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  1. If you're giving (in)
  2. Rockslide Festival...other great recordings?
  3. Dang it Billy
  4. corgan is not convinced you are the scissors
  5. In Conversation, Vol. 2
  6. TheFutureEmbrace reprise press kit
  7. TheFutureEmbrace *all lyrics*
  8. PROMO: banter relaunched + request
  9. Digital Release 6 track promo
  10. Tuesday U2 concert bwbw teaser
  11. Its Leaked
  12. "super special can't miss announcement details!"
  13. Hey Guyz - I heard about this cd called "Machina II'
  14. on july 8 i will finally see billy corgan
  15. Walking Shade CD Rip
  16. Father Knows Best (New blog)
  17. Anyone see Billy on Fuse today?
  18. Good quality 10/31/98 Boot?
  19. JCC 5/14/05 (review,story,gear info)
  20. what the hell happened to
  21. Billy in Paris
  22. Walking Shade... Hit or Miss???
  23. "walking shade" single cover
  24. whenever i listen to the CToM from myspace...
  25. Anyone have a good version of Chrysanthemum, please?
  26. Looking for audio for 2000-05-06 and 2000-05-08 to mix into DVDs!!
  27. A Miracle on Harlem (New Blog)
  28. Billy in NOFX lyrics
  29. Genuine?
  30. Did BC PM Tilia first or did she PM him first?
  31. so my mom's going to make a quilt out of all of my sp shirts
  32. a100 on myspace
  33. ISO: Full list of cancelled '96 dates
  34. DO you want these? (sp items)
  35. 2000-09-29
  36. 2003-02-09 2003-02-12 Shn
  37. pre-sale for billy solo tour
  38. playing there it goes
  39. I just shelled out 42 bucks for Bill in Toronto
  40. What are your actual expectations....
  41. can someone e-mail me pre-sale info?
  42. FS SP/Zwan stuff.
  43. 5 years
  44. Billy took me off his MySpace friends list
  45. ticket pre-sale & contest winners
  46. New Billy Videos on VH1
  47. Billy's blog...
  48. Howard Stern goofing on Bolly's spoken word poetry?
  49. I can't believe i just spent
  50. Do you ever make fun of Billy Corgan to seem "cool" in the eyes of other Netphorians?
  51. Strawberry to tour with Billy
  52. Could someone give me approximate prices for these vinyls
  53. Tribute album MP3s posted...
  54. How to add Billy on MySpace
  55. sorry
  56. Why Billy&Zwan bashing
  57. Walking Shade UK DVD
  58. Mcis triple vinyl
  59. so, who's preordered tfe?
  60. official website...
  61. Boycotting bOlly
  62. Just got my tickets....
  63. leaked songs
  64. Need to swap nights (Webster Hall NYC)
  65. Hello
  66. Vic Theatre
  67. Mina Loy and Now (And Then)
  68. The Athens Games
  69. This album is going to be pretty special...
  70. well i got shut out of pre-sale tickets
  71. i hate the smashing pumpkins
  72. billy's album leaked
  73. Webster Hall Tickets....
  74. Play these songs loud!
  75. website update
  76. Cover of Mina Loy.
  77. can anyone repost the lyrics to TFE?
  78. Like dudes... The T DOT!!!111
  79. something silly about mina loy
  80. you know whats great...
  81. Sorry
  82. 12/29/99 Vicar Street Ireland IE DVD-R Rare?
  83. the new songs
  84. Why are the radios not playing Billy's song :(
  85. Church Session DvD?
  86. So, those tapes from fares...
  87. Mina Loy and Now (and Then) chord tabs (sound clips *******d)
  88. Hello Kitty Kat
  89. Where will you See Billy on The First Solo Tour
  90. billy's band
  91. can someone repost the walking shade tab/chords?
  92. Years?
  93. drummer from adore era?
  94. jaunta
  95. spinoff/question: why do japanese releases have extra tracks!?
  96. wtf is this -- "INSINCERE AND INSOLENT"
  97. billy´s coments on songs
  98. WS single
  99. When do Webster tickets go on sale officially
  100. FS: Official videos, magazines, MCIS t-shirt
  101. Does anyone want to buy a Creamy Dreamer?
  102. Now and Then, Full Version?
  103. Disarm (Earphoria)
  104. Chicago tickets
  105. 2000/3/11 Montreal and 2000/8/13 Ottawa
  106. Full promo out now
  107. Mina Loy a better single than Walking Shade?
  108. Silverfuck in inappropriate places.
  109. 1 song you will never grow tired of.
  110. Washington D.C. tickets help!!!!!!
  111. Got my ticket for St Louis
  112. First official review-
  113. Mina Loy (M.O.H.) Video
  114. 2 Page Interview in EW
  115. new b0lly news -
  116. New Billy blog: The Athen's Games (1992)
  117. I was watching those stupid shows Best of 93 or whatever
  118. Eminem likes Bill's new track
  119. wow.... 5 years since i last saw SP
  120. crestfallen appreciation post
  121. tuesday TUESDAY tuesday
  122. It worked once...
  123. fun stuff
  124. James adore effects
  125. Saturnine (Judas O ver) appreciation thread
  126. James adores effects
  127. Give Billy A Break!
  128. 5 years (ago)
  129. Attn: RopeyLopey and Devious J, re: taproot/untitled
  130. Billy looks like a circus ring leader or something
  131. new blog- Gulf of Mexico
  132. Explanation of Billy's outfit from the Walking Shade video
  133. SP guitar and amp settings archive
  134. ATTN: Houstonians going to Dallas show
  135. Why MSOTS sucked?
  136. Yo Bill I Like The New Song!
  137. Radiohead Hub?
  138. Sorry guys but...
  139. Give me a link to the album!
  140. Chamberlain v. Moon
  141. It didn't really leak... they're all shitting us.
  142. Updated Rarity List-->Feedback requested
  143. Mina Loy (MOH) on iTunes
  144. Song Clip Leak of "The Camera Eye"
  145. Why MCIS sucked?
  146. Thanks Ed!
  147. What's wrong with people these days?
  148. Mina Loy x No love Lost (Joy Division)?
  149. Future Embrace Sneak Preview?
  150. BC Tour - Opening Bands
  151. TheFutureEmbrace EP
  152. Anyone who won that contest wanna post here?
  153. Billy Corgan on TheFutureEmbrace
  154. b0lly king - have it your way!
  155. Billy Corgan :: Smashing Presumptions
  156. little things on M2 that made a big difference...
  157. Linda Strawberry talks about Billy's new album
  158. Billy, in a nutshell!
  159. 1996-01-03 Mpg & 1996-01-05 Shn
  160. walking shade single artwork
  161. The Pumpkin President by Mark Ryden
  162. Soon two more tracks!!!
  163. please help us get billy to australia too!
  164. futureembrace
  165. hey bill, go to australia!
  166. I AM ONE uk promo flexi FOR SALE
  167. Machina Japan
  168. Wedding Bells Chime [1993]
  169. Try Try Try promo
  170. Alien vs Mina Loy. One and the same
  171. James Iha promo "Never Ever"
  172. PM me for TheFutureEmbrace leak
  173. the future draws ever closer...
  174. Do you guys remember SP radio
  175. im sorry, but
  176. Is this place turning out to be like a....
  177. Thanks For The Album Guys!!!
  178. its a double album
  179. DIA.mp3
  180. Great News!!! Corgans Album is online!
  181. Not A Good Sign
  182. pumpkins reviews
  183. on Plume....
  184. Eminem posted on Billy's myspace again
  185. if AOL existed when billy was 14.
  186. single release?
  187. a bee gees cover on the record?
  188. mina loy?
  191. 2000-09-29 Vhs
  192. Thumbs up for Mina Loy
  193. A walking Shade video review!!!1
  194. i give in
  195. MCIS 3 LP triple vinyl for sale...
  196. Black Eyed Peas - Ba Bump
  197. Machina AdvanceViaVirgin?
  198. Want to verify something...
  199. TheFutureEmbrace
  200. Looking for live acoustic Galapagos
  201. official billy corgan is a no talent hack thread
  202. the djali shows = confusing
  203. I just heard A100....on SpikeTV
  204. so I guess the final member of Billy's new band is..
  205. Walking Shade or Mina Loy?
  206. Smashing Pumpkins' Last Song
  207. SIYL 12" promo
  208. For the Australians: A few dates!
  209. For the Japanese: 4 dates!
  210. SP U2 Cover: Sunday Bloody Sunday tuning?
  211. 1997-01-08 Dvd ?
  212. if billy was really embracing the future...
  213. 1998-05-19 Vhs
  214. final metro
  215. In the Shadow of Ruins [1993] OMG I WAZ FIRST TO POST!!1
  216. ITT we match songs with Billy's Blog enteries.
  217. Now and Then on myspace
  218. "golf" of mexico?!
  219. anybody's tickets come yet?
  220. BC on MMM
  221. Finding lyrics to TheFutureEmbrace
  222. BC in New Zealand
  223. Mina Loy and Now (and Then) mp3s
  224. 'i am one' delabel French VHS promo
  225. billy corgan in new guitar world
  226. Concert Expectations
  227. Silverfuck (vieuphoria) info needed
  228. Machina promo vinyls
  229. Walking Shade - Yahoo Watch and Vote
  230. website updates
  231. Billy Corgan Tickets Dallas Tx Fri 7/8 Gypsy Tea Room
  232. Most Wanted
  233. taping june 1
  234. SP "Epitaph" that ran on 102.1 Edge a few yrs ago?
  235. How can I obtain a high quality copy of the TEITBITE video?
  236. ola!
  237. Advice - DAT Buyer
  238. Muzzle On Conan
  239. Muzzle on Corgan
  240. How did the Church Sessions lead to TFE??
  241. posting fake leak threads makes Baby Jesus cry, so don't do it
  242. does anyone have any stone roses shows?
  243. is anyone gonna tape the concert on june 15th
  244. For people who like reading reviews...
  245. james to work with team sleep
  246. taping june 1
  247. The Pumpkins Did a live album, Live In D.C. who played the piano?
  248. For those of you who have the new album...
  249. ok so right now it's 8:15 in portugal.
  250. concerning bashing...