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  1. The Aeroplane Flies Lower
  2. i want you to have these
  3. Tilt on Japanese printing of TFE?
  4. ISO: old fan interview with corgan
  5. Billy Corgan and the beatles
  6. Love
  7. My Adore CD has an RE-1 matrix
  8. They can't call it The Smashing Pumpkins if......
  9. BWBW Video mix is different than album/single
  10. Reel Time Acoustic Session
  11. Billy's word on band's evolution (1998)
  12. pumpkins' influences?
  13. EIL?
  14. SP Poster
  15. the Be Strong Now video is pretty beautiful
  16. Can someone post Now(And Then) acoustic version?
  17. Who is Going to Write the E-Bow Solo's Now?
  18. Ron Roesing edits The Marked Wikipedia article
  19. TORRENT: Bell Orchestre The Pabst Theater; Milwaukee, WI, US
  20. Pick an Arising! show for me to download...
  21. Melancholy...
  22. Gish/SD, or Adore? What will the reformed Pumpkins sound like?
  23. New Pink Floyd PULSE DVD has Wish You Were Here performance with Billy
  24. APC "done for now" - no word on James
  25. Desperately seeking MCIS subway poster
  26. do you have faith in billy corgan?
  27. Question re: "out of print" material
  28. New pictures of Billy @ Music Video Production Awards (5/11)
  29. Starla
  30. In the Arms of Sleep Appreciation Thread
  31. Iha's Latest Project...
  32. Pumpkins mentioned in Breeders Digest issue #1
  33. Does The Aeroplane Flies High work as an album
  34. tsp1992-08-05 - Washington Square; Miami, FL, US DVD
  35. Vinyl Hunters: Here's an EIL bargain!!
  36. James Remixes Ladytron
  37. What are pre-release CD's used for?
  38. Where can I find Heavy Metal Machine (alt.) and Mercury Tree from BC's Myspace?
  39. Sexiest Pumpkins Performance Ever
  40. Eee-gad!
  41. Blinking with Fists
  42. heavy-handed modding
  43. Billy from 1897!
  44. Chicago Highlights??
  45. Russian Siamese Dream.
  46. William Corgan Sr.
  47. Billy plays with Alice in Chains last night
  48. My most ambitious cover art yet... Cherub Rock
  49. tsp-related mystery medley (yipee)
  50. Does anyone have and are willing to sell any these?
  51. Torrent: Billy w/ Alice in Chains 2006-05-18
  52. Two eBay auctions for Zwan stuff
  53. Does Machina 2 work as an album?
  54. If billy and you were to go on a date?
  55. Worst pumpking replacement/filler/sidekick?
  57. gravity demos
  58. I'm Ready and Pretty Pretty Star are great songs
  59. It's been almost seven years, guys.
  60. quick, post here what the fucks going on!
  61. movement: i should be mod of the SP BOARD
  62. will they remember the Netphorian Holocaust?
  63. Could someone post Tilt and Mini?
  64. Um,
  65. whats bill's favorite food
  66. Linda Strawberry should be mod
  67. From the NY Times, 21 May 2005:
  68. Ormond Beach City Limit: The Birthplace of Speed
  69. Alternate official BWBW video
  70. Favorite Vinyl?
  71. Exxxtreme Listening Thread:
  72. wow....
  73. Torrent: Much Music 98 - *******s full Transmission
  74. Ava Adore (Puff daddy remix) has it seen the light of day?
  75. Favorite song?
  76. i taught myself how to play the intro drums to I Am One
  77. What if the band broke up after Jimmy's overdose?
  78. Guys, I really think this could be Bill:
  79. what if the band breaks up . . .
  80. The Last Hard Men
  81. The A-X of Alternative Music...
  82. sad to say that the majority of SP fans have no respect for SP (band/members)
  83. How many of you like shit
  84. i taught myself how to play the intro guitar to Today
  85. Favorite Cassette?
  86. thisiswar - Today Cover
  87. just some stuff
  88. What if Billy never met James ?
  89. Will Billy Show Up?
  90. / /
  91. Quote from Billy - MCIS tour 10/29/96
  92. Will Billy join SP2?
  93. Strawberry art on Myspace now (SFW)
  94. How do you pronounce Machina?
  95. Smashing return mentioned in new Stuff mag
  96. Pharmacy On-Line,best prices on the web
  97. how do you pronounce Glass' Theme?
  98. FS: gish carlp16
  99. you're full of shit!
  100. R+S cover by theSTART?
  101. Pumpkins mentioned on Howard Stern
  102. Interesting reference in Donnie Darko...
  103. Does anybody actually read Blinking with Fists?
  104. Billy Corgan hates poetry
  105. the other untitled music video
  106. Billy is a perfectionist
  107. The Smashing Pumpkins on the Muppets 1997 (youtube)
  108. Looking for SP/Zwan/Billy's concert set lists!
  109. Secret Message in "Try Try Try"
  110. Anyone have an mpeg/avi of this Zwan song?
  111. Matt Sweeney
  112. How many of you will leave once the oboard is back?
  113. Looking for MCIS-era Conan Obrien clips...
  114. Favorite SP Guitar solo?
  115. similar artwork / font type to MCIS
  116. Billy Corgan be in the new benefiber commercial
  117. Best version of Transmission?
  118. tales of a scorched billy
  119. B-sides on new album?
  120. Worst BWBW cover ever made...
  121. Favourite spguitar solo?
  122. how do you think billy managed to keep such a tight lid on his marriage?
  123. possible Pumpkins influence in BLS
  124. Linda playing with royal bliss.
  125. get a load of this guy!!
  126. Remember that crazy strawminator (old thread)
  127. In this thread, you dedicate a song to bill
  128. guess new album title
  129. Possible Pumpkins Influence in Ali G
  130. question re: there it goes
  131. everybody fucking chill out
  132. i like how some of the graceful swans footage is totally scripted
  133. if james isn't interested in rejoining sp, he should at least
  134. To CorganRules and Smashingjj (and pretty much all their Alikes)
  135. Billy performs w/ Holly Brook & Sierra Swan
  136. lossless versions of puff daddy's remix of perfect
  137. torrent: SP 2000-06-20 Pacifico, Yokohama, JP [AUD]DVD
  138. lossless puff daddy perfect remixes?
  139. LET'S FIND THIS IMAGE: sp sacred heart with zero
  140. KROQ
  141. Paul Chamberlin
  142. Life's a bummer When you're a hummer Life's a drag
  143. Is there a For Martha demo with vocals?
  144. two things about jimmy
  145. what did sp use to create all those atmospherics?
  146. Moon Demo
  147. 1000th Rolling Stone issue
  148. canadian try, try, try promo
  149. whoaaa
  150. Possible Pumpkins influence on TheFutureEmbrace
  151. I hate myself and want to die
  152. billy's prolificacy.
  153. according to
  154. How can you be a fan but not like James and Darcy?
  155. tsp 2000-06-30 AUD DVD (complete)
  156. So how come all bands SP influenced, gothic and EMO.
  157. "SP2" or: a train on which i haven't yet been but on which i am now considering being
  158. "Cause You're All Whores and I'm a Fag" -BC
  159. What method do you think Bill Jr. would use to pwn himself?
  160. Let me tell you something about jimmys balls...
  161. track 17. unknown (live on unknown date)
  162. Has everyone already seen the video of 1991-10-22 atomic records, milwaukee, wi?
  163. Looking for Siamese Dream CD logo
  164. You guys are hilarious.
  165. whats bill's fav color
  166. Mike Garson
  168. Eric Avery in the brand spankin new SP poll.
  169. large splra update
  171. Bill's Religion
  172. Never seen this vid. Perfect - Sao Paulo
  173. Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Drums Vol. 1
  174. Zwan had some good moments.
  175. Billy Corgan and Billy Howerdel
  176. consider this Sophie's-Choice-style dilemma
  177. Nothing and Everything
  178. Mick Foley inspires Billy Corgan to make better music..
  179. Stephen Lynch imitating BC
  180. Nothing and Everything Poll
  181. Request: 2000-05-02 Greensboro, NC
  182. Soot and Stars: the saddest song Billy has ever written
  183. I can't believe you guys actually LIKE the pumpkins!
  184. I believe In You Corgan
  185. My band plays Cherub Rock
  186. Zwan on SNL
  187. How should the next cd sound?
  188. Fill me in
  189. zeig heil!
  190. the concept behind SP2
  191. New SP producer
  192. Billy Acoustic Concert
  193. Key to the machina mystery...
  194. zwan influence on new thom yorke solo album‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽‽R
  195. How come no one mentioned Billy's appearance in X-Men 3?
  196. manson giving billy kiss
  197. Jimmy on SP in Batterie
  198. When A Man Falls In the Forest
  199. TheFutureEmbrace vs. The Eraser
  200. Jennifer ever video
  201. i saw PAZ today
  202. Speed Kills arising version appreciation thread
  203. Smashing Pumpkins Vinyl for sale
  204. I'm lookin' for some Zwan songs
  205. Is video of the 6/30/00 Budokan show available online anywhere?
  206. Best sounding Arising! show?
  207. 7 Track Promo FT/FS
  208. SP DVD's
  209. why Mellon Collie doesnt work for me
  210. TFE vs. TE Poll
  211. TORRENT: The Walkmen 2006-06-02
  212. question--2000.09.27 ANA source
  214. About Baby Darcy
  215. FS: Starchildren Black 7"
  216. Help Pumpkins Fans whats wrong with my tracks?!!
  217. Welcome to our new mod Corganist
  218. you were mine mp3 & risen interview?
  219. Josh Freese, honorary Netphorian
  220. Snake Train
  221. Honeyspider Appreciation Thread
  222. Has william been introduced to scientology yet?
  223. Depressing Pumpkins discussion...
  224. Mick Foley vs. Autechre
  225. Original MSOTS Tracklist
  226. FS: Black 7" Rubber cock
  227. SP2 = no Metro DVD ?
  228. oh fuck. monte, you utter loon.
  229. Lull EP
  230. Achewood mentions the Pumpkins today
  231. who remembers that smashing pumpkins thing on
  232. Can Corgan really recover stardom with SP2??
  233. Underrated Pumpkins Tracks..
  234. itt: match a pumpkins song with an arbitrary superlative (super fun thread!!)
  235. Mary Star of the Sea hailed as No.1 singalong album
  236. What Label WIll the New Album be On?
  237. Zwan song 'For Your Love' a Cover?
  238. Sorry if this has been posted before, but......
  239. What is up with all The Smashing Pumpkins haters on this board?
  240. Album Sales?
  241. torrent: Zwan 2003-06-06 DVD
  242. whats the deal with that long-running private joke between billy and james?
  243. i think i'm starting to prefer machina II to machina I.
  245. If you could give rep to billy corgan...
  246. Song Counterparts
  247. tilt high quality mp3
  249. will you buy the new record?
  250. Anderson Cooper's Ipod playlist?!