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  1. Why can't Billy admit failure
  2. If billy wasn't famous, would he still be a virgin?
  3. Mouths of Babes
  4. The Dude From Borat/Best Pumpkins Video
  5. Czarina
  6. If.....
  7. petition for firewoman to start posting on the general chat board
  8. this is the place where all the losers with SP names hang out
  9. If billy was famous, would he still be with virgin?
  10. this guy is awesome
  11. New song on Billy's MySpace
  12. a few straws to clutch at....
  13. poll
  14. New SP shows announced for 2007. (CONFIRMED)
  15. I moved...and all my smashing pumpkins shit is missing.
  16. Maybe Darcy didnt like Machina
  17. Mike garson in sp2!?
  18. Moon Demo appreciation thread.
  19. Stadium or local bar
  20. I Am One 10" Test Press/WLP
  21. a lil bit of glass in sleep
  22. Has anyone here attended any of the european tour dates so far?
  23. hope-best pumpkin instrumental
  24. I've been listening to ...
  25. Bootleg?
  26. Rank the Songs on Siamese Dream
  27. Kenny Aronoff enjoyed my pizza.
  28. Purr Snickety is the best song ever.
  29. "for seven years, seven days, and seven hours"
  30. Billy On ITA
  31. tilt mp3
  32. So what's with Isobell Campbell and James Iha?
  33. 2004/07/06 - Metro; Chicago, IL, US
  34. your ideal siamese dream
  35. Hotel Cafe
  36. billycorganmusic was removed
  38. YouTube video on the Smashing Pumpkins MySpace
  39. ne1 know the satire the Ava Adore vid is based upon?
  40. bc's myspace is back
  41. k. has anyone ripped lonesome day blues?
  42. the pumpkins are going to grind us into dust with metal.
  43. general purpose sp praise thread
  44. Glass' Theme 11/29/00
  45. studio ^date~
  46. help me find a song
  47. HELP ME
  48. The Smashing Pumpkins Image: Projections
  49. Gypsy Ballroom 8th May 2007
  50. SP playlist for a girl
  51. Is heartsongs about SP?
  52. billy posted comment on his music page
  53. Today japanese cd-s
  54. Glorious
  55. I had a dream about James Iha
  56. GENERIC THREAD! your 100 most crucial sp songs.
  57. Machina II Question
  58. The Pumpkin Queen
  59. How do I make RSPAA work correctly?
  60. total SP cd sales
  61. The "Someone should post a clip of this." thread.
  62. New Myspace background
  63. Live Version of Blank Page
  64. did sp do a black session?
  65. What Ever Happened to Iha?
  66. Sigh. For all the Linda Fans
  67. billy corgan myspace....again
  68. what lengths will you go to to attend the first reunion show.
  69. I think it's safe to say that Garson is involved in the new SP
  70. is the myspace audio being archieved anywhere?
  71. how long has that "sp recommends" section been up on myspace?
  72. torrent: 2000-02-05 DAT source
  73. One thing that will be bad for SP live
  74. Have we seen these yet?
  75. To Wonder
  76. Machina-era literature: Where can I find?
  77. The Infamous SP Flag
  78. a reason to follow BC instead of what's "popular"
  79. To Billy
  80. The Bands projection thus far
  81. The Bands projection thus far
  82. Billy speaks to MTV about new SP album!!!
  83. Jimmy's Love Letters .5
  84. New leaked SP tour poster
  85. Request: does anyone know where i can find this interview?
  86. meladori magpie
  87. If you were to.....
  88. Looking for Fulflej shows to trade for
  89. International Medical and Health HELP...
  90. ahaha...james riding gooch (pic)
  91. is this real or bullshit?
  92. Pumpkins/Orchestra CD
  93. Billy is a genius
  94. New Smashing Pumpkins album details announced
  95. B0lly vs. Nintendo
  96. "We Have This Place..." by The Boxer Rebellion?
  97. James is in!
  98. TFE Flash Picture
  99. very short hotel cafe video
  100. machina on itunes - fuck you bill
  101. Looking for the B-sides and Rarities collection..
  102. ==The Corgan Affair==
  103. SP Fan meetup London December 4th-6th?
  104. some ebay auctions of interest....
  105. is endless wire any good?
  106. This is a daring endeavor ...
  107. Petition to create a new forum and move all of these SP related threads off of the
  108. fender mustang sonic blue, for sale
  109. what kind of drum machine
  110. Q101 Machina 2 copy...
  111. more tasty treats from the 'tube #2
  112. unseen rhinoceros video
  113. Picture from the new album
  114. Live Pumpkins
  115. looking for this poster
  116. Looking for love battery
  117. Daughter on
  118. Is RSPAA down?
  119. The Lily music video on the myspace...
  120. interesting ebay auctions
  121. Cherub Rock cover
  122. {Torrent} SP 01-19-1997 / Riverfront Coliseum - Cincinnati, OH *upgrade*
  123. Billy's journals- To Forgive
  124. was it planned?
  125. I hope SP shows are going to be loud as before
  126. new itunes exclusive collection - Bridge School Benefits
  127. This is it, I'm no longer checking the SP myspace
  128. HI BILLY!!!!!!!
  129. Billy Corgan and Courtney Love.....
  130. New Chicago Tribune ad
  131. do you think the new album will have more electric guitars?
  132. Wow... have you guys seen this?
  133. japan 1992 shows - solved
  134. To Shelia from 1997-10-xx is on iTunes
  135. What brand of strings does Billy use? I read that he uses "Nines"?
  136. what do you think of the album
  137. One Word
  138. What brand of strychnine does Billy use? I read that he uses "Nines"?
  139. What type of reverb units does Billy use while playing live?
  140. Some of the new demo MP3s circulating are fakes???
  141. Arising Promo VHS - Have we seen this before?
  142. WTB: B&W MCIS Promo Photo - James w/ the bottle...
  143. Silverfuck from the last show
  144. What brand of g-strings does Billy use? I read that he uses "Nikes"?
  145. Here Is No Why acoustic demo on Myspace
  146. nobody care but...
  147. p!nk covers the everlasting gays!
  148. Obscured - hilarious fan video / billy slideshow
  149. This might sound a little weird, but Re: Hummer
  150. uncirulated demo tape recorded between adore and machina 1
  152. New Album Title
  153. So which kind of board do you want:
  154. 40 min Silverfuck
  155. Other versions of Quiet?
  156. What's the source of the Rhino myspace vid?
  157. This is funny.....
  158. tafh box questions
  159. Does this board have any rules anymore? If not...
  160. who is this? (pics inside)....sp related
  161. Has Billy's voice gotten worse over time?
  162. Billy and the music industry
  163. watch this.
  164. All you people who complain about the SP board
  165. New album art leaked!!
  166. New album to be released in 5.1!
  167. Videos (Vieuphoria/ greatest hits)
  168. would anybody here actually be glad if the new record was...
  169. the 88 (89?) pulse video
  170. New album to lnclude D'Arcy action figures!
  171. Rank the Songs on Mellon Collie
  172. Rank the Smashing Pumpkins songs
  173. Vieuphoria 2 - was this ever attempted?
  174. can we please stop bullshitting about leaked demos...
  175. Isle's youtube bonanza #3
  176. the Time is near for Poets to become Warriors...
  177. Darkest SP/Corgan song?
  179. Billy Gay & Lesbian Benefit
  180. ADMINS: Closing threads correctly
  181. O-Board Mystery: Case Closed
  182. x
  183. Who is playing bass on the album?
  184. billy the ego maniac down again.
  185. newest issue of rolling stone
  186. I still didn't have TFE and I just saw it in a store for 6 euros!
  187. Jimmy's Love Letters 6
  188. When Billy sang "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at Wrigley
  189. FAQ
  190. Best SP Chill out song
  191. James News
  192. Dec 2nd.
  193. sp's 5 best guitar riffs.
  194. question about b0lly's favorite albums
  195. sp's 5 best guitar leads
  196. Who are these "Two Gallants" and why do people keep posting them here?
  197. torrent: Vysion - Wake Up (Live Compilation)
  198. New SP Merchandise
  199. Dec. 3rd
  200. the girl with the cruel face
  201. Gravity Demos appreciation thread.
  202. SP's 5 greatest drum parts
  203. SP Greatest Hits Cover Photographer - show tonight
  204. darcy.
  205. TORRENT: tsp1996-10-29 Freedom Hall; Louisville, KY [ANA-1] SPEED CORRECTED
  206. Has Billy ever done a Christmas song?
  207. a long way to the top
  208. Budokan 6-30-00 Concert
  209. Dancing Aronoff
  210. sp's 5 best bass strings
  211. sp's five best albums
  212. "Didn't their drummer die?"
  213. The Only Way To Get SP Together
  214. BC beat a fan up?
  215. "To Sheila" from Bridge School Benefit on iTunes
  216. favourite sp live footage.
  217. I'm making a various artist mix CD for friends and co-workers for christmas
  218. Billy Corgan 2005-04-23 Paris fan meetup (continued)
  220. Leaked Demos?
  221. Who died in a crash?
  222. Some new Pumpkins info will apparently be revealed..
  223. If Jonathan Melvoin didnt die...
  224. Is there actually someone who doesn't have TAFH boxset?
  226. Song tics
  227. Request for ThePumpkinQueen
  228. would billy write better music if
  229. If Jimmy Chamberlin didnt die...
  230. Machina II (Flac or .wav)
  231. Machina II (FLAC or .wav)
  232. man, adore was such a great album...
  233. cassettes to transfer?
  234. Old News?
  235. Billy thinks about cats?
  236. Team Sleep's cover of The Aeroplane Flies High
  237. What Happened At The Fan Meet-Up?
  238. what was this board's best year?
  239. velvet underground acetate
  240. how it went down.
  241. TORRENT: 02/02/97 Jacksonville, FL (ANA-2)
  242. BC: Message I
  243. bands billy has dissed
  244. Bands that have dissed the Pumpkins
  245. Are they officially not THE smashing pumpkins?
  246. Glass is not dead.
  247. k. while we're on the subject of tapes.
  248. Audio/Video of PumpkinQueen meet-up is up . . .
  249. There is no way James is in the band
  250. Anyone else anticipating how embarassingly bad the new album is gonna be?