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  1. which sound do you want to hear
  2. Favorite SP video
  3. Leaked Track?
  4. looking for infamous, legendary live tracks!
  5. Machina II Vinyl (READ!)
  6. Sweet ( update)
  7. Update at
  8. i'm pretty excited, guys.
  9. a reason why it might be decent
  10. Siamese Singles
  11. BREAKING NEWS: I just got revenge on Evan Dando. In person.
  12. beware
  13. is Davin dead?
  14. How Much Longer?!
  15. Album Titles
  16. BREAKING NEWS: Dando "shocked" by heckler
  17. conspiracy theory?
  18. the case of a strange URL
  19. BEWARE: smashing0 from ZOMB and western avenue
  20. linda's latest comment on bill's myspace.
  21. 1979/BWBW US Jukebox 7"
  22. Did James really stab Billy in the back?
  23. sd or gish?
  24. Panic at the Disco butchered Tonight tonight
  25. TAFH Boxset
  26. Bolly
  27. Walking Shade = Underrated
  28. my Ego is bigger than Billy Corgan's ego.
  29. STP and Silverfuck are a lot alike
  30. NSFW: Linda's Boobs
  31. Re: Yelena Yemchuck is pregnant: I FUCKED YELENDA YEMCHUCH
  32. attn: the Smashing Pumpkins are pretty damn good
  33. so, Friday 13th...aren't we expecting some news today?
  34. btw, bolly has seen the mcmurderson animations.
  35. song titles for new album
  37. Smashing Pumpkins fans don't want a new album...
  38. Rotten Apples guitar tab
  39. i am so damn excited.
  40. something clear from the billy acoustic show
  41. Fan-fic
  42. oh nos guyz!!
  43. Disarm of Earphorianess
  44. i bet is being developed into an amazing full-blown site.
  45. reposted for posterity
  46. wtf is McMurderson?
  47. iso: towers of rabble
  48. Is anyone worried about corgans vocals?
  49. Sierra Swan Naked on You Tube
  50. What's wrong with this picture?
  51. You Have Doubts About The Reunion? Read This.
  52. Would you agree that...
  53. some guy posted "AZ rehearsal" on the SP board then deleted it
  54. rarities values
  55. who the hell is in the new line-up then!?!?
  56. davin consumed
  57. TEITBITE Fucking owns
  58. Machina era Porcelina Live
  59. hi billy
  60. Question about Billy
  61. Up.
  62. Songs up on MySpace, old songs, but songs none the less
  63. oh, what a saint he must be...
  64. This MUST be old but I swear I've never seen it on here before
  65. bands that sound similar to SP
  66. atlanta 8/4/98
  67. where can i find the gish tour diary
  68. 2007
  69. noob influx--netphorians band together into angry mob plz
  70. Jamees Iha's Album
  71. Jimmy's gonna have a blog on myspace...
  72. Warning: This thread is just me requesting a song
  73. "Pearl of Wisdom" = New album?
  74. sp blog on myspace..
  75. Lyrics Hello Kitty Kat MySpace version?!
  76. SP SMITI Playset
  77. James Iha NOT in studio with BC and JC
  78. D'arcy?
  79. Jimmy's love letters : JC's blog is up on SP Myspace
  80. Some interesting rumors..
  81. jimmy chamberlin's website
  82. BC & JC touring.. (a possibility)
  84. A100 live from the Vic on new XRT Compilation
  85. BC & JC touring...
  87. anyone got Forever Young audio?
  88. bolly's new myspace pic
  89. C'Mon
  90. ZOMB disappreciation thread
  91. bc2005-04-23 Montmartre, Paris
  92. details on these?
  93. Courtney Love's newly published "diaries" book
  94. Jimmy's Love Letters .2
  95. Rolling Stone article about the recent myspace updates.
  96. billy:
  97. Old bootlegs to get rid of
  98. Awesome Iha pic
  99. It's official! I am a retard!
  100. the truth
  101. question about the myspace
  102. Rare Ebay Find
  103. have you seen billys new blog?
  104. zwan 030426 Paramount Ballroom, Seattle, WA, US (AUD) flac
  105. Help!
  106. i fuckin love the Pumpkins and i fuckin love Pantera
  107. Isn't it strange...
  108. Daphne descends, backing vocals?
  109. Stars fall in
  110. Proof James is not in
  111. Help: Looking for people who attended 1998 Adore tour
  112. I had a sp reunion dream last night
  113. RUMORS...
  114. Proof James is in
  115. Smashing Pumpkins College Radio!!
  116. Anyone know if this is for real?
  117. Anyone just hear them play Zero on Fox (World Series)?
  118. Last call on 980516 Complete Show, flac.
  119. How do Billy and Jimmy talk to each other?
  120. useless knowledge
  121. STRTJ Siamese Demo
  122. Jimmy speaks out about having my mother!
  123. WHOA! Awesome news!
  124. Leeching off of Billy's fans
  125. Prediction: How many albums will the reformed SP produce?
  126. Billy's "Second Solo Album"
  127. trouble playing the myspace songs
  128. Reuters: Smashing pumpkin records
  129. New material will surface
  130. free to experiment
  131. 11-19-96 atlanta
  132. Rumored New Tracks: Like A Bullet, Animosity, Burning Inhibition, Train From Heaven
  133. Yahoo: Pumpkins drummer says truth prevails on new album
  134. too bad BC didn't tour with one of these
  135. 11 years ago today...
  136. Satellites is on the complete machina acoustic demos?
  137. "billy corgan-san"?
  138. Billy's confessions???
  139. Ok so what have we learned so far
  140. "Forget it", national treasure
  141. Petition to change netphoria from a pumpkins site to a two gallants fan site
  142. hey guys keep it down in here
  143. Petition to change the trading forum into a tennis discusion forum
  144. courtney love in new line-up
  145. Bridge School Performances on iTunes?
  146. Billy's private myspace page...
  147. New and Improved: Myspace queers
  148. Home Guitar tab
  149. Old tour histpry date for the 11 people left who care about such things...
  150. ATTN: ALL naze1 threads are NSFW
  151. those asking about the old SP radio
  152. The New Album came to me in a dream. Track by track review.
  153. Possible release date for LP6?
  154. Anyone Ever Been One of the Pumpkins For Halloween?
  155. the BEST song of zwan
  156. Nostalgic Article about Siamese Dream
  157. '|' jIMMY '|'
  158. new jimmy post reveals: absolutely nothing!
  159. James iha posts ad in Craigslist
  160. Thats it!
  161. Books that inspired the Billy & the Band
  162. darcy pregnant? (this would be old if true)
  163. Sticky: you should donate to netphoria.
  164. look here you fucking worthless little shits
  165. 11-28-2000 Sound Opinions interview
  166. tafh riaa award
  167. Madame MaDM
  168. Deftones, Saturday Night Wrist...compared to Pumpkins, MCIS
  169. "Thru the Eyes of Ruby"
  170. Davin's RSS feed appreciation thread
  171. Pumpkins Myspace Bulletin
  172. Pumpkins first song in first new performance
  173. Boobs that inspired the Billy & the Band
  174. ST #11: your favorite bits of pumpkindom?
  175. which three albums do you listen to most?
  176. Billy Corgan Interviews U2 from May of 1997
  177. Do you guys think Adam Stephens is gay?
  178. I love the transition before Nothing for You
  179. Anybody here going to check out the band during their European tour
  180. How's the trading going fellas?
  181. Jimmy's Love Letters .3
  182. US Drown Promo CD
  183. Smashing Pumpkins College Radio!! 6pm!!
  184. JC Prosessions sample clip.
  185. My halloween costume
  186. the new band looks like this
  187. "something is being created which millions of people are holding their breath over"
  188. joy division/ early SP
  189. BMI new songs?
  190. BOlly hanging out with his girlfriend
  191. so, are we expecting news tomorrow night?
  192. i wonder how sp's weirdo/artist recruitment proceedings are going
  193. A new vague message on the main site....
  194. WHO'S IN THE BAND ?!!
  195. D'acry's bass playing and back up vocals
  196. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness vinyl tracklisiting superior to CD version
  197. What if the new album fails?
  198. how do sp manage to keep everything under wraps for so long?
  199. Machina III
  200. "just say maybe"
  201. Billy's Guitar Playing
  202. this forum needs an RSS feed
  203. guitarists
  204. Could be bullshit...
  205. james iha bulletin post. happy halloween
  206. alot of people anxious about news today
  207. billy and jimmy are funny
  208. Help: Fan made videos to songs etc
  209. Stop bootleg profiteering
  210. Time to smash the pumpkins!
  211. Best Smashing Pumpkins Songs
  212. Best Two Album
  213. youtube pumpkins covers
  214. billys myspage page
  215. Pissant Live
  216. First Post
  217. Will you?
  218. Will someone please YSI Apathy's Last Kiss?
  219. i have to make another thread about how awesome Perfect is
  220. new blog entry from Billy
  221. Bro, they're back in the studio dog?
  222. First Song New Pumpkins Play II
  223. Old... but, new?
  224. Shirley Manson to work with Billy (and others) on her first solo album
  225. Worst song on Adore?
  226. Most Hilarity-Laden Pumpkins Moments?
  227. spinoff: itt post new lineups that would fail and why
  228. Apples and Oranges is about Solipsism
  229. Acoustic Collection -- Looking For More
  230. Mike Garson is not a good source for info
  231. I made a short SP mix...
  232. Question for guitarists, about the Hexen clip.
  233. after mid-night
  234. new songs in less than a week.
  235. "If there's any future for us... It won't be as a live band."
  236. J0mmybelly
  237. new blog
  238. Does anyone know where the band is from and who were the original members??
  239. 33
  240. Another Kristin Burns picture of Billy
  241. Was Machina saying "Goodbye"?
  242. another one from youtube
  243. We should have a big machina mystery discussion in this thread!
  244. James in Spin
  245. adore guitar sticker
  246. What the hell is Iha doing right now
  247. speed reminds me of love will tear us apart (again)
  248. Nothing + Everything
  249. official thread of embitterment
  250. Billy Corgans Prayer?