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  1. Mina Loy about 9/11
  2. new sp line-up predictions
  3. First Day Sales of TheFutureEmbrace
  4. Corgan Offers Pumpkins Runion - Sun Times
  5. Ticket trade
  6. Who's going to Earthlink tonite? also,
  7. hmm in all things change..
  8. is it possible...
  9. if nothing else, all this pumpkins talk has gotten me to listen to them again
  10. people are going nuts
  11. Hey, where's the soundclip of Billy going off on that fan for asking for Pumpkins?
  12. what's with you europeans and the clapping?
  13. On the issue of James Iha
  14. billy just wants to revamp silverfuck again
  15. Is the revival of the Pumpkins a huge mistake?
  16. was the amg review already posted?
  17. two of us less dangerous
  18. If Billy doesn't respect TheFutureEmbrace, then why should we?
  19. looking for "walking shade" video stills
  20. really-do you think all of the pumpkins could get back together
  21. wow the legit cd sounds better than the rip
  22. uh, why would billy put strawberry-a touring musician
  23. do any of the band (pumpkins) come to this site ? ever ?!
  24. Where are the Atlanta people?
  25. Corgan DOES NOT plan on recruiting the original members.
  26. reinvention of the great band TSP?
  27. Any DC people going to the show at 9:30 club on Friday?
  28. all shows
  29. Photoshoped Corgan/Pumpkins Pics
  30. james iha appreciation post
  31. Great Onion review
  32. old pumpkinheads ATL review
  33. Madness And Mish Mash
  34. what are some of you highlights for twilight to starlight
  35. I bet Billy's sitting there
  36. Re: Billys Rant & Hypocrite Accusations
  37. Studio vs. Live
  38. ITT i voice my disapproval of how the show sounds
  39. a review from a rag(entertaiment)
  40. FS: 2 bc tickets - Boston; Avalon
  41. Article on
  42. CD Launch Party?
  43. Release party video clip
  44. Oh Quiet CD, you card
  45. CameraEye guitar chords tab
  46. Converting TheFutureEmbrace
  47. D.c.
  48. which contribution is better?
  49. to break the tension of all this tfe/sp stuff...
  50. kind of a stupid question
  51. Billy: "I have no desire to go back to a sentimental position to the band."
  52. "renewed and revived" smashing pumpkins
  53. where did billy get that damn hat he's been wearing?
  54. I think we all know what the SP lineup will be...
  55. Anyone have an extra NY 6/27 ticket?
  56. will the SP album be on virgin or reprise or what?
  57. Sound Opinions guys will want to listen to this....
  58. 6/27 show NYC? I need 1 ticket
  59. James or bust
  60. Billy the Ego Maniac
  61. Let's all listen to Farewell and Goodnight!
  62. How do you pronounce Mina Loy?
  63. Billy Corgan to Play Live 8
  64. Jackboot > You
  65. REMIX Cover Story
  66. Gravity Demo/Mashed Potatoes
  67. Somebody stop me
  68. Changes
  69. Old website
  70. ISO: heavy metal machine from myspace
  71. Billy's MySpace profile not working?
  72. "1979" video
  73. Smashing
  74. the only line up possible
  75. who do you think will be in SP from former line up
  76. NEXT SP move
  77. Sigmund's Sessions
  78. Quick question about the Hub
  79. Before you post a new thread, do a search!
  80. Hey noobs: before making a new post...
  81. Prophecy
  82. what's matt up to?
  83. why does your username suck so bad?
  84. To Love Somebody tab (sound clips *******d)
  85. Boston Show!
  86. where did "Always" and "Think you know" come from?
  87. i just won free billy corgan tix
  88. DO you want the Smashing Pumpkins to reunite?
  89. TFE lyrics link, please?
  90. TSP vs. APC (a.k.a apc unappreciation thread)
  91. The importance of James and D'arcy to the Smashing Pumpkins
  92. Speech
  93. available ticket for BC concert in NY, 6/27
  94. Big Sleep
  95. New Line-up
  96. Who's going to the Dallas show?
  97. Boston fans - info
  98. The 1 thing we really need james for in SP....
  99. rerun of billy on chicago tonight on Right now
  100. if you could pick any other guitarist for billy work with...
  101. I hope the "New James" sings Blew Away
  102. ADORE = Best Pumpkins Album
  103. Whose Solo Album did we dislike the most?
  104. Suicide Kiss
  105. DC Was Awesome
  106. Stupid thought, but true to me at least...
  107. Philly Show Emergency
  108. To talk to Billy Corgan
  109. haha he really does say "my wet dream" in the camera eye
  110. next lineup
  111. DC Review and Impressions
  112. More reunion info from Billy
  113. Pumpkins reunion announced on
  114. I can't believe they're back
  115. iTunes TFE
  116. tilt...
  117. if you have 2 seconds to spare...
  118. Machina 2
  119. Is The CameraEye the best song ever?
  120. What difference does it make if its SP not BG on the cover especially when....
  121. billy merch
  122. Machina - Instrumental Track
  123. Philly - 2 Tickets for sale OR come with me!
  124. The Hub
  125. what if billy was in nirvana?
  126. Special Edition Siamese Dream
  127. TORRENT: 2005.06.24 - Washington, DC
  128. Cuts on SP songs
  129. Jimmy Chamberlin
  130. The Truth
  131. TFE film at
  132. Philly Show
  133. four, no more.
  134. So what do you guys predict the new Pumpkins will sound like
  135. Better quality Metro show than RSPAA?
  136. It's a shame that this baord has only...
  137. Can someone pls help me understand Matt Walker's setup?
  138. SP teases at Philly show
  139. I really love Pretty Pretty STAR
  140. Billy singing entire AC/DC song in street video
  141. Billy & Matt on 99x 6/22/05
  142. My Philly Experience...
  143. pics from dc and philly
  144. Is Billy actually tuning his guitars UP live??
  145. How to embarass yourself online
  146. electric factory
  147. Billy Corgan Interview Part 1
  148. NYC Shows...
  150. Billy Corgan Interview Part II
  151. Tilt on Q101 right now
  152. If Tilt, MOH and TCE were singles...
  153. Was Luna ever performed besides the Mashed Potatoes version?
  154. Tilt sounds like Bubble-Bobble
  155. Jimmy on SP
  156. Bono teases BWBW in Dublin
  157. 1 or 2 tickets available for Billy Boston show
  158. d'arcys impact on returning..
  159. Pretty Pretty STAR Appreciation Thread
  160. "Solo Billy Corgan must be dreaming"
  161. I am officially fucking insane
  162. 2 Tickets for Vic Theatre, Face Value July 6, 2005
  163. London Show
  164. question about slunk
  165. speaking of albini and other producers
  166. what if kurt Cobain was in the Beatles?
  167. other message boards?
  169. Floor Tickets for Toronto's performance for sale
  170. Billy e-mail
  171. Billy Corgan on Sunrise
  172. How late are the shows ending?
  173. B0lly on FUSE
  174. Tues, 6/28 NYC Need 1 Ticket
  175. what if billy was in vanilla ice?
  176. what if billy was black?
  177. 99x radio takeover w/ Billy
  178. ITT: Make a 1 disc "Mashed Potatoes" mix
  179. let me b tha 1st...
  180. D'Arcy...
  181. NYC Show was AMAZING
  182. Mellon Collie cd art
  183. j0mmy's officially back in
  184. Webster Hall : He's A Fuckin Egomaniac!
  185. Billy Joins Neil Young!!!!!!!!!!!
  186. TheFutureEmbrace booklet text
  187. another billy - interview (pre-reunion announcement)
  188. itt we appreciate the criminally underrated mcis songs
  189. Question about FM Tuner/Capture cards
  190. Ifilm Tfe
  191. 2 questions if you would be so kind...
  192. Since "Hub" is only 3 letters
  193. TFE ringtones
  194. Billy at Virgin Megastore Tomorrow NYC (June 29)
  195. can someone send me the walking shade video?
  196. NYC Webster Hall Ticket
  197. Who's been to the Vic?
  198. Have you seen this game?
  199. Anyone interested in Frogs DVDs?
  200. Johanna?
  201. TFE Japanese Bonus version out today?
  202. Is that naked Yelena inside the Zero single?
  203. Current best CDR brand?
  204. billy interview on onion av club site
  205. HOLY SHIT, it just hit me like a ton of bricks.
  206. Arising Tour recordings
  207. First Week Sales
  208. Billy on Reverend Guitars website
  209. billy tells the onion not to expect d'arcy, james
  210. were any of you at the viper room show?
  211. Does B0lly respond to emails?
  212. The Smashing Pumpkins Bass player is....
  213. Strayz is about former SP members
  214. Pumpkin Guitar effects!
  215. I like billy!
  216. Soul Power
  217. they should just do it the two of them
  218. Linda Strawberry Is the WORST
  219. New York Review- Smashing Success
  220. Apple Lossless Format?
  221. live review!
  222. who do you think we will hear news about first? d'arcy or james
  223. 06.20.05 - New Matt's tour blog
  224. TORRENT: tsp1992-01-18 ANA-L new transfer
  225. TFE Movie
  226. i have a question...
  227. Philly Show ... Girl From Baltimore, are you there?
  228. Where to find studio version of 'Revolve'?
  229. starting to transfer philly & nyc x2
  230. your first SP, Zwan, BC songs
  231. Who is going to see BC at the Fillmore
  232. Haha check this out...
  233. Jan Pisek is the worst SP guitar tabber ever. (at least she's pretty hot)
  234. Rolling Stone Review
  235. Linda Strawberry Is the BEST
  236. TORRENT: 2005.06.28 - New York City, NY
  237. I just bought James' solo cd at Amoeba Music.
  238. Static Multimedia review of "TheFutureEmbrace"
  239. What if that guy from smashing pumpkins lost his car keys?
  240. D'arcy News
  241. Egg-on-ya-face!!!
  242. Where did the 'stop posting stupid shit' sticky go?
  243. anyone have that old SP cross logo used on
  244. if the Pumpkins ever do play live again......
  245. areoplane flies high
  246. Billy plays with Bronson Arroyo in Boston
  247. Toronto meet-up
  248. Inside dish with rachel ray-- rick neilson on now
  249. TFE film rip?
  250. FS: One Billy Corgan Ticket for the St Louis show