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  1. Who is going to see BC at the Fillmore
  2. Haha check this out...
  3. Jan Pisek is the worst SP guitar tabber ever. (at least she's pretty hot)
  4. Rolling Stone Review
  5. Linda Strawberry Is the BEST
  6. TORRENT: 2005.06.28 - New York City, NY
  7. I just bought James' solo cd at Amoeba Music.
  8. Static Multimedia review of "TheFutureEmbrace"
  9. What if that guy from smashing pumpkins lost his car keys?
  10. D'arcy News
  11. Egg-on-ya-face!!!
  12. Where did the 'stop posting stupid shit' sticky go?
  13. anyone have that old SP cross logo used on
  14. if the Pumpkins ever do play live again......
  15. areoplane flies high
  16. Billy plays with Bronson Arroyo in Boston
  17. Toronto meet-up
  18. Inside dish with rachel ray-- rick neilson on now
  19. TFE film rip?
  20. FS: One Billy Corgan Ticket for the St Louis show
  21. FS: One Billy Corgan ticket for St Louis show
  22. machina 2
  23. Corgan live on WXRT 7/5
  24. FS: 2 Tickets for Tuesdays Chicago show
  25. If you burned it first have you bought it now?
  26. If you were gonna rearrange the song order on TFE
  27. tilt (yes again)
  28. anyone know....
  29. ATNN: Anyone with the original preorder Tilt AAC file
  30. How did everyone get into the pumpkins?
  31. When the Pumpkins actually do play agian?
  32. Share your favorite Pumpkins mixes
  33. A Question and a Comment
  34. Does Billy read this board?
  35. looking back at what he said...
  36. Silly Ass new Strawbjournal
  37. Okay, who got the official ringtones?
  38. TORRENT: 2005.06.25 - Philadelphia, PA
  39. SP Live Compilation Idea
  40. about this contest billy is having
  41. ticket for Billy/July 5/Chicago
  42. Who is going to the Chicago shows?
  43. Has anyone taped Doris Henson?
  44. A100
  45. The 10 Most Amazingly Bad Smashing Pumpkins Songs Ever
  46. following the moon (1974)
  47. Boston Herald Review - Avalon
  48. ITT: i sum up b0llys new blog entry
  49. machina??????
  50. youandyouandyou
  51. machina ll
  52. favorite sp album?
  53. no one doubts the CAM RA EYE
  54. anyone want to buy a ticket for bc in st louis
  55. Ive been thinking about the SP "reformation"
  56. any idea of who the muse was for mellon collie
  57. LIVE 8 Show: Corgan & the Pumpkins?
  58. "TheCameraEye" cover
  59. Broadcast of Vic Theather Show
  60. boston show
  61. "Front Crew" from Philly and NY -where are you guys ?
  62. corgon tribune
  63. who thinks tfe is a half ass album
  64. Fan Created M2 FEOMM booklets
  65. mini
  66. favorite songs off adore and machinas
  67. Where are the true SP/Billy Fans?
  68. MCIS Demos request
  69. David Pajo article references Billy, and Zwan breakup (very good read)
  70. warning: post with aktual content (link to pix)
  71. BC tickets for SD and 1st LA show
  72. Adore is the best album by Billy Corgan.
  73. It was good!
  74. Petition for the reincarnation of the ZERO shirt.
  75. will someone post a link to Tilt again, por favor?
  76. Billy with Hair
  77. Torrent: Billy Corgan july 2, 2005 - Toronto, The Carlu
  78. buddy icons
  79. what was the bad news?
  80. ?heart or cross?
  81. Tteor
  82. Pictures from DC Show
  83. toase
  84. Greatest Hits CD for sale with bonus disc...
  85. Help with The Aeroplane Flies High
  86. Do you think Billy Corgan is a MASON/Illuminati?
  87. FutureEmbrace review.
  88. Chrysanthemum
  89. 2005 tour recordings thread
  90. Goggles shirt
  91. Squeal in Zero? and other live what not
  92. Bit Songs
  93. Now (And Then)
  94. BC 2004-04-19 show not allowed on hub?
  95. pumpkins hub
  96. Who's going to the St Louis show?
  97. criticizing threadss
  98. machina or machina 2
  99. One (1) Ticket for Billy Corgan SOLD OUT Dallas Gypsy Show
  100. Sony D100 and AT853/Sound Pro Premium Cardiods for sale
  101. just curious
  102. Billy corgan and Gerard Way????
  103. Smashing Pumpkins: D'Arcy wants in?
  104. art
  105. Should I buy TFE?
  106. Mina Loy (MOH) Radio
  107. Fuck You on Greatest Hits DVD
  108. Robert Smith influence on Pumpkins Reunion/Revival whatever....
  109. Tilt to be released on cd
  110. Small favor...
  111. 'I'm ready' sucks
  112. Why do people hate Annie-Dog?
  113. Solo guitar work
  114. James Iha question
  115. SP Videos for Myspace Profiles
  116. Billy on WXRT tonight!
  117. Mashed patotoes
  118. a significant point about his Chicago advert
  119. when do you think bill's going to get back to work on the confessions?
  120. SBC Blue Room (Performance and Interview)
  121. Just got ticket for VIC wed.
  122. new pumpkins site...?
  123. tales of a scorched earth book
  124. TORRENT: Billy Corgan 2005-07-05 FM
  125. Bit 5 (mp3)
  126. How long have the opening acts been, on average.
  127. cameras at the vic?
  128. Chicago Show -- Tuesday 7/5/05
  129. important question on Pumpkins reunion lineup
  130. 'strayz' sucks
  131. billy's inability to title a song
  132. a few reasons why billy corgan sucks
  133. Kansas City Shows
  134. Kansas City Shows
  135. Strawbvox
  136. My Mistake and Annie Dog
  137. Billy needs to do something as different from SP as Gorrillaz is from Blur
  138. crocodile dundee and "bit 5"
  139. i guess parody is not allowed here..
  140. Yes, that will make them come running back
  141. Songs on Siamese Dream without James and D'arcy
  142. Set Lists
  143. Oh no! Billy gashed open his thumb! (tonight's chicago show)
  144. anyone's friends like TFE?
  145. MP3s of the 7/5 show?
  146. Corgan Rules Rules!
  147. Chicago Show -- Wednesday 7/6/05 -- Thumb-lacerating space-rock
  148. Pumpkins Tones
  149. Pumpkins Soapbox
  150. TOP 3 SP Songs
  151. billy corgan live
  152. at least 33 dead in london attacks
  153. Post U2 Cover
  154. Dallas show
  155. thank you billy
  156. does anyone else find it interesting
  157. question for the gear heads
  158. would you trade jimmy for...
  159. 7/5 at the Vic, did anyone else hear "Today"
  160. a few reasons why the playa haters suck
  161. 7-6-2005 the Hail Mary Play
  162. theFutureEmbrace Stage among the best?
  163. i've noticed (sp reunion)
  164. Cameras at the shows?
  165. best bass solo
  166. isn't today like pumpkins appreciation day or something
  167. ooouuuucchhhhhh
  168. Verizon ringtones?
  169. So I knew the album would tank...but this bad?
  170. September 16 1996
  171. Im Sick Of It All!
  172. Solo shows> Adore Shows?
  173. I'm going to buy TheFutureEmbrace today
  174. "Crush you into dust with metal"
  175. Radiohead gets Praised for this, why not Billy?
  176. I just won tickets to Billys aftershow party... what should i ask the man?
  177. Soothe appreciation thread
  178. Corgan going back to rock/metal
  179. smashing pumpkins records
  180. stl show
  181. TFE- Guitar question...
  182. Saint Louis - setlist, etc.
  183. I want to see a reunion without Billy.
  184. Dear Billy
  185. Tafh
  186. Petition to ban Corgan Rules
  187. Corgan's Voice
  188. ifinite pictures
  189. looking for the "untitled"video(not the dvd one)
  190. lyrics Bit 5?
  191. TFE short film #1 on
  192. Alternate Album Tracklists
  193. how fake is this autograph?
  194. saint louis show review
  195. D A L L A S, T E X A S!!!!!!!!!!
  196. anybody have st. louis 07/07/05?
  197. bit4, bit5, bit7..?!
  198. Tonight Tonight video
  199. Online Thank You for the St Louis Show
  200. anyone pick up the latest Guitar World?
  201. Live Pumpkins
  202. Metro Dvd
  203. Inspired passions (one way or another/ Tuff Gnarl read...)
  204. weird pisces iscariot I saw in a store yesterday
  205. Seattle show- I can't make it, 2 tickets 4 sale
  206. finally bought tafh
  207. Dallas show
  208. Looking to do some Online Trade's
  209. Looking to do some Online Trade's
  210. sorry bout that
  211. anyone need the shows i got ?
  212. cleanup on aisle 4
  213. interesting billy article
  214. Philly Boot
  215. whilst trying not to sound too blamo...
  216. loooool
  217. Billy to be on Leno-Thursday 14th
  218. pictures of chicago?
  219. Lmao
  220. Stl Pics
  221. 'a night like this'
  222. Untitled.
  223. Jimmy Chamberlin
  224. Corgan Haters
  225. Dallas Pics and Video Clip
  226. Mellon Collie style artwork... on ANOTHER album
  227. you can't go back...
  228. Where Boys Fear To Thread...
  229. Los Angeles Henry Fonda. Trade anyone??
  230. ATTN: Corgan Rules
  231. Moleasskiss Appreciation Thread
  232. TFE top 3 skip songs
  233. TFE has only 2 songs that deserve to be a single
  234. Concert T-shirts for TFE????
  235. Can someone post a good link to a Tilt.mp3
  236. iso: Mike Cranston
  237. Which TSP touring era you consider the best?
  238. in a friend call neil.
  239. Live instrumentation or the lack of it?
  240. Snap (If I Could) Appreciation Thread
  241. Wtf?
  242. fuck it.
  243. dust into metal video clip...
  244. I'll be attending William Corgan's rock and roll show this evening in San Diego, CA
  245. BEST St Louis Experience Pics!
  246. Try Try Try vs. Try to Try
  247. Dc++
  248. Will they ever print The Aeroplane Flies High again?
  249. For those of you who have met Billy (or the band) after/before a show...
  250. Good Quality Zwan Metro pics