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  1. This woman my father knows from work claims to have an SP tape from the pre-Gish era
  2. Which will we hear first? Music from the new band, or the new band lineup?
  3. What about the new website?
  4. Who played with Billy on the bozo show?
  5. the continual folly of bolly - roy thomas baker makes records loud at any volume
  6. Secret messages about new SP album in the last DARKNESS album?
  7. is anyone excited?
  8. Smashing Pumpkins story on blabbermouth
  9. Marquis in Spades.
  10. You know what? Stigmata still is pretty great.
  11. Here Is No Why MCIS Demos....
  12. State Of This Shit
  13. reports bout pumpkins
  14. D'arcy... she still on the rock?
  15. Billy Corgan to provide music for new Chicago Cubs "docu-comedy" indy film.
  16. Smashing Pumpkins Related Topic
  17. Machina II Help
  18. America's Funniest Home Videos (SP related)
  19. what if the new album was released "outkast style"
  20. What about the songs that James did help to write?
  21. 1996-02-07 DVD. I need help from some people here!
  22. greatest ever smashing pumpkins reference in "pop culture" history
  23. Not Worth Asking/Honey Spider II 7" test press
  24. do your part :-)
  25. Anyone want my shows?
  26. Metropolis...
  27. Who was responsible for the remixes in GATMOG animated stuff?
  28. White Spider
  29. Torrent #108186 The Smashing Pumpkins 1998-06-09 SBD
  30. so has everyone here seen the footage of billy's appearance on Politically Correct?
  31. will you boo the non-James Guitarist at the first show you see them at?
  32. this photo shoot?
  33. 5/28/1998 DVD....anyone have it?
  34. Zero Zero Zero
  35. James confirmed in the band
  36. 1998/06/09 SBD is this New???
  37. i know nothing about this video -- please educate me.
  38. WOW
  39. Roy Thomas Baker pic thread
  40. about this pic...
  41. The Groover Solo
  42. This is how The Smashing Pumpkins should announce their line-up, new record and tour!
  43. FS: Live at the Cabaret Metro 10-5-88
  44. SPINOFF: caption this!
  45. New Topic: DREAM SAVES PUMPKINS!!!
  46. SpeedOfPain took more than one metro CD at the final pumpkins show, depriving others
  47. Chicago Tribune - Article in PDF
  48. Rocking the Bolly shirt.
  49. Reunion vs. Farewell Show
  50. Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
  51. Pay attention, Billy Corgan...
  52. Hideout Sessions
  53. CDRWIN with windows xp, won't work
  54. How much has your SP collection cost you?
  55. Jeroen and the organge jacket fiasco.
  56. ISO: Ben Golomb
  57. Outshined?
  58. TSP Expectations?
  59. Zwan Pinkpop 06.09.03
  60. Pumpkins Guitar/Amp Settings
  61. Anyone notice the official site
  62. listen to this..
  63. tsp1996-01-27 - Apoteose; Rio DeJaniero, BR - Video Dl
  64. The Frogs - Starjob Promo
  65. Jackboot
  66. How much did you spend following the Pumpkins on tour!
  67. to post or not to post pictures of BC's mansion
  68. What in the World of ADORE is going on here...
  69. xyu brazil '96
  70. news from pitchfork: Corgan in Morocco
  71. the most creative / least creative album by the Smashing Pumpkins
  72. What do you think of Zwan?
  73. Zwan 2003/05/31 - Sj; Stockholm, SE - ??
  74. that "billy corgan incident" vid is pretty sweet.
  75. Billy Corgan spotted in surrealist painting!
  76. remember this?
  77. Jimmy Chamberlin Complex plays on "The Drum Pad's 20th Anniversary Show"
  78. Ava Adore conspiracy
  79. Adore Demos: What's the story behind tape?
  80. what the hell was that Forever Young shit?
  81. Riverview Live in Germany
  82. Virgin Demo...
  83. what the hell is this?
  84. Geek USA from the same show where Billy lost his mind during XYU
  85. iha covers gainsbourg
  86. fender blender: sound like the b-man
  87. This guy doesn't care for Billy Corgan
  88. 'Crying Tree of Mercury' or 'you and you and you'
  89. Did Billy use drugs? What do you think?
  90. i wish i could see billy naked!
  91. one album to keep
  92. is bily corgan the kid in small wonder?
  93. somebody help me
  94. A video that shows why James is irreplaceable
  95. Is this a bootleg?
  96. np - tfe
  97. Luv ya Jimmy, but...
  98. Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan/Billy Corgan items for sale
  99. Is this a new picture of Billy?
  100. The Soundtracks...
  101. rocket single for $14
  102. the need to be popular
  103. Vanessa and the O's Video
  104. XYU guitar/amp setup
  105. MCIS appreciation thread
  106. Destined for disappointment?
  107. A little bit of random trivia for ya..
  108. Missing some pumpkin videos
  109. check out the CRC website...
  110. Encyclopedia Dramatica entry on SP
  111. Djali Zwan Spun Songs
  112. Luv ya SP2, but...
  113. Summertime from Porgy and Bess
  114. SPilled milk
  115. Anyone have a Corgan used condom for trade?
  116. Pumpkins Tribute Band - San Diego, CA
  117. found: machina 10-track 12" picture disc promo
  118. machina 12" 10 track promo picture disc
  119. Silverfuck (lost tapes rendition) appreciation post
  120. do the pumpkins have a myspace?
  121. Hi, what's new on the board?
  122. Billy Corgan - 01/06/05 Aula Magna; Lisboa, PT DVD
  123. James Iha - Wikipedia
  124. Plume is by far the Smashing Pumpkins greatest song
  125. James Iha - Let It Come Down - Poster fs/ft
  126. 1998-05-16 Complete!! up for trade..
  127. 990410 SBD soundcheck
  128. Why am I posting this?
  129. Zwan at its best
  130. Settle down
  131. encoding on
  132. is jame iha into dudes?
  133. what are 5 good reasons to check this board
  134. Billy just expects his fans to wait around?
  135. fan compilation - want to contribute?
  136. hideout 1 comp
  137. will there be an adore ep out?
  138. Mellon Collie/BWBW Proof Artwork
  139. Your weirds vision about the Pumpkins
  140. contradicting lyrics
  141. James Iha - Witchka
  142. eye video
  143. Cast a stone
  144. Upcoming tour and perfect setlist
  145. Billy is sleeping with the devil
  146. Linda's been with The Bilyl Gang since 01?
  147. Chicago Songs appreciation
  148. pink elephants
  149. TSP mystery medley #2
  150. The Frogs covering TSP Greatest Hits
  151. I met Mike Garson today....
  152. i met james iha today
  153. We're all anticipating a new album...
  154. SP mentioned in MCR's 2 Dollar Bill show
  155. Attn computer geeks
  156. Pumpkins are working with Scissor Sisters
  157. Machina 2 Virgin Promo
  158. More SP2 rumors
  159. sp2 is the britneys of the world!!!
  160. torrent: 1996-08-30 fix
  161. I Am One 10" catalogue numbers
  162. Words the B-Corg Will Use in the new Album
  163. BC myspace change
  164. Zwan - 2003-05-01 - Memorial Union Main Lounge, Iowa City, IA, US (AUD)
  165. Smashing Pumpkins CD Singles for sale on eBay, will ship worldwide
  166. Torrent: Zwan 2003-06-07 DVD
  167. HMM
  168. hey pumpkins fans, do you remember...
  169. Cherub Rock will be on the soundtrack to "Project Grey"
  170. Does anyone have a bigger-clearer picture of this?
  171. Corgan Bangin' with Ashley
  172. Remind me about how we got Puff Daddy Perfect remixes
  173. Bass Tabs Help - In The Arms of Sleep
  174. suggested titles for the new album?
  175. isn't this thing a fake?
  176. One way to truely find out when things are finalised with sp2
  177. man, i just watched the Perfect video for the first time in a while
  179. this is how we party
  180. Billy Corgan - 01/06/05 Aula Magna; Lisboa, PT DVD RESEED
  181. billy corgan's guitars - help me settle a bet!
  182. When Pumpkins Reunite...
  183. Pissant
  184. Come Back Home
  185. What is a Siamese Dream?
  186. Billy features in Courtney Love docu (uk)
  187. Glass and the Machines of God
  188. Do you think billy misses his hair?
  189. tsp2000-03-09 DVD
  190. *Corgan spotted with croissant, strengthening credibility of "BC is a wussy" theory*
  191. arising poster
  192. hey let's watch teitbite together
  193. Soma - You know i only just noticed the part
  194. Auckland, New Zealand vs. Chicago, United States
  195. Does ANY of this surprise you?
  196. i know u won't believe me but...
  197. Homeless Junkie Billy, Nicely Creased Slacks
  198. Rick Corgan's website (BC's brother)
  199. Sookie Sookie is easily in the top 5 pumpkins songs ever
  200. ISO: 1993/09/23 screens
  201. shameless promotion
  202. The ever elusive Zwan Paris show
  203. MCIS booklet pictures
  204. so has anyone ever found out where Pumpkinland is?
  205. Looking for someone trustworthy in the UK...
  206. I know where james iha is
  207. SP Song
  208. To Sheila?
  209. i can't believe...
  210. I was just wondering how much of a control freak Corgan was...
  211. Billy Corgan - Promise Demo?
  212. i can't believe a word Billy says yesterday
  213. WTF - Promotional Poster on line?
  214. Short Machina Doc
  215. Machina Tab Book
  216. Billy's myspace has been active today
  217. Check out Billy's iTunes page
  218. do you think billy corgan could sue capcom for basing professor X off him?
  219. Whatever happened to McMurderson?
  220. Ebay Presents...
  221. Pajo Hospital Bracelet
  222. 1/16
  223. Untitled and the new album
  224. TORRENT: Calexico 2006-09-27 Milwaukee
  225. i'll watch the vieuphoria dvd lost tapes thing now
  226. Holy Fuck!
  227. youtube - billy loves courtney unconditionally.
  228. more tasty treats from the 'tube
  229. Billy Corgan deleted me from his myspace friends list
  230. Interesting Cover Medley
  231. the smashing pumpkins new album release date?
  232. This thread is about love we all feel for Israel
  233. Question...
  234. the artist formerly known as Pretzel Logic lost brother
  235. After they were stars....Billy's new look!
  236. What TSP song would you use to inform people about The Smashing Pumpkins?
  237. by the way...
  238. MCR black parade
  239. Billy - Intervju
  240. Smashing Pumpkins - Crystallization ?!
  241. The Smashing Pumpkins' record label
  242. Yelena Yemchuk pregnant
  243. another great pumpkin fan
  244. Fucking weird TSP Dream
  245. New SP guitarist is 17 years old
  246. is Siamese Dream too long?
  247. Real News - Billy's Myspace
  248. For Martha @ 4:27
  249. vinyls and poster
  250. Apparently Kill Hannah has heard some of the new album