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  1. that new journal entry...
  2. Zwan acoustic show video ?
  3. Topless 'TILA TEQUILA' on Billy's Myspace
  4. what do you say...
  5. New European date
  6. update news050424
  7. So, How would you like this album to sound?
  8. Great Review of Earphoria
  9. Now that Billy has played Today....
  10. Crying tree of mercury piano score
  11. Cover would be cool like this...
  12. b0lly
  13. the ultimate bird on corgan thread, all bird, all the time.
  14. billy's new blog tonight!
  15. The "Real" Bullet Train to Osaka
  16. Billy UK Tour Date
  17. Billy brings the funny in one of his posts.
  18. Tab for that taproot song thing, you know what I mean
  19. myspace songs
  20. My jaw just dropped...
  21. TOUR DATE - London Forum - 15th June
  22. New Date!
  23. good pics from paris
  24. Corgan Interview
  25. Rings tab
  26. Walking Shade played on BBC Radio 1
  27. A100 > Walking Shade
  28. The Texas Two Step
  29. Walking Shade is Horrible
  30. Anyone have any of those old Zwan Home Movies?
  31. Jcc 2005-04-26
  32. Whether you like the new style or not...
  33. Sorry, I checked the forum before reposting and my thread never showed up!
  34. does anyone have this?
  35. Like whoa, I just heard something I've never heard before in Quiet!
  36. loki cat
  37. Billy Corgan in Sweden?
  38. what billy does when not meeting fans.
  39. Digging 'Walking Shade'
  40. a journal dedicated to the smashing pumpkins/zwan/billy corgan/and the gang
  41. a journal for the pumpkins
  42. looking for some help finding somethins old. Please help
  43. i of the mourning, a journal for the pumpkins
  44. I want to drive a knife into the skull of the announcer on the Walking Shade MP3
  45. Walking Shade Video
  46. I just played BWBW so loud the black people outside were staring at my window
  47. Another royalties question thread
  48. Hamburg/april 28th, come see...
  49. A100 Mp3
  50. Walking Shade - Positive Reviews Only
  51. Billy Laying the Smack Down
  52. The Panopticon
  53. Picking Apart the Walking Shade video...
  54. anyone up for some snail mail trades?
  55. Corgan in Swedish TV
  56. Anyone knows this album with Billy on it?
  57. Looking for The Video Of 1998-07-19 Complete
  58. For Lazy Bastards: New Corgan in One Place
  59. Another take on this new sound
  60. for sale: 9 copies of PULSE magazine from july of 98(pumpkins on cover)
  61. i of the mourning, a journal for the pumpkins
  62. Viewphoria
  63. Wanted: An Ode To No One...
  64. will you faggots leak the album already
  65. do you guys ANALyze your buttholes too
  66. Walking Shade video praise thread.
  67. 2 nights in chicago? bitchin..
  68. did james sell his sp guitars on ebay?
  69. Petition to rename "Billy/Today" thread "FREEDOM THREAD"
  70. About sharing the stockholm interview
  71. Any of you homos got a cuppla hundy burning a hole in yr pocket?
  72. Billy Corgan has added another London date
  73. Wtf?
  74. Me, the 1st to see the live future embrace....
  75. Finding Their Wings Inside a Glass Jar
  76. Finding Their Wings Inside a Glass Jar
  77. What are the best sd/mcis era video bootlegs?
  78. A100
  79. Machina IV:
  80. Anyone can play A100 (tab inside)
  81. i of the mourning
  82. How are people giving reviews of THEFUTUREEMBRACE?
  83. did d'arcy do it with grezsky
  84. What do you think of the new sh*t?
  85. metro dvd
  86. psycoANALizing it all
  87. So a "World Tour" ....
  88. Jimmy in Toronto
  89. Hmm
  90. best 1996 two set club show video?
  91. Portuguese expirience...
  92. What I want more than the Metro DVD
  93. Leaked!
  94. Adore interview disc?
  95. who is in the billy corgan "band"?
  96. is for sale!
  97. bill the bee hater
  98. glass and the machines of god - the series!!!!!!!!!
  99. Updated SP/Zwan 'LIST'
  100. zwan was underrated
  101. New photos on myspace
  102. Can His lyrics help you get laid? (Fuckin' A)
  103. "Should you choose..."
  104. New swedish interview
  105. Billy contradicting himself lately?
  106. jesus christ, siamese dream is incredible.
  107. Smashing Pumpkins w/o James and D'arcy
  108. Bill in ESPN magazine
  109. There are alot of people i must say in these rooms that should be shot !
  110. "she can hear glass calling..."
  111. aguilera + drown
  112. BC in Sweden - a sum up
  113. Thank God I didn't buy the Jimmy Chamberlin Compex album
  114. "Down in the Park"
  115. Prayman
  116. The physical abuse from Billy's childhood
  117. Billy in New York?
  118. Billy out of his element?
  119. release the damn tour dates already!
  120. whose hotter melissa or that girl from tool
  121. its hard to judge walking shade
  122. why billy creogan is bald
  123. The Shades of Black update
  124. The Shades of Black update
  125. isnīt time to leak another song?
  126. Do you think this is how he wants to sound?
  127. On posting Billy's blog entries...
  128. Quick question
  129. walking shade video
  130. new mtv news article
  131. on posting billy corgan's lyrics...
  132. whats the best samshing pumpkin cd
  133. Billy on TheFutureEmbrace
  134. JCC Tour Archive
  135. Looking For The Picture On Billy Corgan's New Page
  136. Looking For The Picture On Billy Corgan's New Page
  137. I support Josh, do you support Josh as well?
  138. Rupert from survivor is one of Billy Corgan's myspace friends
  139. Netphoria mentioned on
  140. "Studio Pop" now online
  141. ISO: Adore demos / other outtakes - suggestions?
  142. Howard Stern making fun of Billy this morning
  143. Watched a video, don't know the song...
  144. Say NO to Mike Garson! - Sign the Petition. (mods, please sticky this)
  145. 3rd performance of Cherub Rock. Great
  146. Walking Shade tab
  147. Jimmy Chamberlin Tonight
  148. Billy lost at ping-pong?
  149. walking shade ???
  150. Billy Corgan Reveals Tour Plans
  151. This is stupid can we remove BeautifulLoser from modship already?
  152. Got a bunch of new DVDs. Anybody interested in a trade?
  153. l 420 Pumpkins 4 evar
  154. top 5 sp songs
  155. top 5 sp songs
  156. what is your favorite album of mine
  157. what do you think of TheFutureEmbrace leaks?
  158. what do you think of the production of Machina/the Machines of God?
  159. do you think any of my former band members besides jimmy really contributed?
  160. were you disappointed with adore and machina but like them now?
  161. A Shade Walking...
  162. Singing Happy Birthday While Bombs Go Off
  163. On That Note
  164. Smashing Pumpkins tribute albums
  165. 2000-09-29 VHS, anyone interested?
  166. New Post
  167. itt we appreciate mouths of babes.
  168. LTB: SP stuff for $10
  169. Is Billy limiting himself?
  170. Pumpkins sales figures shown on Billboard
  171. happy cinco de mayo bill..netphoria welcomes u
  172. True Power True Faith
  173. wheres
  174. Was james iha's...
  175. what song won that SP survivor thing, anyways?
  176. Gish Survivor [Round 1]
  177. i sung stumbleine
  178. What annoys me most of all about the Billy clones here...
  179. Stumbleine live
  180. Billy talks about 2007 again...
  181. For those people in the UK who want to see Walking shade more often...
  182. Zero vs Deathwish
  183. MTV Unplugged
  184. 2 Sets of Siamese Twins
  186. Im retarded.. where did the myspace songs go?
  187. 12/2/00 Metro Song of the Setlist That Wasn't Played?
  188. Did anyone catch Jimmy on MMM (the Loop?)
  189. Trivia: What the hell did I miss?
  190. while we're on the subject of arising! vids...
  191. **my Sp/zwan Video/dvd List Trades Wanted**
  192. Still Looking For MMI&I 980719 VHS or DVD if anyone has Toronto Live Broadcast Cut
  193. Corgan's fecal matter FS.
  194. vhs list
  195. i just want you so...
  196. Will this FutureEmbrace video be *******d on the CD?
  197. pumpkins cover of haddaway's "what is love"
  198. Crestfallen at the VH1 Fashion Awards
  199. Now (And Then) leaked...
  200. Does anyone have these videos?
  201. ***** Order Now - Billy Corgan's new solo album: THEFUTUREEMBRACE - Only $13.99 *****
  202. $18.98 List Price?!
  203. Now and then leak?
  204. Is it going to leak now or then?
  205. Anyone know how to get walking shade video stills?
  206. Dead: release the ULTRABOLLY import tracks
  207. non-bolly bad band member photos.
  208. i just saw Jimmy at KF
  209. omg, billy corgan is -super- hott!!!!
  210. smashing pumpkins lyrics post! post your fav SP lyrics here!
  211. Billy Corgan 2005 Euro Promo Tour Dates
  212. i just saw Jimmy at KFC
  213. this autobiography in installments thing is kind of lame
  214. Apparently this link is leet...
  215. TheFutureEmbrace album cover
  216. Tila and Billy getting married?
  217. Jimmy Chamberlin on 97x today at 3:00
  218. MTV + Billy = Love
  219. When Billy met James
  220. e-mail from billy's fan list ... north american dates tomorrow
  221. Got my JC tickets in the mail today...
  222. Sacred & Profane shows...
  223. i sung dusty and pistol pete
  224. top 50 smashing pumpkins songs that you would like to hear a techno remix of
  225. silverfuck 97-01-08
  226. The March of Sherman:
  227. Soul Power-Quick stupid question
  228. Walking Shade video
  229. new pug remix
  230. 2 sp tribute albums...
  231. Billy Corgan 2004-10-19 Toronto
  232. Die, live at the UC show
  233. smashing pumpkins digital releases ?
  234. Listened to MSotS for the first time in a while yesterday.
  235. Billy on front page at
  236. The Billy I once knew......
  237. Tour Dates
  238. song list of Ultra rare SP tracks?
  239. Walking Shade=Early Pumpkins
  240. Was July 7th, 2000 Smashing Pumpkins day?
  241. Billy on Steven's Untitled Rock Show (on FUSE)
  242. Need help with Song Title
  243. You should be ashamed...
  244. let me give the world to you
  245. Nothing Ever Changes: (new blog)
  246. how much pumpkins do you have on your comp
  247. Walking Shade Video
  248. HAH! Check out the site for the T.O. gig Corgan is playing
  249. Wtf?
  250. Iha + Darcy or Billy + Jimmy ?