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  1. I cant be bothered finding news, tell me something..
  2. second sydney show canned...
  3. ISO: bc20050624a08.flac (I have a flawed version)
  4. Were digital cameras allowed in last night at The Henry Fonda Theatre?
  5. sign/present holding at concerts
  6. Listen To Billy Live On Radio Now!
  7. san francisco.!
  8. Can anyone help me convert .WAV to MP3 (i know, i'm sorry)?
  9. Californians: Wed 13th July 2005 6-7 pm Corgan interview on INDIE 103.1 fm
  10. sup guys
  11. Anyone Need Tickets to tonight? (13th @ LA)
  12. chicago pics 7/5 & 7/6
  13. why doesnt corgan play Tilt live?
  14. hey b0lly lovers
  15. Best show from each year
  16. australian support: faker.
  17. Billy on Leno tomorrow (Thursday)
  18. Pics of Billy Corgan & Jack Black @ the Frank Black B -Day Bash
  19. hysterical craigslist post
  20. LA Night 2 Review
  21. Despite all my raaage!
  22. just had an idea about d'arcy.
  23. Tonight Show
  24. My LA Review: I was dissapointed, mostly with Billy(In Depth Review)
  25. eBaying: Daughter Flexi
  26. every ohoto from everay show looks exactly the same...
  27. 1 ticket for July 16th, San Francisco.
  28. fun game is back for fun
  29. Album Comparison..
  30. Breaking news: Billy Corgan found dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound
  31. What time does Billy go on stage?
  32. Pics I took at the show last night.
  33. Siamese Dream/Fantasia...
  34. The Army Rips Zero
  35. Billy at the Moore in Seattle..
  36. Something must be wrong with me.
  37. Does anyone know
  38. The Future Embrace Survivor, Round 1
  39. Billy's fashion sense!
  40. I found Siamese Dream on vinyl today
  41. i got the low down on the new gear
  42. Letterman BC rerun July 15, 2005
  43. corset for sale theFutureEmbrace tour
  44. anyone going to the show tonite?
  45. TAFH BOX SET for sale
  46. Billy Corgan's new album
  47. smashing pumpkins, zwan and Billy Corgan
  48. Amy or Otto?
  49. Eye and Beautiful People Acoustic
  50. Torrent: Billy Corgan on Leno 2005-07-14 HDTV rip (HUGE FILE)
  51. TFE Artwork
  52. Ammy Rips Zero
  53. Bill Corgan in San Francisco: night 1
  54. la femme!!!
  55. since these aren't easy to come by anymore...
  56. TFE film link please
  57. Tilt lyrics?
  58. Rolling Stone Billy Corgan Pictures
  59. The Future Embrace Survivor, Round 2
  60. Tilt?
  61. Pumpkins/Zwan/Corgan DVD!
  62. 400 gb server. need lossless pumpkins/zwan/billy boots
  63. SP/Zwan/Corgan DVD torrent
  64. I listened to my siamese dream vinyl for the first time im a long time
  65. Fillmore night 2
  66. combining the machinas
  67. we have an etra ticket to the billy show tonite
  68. Complex News (for those of you who don't read his board)
  69. Attn Dom:
  70. strawberry enema
  71. San Fran 7/15 Setlist?
  72. I'm Ready
  73. Crimea
  74. the 2nd sf show review on location
  75. DVD bootlegs B&P/trade
  76. New songs played during American Leg?
  77. The Seattle Crowds
  78. Remember the "Incarnations of Zwan" concept?
  79. Lamest Fake news ever.
  80. Seattle 7/18 Wanna trade tix?
  81. dr byran j zwan
  82. The Future Embrace, Round 3
  83. Least favorite song on each respective album
  84. the recent show made me feel so very old
  85. Conan Muzzle
  86. Seatlle Billy Corgan show tickets 2 for $30
  87. DVD bootlegs B&P/trade
  88. You know how in Jurrasic Park they make a T-Rex from mosquito DNA...that's Pug to TFE
  89. who's going to the commodore, July 19?
  90. take a day, plant some trees!?
  91. ST 443: Most obscure Pumpkins song you've heard on broadcast radio
  92. Free Seattle Tickets
  93. okay if you want to see billy tonight for have 5 mintues
  94. SADDEST pumpkins song
  95. Corgan fires keyboardist for immoral behavior
  96. here at the seattle line
  97. Billy Should Cover 'Hey Man Nice Shot' with the Filter Boys
  98. anyone heard "white city"?
  99. chicago/pumpkins "landmarks"
  100. thecameraeye is good
  101. I say it's about time for a new blog
  102. selling vinyls
  103. Corgan fires keyboardist for immortal behavior
  104. Seattle Show
  105. tarnation
  106. White City tabs
  107. The Future Embrace Survivor, Round 4
  108. Signed Pumpkins display board
  109. Jimmy Chamberlin Complex coming to the UK
  110. where can i see/download full circle?
  111. Masterful Storytelling
  112. Darcy to reform Smashing Pumpkins with James Iha?
  113. Why is Siamese Dream the album it is?
  114. Oddest moment in the Pumpkins career
  115. Billy's Gaultier appreciation thread
  116. indie 103 interview?
  117. Bit 5 Appreciation Thread
  118. I taped the seattle show. Anyone else taped it?
  119. Sp
  120. I taped the seattle show. Anyone else taped it?
  121. So who do you think had the better solo effort?
  122. Billy Corgan St. Louis Show torrent
  123. Vancouver show infost
  124. If you could fix the mistakes...
  125. TAFH box set
  126. The Future Embrace Survivor, Round 5
  127. "Tuesday's Come and Gone" ?
  128. Cherub Rock White Label Promo and Others
  129. Most favorite song on each respective album
  130. Ebay signed pumpkins display (photo)
  131. Billy Helps Taproot
  132. BC - cancelled Australian Gig
  133. Sacred and Profane Compilation
  134. What does the voice say throughout War Jam?
  135. It's pretty obvious why the Billster is tired and fed up at the mo...
  136. Pre-Machina Tour Live Tracks
  137. Jesus Loves His Babies
  138. mcis demos I and II
  139. machina 1 should have been like this....
  140. The Future Embrace Survivor, Round 6
  141. heard about billy on radio
  142. Untitled Video
  143. Spin interview with Billy and James
  144. future embrace tabs?
  145. San Francisco Nights 1 and 2
  146. updated list
  147. What song dragged you in?
  148. Auckland show
  149. Billy's looking happy in NZ today
  150. has the tour changed your opinion of TFE?
  151. can someone direct me to that invetview where billy wiggles hid finger at the guy and
  152. ROUNDUP:"can someone direct me to that nvetview where billy wiggles hid finger"
  153. can someone direct me to that invetview where billy wiggles his penis at the guy and
  154. billy's sick appearance
  155. Hungry for more dvd torrents...
  156. Minidisc microphone/taping advice wanted
  157. The Future Embrace Survivor, Round 7
  158. Interesting conversations on bootlegs?
  159. How is Billy gonna play the old SP now
  160. 2 question for teh fanb0yz
  161. Any of you guys ever hear Phish do Rhinoceros?
  162. songs that you heard live and it altered your opinion of them
  163. Is this a good Billy Corgan show to D/L?
  164. "Mini" (?) video
  165. SP 10/19/2000 DVD B&P Offer
  166. Omfg Worst/funniest Covers Ever
  167. xyu (98.10.31)
  168. d'arcy+jimmy >>> b0lly+james
  169. Who's the best singer ?
  170. The Future Embrace Survivor, Round 8
  171. Guess that song medly!
  172. Depeche Mode & TFE
  173. Video Now and Then Acoustic
  174. "Guess that song" Medly 2
  175. Just back from the Auckland show...
  176. best BC solo show to DL
  177. question about a shirt
  178. anyone record BC 7/6/05?
  179. 99X Interview
  180. bowmaan
  181. The Future Embrace Survivor, Round 9
  182. Auckland show, in depth details
  183. Funny excerpt from new Strawbjournal
  184. skip => Mina Loy => skip => To love somebody => skip => Walking shade
  185. B&P offer: Billy interview on 99x 6/22/05
  186. trying to locate a specific "once in a lifetime" performance
  187. well, I wasn't going to say it...Auckland show 'official' review
  188. Is it possible to mix things up on this tour live?
  189. Yelena
  190. The AUTHENTIC Zero shirt
  191. Now (And Then) cover...
  192. Your favorite live performances of each song?
  193. Top 10 Pumpkins/zwan/solo Music videos
  194. The Future Embrace Survivor, Round 10
  195. Billy talks of Pumpkins...
  196. Which song had the worst production
  197. who is the best looking w/ billy's goggle Tshirts??
  198. Electric and Acoustic Billy Songs
  199. (shitty) pics from the Auckland show
  200. Can someone tell Billy that he doesn't have to sound different from the Pumpkins?
  201. melbourne show report...
  202. sydney acoustic gig on the 28th.
  203. Stevie Nicks on 1979 cd cover?
  204. The Omega Concern
  205. Ropey Lopey
  206. Open The Omega Concern Thread
  207. Last Metro show @ cinemas
  208. My mina loy cover
  209. Billy is playing at Millennium Park August 20
  210. full list of Pumpkins songs.
  211. Billy Interview: Pumpkins "probably sooner than most people would imagine"
  212. The Future Embrace Survivor, Final Round
  213. Two more photos from Seattle
  214. New Orleans 2-5-97 CLASSIC
  215. Billy in new Spin mag: Funny Billy.
  216. Smashing Pumpkins Survivor
  217. D'arcy sighting
  218. Billy walks off stage?
  219. Mary Star of the Sea rawks!!! Especially since TFE
  220. Sydney Acoustic Show (Someone Tape It)
  221. D'arcy Stuff
  222. Finally! The End is the beginning . . . on DVD?
  223. Eye and Space jam come from MCIS 96 tour Silverfuck outros, right?
  224. MSoTS: What it could have been
  225. Happy twelfth!
  226. annie dog demo
  227. CHEAP adore vinyl at virgin megastores
  228. Gish wtf
  229. Gish wtf
  230. My girlfriend made me a pic today :)
  231. i just got my 8th pumpkins tattoo!!!
  232. Billy talks music critics and reforming pumpkins
  233. James Broke Up the Band......
  234. entertainment weekly seems to hate billy
  235. Post Ur Custom Machina Traxlist
  236. The Hub?
  237. The Future Embrace Survivor, Results
  238. a secret taste of leno
  239. 12 years ago today.
  240. The Eternal E
  241. Song Request
  242. smashing pumpkins boots
  243. It's on...
  244. appreciation: In My Body
  245. Bollys exgf Chris?
  246. Review of Sydney Acoustic Show - 28th July 2005 - The Marquee
  247. Secret gig dtails from
  248. Most Crucial Pumpkin
  249. Billy in Sound & Vision mag.
  250. tsp1996-02-02