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  1. A Smashing Pumpkins shirt in China
  2. SPLRA - Another Update
  3. Nearly a year on from the release of his 1st solo album
  4. The Pumpkins may never get back together...
  5. Identify Tab
  6. Follow up to "Nearly a year since his first solo album"
  7. Billy Corgan & Ken Wilber
  8. rare pumpkins rootage
  9. this board is for billy corgan fans!
  10. new pic of billy
  11. ‘Destroy Walt Disney’s Head’ Pleads Corgan.
  12. Hello
  13. Let Your Lazer Love Light Shine Down
  14. 666 jdm seeder needed
  15. Nearly a year on from Billy's "Just trust me a little bit..." speach
  16. the next five years
  17. when's the Chicago Songs CD/DVD coming out?
  18. torrent: 1994-05-23 + 1995-12-XX DVD
  19. Attn: Bill Corgan
  20. ok, i think its about time we took matters into our own hands
  21. so what's new in taping?
  22. Smashing Pumpkins Cover Band (Athens, 4/14/06)
  23. lots of pictures of billy, sp, and zwan
  24. ...and I was hoping all the religious stuff was over with...
  25. the only way the Pumpkins will solidify a "legacy" is with a reunion tour
  26. B&P Offer: early Radiohead demos
  27. Billy Corgan wants to be a part of your sex life
  28. SP Freaks questions
  29. this months issue of Guitar World
  30. Satellites clip
  31. SP/Zwan titles
  32. BC writing novel?
  33. i think we should listen to sp in synchronicity.
  34. Chicago's Top Artists
  35. you know that flash animation?
  36. White Spyder - Acoustic Cover
  37. up for sale
  38. a smashing pumpkins medley
  39. the stark majesty of Waiting gets me every time.
  40. New pic of Billy
  41. need help with shn bullshit
  42. Does anyone still have all those Netphorian covers of Rocket?
  43. WNUR inerview on mashed potatoes...
  44. itt, we post awesome banter
  45. fellow smashing pumpkins fans
  46. Like Oh My God, What's Your Favorite SP Song, Mine's Rat in a Cage
  47. Do You Have a Smashing Pumpkins Ringtone and Which Song Is It
  48. Is Zwan One of the Top 10 One-Album Bands of All-Time?
  49. Favorite lyrics by album?
  50. Everyone is not a Zwan
  51. hey there guyth.
  52. Lokicat (instrumental version)
  53. what other bands do you all like?
  54. No "happy easter" from Billy
  55. 1989 Demo 7"
  56. my new pimped out bootlist
  57. so im going thru my psych text book
  58. Billy Spotting
  59. Value of Rocket CD Single
  60. ytmnd
  61. Billy and Courtney in LA - photos
  62. Wow The "Is Zwan The Best 1 Album Band" Thread Proves What Morons Are On The SP Board
  63. How Much Would You Shell Out for Tickets to an SP Reunion Show?
  64. does anyone have any sp vinyl that they want to part with?
  65. VH1 Classic Albums/SD or MCIS?
  66. Chicago songs
  67. favourite lyric around the 2:16 minute mark in any slow part of siamese dream
  68. I Think I Saw Billy at the Cubs-Dodgers Game Last Night in LA
  69. hahahahahaha oh god hahahaha
  70. I saw Billy
  71. Were There Racial Undertones in the Smashing Pumpkins Songs, Videos
  72. the manny chevorlet bit in vieuphoria is still pretty good
  73. Haha, She believes
  75. Why do you guys think that the next sp album will be any better than machina?
  76. Should the band be called SP2?
  77. Iha
  78. No idea if you've seen, but if its real, it is big.
  79. Why did Lisa Germano leave the adore tour?
  80. Billy Sighted in LA with Paris Hilton
  81. Billy Sighted in Paris at the Hilton
  82. HAHA!!! Manny Chevrolet running for New Orleans Mayor!!
  83. Reading '92/'95 vids
  84. Will U join the army of those who like Machina & dislike those who dislike Machina?
  85. What SP1 song would you play at.. (vol. 2)
  86. Found a board full of SP haters.
  87. We are ahead of the curve, as usual, with SP news.
  88. hey davin how come you changed your font color ya fuckin pussy
  89. SP Marketing
  90. How come Corgan and Iha doesnt have a Chicago accent?
  91. rockin' out to Bullet Train to Osaka
  92. I can't wait for the SP2: Renew and Revive tour!
  93. awww remember these?
  94. First SP2 (or whatever they're called) Video should be w/ Dayton/Faris
  95. Smashing Pumpkins Official fanclub?
  96. Continuity when SP returns...
  97. One year ago: BC in Paris
  98. lol @ lyric video
  99. Green Buffalos (Lokicat with Mike Garson)
  100. how much is the 1979 cassette single worth?
  101. I like Strayz
  102. It's official, SP2 website is fake
  103. this is kind of nauseating...
  104. Anxiety dream of David Pajo
  105. Walking Shade Stills
  106. Is there an official line up for "sp2"?
  107. this pretty much sums up why i love the pumpkins.
  108. Torrent: Kill Hannah 2006-04-19
  109. The state of analog preservation on a digital format.
  110. Interesting (old) article I'd never seen before.
  111. Billy to write new Pumpkins album 'while upside down'.
  112. ava adore music video
  113. most popular pumpkins song?
  114. Billy Corgans Reaview
  115. so why didn't SP/Corgan demos surface post Machina?
  116. is there anywhere i can download graceful swans of never/full circle?
  117. fantastically funny use of sp lysics.....
  118. James and D'arcy are in...
  119. Torrent: Minus The Bear 2006-04-21
  120. what´s up with spfc?
  121. James and Darcy are in. . .
  122. A couple of musical questions.
  123. Machina has awkward production
  124. Pedal question
  125. PI + 7" #8/2000 on eBay
  126. Another mildly boring Billy factoid.
  127. Wow! I guess SP will gonna be together again...?!!
  128. drum question
  129. UNFORTUNATELLY, James and D'arcy are not in, definatelly!
  130. So I'm finally downloading Mashed Potatoes
  131. 1996/08/28 - Two different transfers?
  132. Fuck You
  133. Melissa is more Pumpkins than D'arcy. Discuss
  134. XYU 960407 = sickest SP performance ever
  135. whats your take on this...dedication or pure idiocy?
  136. Any feedback of Jimmy Pro Drum session (M-audio) ?
  137. Upload via USB possible with Hi-MD?
  138. When Photoshop goes bad...
  139. True Fan Pop Quiz
  140. D'arcy is in
  141. Joe Shanahan, Mike Potential & others sound-off about new SP Album
  142. Anti-Linda Strawberry Petition
  143. 1992/01/18 Recording Equipment--Solved?
  144. Well, I guess Paz isn't in, either . . .
  145. hey! can someone ysi the viper room version of lmgtwty?!
  146. Download some Zwan B-sides here
  147. know what i'm looking forward to?
  148. YSI: "today" on Beavis & Butt-head
  149. Help!
  150. which is worse
  151. MCIS Epic Faceoff
  152. I just wanna see Billy rawk
  153. Take me Down
  155. If I Could Only Listen to One More Song...
  156. Billy plays with Courtney Love
  157. official kill billy corgan fundraiser thread
  158. hey! can someone ysi the adore version of lmgtwty?!
  159. I just wanna see Billy's cawk
  160. petition for immediate abortion of this board
  161. Psycho Tape
  162. Looking for these shows
  163. hey! can someone ysi the machina acoustic demos version of lmgtwty?!
  164. The greatest thing happened to me on Vacation.
  165. Billy's MySpace Greatest (S)Hits
  166. promo albums question
  167. what's Billys religion?
  168. Meladori Magpie Tab.
  169. Glass & The Ghost Children
  170. stuff of interest to collectors
  171. Smashing Pumpkins - Rarities and B-Sides EMI 4/5/05
  172. Wound
  173. Wound
  174. Glynis
  175. dross m2 vs. dross faeomm tape
  176. Ransom Soundtrack
  177. Untitled
  178. French Movie Theme
  179. If someone has one of these, please own up to it...i want to lynch you.
  180. Me Plus One (James Iha Remix)
  181. News about reunion : Jimmy interview in French drum magazine
  182. Daphne Descends
  183. has this already been discussed?
  184. Siamese Dream - masturbatory clip
  185. Why are we calling it SP2?
  186. Favorite SP lineup
  187. secret messages in raindrops & sunshowers
  188. Hot or Not?
  189. What's the best show of 1992?
  190. Do you guys think this'll be usual 2 years to create a pumpkins album?
  191. a Walking Shade cover
  192. can anyone point me to one or some of the better drow~hummer combos
  193. Your opinions:
  194. your favorite pumpkins show
  195. Lost in the Woods (by Billy)
  196. Zwan extras/ B sides/ whatever
  197. Linda Strawberry Wikipedia
  198. Best Sp Tattoos
  199. Obscure Pumpkins Songs
  200. Help needed: "fucking whore" live
  201. mina loy is arguably the best song written this century (thus far)
  202. First SP album you owned
  203. how 'bout them pumpkins?
  204. if the Revived Smashing Pumpkins released...
  205. smashing pumpkins song instrumentation challenge
  206. Guitar noise inquiry
  207. So has Bill announced his big surprise yet?
  208. wtf happened with that professer who damaged his hearing @ SP concert?
  209. Jane Iha
  210. improve the historical accuracy of this image
  211. wasn't someone looking for this?
  212. Cheap Siamese Dream Wood Box - Ending Soon...
  213. ...fucker...
  214. Budokan 2006-06-30
  215. FS ? Siva / Rhino 7"
  216. Best quality FutureEmbraceTour show on WesternAve?
  217. Iha + new America CD
  218. Billy on Conan?
  219. Rocket single for sale
  220. Rare Lollapalooza footage: Billy playing with The Frogs
  221. Billy Corgan Living With Courtney Love??
  222. news about sp2 album
  223. Darcy coming back......
  224. My most ambitious cover yet... Cherub Rock
  225. look what i made
  227. does anybody have billy's excrepts from (t)here magazine?
  228. "We Only Come Out At Night" is a searing indictment of the Republican Party
  229. brand new fender blender w/boss adapter
  230. Way better guitar playing than spshitar and his idol Billy 'Slow fingers' Corgan
  231. uh... corgan and love live.. . seems to be true
  232. redirected to TSP now
  233. Corgan to be at MVPA Awards tonight. . . get your tix!
  234. Strange story
  235. "When a Man Falls in the Forest"
  236. SPFC is BACK!!!
  237. Sparrow lyrics update
  238. the first GREAT pumpkins song...
  239. How did Billy Corgan go from The Marked to Smashing Pumpkins?
  240. Hidden messages in the SP heart on
  241. Billy Corgan and The Yardbirds
  242. hey guys do you like cover of TAFH by teamsleep?
  243. TFE Ripoff?
  244. Looking for L'orgie sonore poster
  245. Presented for your approval, a sample of Linda Rowberry's writings
  246. since we are rehashing old shit 'cause we need to amuse ourselves....
  247. what was the first SP song you heard?
  248. according to wikipedia
  249. Hey guys seriously who do you think will be in SP2?
  250. Stigmata soundtrack