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  1. i just got my 8th pumpkins tattoo!!!
  2. Billy talks music critics and reforming pumpkins
  3. James Broke Up the Band......
  4. entertainment weekly seems to hate billy
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  6. The Hub?
  7. The Future Embrace Survivor, Results
  8. a secret taste of leno
  9. 12 years ago today.
  10. The Eternal E
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  12. smashing pumpkins boots
  13. It's on...
  14. appreciation: In My Body
  15. Bollys exgf Chris?
  16. Review of Sydney Acoustic Show - 28th July 2005 - The Marquee
  17. Secret gig dtails from
  18. Most Crucial Pumpkin
  19. Billy in Sound & Vision mag.
  20. tsp1996-02-02
  21. Lookout Loretta and Offer Up
  22. Ebaying: official Gish-Week Shirt, sz L
  23. Ebaying: Red Spaceboy/Megaman Shirt, sz XL
  24. Pic Taken From St Louis show
  25. Smashing is also an awkward adjective
  26. Words with Billy
  27. grrrrr
  28. found this on western ave
  29. "Brian Liesegang has been tipped as a replacement bassist
  30. Pictures of Sydney Acoustic Show...
  31. You Were Mine - Sydney Acoustic Show 30 sec video
  32. All hail to the MicroTrack!
  33. thank you.
  34. japanese shows
  35. I wonder what Billy would think of Sufjan Stevens' Illinois
  36. Brisbane show
  37. We can change the world...
  38. St louis vid clip-11 seconds
  39. Love to Love
  40. A 7 Minute Video With Audio! Of The Marquee Gig!
  41. Billy's House
  42. Billy Corgan Plays Disarm
  43. just watched the Zwan dvd...
  44. Billy with James and D'arcy?!
  45. billy interview on New Zealand telly
  46. Brisbane Concert
  47. for those that are DESPERATE for James & D'arcy
  48. ATTN: Anyone who gets spike TV
  49. back by a few requests...some more vid clips
  50. The Camera Eye from 2nd SF show.. did i share this?
  51. The Secret of Siva
  52. Favourite Live Video Moment
  53. Pisces on vinyl
  54. Whoa!
  55. Brian Lesbiangang?
  56. Pics if anyone's interested
  57. Ndever-before-heard 1991 Interview w' Billy Corgan
  58. Iso: 5/15/96 Dvd
  59. Siamese Dream Will Always Be The Bridesmaid to the twin alt-rock Brides of alt-rock..
  60. random Mina Loy hearing....
  61. Request for Sydney Acoustic Show Vid/Audio
  62. Group of California Fans File Lawsuit Against Billy Corgan
  63. Where can I download Machina 2???
  64. Local radio station RIPPING on Billy!
  65. Ascendo
  66. Billys plans after this tour?
  67. What song is this?
  68. Bad Religion cover Pumpkins Zero!
  69. i don't really get the new billy corgan album
  70. Poor B0lly - on his knees for James
  71. How confident are you of a reunion/reformation/whatever
  72. 17 seconds...
  73. Machina is the name of a euro gay magazine. Lookie here LOL
  74. Billy on JJJ
  75. Osaka, Japan show report
  76. I'm looking for the best place to download two concerts...
  77. Electric "Home" during 2000 European Leg?
  78. 31 variations on the Rocket theme. Gear up, 'cause this is going to be awesome.
  79. Rediscovering the pumpkins.
  80. Siamese dream album performance
  81. Your Parents and the Pumpkins
  82. Netphoria Message Board > Smashing Pumpkins Boards > Smashing Pumpkins/Billy Corgan
  83. TEITBITE on DVD confirmed
  84. Pitchfork Review of LA show 2005-07-12
  85. Pumpkins Reborn
  86. Johanna
  87. Silly Billy Pic Thread
  88. traders list
  89. rare pumpkin tunes?
  90. The Cyber Metal Mix
  91. Video animated gifs?
  92. mashed potatoes = No. 1
  93. why?
  94. Machina 2 on ebay
  95. Captain Planet theme in threads
  96. Any of you English peeps going to woodley Drumwright on Saturday...
  97. Plextor owners (Or CD Drive owners in general?): Help!
  98. Here's a Game
  99. TFE guitar gear
  100. Interview video
  101. Billy Corgan Likes the Bads
  102. thefutureembrace is the most lyrically superb corgan effort since adore.
  103. all the 'bit' songs
  104. Jimmy's Drum Clinic Colchester
  105. Your all time favorite cd?
  106. ok just quickly - your Top 5 SP or related tunes
  107. doris henson's photo blog
  108. Torrent: 2000-01-19
  109. Rank Billy's skills (because girls only like guys with good skills)
  110. Billy's songwriting skillz appreciation Thread
  111. The original versions of always and love to love...
  112. TEITBITE Remixes
  113. new Pumpkins site
  114. AHHHH!!! i fucking love james.
  115. 9/01/1996
  116. Post your favorite pics of the Pumpkins
  117. 1998-07-30 Question
  118. D4 - about the b0lly stuff you have
  119. billy acoustic show...
  120. TFE out of the mouths of b0lly
  121. Song Eras
  122. a100 sounds great in a bar
  123. New Cover from tribute album
  124. Ebay signed Pumpkins display
  125. i took a stab at the bury me solo
  126. Videos from SF night 1 (the 15th of July)
  127. I wonder if Darcy's picked up her bass at all in the past 6 years
  128. Earphoria promo
  129. Machina II Virgin in-house promo flac
  130. a night like this
  131. So, the TFE tour is over...
  132. So did Billy give up on his autobiography, or what?
  133. How does Matt Walker compare to Jimmy as a drummer?
  134. Billy and death metal
  135. Favourite Bolly Solo?
  136. Between Placebo and The Smashing Pumpkins......
  137. the cure
  138. crack-smoking article re: ZWAN
  139. on 1996-09-01 and the AUDSBD guy
  140. zwan cd back
  141. Smashing Pumpkins tour
  142. billy interview
  143. thanks you all...
  144. how old is strawberry?
  145. JC is comming to Portugal
  146. billy corgan 6/24/05 DC show??
  147. Smashing Cookies
  148. 1979 live version
  149. Rare Smashing Pumpkins Poster for sale ("Live! Mag)
  150. Auf Der Maur 2003-11-02 Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto, Canada SBD Torrent
  151. Linda Strawberry a Pumpkin?
  152. TORRENT: Smashing Pumpkins 1991-10-30 new lowgen source
  153. billy's tried to "rock again" before
  154. i thought this needed its own thread
  155. Things Billy ought to take heed of for SP reunion
  156. On his word alone?
  157. Missing copies of M2 ?
  158. TFE Trading List
  159. James is a slave
  160. APE File Converters
  161. good DVD Audio ripper?
  162. Shame Live, Adore Tour
  163. Someone should photoshop this
  164. aint this just precious?
  165. Mellon Collie Piano Score
  166. Anyone have any Machina Lithographs?
  167. Billy's songbook from the Metro 4-19-04
  168. Adore (Guitar/Piano/Electronics)
  169. Torrent: 1998-07-30 Set and Soundcheck
  170. i must say, i am most disappointed by the apparent shortage of...
  171. Internet search
  172. Article where billy describes all songs on tfe?
  173. Dreaming (Edit)
  174. Billy Is Weird.......Really Weird
  175. Shn
  176. Stigmata Soundtrack
  177. Question about Gish & Pre-Gish Era Posters
  178. Psycho Tape Leaked
  179. Jeniferever - SP influence?
  180. need someone to transfer some shows
  181. a psychological evaluation of Billy
  182. Stuck in the past!
  183. Smashing Pumpkins Cigarettes?
  184. ST 47209: Your collection
  185. Adore v2
  186. Decent copy of Walking Shade vid?
  187. Another bury me solo
  188. Gish-era Billy stole Janet Leigh's shirt
  189. a little bored now that the tour is over
  190. The guitar James is holding in the Pisces Iscariot pic
  191. James is out?
  192. The Smashing Pumpkins is Solipsism
  193. Ok, so apparently something went wrong with my Vigil post
  194. JCC in the Melkweg
  195. Billy's on rage (Australia)
  196. jimmys influences
  197. Zwan Live
  198. I just bought the Walking Shade single
  199. Mansons Holywood and Machina
  200. Zwan Live
  201. Value of Sub Pop tour poster
  202. Charles Manson and Billy Corgan
  203. much loud
  204. Mina Loy (M.O.H.)
  205. French Movie Theme
  206. Not Worth Asking appreciation post
  207. Mary Star of the Sea
  208. circumcision
  209. KROQ Inland Invasion
  210. Drown > Porcelina live appreciation thread
  211. James' effeminate ways in the band
  212. speed kills lead
  213. James Iha - Let It Come Down (FLAC)
  214. Gish UK vinyl (HUTLP2)
  215. upon listening to "fuck you" from the last show i have to say..
  216. blank CDRs
  217. Scary Neurotic Song (Promo Video)
  218. Crying Tree Of Mercury live (early Machina tour)
  219. a diversion from being judged by your art
  220. What do you think SP's finalized lineup will be?
  221. Error on concerning Machina II tracks?
  222. Billy Is Bald.......Really Bald
  223. Just saw Billy on MSNBC
  224. Jimmy drum clinic photos
  225. Bwbw
  226. ISO: Smashing Pumpkins dvd's
  227. Billy's Signature
  228. Billy Corgan 2 Album Cover Leak
  229. Billy needs James to make great rock music
  230. program for burning cds?
  231. so...TFE II
  232. I hate to do this but...
  233. nothing ever changes tracklisting?
  234. HEY!!! new person (2 questions)
  235. Smashing Pumpkins Live
  236. something some dont notice about luna
  237. Last darcy show
  238. New Billy Blog/confession!!
  239. Does anyone have the essay/Explanation of the Machina Album?
  240. Billy's next solo album should have all the unreleased material from TFE on it
  241. "Just-look-at-my-number-of-posts" vids...
  242. guitar picks?
  243. strings on adore
  244. any interest in kroq interview from 2000-03-06?
  245. if anyone wants a grey tristessa 7"
  246. Hey, why does everyone always blame D'arcy for the Pumpkins simple basslines when...
  247. The influences on TFE
  248. stupid question re: vieuphoria
  249. E-bow for sale
  250. ISO: Billy Corgan 2004-04-19 Recording...