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  1. occasions where you don't expect the pumpkins to be played
  2. Where are YOU sitting in the Detroit show?
  3. New Zwan article on
  4. Zwan's label
  5. Any LA tapers here?
  6. I'm doing my English ISU Disarm...
  7. >> Let It Come Down Survivor Round 4
  8. i finally saw that pumpkins 1988-2000 documentary...
  9. poll: which live pumpkins group do you like the best?
  10. go buy the new pearl jam album
  11. march 2000 Q magazine interview with "glass"
  12. in need of a place to order sp posters online
  13. Does anyone have an extra GA ticket for Philly show? I just found out i can go
  14. Anyone going from DC to NYC, or NYC to DC, or DC to Philly for Zwan?
  15. Zwan Video
  16. LA Tapers for the KROQ X-mas show
  18. SP magazine collection
  19. NEED Taper for Chicago Double Door TONIGHT!
  20. NEED Taper for Chicago Double Door TONIGHT!
  21. The Zwan Database Opens!
  22. >>TAFH Survivor Round 3
  23. Any So. Cal shows you people want taped?
  24. "IT'S THE RUDEST MAN IN ROCK" Q magazine march 2000
  25. 'Honestly' Single out Jan 20th
  26. 1992/07/23 + 1992/07/24
  27. ISO: The Appleseed Cast
  28. New MTV Article Confirms Concert Dates and Honestly Single Out In NOVEMBER!
  29. >>Let It Come Down Survivor Round 5
  30. JBTV show from 8/14/93
  31. >> Adore Survivor Round 7
  32. Mashed Potatoes-Studio songs
  33. Who's goin to Las Vegas Dec. 5?
  34. soma is the most overrated pumpkins song ever
  35. A quote from Spider-Man
  36. Sigur Ros, 11.8.02, Detroit
  37. One year ago today...
  38. Happy Anniversary Zwan!
  39. wtf is this in the Try,Try,Try video
  40. MPG boo hoo
  41. Phase IV-7/23/92 & 7/24/92
  42. ISO: Bands (shot in the dark)
  43. ISO: 1 G.A. floor ticket for Detroit 12/17
  44. zwan just held a listening party, other tiny news
  45. AOL BroadBAND Rocks featuring the Pumpkins Veiuphoria footage?
  46. haha
  47. what do bands do with the tapes of their performances?
  48. Who is taping the upcoming zwan shows...
  49. updated
  50. What would be the perfect SP song to sing for a girl...
  51. ST #21337: Post a sample of a show you've taped recently
  52. Does anyone know when the Almost Acoustic Christmas tix go on sale?
  53. Earphoria Japanese Bonus Track
  54. The DVD
  55. Nightingale Pro 6.0 question.
  56. >> Let It Come Down Survivor Round 6
  57. ISO: Detroit Floor Ticket
  58. extra BOSTON zwan ticket available
  59. Graceful Swans Documentary Question
  60. Graceful Swans Documentary Question
  61. >> Adore Survivor Round 8
  62. dvd out -next- week?
  63. Leak the Zwan Single Already!!!!
  64. Blender review
  65. This needs its own thread. What's wrong with Perfect??
  66. Finally!! 12.5 tickets....
  67. Any tapers in the Penn State area?
  68. Toronto people
  69. song about smashing pumpkins
  70. This may be old news but MADM and Andrew WK?
  71. Advice on recording shows
  72. Zwan For You, Zwan For Them.
  73. will you be listening to the pumpkins in 30 years?
  74. ATTN: tapers in Hollywood area
  75. >>> Let It Come Down Survivor Round 7
  76. new zwan single to hit airwaves TOMORROW
  77. James Iha Demo - Substantial.txt
  78. advice for recording levels at an in-store acoustic show?
  79. Zwan - Honestly MP3 Here
  80. ISO: Tapers for Jimmy Eat World
  81. Smashing Peanuts
  82. Earphoria already released
  83. Ok.... I need a Vegas buddy from LA
  84. Anyone wanna trade VHS ?
  85. did they play "honestly" at 6:00 in chicago?
  86. vote for mellon collie
  87. lost tapes 94 -- what show exactly
  88. Get Zwan on Q101's TOP 9 @ 9
  89. okay, anyone driving from Vegas to LA?
  90. Smashing Pumpkins songs you've heard on muzak in stores
  91. Zwan Radio Teaser.
  92. Zwan radio teaser.
  93. Shining Path
  94. Zwan2002-11-21 World Premier of Honestly
  95. Zwan Radio World Premier.
  96. Which Smashing Pumpkins song do you most identify with?
  97. >>TAFH Survivor Round 4
  98. FT: Extra Cds
  99. Source info 8/11/00 Molson Park, Barrie ON?
  100. Let's go Vegas!
  101. RealVideo capture
  102. >> Adore Survivor Round 9
  103. Haha
  104. I think Honestly will sound better live and/or acoustic.
  105. The new album WITHOUT Honestly on it...
  106. Where would Honestly go in a tracklisting?
  107. Banners for an SP site
  108. >> Let It Come Down Survivor Round 8
  109. best available quality of Honestly at
  110. Just got the DVD
  111. My NEW Pumpkins shirt!
  112. 1 ticket for Zwan, please
  113. Got my Vegas ticket!
  114. New DVD, 06-30-2000, Amazing Quality!!!
  115. There's guitar tab for Honestly at SPFC
  116. Behold, a Darker Smashing Pumpkins...
  117. Smashing Pumpkins Suk
  118. will you be getting earphoria/vieuphoria on the 26th?
  119. Blender reviews Earphoria
  120. What do we 'Honestly' think?
  121. Hangers on - Zwan are NOT the Smashing Pumpkins
  122. Vapor catalog w/ free CD- new James song or...?
  123. >>> Let It Come Down Survivor Round 9
  124. Get Vieuphoria today at. . .
  125. January 28, 2003
  126. Sign in the petition for Zwan European Tour!
  127. I just don't understand!
  128. Random Thoughts Here
  129. 'Waiting' lyrics question/info
  130. address to sp hub?
  131. Time to tape!
  132. How many records will Zwan sell?
  133. >> Adore Survivor Round 10
  134. Vieuphoria typo
  135. Some Zwan "Honestly" facts
  136. About earphoria
  137. >>Let It Come Down Survivor FINAL ROUND 10!!
  138. Please tell me you understand?!
  139. I need help finding some live SP pictures
  140. WTF is this
  141. Anyone have an extra ticket for Zwan 12/13?
  142. Phase 4 for all! Plus other dvds
  143. Edge102 Toronto is playing "Honestly"
  144. Looking to trade cdr-s
  145. U.S. Residents: Vieuphoria is only $14.99 at BestBuy today
  146. dear billy,
  147. Zwan album - Official Release Date!
  148. Vote for Netphoria
  149. Where is track 14a???
  150. Just Got The Dvd For 11 Dollars
  151. >> Adore Survivor Round 11
  152. Vieuphoria/Earphoria thoughts...
  153. honestly cd promo cover art
  154. hoorah for bugg!
  155. where's untitled on the vieuphoria dvd?
  156. "Honestly" is THE radio song!
  157. Zwan in Columbus, OH
  158. Vieuphoria
  159. Almost Acoustic Christmas Pre-sale info
  160. Taping Opportunity
  161. so how many of you actually have that "LTD EDITION 500 SHIRT!!!!" fr/ the arising era
  162. Marked Demos???
  163. What would you call Zwan new album
  164. yet again we missed another Zwan show
  165. Honestly promo cd rip on hub
  166. that's what happens, when a good magazine doesn't ahve a clue
  167. the z-board...
  168. Am I the only person who cannot log into the z-board?
  169. Yayayayayayay!!!
  170. mediocre job + greatest hits = tolerable work environment!
  171. Zwan opened for Counting Crows
  172. Got KROQ tix for the 7th! finally, zwan
  173. where is manny chevrolet now?
  174. Let It Come Down Survivor RESULTZ!!@!!#@1!@#$1
  175. Ok... Who is going to the Las Vegas show?
  176. I Am One problems on Vieuphoria
  177. Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  178. In this thread, we talk about the newly released Vieuphoria DVD
  179. jimmy ripped off my band's beat for honestly!!!!
  180. New comm. bootleg for FAEOMM 1 sighted...OMG!
  181. Honestly Audio up on
  182. im just wondering ....
  183. Scan of honestly promo CD
  184. Why am i so tired appreciation post
  185. Honestly mp3 for trade!
  186. >> Adore Survivor Round 12
  187. what's the billy quote about thanksgiving
  188. 'Honestly' One Week On...
  189. finally
  190. Where's Fares?
  191. iso: hfs nutcracker tickets (floor)
  192. if i were to write my local station...
  193. zwan las vegas show to be streamed live online
  194. las vegas zwan show to be webcasted live
  195. It may be a bit far fetched but... Zwan/Counting Crows again?
  196. What EXACTLY is on the DVD?
  197. The Polyphonic Spree
  198. Please join my fan club
  199. Misheard Lyrics ... again
  200. Sea and Cake in Chicago tonight
  201. Happy United Center Day!!!
  202. tracks on Zwan album
  203. Free Mics (well trade for live recordings)
  204. united center mp3
  205. Ours - Red Colored Stars (acoustic) mp3 here
  206. Billy The Tyrant
  207. Viewphoria
  208. The Djali is open
  209. ISO: Coldplay Live Recordings
  210. Viewphoria Question Again
  211. Beyond the Beyond - SP site with stuff
  212. Lost Tapes '94 Audio for trade now. USA
  213. Zwan collection
  214. MIA: Has anyone seen this taper?
  215. wow
  216. My God Luna is on the Radio.
  217. Has anyone attempted to edit Glass & the Ghost Children?
  218. Earphoria Promos For Trade!
  219. silverfuck- the lost tapes 94
  220. Zwan in LA before AC 12/6
  221. I don't know what I was thinking when I said I wasn't going to buy Earphoria
  222. Does anyone else hear this?
  223. Zwan song on 99x in Atlanta...Not "Honestly"
  224. 1.8.97 needed
  225. Metro 1992 shows on the Hub tonight.
  226. FM sourced "Rock On" acoustic mp3 from 99x (2000)??
  227. 2 years gone by
  228. oh man. are these revised Frail and Bedazzled lyrics correct?
  229. Spaceland id policy?
  230. >> Adore Survivor Round 13
  231. Zwan
  232. ICP for MP?
  233. Win my ticket to see Zwan in DC
  234. david holland bad or good trader?
  235. We all know the name of the Zwan album, eh?
  236. What happened to the Jesus Loves his Babies Mp3?
  237. So who leaked MP!!?
  238. Toronto bitches and hoes and nigaz where you at?
  239. 1.000.000 silverbacks(?) seized
  240. for all going to the Vegas show....
  241. outgrowing the pumpkins...???
  242. Trade?
  243. Anyone from Detroit area going to Columbus show?
  244. Finally, a decent quality "Honestly" mp3.
  245. Wanted
  246. Is there a CD playing software for windows that doesnt put gaps between songs?
  247. So why does the solo in Honestly suck??
  248. Anyone need Tickets for Claus Fest?
  249. Siamese Dream Vinyl Question
  250. Zwan's "star" rises, news