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  1. Most Wanted
  2. taping june 1
  3. SP "Epitaph" that ran on 102.1 Edge a few yrs ago?
  4. How can I obtain a high quality copy of the TEITBITE video?
  5. ola!
  6. Advice - DAT Buyer
  7. Muzzle On Conan
  8. Muzzle on Corgan
  9. How did the Church Sessions lead to TFE??
  10. posting fake leak threads makes Baby Jesus cry, so don't do it
  11. does anyone have any stone roses shows?
  12. is anyone gonna tape the concert on june 15th
  13. For people who like reading reviews...
  14. james to work with team sleep
  15. taping june 1
  16. The Pumpkins Did a live album, Live In D.C. who played the piano?
  17. For those of you who have the new album...
  18. ok so right now it's 8:15 in portugal.
  19. concerning bashing...
  20. my tickets haven't come yet
  21. Full Leak
  22. Updated Tour Dates
  23. My Leak post is gone
  24. Post reviews of the album
  25. Seating at the Avalon in Boston?
  26. Taping Australian shows
  27. strayz depreciation post
  28. So about the new Zwilter tour..
  29. Aus + N.Z Tour
  30. Diversity on TFE?
  31. The leak...
  32. what guitars are billy using this time around?
  33. Concert review (01.06.05)
  35. The TEG guitar tone was a major EQ job.
  36. The songs are too short.
  37. T love somebody appreciation thread
  38. Corgan to be part of Yahoo/Pepsi promotion
  39. Corgan being taught!
  40. All Things Change is the worst opening track ever in history
  41. 2 Smashing Pumpkins Tribute's
  42. The end of The Biggining of Mr Corgan??
  43. This Album Sucks
  44. Like an art project...
  45. overall opinions on the it safe to say...
  46. album review poll
  47. does anyone have a ticket to the atlanta show?
  48. Toy Hammer (new post)
  49. 3 Listens...
  50. Things I don't understand about Billy's autobiography
  51. Whether you like it or not but it's not a rock n roll record
  52. I was seriously not ready for "I'm ready"
  53. Question about getting a D8 repaired
  54. The Future Embrace Appreciation Thread
  55. X&Y versus TheFutureEmbrace
  56. dallas dallas dallas
  57. DCMA prevents me from finding FutureEmbarassment EP on TorrentSpy
  58. Opinions of older Billy albums
  59. Jimmy 1 - Billy 0
  60. please post new TFE links
  61. Did anyone notice this already? (torrent/album involved)
  62. The Leak was fake
  63. Mina Loy - The Best Song on the Record!
  64. quip on Rolling
  65. You've Heard It, Will You Still Buy It?
  66. The MP3's cut too early
  67. Alright, I need someone to hook me up here...
  68. TFE Remixes/Potential Remixers??
  69. TFE - Clipping at all volumes!
  70. Lets all listen to Billys Album 100 Times today! Maybe it will get good!
  71. Linda's tourjournal on Portugal Show
  72. Just found: Matt Walker's Pumpkins Remixes
  73. TheFututreEmbrace Japanese bonus tracks
  74. RE: The Future Embrace Leak...
  75. I am 2 tabs short of 100 tab mark on
  76. M83 - Radio Mix ?
  77. Article from Illinoise Entertainer
  78. I still dig the music, but I think we all know what Billy needs... JIMMY
  79. Dvd Documentary!!!!
  80. I Love This Album...
  81. So let's see...
  82. TheFutureEmbrace, buy it or burn it?
  83. apparently he loves us
  84. Post here if you actually LIKE the album...
  85. Post here in response to Nova's dumb post.
  86. Funny thing I got in the mail
  87. news
  88. Post links to website reviews of TFE/Magazine scores here
  89. Since Billy has gone electronic for this album, what other people should he work with
  90. What Album did Billy buy last?
  91. Billy Discusses The Internet
  92. Lookie what i got :D
  93. Lyrics?
  94. Mina Loy REMIX for download
  95. mina loy hate/love
  96. Well, I'll see you all at the 9:30 Club...from the corner...begging...
  97. wierd thing about TFE...
  98. Rank the songs on tfe
  99. Back to the cover
  100. Hey, i know that there are people out there who already have TFE!!!
  101. Iha Sighting
  102. Pretty Pretty Star...
  103. Myspace Billy fans.
  104. Come With Me appreciation
  105. Has anyone done a Zwan album vs Solo B0lly album poll?
  106. please post link
  107. Milan-o
  108. 1993-10-05 Complete DAT- Torrent
  109. Billy writes better verses/bridges than choruses
  111. billy on cover of PASTE magazine
  112. Some oldies
  113. This has been really annoying me - greatest hits dvd question
  114. The best Billy song "released" in 2005 is "you and you and you"
  115. Billy's Blogs
  116. Barcelona
  117. Who's Going to the Philly show on June 25th ?
  118. Who's Going to the NY shows on the 27/28th ?
  119. TheCameraEye REMIX
  120. The CameraEye
  121. who was behind "eye" (lost highway)?
  122. a top 7 for bad pumpkins songs
  123. the adore tracklist billy should have put together
  124. one thing i love
  125. which live performace would you recommend me to download?
  126. For those of you seeing Billy in Boston...
  127. JCC Show in DC 2005-05-05 torrent
  128. i wonder if HR Giger designed the stands for mics and keyboards
  129. Billy's new gear
  130. For all you whiners: The truth about how James Iha broke up TSP, or "shutthefuckup"
  131. New pictures from the BC tour: Linda Strawberry's Tour Journal
  132. so, all the cd stores near my house or office close at...
  133. In the Court of James [1973]
  134. Barcelona videos
  135. Bring on the Chicago trax...
  136. Bring on the Djali Zwan
  137. Bring 'em on
  138. Boy, are they going to be in for a suprise...
  139. SP Tribute album info & "Cherub Rock" full MP3 by "Roses Are Red"
  140. Where can I download Djali Zwan at the Hideout?
  141. Where can I download Djali Zwan at the Hideout?
  142. walking shade...
  143. Hey Billy - if you're stuck for something to do in New Zealand...
  144. ATTN Toronto tapers! Will trade SP for...
  145. Bonus song with iTunes pre-order?
  146. stumbleine = best b0lly song
  147. will there be another tour?
  148. Leak It
  149. Now and Then vs. Desire....which is better?
  150. Pictures of Linda Strawberry...
  151. B0lly??
  152. The milan show?
  153. Is the Walking Shade single out in the uk?
  154. Melbourne Show: Palais Theatre.
  155. Why there aren't any recording of the shows yet?
  156. Pick Single Best Song Performance From Specific Show
  157. Cologne
  158. Merchandise?
  159. Billy's Bandmates??
  160. strayz is arguably the greatest song of all time . . .
  161. I am selling my ticket for Corgan in Toronto for a face value
  162. corgans song-by-song explanation
  163. ToaSE early lyrics
  164. Got My Boston Tickets
  165. im curious....
  166. NEW ZEALAND - Update
  167. lucky 13 appreciation/depreciation thread
  168. Whatever happened to that gothic violin chick?
  169. Strawberry on tour with Billy Corgan
  170. Exclusive track
  171. Opening band for the London Forum gigs?
  172. Declaration of Independence (New Blog)
  173. Walking Shade In Strange Places
  174. Video of two guys stealing a car while Today is being played on the car radio
  175. Mina Loy now on MySpace
  176. Forgive my ignorance, but what instrument is Linda Strawberry playing in the band?
  177. is there a to sheila demo out there?
  178. Anyone going to see Billy in Dublin??
  179. Gent
  180. Yes! The Future Embrace limited edition!
  181. ITT: we discuss time signatures
  182. Why I'm Leaving Netphoria
  183. TFE is the perfect soundtrack to scrambled porn.
  184. anyone need a ticket to the london gig on the 15ht?
  185. TFE Booklet
  186. Boston Fans - WBCN showing the love.
  187. belgium show
  188. 2 Tickets for London Forum Show - Face Value
  189. A Duck In Paradise?
  190. Billy on Letterman 6/20/05
  191. is it just me or that the spun songs > tfe ?
  192. Need help with a Machina song live
  193. Walking Shade.. VH1/MTV
  194. Official JCC Video
  195. All Things Change RAWKS
  196. Attempting To Turn My Friend Into A Pumpkins Fan
  197. Spilled Milk
  198. for ne 1 who cares
  199. Billy Corgan - Paradiso (NL) show pictures and movies
  200. sorrows (in blue) & now (and then)
  201. Do any of your friends like this album?
  202. billy has the same stage setup as rob thomas
  203. You Wanna Know What TFE Sounds Like?
  204. Happy Birthday, Jimmy!
  205. Absolutely Awful (!)
  206. Attn: Some guidelines for new members(and old ones too).
  207. Attn: Posting and/or using NSFW images in this forum.
  208. Zwan > TFE
  209. Did anyone post this gross pic yet?
  210. the future embrace ad
  211. anyone notice this
  212. what would you have liked TFE to sound like?
  213. TheFutureEmbrace Retail
  214. Vanessa and the O's
  215. so the lead singer of The Used was on my flight from Dallas to London and...
  216. do you think he should've waited 'til after the official album release before touring
  217. When was this song played?
  218. 06.07.05. - Matt Walker Tour log
  219. reguarding the rarities and b-side collection...
  220. Linda Strawberry update----Belgium
  221. JP and the Cats...
  222. I really enjoyyed Barcelona show. It was a GREAT show!
  223. Did I sell out? or is it time to move on
  224. recordings????
  225. Billy Corgan - 2005-06-09 Paradiso torrent
  226. Hey Billy, let's see if you can go 2 for 2!!
  227. walking shade going to be released to radio or what?
  228. SP Stuff for Sale
  229. Super Close Out, Everything Must Go!
  230. New News Post at
  231. Who is Fred Hollywood?
  232. A Query
  233. the way hatephoria works...
  234. TFE live
  235. paris
  236. strawberry: "when a shooting meteor flashes by sometimes i hitch a ride"
  237. Every time Billy sings "I'm out walking shade"
  238. Today plays while some guys get busted for stealing a baitcar
  239. i'm a king bee
  240. anyone have the WS video for realplayer?
  241. New Billy article in Conscious Choice magazine
  242. Attack Plans..COOL
  243. Listen... Listen...
  244. pumpkins listed twice on's hip first dance songs
  245. Johanna appreciation post.
  246. New Barcelona MP3! (Best Billy solo song)
  247. when did billy become so lazy?
  248. TFE tour setlists
  249. Walking Shade review (The Guardian)
  250. So that no one gets pissed...