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  1. remember when I was bitching about how Now (and then) never grew on me...
  2. I think it's safe to say that Bugg Superstar is dead!
  3. SP 5 yrs ago
  4. ne1 has cover art?
  5. who is/was STARLA
  6. Rarities and B-sides
  7. Teh P0lly
  8. The myspace is/was fake.
  9. 940412 flac
  10. Best 1-2 punch on each album
  11. i watched the zwan dvd today
  12. anyone still have that zwan love to love full version?
  13. It is true that Billy Corgan was ever a robot?
  14. Anyone else heard about this?
  15. Where do you guys get all the live songs?
  16. can't find the funnest thread I ever read -help !
  17. question--unsurfaced metro sources
  18. On posting Billy's blog entries...
  19. Looking for anything online concerning the recording of Adore
  20. OMFG! Billy Corgan Experience!~@!#
  21. White Spyder appreciation thread
  22. Petition for SP2 to visit Australia on their tour!
  23. my sp dvds for your n64 games.
  24. Pic of Billy is quite beautiful
  25. bad bad billy behavior
  26. I've never seen this
  27. Arising Tour Shirt
  28. Machina Acoustic Demos - Wound tab?
  29. Judas 0 should have had ....... instead of Believe?
  30. 17
  31. Zwan Grand Rapids shows?
  32. I can not stand this silence Billy
  33. Compile a tracklisting
  34. Un-released Live SP song
  35. MCIS 10th Anniversary Tomorrow
  36. ava adore and crush appreciation thread
  37. Euphoradio
  38. 0mg!! BuRYmebC has teh 2000-12-02 VIDEO!!
  39. I found this SP page
  40. The Return of Hexen
  41. 666 upgrade on TTD
  42. St. Mary Star of the Sea Church (Key West) on CNN
  43. When D'arcy was hot...
  44. best quality M2 rips?
  45. Bring it Jimmy
  46. "All Things Change" Remix
  47. Anyone know if there is a no-error version of this recording?
  48. Mellon Collie era live videos
  49. the way...
  50. was there ever a full version of love lies in ruin available?
  51. What Australian show was it that Billy threw the hissy fit over people requesting SP?
  53. Where's Billy?
  54. Best quality recordings of these songs?
  55. Anyone up for some snail mail trading
  56. When exactly was 666 video recorded?
  57. 2000-12-02 Video DVD & MPG
  58. Double Door Halloween Concert
  59. IVY in the Clear with James Iha?
  60. flavin
  61. Iha DJing in LA tonight
  62. Drown promo cd
  63. I found a James Iha interview online.
  64. interesting billy article (not an interview)
  65. Scans for SPLRA, translucent, tcm, dean moriarty, quandar, & anyone else interested
  66. sox are cox
  67. I'd kill my mom to go to the atlanta show in 98
  68. Western Avenue gone for good! WTF
  69. Best live version
  70. Innosense music video
  71. Smashing Pumkins Tour names???
  72. Pisces Iscariot
  73. CONTEST: Billy Picks Winner
  74. GATGC Outro=Blissed & Gone
  75. TEG was originally called Disco King coz...
  76. wanna see my impression of James Iha?
  77. Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls) on Billy Corgan in Japan
  78. ISO: James Iha live
  79. Billy takes out another newspaper advertisement,announcing reunion
  80. autumn appreciation post
  81. what do we think of this
  82. what the heck? billy, again?
  83. i found out where billy has been.
  84. ETLSOOM: the 1979 single cover
  85. 1996/04/07 DVD torrent
  86. Ein abend in Wien online
  87. does the song think you know from the spun soundtrack exist in full mp3 form?
  88. Time to Smash Pumpkins!
  89. New Live Album!!!
  90. machina promo video
  91. Coolest Poster?
  92. What kind of strat did billy play most?
  93. 1994-03-24 Southern Illinois University; Carbondale, IL, US [AMT #1] DVD
  94. SP & The Boredoms?
  95. The new issue of SPIN is just a Billy ripfest, isn't it?
  96. D'arcy
  97. Bodies Video?
  98. Why the hell would anyone let D'Arcy sing in public?
  99. JCC 2005/05/17 - Trees, Dallas, US (AUD)
  100. Um so yeah take a close look at your TFE booklet.
  101. Zwan Paris Acoustic download?
  102. How about we hire Billy.
  103. Green Day video
  104. itt, we appreciate speed kills
  105. This Forum Has...
  106. This Forum Has...
  107. TheFutureEmbrace movie
  108. r. zimmer, etc.
  109. How sweet are these?
  110. Untitled promo cd
  111. Apathy's last kiss
  112. 1993-10-10 Denver FLAC
  113. I miss Cowboy Bill
  114. photo trivia
  115. Why hasn't Billy been diagnosed as Aspergers?
  116. best version of rock on > heavy metal machine?
  117. Zwan rough mixes?
  118. Milwaukee Show - 1991
  119. Where can I get a Corgan-like sweater?
  120. Smashing Pumpkins Clothes
  121. I'll pay good money for a size-Medium Resume the Pose shirt
  122. I'll pay good money for a size-Medium Resume the Pose shirt
  123. I finally bought the Honestly single
  124. Now you too can sleep with Billy
  125. Why hasn't Billy been diagnosed with Asparagus?
  126. H@ttori H@nzo
  127. Does anyone have To Love you - Zwan?
  128. Storytellers uncut
  129. the smashing pumpkins were so cool, man
  130. What the hell is this?
  131. "I might like you better if we slept together".....what show?
  132. holy shit
  133. according to
  134. looking for machina demos version wound guitar tab.
  135. right back where we started
  136. Have you met the pumpkins before?
  137. There is no density to bass
  138. who opened the aussie/japan TFE shows?
  139. James in NYC 11/17
  140. an interesting tidbit
  141. create your own TSP tribute album.
  142. When you think pumpkins what songs come to mind first?
  143. SP on the wikipedia
  144. Masters of Horror: "Dance Of The Dead" tonight
  145. December 2nd 2005
  146. Petition to release the Chicago Songs DVD
  147. does billy finance all his own musical endeavours?
  148. Paz sings like a dying cat
  149. ISO: Vinyl Collection
  150. interview with billy
  151. rehersal pic..........
  152. Dallas people: 6:20pm yesterday on 102.1 The Edge (D'arcy news?)
  153. This one guy that looks just like Billy
  154. 2000/05/21 - Diginoise
  155. That guy really DOES look like Billy
  156. LISTED's 20 greatest videos of all time.
  157. billy corgan solo b-sides (live and otherwise)
  158. good Zero cover.
  159. Good Old Billy Corgan
  160. why does everyone like the Jools Holland version of Ava Adore?
  161. Rockin Adore
  162. adore cover
  163. BC in Cologne 6-11-2005 Pics for d/l
  164. Last United Center show
  165. News!
  166. Petition to stop petitioning Billy Corgan
  167. 4 years since first Glass House show today
  168. Dudes, how do you put a comment in a md5sum file?
  169. James; is that you?
  170. Is anyone maintaining these days?
  171. suffer
  172. Stylus Magazine article
  173. Watch Out
  174. Where would the world be without content?
  175. Question re Smashing Pumpkins 1996-01-02 The Phoenix, Toronto DVD
  176. Billy sighted
  177. Billy TV Sighting
  178. So I heard the new tribute album
  179. Earphoria promo
  180. best overall quality BC solo show available?
  181. 11-20-93 WUST Music Hall DVD
  182. Siamese Dream vinyl colors
  183. Chicago Music Awards
  184. Internet radio?
  185. ISO 2000/03/10 MusiquePlus MP3s!
  186. Sax Player with JCC, 4/28/05
  187. Mini, DIA, and Tilt are the best non-covers to come off of TFE
  188. Draw a Smashing Pumpkins member on microsoft Paint
  189. Does anyone else laugh when they see TFE in the store?
  190. Jesus Is the Sun v. Jesus Loves His Babies
  191. the hub
  192. Foolproof Plan to get the band to re-unite!
  193. where's a b sides cd of tfe
  194. Yay! Now we can practice Voo Doo on Billy
  195. If TFE were BC's first ever release (no Marked, SP, Zwan, etc.), would you...
  196. Autumn Nocturne Appreciation Thread
  197. I have now played on the same stage as b0lly
  198. Gorillaz Manchester Shows
  199. which show to torrent
  200. Billy and Jimmy are being dicks
  201. I have a Zwan poster.
  202. Rate each of these on a scale of 0-100
  203. WithEveryLight Closure
  205. BWBW on U2 dvd
  206. Time for a new SBD/Pre-FM to surface
  207. Jilly and Bimmy are being dicks
  208. Mysterious vinyl
  209. melissa's status
  210. 98 footage
  211. Jonathan Morrill
  212. metro dvd (pre-appreciation christmas thread)
  213. arising! tour torrents on zomb
  214. hey mcmurderson
  215. Kid with SP shirt on CBS news about grandma gamers
  216. ISO: Now + Then acoustic MP3
  217. spinoff: favorite sp videos best to worst.
  218. 114 previously unreleased songs
  219. Billy's best ever?
  220. Melissa Auf Der Maur v. Darcy Wretzky
  221. which SP song would you like to be covered and from which artist?
  222. A Drone / Speed
  223. thir13ens' all hallows remixes
  224. Who *really* played bass on Not Worth Asking?
  225. helklo i wod lik a smshin pumpkin symese dream plz
  226. mashed potatoes question: Godzilla
  227. Holy Shit! I just got my hands on the Metro DVD!
  228. best d'arcy's hairstyle
  229. [the official reunion album title suggestion thread]
  230. Anyone know the first show Billy played bald?
  231. bill the catholique
  232. Once in a Lifetime goosebumps version
  233. feeling very bad: out-of-tune string on siva!
  234. MCATIS 3LP Question
  235. MC Hammer is Smashing Pumpkins!
  236. did i miss anythin?
  237. Machina is better at an ungodly volume
  238. Rocket: ONXRT Live From The Archives Volume 3
  239. WIP SPMB Archive (sorta) online
  240. WTD Slint and Tortoise shows
  241. FS: burymebc
  242. Urgent news from Natn'l Enquirer:New Lyrics for Billy Corgan's solo album
  243. Machina II Promo on Ebay
  244. Releasing 2/26/94 Full Show
  245. Feelium
  246. billy corgan and shirley manson at Grammy´s
  247. Today is the 2nd of December
  248. i know you're going to hate me for this, but i need hub help
  249. This message is for anyone who cares to hear a fool...
  250. Sorting out sources of 1998/05/23