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  1. Billy Corgan 2005-08-05
  2. Billy Corgan in 'The Replicas'
  3. "Let it Come Down" is better than TFE
  4. Mini Appreciation Thread
  5. soothe (undemo) from rspaa
  6. July 7 and its astrological implications - it's in the stars
  7. Tsongas Arena - 4/29/00 - Recordings?
  8. unknown video of billy
  9. JCC 23/08 Manchester Roadhouse
  10. James Iha's pedals
  11. Kerrang poster pull-out
  12. Let it Come Down 2
  13. tab for Beautiful from acoustic MCIS sets
  14. Machina is the work of a crazy person
  15. does anyone else cringe
  16. Smashing Pumpkins CD Drought.
  17. want free SP DVD's mailed to your house?
  18. Trading LIST
  19. The Hideout Shows
  20. Good place to upload?
  21. Elijah Wood wants to fuck Billy Corgan
  22. The dreaded "Made in Taiwan" Fuji CDR
  23. can someone tell me what this song is?
  24. Billy performance WTTW 50th Anniversary Show in Chicago Millennium Park
  25. Torrent: Mayonaise Dream *silver>eac>flac*
  26. what if msots sounded a lot more like 'untitled'
  27. Ah fake?
  28. D'arcy and her busy life
  29. sorry to bug...
  30. Extended S+P
  31. VH1 - "Decades Rock Live"
  32. ATTN Mayfuck: What is the status of the MP Tree?
  33. Pisces Iscariot Live
  34. Jesus, I/MSOTS
  35. Is TFE Billy's shot at being the male Bjork?
  36. mini lyrics?
  37. 891031 dvd & 881119 dvd
  38. uploading is fun!
  39. So.. how long have you been a fan?
  40. Any JCC dvds out there?
  41. Its the rudest man in rock!
  42. 2005_0805 Flac + Pic + Question
  43. "Soot and Stars" / Coldplay - Amsterdam
  44. i actually read through the machina booklet this morning
  45. Looking for 2000-05-06 FM > DAT, get me it, and you get a free copy of the DVD!
  46. Billy is returning to Pumpkins-esque lyrics
  47. 1996-01-02 - Amt #1 Dvd
  48. billy shows july 18 and 19, 2005
  49. What's a good way to get rid of my bootleg collection...
  50. So... How long haven't you been a fan?
  51. Massive B+P everything must go!
  52. iso: Psycho/666
  53. Found a pic while screwing around on the internets
  54. BC Guitar World interview
  55. Preview of Bill on Rage.
  56. Billy Corgan and Courtney Love wrote an album together in 2004
  57. create a billy clone
  58. Bullet with Butterfly Wings... my letter to Billy
  59. does anyone know what antique stores darcy actually owns?
  60. Rare "I Am One" Flexidisc For Sale
  61. if anyone wants an I Am One 7"......
  62. If There is a God Vox and Piano
  63. Billy Corgan and Aspergers syndrome
  64. "Crush" cover (maybe) for the "Ghost Children 2" tribute album
  65. "Honestly" v. "Walking Shade"
  66. Silverfuck vs. XYU as a closer
  67. Holy Moly! James Iha has a MySpace page!
  68. Billy May have Male Pattern Baldness
  69. Okay, so XYU is about death and fucking
  70. Did Billy Corgan just rewrite rock history?
  71. best version of silverfuck
  72. Torrent: Jimmy Chamberlin Complex 2005-08-19 Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium
  73. OMGz Ub3r 1337 SD
  74. I am fighting a jihad against Corgan hate!
  75. You & Your memorabilia
  76. ISO: Modest Mouse
  77. Smashing Pumpkins 91-98 CD
  78. Good torrent sites for live shows from the 60s/70s
  79. ISO: Pumpkins DVDs
  80. Napolean Dynomite
  81. notice how Pisces Iscariot isnt overdubbed like Siamese Dream?
  82. Which 1996 Academy show did Billy dive off the stage?
  83. Glimpses appreciation thread
  84. Jellybelly
  85. Needed: Glimpses Tab
  86. FS: Orginal prop from 'Bullet' video
  87. jcc, london, 24.08.05 - fuck dooodz, i missed it!
  88. Thanks Billy
  89. Boss OverDrive/Distortion OS-2 Potentially for Sale
  90. Zwan Board Memories
  91. I just picked up TAFH for $30
  92. question about judas o.
  93. does anyone have that The Last Hard Men album?
  94. the marked
  95. billy corgan discussion on taproot board.
  96. Flame me all you want motherfuckers, but...
  97. did matt play a double bass??
  98. where to find size small pumpkins shirts??
  99. Billy and Brian Wilson collaborating?
  100. Billy Corgan is a slut.
  101. dudes, tilt fucking sucks
  102. Australians - Pumpkins on Triple J Tonight
  103. If you had a time machine....
  104. Rage Playlist
  105. Can the Pumpkins be the next Aerosmith?
  106. Four days to go...
  107. Drown Promo CD
  108. heads up--TFE vids
  109. james iha site
  110. Billy's Machina effects rig
  111. Billy is obsessed with dystopian societies
  112. the music fan as career advisor
  113. Goat t-shirt
  114. alvarez regent acoustic for sale, good price.
  115. Billy Corgan on Comcast ON-Demand
  116. Spiral Scratch interview (January 1992)
  117. how many used copies of TFE are at your local music store?
  118. ST 245: Jimmy's best drumming in a song
  119. Liquidating my Corgan Wannabe Wardrobe...
  120. how close - outro solo from Vancouver Silverfuck
  121. Yet another MCR/Pumpkins reference
  122. Billy on Rage.
  123. Found my old band's SP cover.
  124. Billy's speech at the second SF show
  125. How much is the Gish Vinyl worth?
  126. James' "guitar" in the tonight, tonight video
  127. What if Adore had been a solo album?
  128. the group dynamic of the band
  129. Billy the "Punktorian"
  130. ATTN: Bram
  131. My Cover of Revolve
  132. These are the old days, the bad days, the all-or-nothing days.
  133. torrent: 1993-11-23 - Roseland Ballroom, New York UPGRADE
  134. favorite gish chat moments
  135. Fuckin' Billy Corgan Fan Site
  136. The TFE Movie
  137. Prices of pink Tristessa 7" ?
  138. Urget Help: Clothes
  139. what parts of the songs that iha co wrote do you think he actually wrote
  140. Looking for Billy Corgan Concert Poster - Hollywood 7/13/05
  141. Did D'arcy post this?!
  142. No thread about James' Siamese Dream platinum award on eBay?
  143. Place to download TAFH songs
  144. Good DVD-R Brands?
  145. e-bay question
  146. petition to have jimmy cloned for mass production
  147. the 2007 myth
  148. Gish Appreciation Post...
  149. Destination Unknown is quality.
  150. JC Drum Sample CD Released
  151. In the tradition of Bolly Corrigan's trip to Mars
  152. tear
  153. charts + peaks
  154. Siamese Dream Russian Edition
  155. iso: Hand Of Doom
  156. mySpace to start its own record label
  157. London Calling: Support the Pumpkins' place in history
  158. Do you want the Pumpkins to play any Zwan songs?
  159. Pastichio Medley is quantity.
  160. Pumpkins best songs aren't on the albums
  161. "Drown" Live on the Drown import
  162. Mashed Potatoes
  163. if you don't think Machina 1 rocks...I mean REALLY rocks...
  164. can anyone please direct me to any of the following...
  165. without james or darcy: call it SP or SP2?
  166. Mellon Collie and the Chocolate Factory
  167. pug
  168. Hmm...
  169. Billy Corgan still can do it
  170. Honestly demo [solo part only?]
  171. Gish is about Hinduism
  172. This TFE Review is dead-on with my thoughts on the album...
  173. Sweet Sweet Karaoke
  174. if you could attach a theme to each album
  175. If SP2 is like this... we're in trouble!
  176. Tonight tonight video comes 89th!
  177. Bill Photos @ Thomas Rabsch Photography
  178. Are you a Zwan?
  179. Linda Strawberry/Christina Aguilera
  180. "Ava Adore" at the Secret Gig kinda sounds like...
  181. lossy or lossless--help
  182. Fan's Future Embrace
  183. Billy Programming Rage Torrent
  184. Billy Programming Rage Torrent
  185. Weird Sound Request (Jimmy's snare)
  186. what do you think the best song on gish is?....
  187. Best Album of These
  188. bwbw single
  189. the most pants-shittingly awesome 8 minutes of jimmy, ever
  190. Billy on Sirius "Alt Nation"
  191. Does anyone have..
  192. attn: billy
  193. where can I get Spun soundtrack?
  194. Walking Shade video on FREE promo dvd
  195. machina mystery
  196. Most overused word in Pumpkins songs
  197. need a "good" picture of the SP heart logo
  198. Jellybelly Video
  199. Previeu, Annona, Moon + TSP demo? what is circulating?
  200. try try try directors cut video
  201. my chemical romance
  202. give me ascendo
  203. SP collection I can't souce info about...
  204. Dance of the Dead
  205. is billy corgan a moslem?
  206. the life and times of billy corgan: a limerick.
  207. billy and james solos
  208. Lucky 7's----->
  209. Billy's Myspace Page
  210. MCIS on iTunes
  211. Songs you wish Billy would cover, others should cover
  212. Billy to compose music for Masters of Horror showtime series
  213. lucky 13
  214. Billy and James
  215. Oh shit, this autograph can't be real haha.
  216. Limelight
  217. ST #345633: your top 100 SP songs
  218. *vomitus splish*
  219. love after death
  220. Can someone link me to a topic that explains the "Machina mystery" thing?
  221. Billy and James back in the day
  222. Official status on James and Darcy!
  223. OMG B0oly and My Chemical Romance
  224. DATs for sale
  225. ANA tapes for sale
  226. more fun with ebay
  227. dvd release predictions
  228. SP Stuff (posters) Contest #1 - CANCELLED
  229. What if? An Aeroplane double disc...
  230. what if? a Mellon Collie sextuple lp
  231. What does the Machina Mystery mean?
  232. Urgent news from Rolling Stone: Billy Corgan gets abducted by aliens
  233. James Iha info
  234. "the echo rings forever on"
  235. Machina
  236. So I picked this promo up for $3 today..
  237. mcmurderson
  238. BWBW Live Performance on Yahoo! Music
  239. Jonathon and Valerie Ferris TV Pilot??
  240. just another pic of PI+F j-card
  241. the "Performance Take" of the Rocket video
  242. Billy on par with Beatles and Floyd?
  243. Couldn't Billy do what Prince did?
  244. that zwan car
  245. Billy officially embraces the 'bonka' moniker/ myspace vanishing mystery... SOLVED
  246. more prayman plz
  247. your rarest signature from bOolly
  248. Bill Corgan is alive!!!
  249. SP Items on eBay
  250. Blue Skies Bring Tears