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  1. what if? a Mellon Collie sextuple lp
  2. What does the Machina Mystery mean?
  3. Urgent news from Rolling Stone: Billy Corgan gets abducted by aliens
  4. James Iha info
  5. "the echo rings forever on"
  6. Machina
  7. So I picked this promo up for $3 today..
  8. mcmurderson
  9. BWBW Live Performance on Yahoo! Music
  10. Jonathon and Valerie Ferris TV Pilot??
  11. just another pic of PI+F j-card
  12. the "Performance Take" of the Rocket video
  13. Billy on par with Beatles and Floyd?
  14. Couldn't Billy do what Prince did?
  15. that zwan car
  16. Billy officially embraces the 'bonka' moniker/ myspace vanishing mystery... SOLVED
  17. more prayman plz
  18. your rarest signature from bOolly
  19. Bill Corgan is alive!!!
  20. SP Items on eBay
  21. Blue Skies Bring Tears
  22. What pumpkins songs DON'T you like, pathetic fanboys?
  23. jcc's lullaby.
  24. Vieuphoria DVD
  25. does anyone own the siamese singles box set?
  26. speaking of barely audible backing vocals...
  27. TORRENT: tsp1990-12-31 new more complete low gen transfer
  28. Time signature in Streetcrawler
  29. check out this guys myspace page..."smashing pumpkins 2006*"
  30. ATTN: Anyone with a known source of 1997-02-05
  31. yelena yemchuk lookalike
  32. Mmmm... What?
  33. "Lost 94 Tapes" on Vieuphoria DVD
  34. ive searched
  35. Could anyone find it in their heart...
  36. Machina Acoustic Demos = Tragic
  37. How many Pumpkins CD's have you rebought?
  38. Emptiness is a throat lozenge
  39. Open for trading
  40. The Second to Last Gig Ever?
  41. The Second to Last Gig Ever?
  42. Anyone know where I can find Sales figures?
  43. Disarm - 1994 MTV Music Awards?
  44. July 22, 2007 - The Metro 25th Anniversary
  45. Machina Acoustic Demos v. TheFutureEmbrace
  46. FLAC T-shirts
  47. Ran across this story on
  48. A Billy Bonka video game where Billy does in fact BONK things.
  49. Where do Machina songs sound best?
  50. Should the new Pumpkins just be Billy and Jimmy?
  51. Viagra does wonders....
  52. Anyone have this picture in a bigger size?
  53. Billy, if you are "spying on your fans"!!!
  54. can anyone be that Spiritually Arrogant???
  55. Pisces Iscariot and Friends?
  56. insomniac
  57. I told him my name is Fred
  58. hah zwan hasnt been played on sirius satelite radio since 2004
  59. mcmurderson, you've done it again.
  60. James has BWBW playing on his Myspace site... is this a sign??
  61. The Triad Of Man
  62. new linda strawberry boob shot leaked
  63. Crestfallen - VH1 fashion awards.
  64. Zwan - Acoustically
  65. Gish Poster
  66. TORRENT: Billy on 99x, June 22nd, 2005
  67. money well spent
  68. What is your favorite live version of disarm?
  69. Billy playing with Bauhaus 1998-08-28
  70. I just burned the greatest MP3 disc of all-time...
  71. FS: Pumpkins mags, videos
  72. favorite Bolly quotes, yo!
  73. during stand inside your love (live)..
  74. I combined MACHINA I and II and this is what I came up with, OMG OMG OMG
  75. Just saw Graceful Swans of Never
  76. A New Poetry
  77. Rare MP3 Trades
  78. Favorite live versions of the following songs (for mix cd of good live tracks.)
  79. ISO: 2000/07/04 DVD
  80. wish list for new official site
  81. James Iha's solo album is a better album than most of the Pumpkins albums
  82. ANNC Torrent: TSP 1997-02-05 New Orleans, LA, USA
  83. do you think boOlly hates us?
  84. The Arising sound should of been dumped right onto CD...
  85. TheFutureEmbrace has passed.
  86. Stupid Blender magazine
  87. Are those tribute albums out yet?
  88. There It Goes... so perfect... EXCEPT!
  89. Future Embrace rant
  90. I met Jimmy last summer
  91. Just wondering... (Mashed Potatoes)
  92. Don't you just hate it when.......
  93. FS: Rare SP 7"ers
  94. New Billy Interview (About the Cubs)
  95. Can't wait for the next time I go to a Billy concert!
  96. I need help with these songs
  97. ? about rare songs
  98. How do I join the hub?
  99. ask billy...
  100. funny b0lly pics
  101. Billy's funnest tunes
  102. Siamese Dream Vinyl
  103. SD Vinyl
  104. Is it a game?
  105. Someone explain to me how Billy's new guitars work
  106. Spaceboy Live...
  107. Any SP member from starting line up in NYC FROM Oct 5th till 12?
  108. James TRIED to join the comeback of The Smashing Pumpkins?
  109. Anyone else have problems with ZOMB?
  110. Anyone else have problems with ZOMB?
  111. question about recent corgan tour
  112. Tonight Tonight on AFL Grand Final
  113. Old official sp website
  114. Billy's show on the 25th of june
  115. someone tells you they have never heard a pumpkins song, what would your mix tape be?
  116. alternate
  117. Will we ever see BC live dvds?
  118. n00b gear question
  119. torrent vs mp3
  120. Does anyone else think it a bit of a joke that Geek wasn't played at the final show?
  121. Remastered glasshouse show?
  122. Is there any way of finding out if TSP have met up at a recording studio?
  123. Ebow on record:
  124. for any of you that play guild wars...
  125. hey someone here sell me their sp vinyl
  126. Billy Corgan is hot!
  127. get your downloads while you still can...
  128. Billy, Fuck You!
  129. Going to Chi-town !!!
  130. Video of unreleased song from TFE
  131. 1979/BWBW 7" question
  132. Remember that fuss I kicked up about a Steely Dan album's liner art...
  133. today a made a mix of good live zwan songs
  134. Which one of McMurderson's sigs are the best?
  135. YSI: aereogramm 2004-12-09sbd.flac
  136. This forum
  137. My new tattoo
  138. TheFutureEmbrace holds up...within its own genre.
  139. Favorite: Machina 2!!!
  140. Armed to the Teeth lyrics
  141. 4-21-2040?!?! (teh m4ch1n4 my573ry!!!)
  142. Praise for the Odyssey
  143. cinder
  144. This forum
  145. McMurderson is the single greatest poster of all time.
  146. when Machina thing started
  147. If Billy took drugs do you think hed be more mellow?
  148. Fox Baseball Playoffs....Cherub Rock
  149. Urgent News from The National Enquirer:Biography on Smashing Pumpkinsto be published
  150. i came to see mcmuderson sigs.
  151. alan wu > mcmurderson
  152. Billy and I went for a Walk, A short story by me.
  153. where the hell is billy corgan?
  154. So, a quick Poll
  155. Who the Hell is Billy Corgan
  156. top 5 sp songs
  157. Zwan 121401 (early)
  158. Another Poll
  159. iso: official zwan site
  160. Pumpkins ripped off Journey big time...
  161. who the hell is billy corgan?
  162. Of a broken Heart- Marquee Gig New Video!!
  163. eBay rules!
  164. so....I went to see DJ Z-Trip this weekend (pumpkins related I swear!)
  165. I know, i am late on this one, but.....
  166. so what SP/Zwan songs you guys like to play these days?
  167. courtney gives billy lots of credit...
  168. is this d'arcy in this picture?
  169. Bit 5 studio version?
  170. Angels & Airwaves
  171. Four Old SP Songs on MySpace
  172. those clear MD storage thingies....
  173. Where was TFE recorded?
  174. Zwan Paris Acoustic
  175. tristessa 7"
  176. if you could arrange a score for a middle school symphonic band...
  177. Advice - CSB's
  178. I don't know why...
  179. how do you feel about the pumpkins right now?
  180. iso: torrent spvc
  181. Cheeky Zwan
  182. I was going through some pics
  183. What Kind of Guitar is Billy playing in the NO alternative Glynis video?
  184. JCC is better than TFE
  185. Smashing Pumpkins Live Recording Association
  186. pedal on TFE (stupid gear thread # 5437)
  187. Okay, out of the McMurderson sigs....
  188. Which joy division album???
  189. New Billy Corgan Pics and News! ( REAL!
  190. If you were to record in 32 bit
  191. Starchildren (Double Door)
  192. Smashing Pumpkins 1997-06-28 Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark [DVD]
  193. decemberists fans...
  194. Site for high res Pumpkin/Zwan/Billy Pics
  195. Smashing Pumpkins Quiz
  196. wiki-wiki-wiki wikipedia entry for Smashing Pumkins
  197. Smashing Pumpkins better than sex with Dave Grohl?
  198. Good desktops?
  199. how come...
  200. Anywhere besides ebay i might be able to buy Judas0?
  201. New Billy Interview on
  202. SP Bootlist MP3
  203. wanted shows
  204. OMIFUK!!!! Latest Smashing pumpkins album info!1!!!
  205. Corgan's backing vocals on Paint It Black
  206. myspace/smashingpumpkins
  207. Someone please help me with this
  208. Just sent Jimmy a package.
  209. Cover art
  210. predict lineup, date, venue, setlist for first TSP reunion show
  211. since there's no news...
  212. audiogeeks
  213. Done a few James Iha t-shirts
  214. Looking for: 2003-12-10 Second City; Chicago, IL
  215. the corgan/new order shows
  216. James pic on his myspace
  217. Pekka Volt
  218. Complete Shn & Flac Bootlist
  219. Updated Best McMurderson Sig
  220. Why hasn't Billy Corgan released a new single?
  221. Pumpkins Signed to Sony???
  222. Do we know for sure that it really is James Iha's myspace page?
  223. some cool m2 info
  224. my attempt at drawing
  225. Just showed jimmy my package
  226. Heres to the atom bomb....
  227. A yearbook with Billy in it on Ebay
  228. I was watching Vieuphoria tonight
  229. Bodies, OMG
  230. Compare A Perfect Circle and The Smashing Pumpkins
  231. Billy has never written a consistent album
  232. a couple questions then im gone...
  233. no toys for oj
  234. OT:Netphorian Member location Map
  235. The Pumpkins were never THAT big of a band commercially or critically.
  236. Damn Blender
  237. damn stuff
  238. Isn't weird hearing Cherub Rock over and over on Fox? baseball...
  239. This is me trolling
  240. Who the fuck keeps rating every thread?
  241. Guess what SP song I'm thinking of.
  242. Silverfuck: It grows on you
  243. 980531 complete?
  244. SP finally selling out
  245. Who is that hot looking Asian girl in the band?
  246. non-Pumpkins (solo/Zwan) songs strong enough to be played by the Pumpkins?
  247. Urgent News from Chicago Tribune: New Billy Corgan photograph
  248. i likey this review
  249. Anyone have the tracklisting for the Mellon Collie vinyl?
  250. Was MCIS really the best selling double cd?