States of SP are not states and there aren't 50 of them?
  23. Here's my cover of Black Irish...
  24. Billy & Courtney worked on a Love Will Tear Us Apart cover...
  25. Record Warping
  26. Whooooo-ooh wants...hoooonneeyy? [TPQ Bulletin Myspace]
  27. 1991 Zine Article on SP (cleveland show)
  28. "the more you change the less you feel"
  29. "yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"
  30. This is what i miss
  31. "Bonjour"
  32. ISO some dvds
  33. 9.11.96 - VHS(1) > CDR transfer?
  34. Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums EVER
  35. 1979 video
  36. Corgan answers Seven Questions
  37. New songs? I don't think so...
  38. NUME video wraplet on sp's myspace
  39. What Corgan inspired riff do you like to play on the guitar?
  40. The RSPAA files...downloadable?
  41. "Biggest Wusses In Rock"
  42. Deadline
  43. The Future Embrace
  44. i hope jimmy sings on the new album
  45. SP Cover Versions
  46. Billy Corgan attends Los Angeles charity event...
  47. Question about Pastachio Medley
  48. What bothers you the most about Machina?
  49. Radio One- Today
  50. Russian Siamese Dream
  51. 1996/12/01 from master DAT
  52. Return of Courtney Love featuring BC
  53. The real reason Billy shaves his head
  54. Official 'James in a Dress Thread'
  55. Mention in new SPIN (Nothing new)
  56. does anyone have an accurate guitar tab for the nothing + everything solos.
  57. Did bill ever announce his "big secret" ?
  58. 5/23
  59. Name the album
  60. Smashing Pumpkins 08-04-2000 - BC Place Stadium - Vancouver, BC *Torrent*
  61. festive nostalgia with mcmurderson
  62. list of all non-be strong now iha songs
  63. cr05 on ebay
  64. The Frogs June 1997 Basement Rehersal
  65. TORRENT : 07.10.98 Ft.Worth, TX
  66. Why are you guys going overboard
  67. did Billy or Jimmy ever play on James songs?
  68. hinoceros version on myspace
  69. The so called pumpkins "legacy" everyone seems to be so worried about
  70. Seriously what is the point of closing threads?
  71. Could The Smashing Pumpkins change the music industry/world?
  72. Like a new smashing pumpkins music..
  73. SP and THIS board
  74. If Billy Corgan sucked off Jimmy Chamberlain...
  75. Billy featured in Seattle Gay News [no joke]
  76. Merry Christmas Trading Board!
  77. Pride of Arizona Video
  78. Pic request
  79. Hey Billy (Christmas Idea for Fans)
  80. spinoff: what's the best onomatopaeic representation of billy's guitar tone
  81. Beautiful
  82. Here's a Novel Idea...
  83. we love homos
  84. I Need a Pic - Any help would be great
  85. old: a short article pertaining to some of the gear used on TFE tour
  86. Fake poster going around on the Pearl Jam board.
  87. High Quality Cassette Transfering
  88. clip that was probably floating around earlier
  89. REQ: 1999-04-17 at Metropol in Pittsburgh
  90. Ball and Chain
  91. Newish non-blurry photo of BC using his Treo and TPQ looking bored at Buca di Beppo
  92. I think this board hates Billy Corgan.
  93. can you believe this? (ebay rip off)
  94. Happy Birthday PAu-1-699-154 !!
  95. Billy's using the JMP-1 and ADA MP-1 again.
  96. Name of Boxed Set?
  97. Judas Iscariot
  98. Maybe this is old news...
  99. Earphoria Promo CD
  100. Best version of Ava Adore?
  101. favourite smashing pumpkins songs
  102. I went to Scratchie Records today
  103. Mispressed UK 7 inch
  104. Zwan (Please don't kill me...)
  105. This Place is so Gay
  106. Do a song by song review of Adore with one word only
  107. Tonight's show was pretty different and very great!!
  108. r.t.baker interview in recent "visions"-magazine
  109. Torrent: Eels at Lollapalooza 2006
  110. A Year Of Worsts, please add to the list
  111. Rareties and b-sides
  112. The Challenge...
  113. iha sighting
  114. D'Arcy sighting!
  115. happy new year 12 midnight and MUZZLE!
  116. Remember when Billy had that blue colored blog website a few years ago?
  117. Courtney Love's New Years Resolutions
  118. Jimmy Chamberlin Complex Drum Pad Anniversary Show
  119. 2006: a year no new material was heard
  120. Discovered another b0lly's brother
  121. New Myspace blog
  122. WA Media - Limited Time Offer
  123. This Is Not A Sample From The New Album!
  124. Was Matt Sweeny a retard or was he just a sleazy homeless guy?
  125. this pic was on forums
  126. The Marked - Remastered?
  127. "*unconfirmed release date* May '07"
  128. the frogs
  129. WTF
  130. United Center After Party 11-29-00
  131. How much unreleased, unheard material do you think there really is?
  132. TEG promo cd - help determining real Vs fake
  133. Big clusterfuck SP board youtube thread
  134. Radioio90s Playing Smashing Pumpkins
  135. Two Autographs at a Record Store I go to
  136. which of these is the most under rated tsp song?
  137. What the hell is happening on - message from Billy?
  138. Satellites and other songs
  139. New Billy and Courtney Pics
  140. Iha pic used on Conan O'Brien skit
  141. I like the unpretentiousness of Gish
  142. LOL, nothing
  143. So.. are they giving up on the whole myspace cities street team thing?
  144. Before this new record is released
  145. 'How high was Billy during RTS" pic request
  146. Smashing Pumpkins @ Pinkpop 2007?
  147. tsp1993-09-03 dvd
  148. When do you suspect we'll first hear anything from SP Mach II?
  149. new album cover
  150. Things to ask TPQ in LA
  151. Netphoria Billy Corgan's Face Compendium
  152. Is anyone else worried?
  153. Arising Tour Videos?
  154. Chris
  155. totally unimportant, but
  156. Attn: Bill
  157. You Know What?
  158. Geek USA Flexi [Pictures]
  159. Upcoming Events?
  160. *Alert:* New TPQ Blog
  161. The Pumpkins as anglophiles
  162. Vieuphoria / Walking Shade DVD
  163. "Official TPQ ALERT!"
  164. Live Zwan
  165. The Smashing Pumpkins and Netphoria...
  166. Re: Netphoria's cynicism over SP / Billy / TPQ
  167. did i ever tell you guys my tale of pumpkin-related childcatchery?
  168. Death Boogie
  169. Billy's Home Demos and Forgotten Songs
  170. Has Billy befriended porn star Sasha Grey?
  171. courtney love explains it all
  172. Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else miss the Zwan days?
  173. The Crying Tree Or Mercury (Cover)
  174. Farewell and Goodnight Cover (Video)
  175. 666 videos?
  176. Linda - new year's reso's...drug speak
  177. official 'news' from 1998 - Japanese needed
  178. Cupid De Locke appreciation thread
  179. Question about Zwan (SP Related)
  181. Question for anyone who owns a Q101 Machina II
  182. favourite bc dance moves
  183. SP shows.. TOO LOUD?
  184. autgraphed zwan for sale in milwaukee
  185. DC Hub
  186. As Requested: The Frogs *complete flac* bastement tape
  187. Yeah!
  188. The SP Dream
  189. Pumpkins Fan on NBC
  190. New album out in May?
  191. psycho strawberry fan
  192. Still scratching my head over the SP and Silversun Pickups comparisons
  193. DATs to transfer
  194. Best Corgan FutureEmbrace Show?
  195. Creepy stuff
  196. Translucent
  197. Who was in chicago the first night of billy's solo tour?
  198. the girl with the cruel face
  199. possible direction for the new album (speculation)
  200. splra update--main site almost done/t3h r34n1m4t0r
  201. Torrent: 2000/05/12 (4th source)
  202. First new single?
  203. 1979 on VH1 Classic this morning
  204. To Sheila... Live
  205. Alternate video clips
  206. it doesnt seem like this album is ever going to come out
  207. Wrap me up in always, and drag me in with maybes
  208. did anyone know james iha plays on the new america
  209. We may actually get to see the Peter Townshend footage afterall...
  210. Put 'em in a box!
  211. beautiful as the sun/a kiss of this
  212. Are the Smashing Pumpkins your favorite band? (serious thread!)
  213. MSOTS sounds like Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer."
  214. torrent: 1996-02-10 fix
  215. SP TV?
  216. TORRENT REQUEST: Zwan Rough Mixes/premasters + Billy Corgan St.Louis/Philly shows pls
  217. Billy on MTV's 120 minutes
  218. James/Melissa Gig - 10/25/01
  219. someone buy this and un-leet it
  220. just read the section in the sharon osbourne book where she discusses SP
  221. If these songs had been original SP recordings...
  222. STOP the insanity!
  223. What is your favorite sp song to whistle?
  224. Tshirt Trading?
  225. How would you feel if BC lent his voice to more electronic dance music
  226. if you could have written one piece of sp's music what would it be.
  227. so how bad were YOUR old sp photoshops?
  228. Torrent: TSP1996-10-26 DVD
  229. Fav SP album?
  230. Machina Mystery?
  231. Some SP Covers
  232. TORRENT: tsp1996-12-17 [clicks/pops fixed]
  233. 2005 hatemail -- Warner Bros. vs. ThePirateBay over TheFutureEmbrace
  234. Looking for the pure audio of this youtube
  235. Self titled?
  236. Coat of Eyes ?
  237. I of the mourning - Acoustic?
  238. I'm Really Going to Laugh
  239. Rotten Apples JP Reissue 2007-03-14
  240. No Garson
  241. Billy Corgan 2005-08-04 Shibuya-AX, Tokyo, JP [AUD]
  242. So the Taproot's Promise = Machina song Promise?
  243. BC and CL
  244. Vocals on Speed Kills
  245. James Iha- Be Strong Now (single)
  246. Touring allegedly starts in June
  247. Coachella - no pumpkins :(
  248. BC on the radio (old interview)
  249. Appreciation for the '89 Reel Time Sessions
  250. From Rolling Stone Magazine 1/27/07