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  1. billy's getting old
  2. The Fares tape
  3. Paris and Cologne setlist/reviews?
  4. 2000/01/16 DAT recording?
  5. Never too young
  6. D'arcy Photos
  7. I think I am gay
  8. How prominent is the guitar work live?
  9. For Sale: 2 Corgan Chicago Tickets -7-05 Face value
  10. So Billy Never Made it
  11. Just saw Billy on ESPN talking about the CUBS!
  12. mini lyrics?
  13. CTRL + V is awesome
  14. what do you think of these song clips?
  15. Selling 2 Phili tickets for Face Value.
  16. London: Kentish Town Forum roll call
  17. cologne gig !
  18. Pitchfork, thus far without the forks..
  19. Portuguese Billy interview
  20. Billy Corgan and Rush
  21. Billy working on a novel?
  22. Your Favorite Smashing Pumpkins album
  23. the future embrace on billy's myspace
  24. TFE on MySpace
  25. Bit 5
  26. attn strawminator
  27. Billy' Cologne live video clip on Reuters
  28. anyone going to BC's gig in Dublin on 17th?
  29. 2007...
  30. London forum
  31. U2 tease BWBW
  32. i change my mind
  33. Got a ticket for tomorrow night going...
  34. so how do i get to this myspace thing?
  35. Pumpkins stuff for sale
  36. *** Clips from TheFutureEmbrace film ***
  37. 28 of Jimmy's snares on Ebay.
  38. Billy Corgan's myspace is under the category "emo"?
  39. What people are saying about TheFutureEmbrace...
  40. journal withdrawal
  41. The meaning of "Strayz"
  42. For Sale: 2 Atlanta tickets
  43. Storytellers...
  44. Favorite Zwan album
  45. every corgan project since MCIS blows
  46. Why Won't work?
  47. I like TheFutureEmbrace finally, and I figured out why:
  48. Petition to replace Linda Rowberry with Mike Garson
  49. spfc
  50. 1993-07-28 Previously Uncirculated- Torrent
  51. Anyone want to meet up tonight?
  52. Spare ticket for tonights gig at the forum
  53. Filling the gaps in my collection...
  54. Guitar World Magazines
  55. nothing stays the same...
  56. Ticking Time Bomb [1974] (New Blog)
  57. Well, tfe pics go great with this...
  58. TFE ads
  59. heh... I just got an email from JP&theCats
  60. Kerrang Review
  61. Billy Corgan on Time Out Chicago mag cover!
  62. $2.00 for Billy Corgan tickets?
  63. 2 Extra Philly SHow tix
  64. London show
  65. Shirts that we can wear to his concerts
  66. TFE Haiku
  67. I'm here to confess my love....
  68. quick question about the london show...
  69. tour merchandise [uk gig]
  70. Anyone knows what that (unknown).mp3 on RSPAA is?
  71. kristen burns at forum gig?
  72. billy corgan torrents
  73. Maxim reviews TFE
  74. New Rawberry Tour Journal - 06.16.05
  75. MoJo Reviews TFE
  76. seattle show
  77. question about billy's bandmates/assistants/managers/etc.
  78. PETITION: Officially inc.lude Linda Strawberry's boobs in the forum description
  79. Billy on the cover of Illinois Entertainer
  80. "where are they now?"
  81. Rotten Apples promo cd-r
  82. Can somebody please fill me in with this whole linda strawberry thing?
  83. whole album on myspace
  84. what's the audio diff. between the Caroline Gish release and the post SD "remaster"?
  85. Guitar
  86. Top-Gun Era Satriani + SP + a big hunk of CHEESE =
  87. The regular Today tease...
  88. Billy Corgan Promotion Media Player
  89. wtf
  90. billy radio...
  91. I mourn the death of billy corgans talent
  92. Awesome Billy Corgan encore idea
  93. since i dont keep up... what happened to chicago songs?
  94. BC 2005-06-10 Paris torrent
  95. I want Sonic Youth flyers
  96. OK Seriously Guys
  97. Last nights show in London was Amazing
  98. walking shade doubt...
  99. Can anyone find a place online that's selling the Japanese Adore?
  100. Torrent : Billy Corgan 2005-06-08 Vooruit; Gent, Belgium
  101. Tickets to Shows
  102. 2 Tickets for Billy Corgan Toronto -The Carlu
  103. Happy Smashing Pumpkins Day!
  104. TFE Release Party
  105. FS: 1 ticket for Billy Corgan DC
  106. Belgian radio interview
  107. TFE singles
  108. The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things
  109. TFE/SP Simultaneously
  110. anyone going to the album release party in chicago
  111. Billy Corgan - Be A Man
  112. yes rawberry was boinkin' bOlly during the
  114. Billy's covering Merry Go Bye Bye
  115. Stuff we need to see more of for trade
  116. Irish Show - last night
  117. Videos from myspace update
  118. The Rollingstone Magazine review
  119. Article/Interview in the Sunday Sun-Times
  120. Do you think Billy will ever again make a really good album?
  121. Hotpress TFE Review - 8/10
  122. Bolly
  123. TFE prices & deals informational thread
  124. DlA
  125. Can anyone find a place online that's selling the Japanese TFE?
  126. So if you've been already to TFE concert....
  127. explain Linda to me
  128. ok, linda rawbuttberry supplanted yelena ?!
  129. TFE Lightshow....
  130. Chicago Sun-Times Interview: Embrace the future + CD Review
  131. Dual Disc?
  132. Chicago Vic Theatre Show Available on !
  133. Which Songs are Most Representative of Their Respective Album's Artwork?
  134. Billy Corgan on Letterman tomorrow
  135. billy article, new quotes
  136. "Most consistent album"
  137. Happy father's day billy.
  138. Poll for those who both like and dislike the album
  139. Infamous european post show speech
  140. TFE "thank you" notes
  141. An Underappreciated Song
  142. (Sort of) Iha News
  143. Article Nuevo
  144. if TFE was the comeback Pumpkins album...
  145. Song Interpretations
  146. Which solo album do you like best?
  147. vanessa and the os
  148. Myspace Bulletin
  149. London Forum gig, 16th June
  150. the release party tommorrow
  151. I just payed £16.99 for The Future Embrace
  152. Pitchfork review is up...
  153. who got TFE in their mail today
  154. Letterman Hopes?
  155. Reviews from all over.....
  156. ZE PASSES for Philly show
  157. Billy on Q101 tomorrow
  158. 2 Tickets Philly Show.Free express mail
  159. i think tfe is the album billy has been wanting to do all along
  160. Favorite Albums List
  161. did anyone else get an email about the contest?
  162. About the Paradiso gig in A'dam
  163. TFE in Swedish magazine plus one joke
  164. From the tour journal:
  165. Bill Corgan's new CD's liner notes
  166. Post Your TFE Tour Photos here.
  167. :/
  168. iTunes pre-order now downloading
  169. shame is the best song on adore.
  170. Tilt
  171. Letterman Show Audio Rip
  172. Wallpaper.
  173. Letterman Show Audio Rip (Volume Fixed)
  174. Newsday Review (B-)
  175. Is it just me....
  176. Me.Billy.Hotel Room. July 26th. 2PM. 20 mins of love
  177. Guardian Review (4/5)
  178. to love somebody is not credited....
  179. Now (and then)
  180. "interesting" BC products
  181. tracklisting
  182. Billy Corgan - "I want my Pumpkins back"
  183. do you think the pumpkins should reform?
  184. Billy's full page ad
  185. Tilt Appreciation..
  186. On WGN
  187. The Nagrock Cowboys Flag Continues!
  188. So what does this mean for the Metro DVD?
  189. "Play Some Pumpkins!!"
  190. Does anyone else do this?
  191. Corgan on XRT soon
  192. 2005-06-11 torrent?
  193. The world needs my band!
  194. you know the best thing about the reunion/revival?
  195. the fuck is the matter with that asshole?
  196. video of him talking about it!!!
  197. What the fuck is going on all up in here?
  198. Taping the pumpkins reunion shows
  199. strawberry journal entry 6/21
  200. Now that the Pumpkins are definitely back...
  201. I knew the Pumpkins were coming back because...
  202. Billy Corgan's ad was a Netphorian hoax.
  203. what billy told me me about a reunion
  204. Chamberlin Quote on Possible Reunion (January)
  205. Tribune poll
  206. Billy, I'm happy about this reunion but .....
  207. Anyone going to see Billy tonight....
  208. Gatmog
  209. So now what?
  210. Billy Corgan: The Incident... Hot dog!
  211. PDF ad link & JPG screencap of important stuff
  212. TFE movie part 1 ... iTunes?
  213. Zane Lowe SP Reunion Mention
  215. a final embrace.
  216. This'll be like old times...
  217. ATTN: Catamalina - does D'arcy still run Scratchie with James?
  218. 2007
  219. billy on queer101
  220. Torrent: Bill yCorgan 2005-06-11 Live Music Hall, Köln, DE
  221. um..
  222. Does anyone have a link for LETTERMAN PERFORMANCE?
  223. Tilt - SHN
  224. billy corgan just made a post on the general board!
  225. The Living Soap Opera
  226. concerning the reunion of the pumpkins
  227. I have the domain name
  228. Did you listen to TFE or SP today?
  229. FS: 2 tickets to 6/27 NYC show
  230. Pitchfork Review: TheFutureEmbrace 9.7
  231. James' comment on the "reunion"
  232. All this talk of reunion makes me sad that not all fans get to experience this
  233. Oh shit, E! Online is reporting a Pumpkins reunion!
  234. Siamese #41 on Spin's list
  235. Where to get the SPUN songs?
  236. Record Release Party @ Adler Planetarium
  237. assuming SP does reunite
  238. Metacritic gives TFE 53
  239. AN ADDRESS TO THE DESCENDO...truth to prophecy?
  240. Heh. Bolly made the first item on "Headliners" tonight...
  241. attn rowminator
  242. Comparing Corgan's solo stuff and Pumpkins stuff
  243. what are your opinions on the marketing angle of this well time announcement
  244. Listen to DIA and watch.....
  245. OHH YEAH BTW still want that fucking metro DVD!
  246. reunion a simple way to deflect guilt?
  247. I have solved the Pumpkins Reunion Mystery / MACHINA tie-in / PLEASE READ ASAP
  248. i wonder what else bill's got up his sleeve...
  249. TFE (not TSP) discussion in here
  250. Better quality mp3 of Tilt here