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  1. Cherub Thread
  2. Sweet sweet
  3. name 5 Pumpkins songs better than "Mayonaise".
  4. hey guys which smashing pumpkins songs do you like
  5. AAAAAAGH fucking spfc
  6. real siamese singles box set
  7. "I want my dreams back" (Chicago Tribune)
  8. SP songs on Cold Case
  9. Sell the Pumpkins Shirts?
  10. The origin on the name Smashing Pumpkins as guessed by mostly uninformed idiots
  11. that pre-gish song Salt is pretty awesome.
  12. Disarm 1-track promo cd (virgin)
  13. most unexpected place you've heard sp?
  14. we need to raise 15k.
  15. how do you think The Bee Gees like the TFE ToLoveSomebody?
  16. Pic of Billy's gear
  17. Contest - win $40!
  18. myspace contact table for SP
  19. Anyone got those quotes from bill where he said he wouldn't license his songs out?
  20. New Lolla rumor
  21. ´The Original FEMM Tape´
  22. Melissa's rack (HA) gear pic -
  23. Best performances of Zwan songs? (for a little comp)
  24. TORRENT: Billy inducting Pink Floyd into Hall Of Fame (audio)
  25. Korean Singles Soundtrack 12" vinyl on eBay
  26. Pumpkins-inspired vandalism
  28. Today 7" Philippines Promo
  29. "Geek USA" & "I Am One" from Vieuphoria on video juxeboxes
  30. Concerts on DVD
  31. Billy w/PF Wish You Were Here on new Pulse DVD
  32. SPguitar, I have a question for you
  33. Alabaster link?
  34. Prince & Billy Corgan have a lot in common
  35. Worth Anything?
  36. Another SP bootleg...
  37. My Personnal Videoclip of ''Come with Me''
  38. Circa - It's Time
  39. United Pumpkin Sighting!??!?
  40. Problem with lossless Machina II from Western Avenue
  41. Billy did it. he went and got a sex change! (picture inside)
  42. Seeding: '93 SNL Rehearsals DVD
  43. SP Hub address?
  44. Looking for the white SP Heart shirt with text on back
  45. hey guys
  46. Do you prefer dvds in ac3 or pcm?
  47. Old
  48. TORRENT: Pink Floyd with Billy - Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction DVD
  49. semi-annual Silverfuck metro 2000 post
  50. Which is better SP or SP2?
  51. How many versions of SP have there been?
  52. anyone know the web address?
  53. Chronological Pumpkins Song Diskussion
  54. buddhist billy
  55. Rocket peach 7" + box on ebay
  56. Is Billy going Hollywood?
  57. James spotted yesterday.....
  58. which religion should Billy change to?
  59. HAHAHAHAHAHA etc. etc.
  60. Smashing Pumpkins in France and Screen name
  61. new album next month
  62. Gish gold display on eBay
  63. For Sale
  64. sell me this stuff somebody
  65. "I don't give a fuck about the fans"
  66. can somebody please explain this whole linda strawberry thing?
  67. Never Ever
  68. 3 strikes for Corgan
  69. Your Rarest Smashing Pumpkins Item
  70. Where is that topic...
  71. YSI
  72. Seriously...
  73. Vanity
  74. Project: Song Versions
  75. Billy - grow back your hair
  76. Favorite rumor?
  77. Haven't seen one of these for a while...but Bram has. Also, Esty is a douche.
  78. "D’Arcy and Iha would be in the studio bathroom doing lines off each other’s asses"
  79. official site is down
  80. Looking for a videoclip
  81. TAFH Youtube
  82. I have one of these
  83. I have this too.
  84. Gish is the best album the pumpkins ever did.
  85. Zero Cover
  86. you threw up on a what???
  87. Seeding: SP 9.11.96 Molson Centre, Montreal, Canada DVD
  88. Update
  89. NEW: MonteLDS Music Video for All Things Change
  90. The guts of Mellon Collie...
  91. torrent: 1996-02-10 upgrade
  92. Porcelina's guitar intro similar to 70's psych track "Unlock my door" by Fever Tree!
  93. "I'm Ready" a reply to Elton John's "Are You Ready For Love" ?
  94. what current bands does Billy like?
  95. black oblivion
  97. Home run for Billy Corgan
  98. Request: Can someone please yousendit Number of the Beast and Freedom...
  99. Yousendit: WYWH with Billy Corgan
  100. Billy's Ladies
  101. spinoff: Corgan's females
  102. Does anyone remember Fairy?
  103. TFE is my favourite album since machina.
  104. is Porcelina about a toilet?
  105. what is Jeniferever on?
  106. Someone give Jay Leno a pat on the back.
  107. Machina 2 FLAC
  108. KING BEE
  109. The Next Look
  110. TORRENT: 1994-02-09 Tokyo, JP (unheard of this existing)
  111. Try, Try Try video -- semen or vomit?
  112. Some cool Adore era shit on youtube...
  113. poor Interviewer
  114. Western Avenue
  115. Billy singing a Christmas Carol
  117. everlasting gaze suit
  118. TORRENT: Violent Femmes 2006-07-22 Festa Italiana; Milwaukee, WI, US
  119. Just wait...
  120. I need more Smashing Pumpkins NOW!!
  122. Lyrics
  123. sp1993-09-03B re-broadcast on german tv
  124. Pisces Iscariot 12" + 7"
  125. Youtube final metro show clip?...
  126. does ANYONE like the Fluke remixes??
  127. First Print LP??
  128. enough with these fucking ebay threads already
  129. what do you think of these SP covers.
  130. do you any of you just wanna fucking MOSH to the pumpkins
  131. Slow Dawn
  132. bugg superstar
  133. the SPIFC charity fundraiser
  134. Smashing Pumpkins - 9/24/06 in Farmington, CT *CONFIRMED*
  135. The new breed of EMO SP fans
  136. Iha update
  137. possible fake version of pisces vinyl on ebay?
  138. Solo performance booklet
  139. mott the nipple
  140. rate the pumpkin albums
  141. on which album do Jimmy's drums sound best?
  142. Silversun Pickups review compares them to SP
  144. Looks like something is actually happening...
  145. anyone with 1996-10-06
  146. Looking for a James Iha MTV promo
  147. if mcis was one disk
  148. more bootleg artwork
  149. Songs (mostly demos) in which Billy sounds like he could be recieving fellatio
  150. make a normal length cd for a non-sp fan: The Best of the Smashing Pumpkins...
  151. Lack of news
  152. dale meiners / ron roesing's marked vocals.
  153. linda strawberry is a brown nosing
  154. anyone who wants my All Things Change video in HD
  155. the marked song No Go Go reminds me of a funny story.
  156. Early Iha songs?
  157. how about instead of a white chick bassist, we get a soulfull black dude for SP2?
  158. Which songs shouldn't appear?
  159. Metro DVD as "bonus" with new album?
  160. TORRENT: 2000-05-06 [CSBmod>M1]
  161. Adore and Machina Vinyl
  162. Looking for a good Mellon Collie era DVD...
  163. Panic at the Disco can't get away with that in Chicago!
  164. BWBW video during Adore era
  165. Bangin' With Ashley blog (Corgan-related)
  166. Spun Soundtrack?
  167. Today on Beavis and Butthead
  168. Billy producing reunited Ozma?
  169. The Future has been Embraced
  170. Machina II Booklet
  171. Free Adore Display in western Mass
  172. Anyone have a high quality mp3 of The Beginning is the End is the Beginning?
  173. satellites info.
  174. Billy's Loyalty
  175. Pumpkins not at Lollapalooza 06
  176. Good & EVIL
  177. Is this a misprint?
  178. M1 Tracklist
  179. SP Artwork
  180. The Spiral Smiley
  181. The possible/probable new SP album cover has leaked.
  182. Pumpkins overlooked by Flaming Lips @ Lollapallooza
  183. umm wtf
  184. Billy Corgan = General Pickle
  185. Anyone get a mail from the sp list?
  186. Billy Corgan Compilation: 1985-1992
  187. James Iha MySpace bulletin
  188. Paul Chabala
  189. 8/10/88 is not sbd.
  190. United Center 11/29/00
  191. my Apples and Oranjes lyricsheet
  192. Torrent: Sonic Youth at Lollapalooza 2006-08-05
  193. Zwan MSOTS YouTube Video
  194. I cry when i listent to Disarm
  195. Good pumpkins songs for an acoustic open mic night?
  196. i cry when i listen to pistashio medly
  197. All the secret is a good thing
  198. TORRENT: 1996-10-06 COMPLETE!
  199. Let's all take a moment to remember Zwan
  200. New album
  201. Wierd
  202. Your Most Adored SP/ Zwan/ Corgan items
  203. Thru the eyes of ruby studio outtake
  204. Seeds for the 13 mix of WZRD?
  205. Best possible replacement for James Iha
  206. 1998-07-19 Complete DVD ??
  207. sp tributes
  208. If someone met a netphorian...
  209. Rockabye Baby - The new album, real artwork and track list here
  210. Another delightful story by Linda Strawberry
  211. DO you think Frank Quinto knows anything.
  212. Mellon Collie Vinyl... UK verses US
  213. Misspelled Siamese Singles
  214. re: the spoken word section of gatgc
  215. where is james iha?
  216. The best memory you had at a TSP concert.
  217. Tear - live from DAR constitution Hall, DC
  218. french movie theme appreciation post
  219. Smashing Pumpkins Movie
  220. TSP Myspace gone.
  221. vinyl and stuff for sale
  222. request
  223. I'm trying to find a certain welching bitch (sp related)
  224. UPDATE
  225. Live Farewell and Goodnight Appreciation Thread
  226. iso: teitbite remixes 2LP
  227. 1994-04-09 (AUD)
  228. This woman my father knows from work claims to have an SP tape from the pre-Gish era
  229. Which will we hear first? Music from the new band, or the new band lineup?
  230. What about the new website?
  231. Who played with Billy on the bozo show?
  232. the continual folly of bolly - roy thomas baker makes records loud at any volume
  233. Secret messages about new SP album in the last DARKNESS album?
  234. is anyone excited?
  235. Smashing Pumpkins story on blabbermouth
  236. Marquis in Spades.
  237. You know what? Stigmata still is pretty great.
  238. Here Is No Why MCIS Demos....
  239. State Of This Shit
  240. reports bout pumpkins
  241. D'arcy... she still on the rock?
  242. Billy Corgan to provide music for new Chicago Cubs "docu-comedy" indy film.
  243. Smashing Pumpkins Related Topic
  244. Machina II Help
  245. America's Funniest Home Videos (SP related)
  246. what if the new album was released "outkast style"
  247. What about the songs that James did help to write?
  248. 1996-02-07 DVD. I need help from some people here!
  249. greatest ever smashing pumpkins reference in "pop culture" history
  250. Not Worth Asking/Honey Spider II 7" test press