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  1. oh fuck. monte, you utter loon.
  2. Lull EP
  3. Achewood mentions the Pumpkins today
  4. who remembers that smashing pumpkins thing on
  5. Can Corgan really recover stardom with SP2??
  6. Underrated Pumpkins Tracks..
  7. itt: match a pumpkins song with an arbitrary superlative (super fun thread!!)
  8. Mary Star of the Sea hailed as No.1 singalong album
  9. What Label WIll the New Album be On?
  10. Zwan song 'For Your Love' a Cover?
  11. Sorry if this has been posted before, but......
  12. What is up with all The Smashing Pumpkins haters on this board?
  13. Album Sales?
  14. torrent: Zwan 2003-06-06 DVD
  15. whats the deal with that long-running private joke between billy and james?
  16. i think i'm starting to prefer machina II to machina I.
  18. If you could give rep to billy corgan...
  19. Song Counterparts
  20. tilt high quality mp3
  22. will you buy the new record?
  23. Anderson Cooper's Ipod playlist?!
  24. torrent: 1993-03-15
  25. BWBW video just came on TV.
  26. your least favorite song on each album
  27. How many copies will SP2 sell...
  28. May have just seen Billy at World Cup...
  29. May have seen Billy with a Cup
  30. zero l/s
  31. THE BET!!
  32. so, is Billy basically full of shit?
  33. Happy Birthday
  34. Henry Rollins asked about Corgan (2001)
  35. May have just realised that Billy IS the World Cup...
  36. May have just seen Billy with a laser gun...
  37. Now And Then Acoustic
  38. in the arms of sleep
  39. stand inside your love acoustic mp3
  40. Djali Zwan
  41. i just saw a depressing ad in a magazine.
  42. msots song appreciation
  43. "Billy Corgan Sucks" from youtube
  44. Anybody have torrent for summersault??
  45. Cherub Rock WLP 12"
  46. I wish I was a fan of Mariah Carey instead of Billy Corgan.
  47. funniest bolly lyrics.
  48. When will the new album really come out?
  49. You will never believe me.. but James Sighting
  50. I liked melissas thinky bass sound.
  51. Are we supposed to sympathize with the main characters of the "Try Try Try" video?
  52. Spaceboy
  53. angel shirt
  54. Melissa wants to be the bassist.
  55. Billy dissed in new Blender!
  56. Who Is This?
  57. Billy's Voice
  58. What is Netphoria in regard to Billy Corgan?
  59. Siamese Dream Demos - Quiet and Other Songs: A Collection of Songs for Album II
  60. lol
  61. Smashing Pumpkins RCMH 1998-08-02 DVD/VHS or UPGRADE AUDIO
  62. MCIS, the final 5 songs (appreciation kiosk)
  63. has anyone besides me...
  64. Jesus and the pumpkins or something
  65. Selling My Smashing Pumpkins Collection
  66. Cash Car Star is the best rock track of this century.
  67. The ending of "Love"
  68. Billy helps make Trent look good (apparently)
  69. Yet Another Shitty Smashing Pumpkins Cover
  70. Today sounds better in Standard tuning
  71. ISO/Trade list:
  72. tsp2000-09-18 Hamburg SBD question
  73. The Unicorns
  74. First SP2 Song Performed?
  75. 1996-10-06
  76. Has anyone ever...
  77. Hello Kitty Kat on the Siamese Dream Promo Tape
  78. untitled lyrics message
  81. Anyone want to host those Rocket covers?
  82. How to play shn files on the hub....
  84. Man look what that kid posted now on the trading board!
  85. are there actually any drummers who are even nearly as good as jimmy.
  86. "and you're lying, sad Peter Pan"
  87. Drown full version...
  88. Pumpkins bio
  89. Offer Up = one of the better unreleased Gish/SD songs
  90. Does someone have "Freedom ain't what it used to be" MP3"
  91. Mashing Pumpkins
  92. Billy isn't consistent
  93. SP Fonts for Macs
  94. billy is incontinent
  95. Billy's "You!" Versus Tom Petty's "Oh!"...Who Wins?
  96. How far did the Adore Documentary get?
  97. are there actually any jimmys who are even nearly as good as hawkins/goffey/cameron..
  98. So why does this board have special rules anyway?
  99. Everlasting Gayness
  100. So do we have to talk about the SP board rules on the gen board now?
  101. seriously... the longevity of the new smashing pumpkins
  102. Problems with RSPAA
  103. the Unofficial Spun Soundtrack
  104. Was Machina a natural progression ?
  105. Thirty-Three Spanish promo cd
  106. 1979 12" US?
  107. No new guitarist..
  108. I just eyaculate.
  109. List of unreleased songs
  110. Mastery & Conjecture appreciation.
  111. Look Ma! I'm having a Cherry Cola while I butter my toast
  112. Where are the good old fans?
  113. down again?
  114. James plays with America
  115. Chicago Tribune Ad: One Year On
  116. lover. best machina b side
  117. Rock On and Billy's Satire
  118. Ultimate MACHINA: 1 hr - pick the best. YOU make it!
  119. So apparently Sierra Swan is dating Billy Corgan...
  120. wasn;t someone looking for this 91-98 promo cd?
  121. 1979 used in Clerks II...
  122. So I met this guy who worked at chicago recording company
  123. favourite jam that never went anywhere
  124. Yet again. Another Music Video by Monte. Jupiter's Lament
  125. I think the sp revival could very well go like this:
  126. Jonathan Melvoin's car on
  127. Billy Corgan living with Courtney Love
  128. Ronald Edward Roesing to provide lyric updates for Marked Songs on!!
  129. John Popper?
  130. my mistake about jimmy?
  131. Stumbleine '98 Appreciation
  132. serious request here...
  133. Panic! at the disco cover Tonight Tonight
  134. James with Dimebag guitar, no scalping at MCIS tour, The Frogs playing what?
  135. Panic! At the disco cover pumpkins' "tonight tonight"
  136. New McMurderson Genius
  137. Did THE SP play near you?
  138. Bridge School '06
  139. Did Billy cheat with Yelena...
  140. Is Billy Corgan a big supporter of the RIAA?
  141. When gets updated...
  142. Zwan BBC
  143. Looking for this BC Poster
  144. TuralyonW3 called out by that douchebag from The Marked
  145. sorry but where can i find spun songs
  146. Have a question PLEASE help.
  147. mellowdrone live recordings??
  148. the singles + more
  149. corgan wearing earplugs during machina era
  150. Snaketrain 2nd demo tape...
  151. solo songs labelled as the Smashing Pumpkins
  152. Vintage Mission To Mars SP tshirt on ebay
  153. New album = Sad Fans
  154. Open Letter to James Iha
  155. If you don't like "Children of Gotham" you are an idiot.
  156. I'm thinking about selling my Siamese Dream Lyrics
  157. Open Letter to Billy Corgan
  158. TFE is awesome.
  159. Would you?
  160. HUM
  161. melissa/billy news. probably old.
  162. the marked had some diggable tunes.
  163. Snaketrain or The Marked?
  164. Open Letter to Melissa Auf Der Maur
  165. Open Letter to Jonathan Melvoin
  166. rock
  167. um yeah
  168. The World's Fair appreciation thread
  169. did billy ever explain what D.I.A stands for?
  170. does anyone remember that fake TFE that got posted
  171. Siamese Dream clean version
  172. Zwan High Qaulity Shows
  173. Rock Star: Smashing Pumpkins
  174. Jackie Blue
  175. he's gonna getcha
  176. Courtney: 'Marriage is on the cards.'
  177. davin, did you write up the spfc chronology?
  178. can someone please ysi czarina?
  179. Kenny Aronoff is a lolfest.
  180. did billy ever explain what STP stands for?
  181. I started my Mellon Collie sleeve tattoo today...
  182. i always hear the nothing + everything lyrics as
  183. There It Goes.
  184. Listen to the CameraEye...
  185. Wishlist of unreleased songs.
  187. at least they're using the heart logo
  188. Acoustic Melon Songs
  190. Add Some Vocals
  191. From the banana LP right, right.... right...
  192. New Billy Pics
  193. 7/2/96 new source
  194. ISO 04.16.96
  195. ISO: 1/29/07 Poster
  196. desperately looking for TILT
  197. that Lost in the Woods cover
  198. how long until we have actual sp news?
  199. I met Jimmy Chamberlin last year
  200. TORRENT: Wilco 2006-07-05 Summerfest; Milwaukee, WI, US
  201. Billy Corgan - Charlie Rose Interview on Google Video
  203. Billy Zwan and Sierra Swan travel to the hometown of The King
  204. Gish original mastering on CD
  205. Things you wish you'd bought at the time
  206. For Translucent, Brewer, Syco, etc. -- FINALLY my analog audio tape list
  207. Best single release?
  208. To Wonder
  209. can you get any of the early tapes on Torrents?
  210. Daniel Johnston Zwan cover???
  211. Billy corgan TFE Tour VIDEOS?? DVD?VHS? WANTED!!
  212. Who is the Darcy lookalike in the 1979 Video??
  213. A New Poetry
  214. Lee from Sonic Youth says.....
  215. (For Guitarists) Billy's Siamese Dream Performance Notes
  216. What happened to Billy's Confessions?
  217. What happened to bill's hair?
  218. "When a Man Falls in the Forest" 2006 - Film Music?
  219. ISO: 04.17.94 Rockwell Hall Buffalo, NY
  221. Zwan Proper.
  222. Adore
  223. Why does every damn video game and anime video on youtube use SP
  224. Soundgarden Rochester NY June 14 1994 UNCIRCULATED
  225. is there a kiwi called joe_sampson here?
  226. I Can't Find It!!
  227. Can someone please ysi the Stigmata soundtrack?
  228. Anyone have a big scan of this?
  229. favourite pumpkins banter/general comedy
  231. lets speculate on the release date time-frame of the new album
  232. I had a dream last night...
  233. tons of SP/Zwan bootart / download sp,zwan,bc songs
  234. Can anyone YSI the very last ZWAN show for me, please?
  235. happy Smashing Pumpkins Day
  236. Machina 2 CD Questions...
  237. Most photogenic Pumpkins era
  238. Does anyone have the photo of Billys strats all lined up?
  239. Reminder: Billy's induction of Pink Floyd to R&R Hall of Fame...
  240. Bd Jam ???
  241. Posters
  242. SP related fact
  243. i love discovering all the sweet rarities and early unreleased sp songs.
  244. now is this the official myspace for SP?
  245. Found a website that nobody will care about
  246. Sup guys?
  247. WTF James
  248. 11:05 Pastichio Medley
  249. Shows to transfer, and cd to torrent or what not? any takers?
  250. DAT Repairs