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  1. need BC concert buddy noone talks to me here!
  2. Damn they put D'arcy on awfulplasticsurgery
  3. So about this tour
  4. SP body doubles
  5. Notice anything about the Breakfast Pic?
  6. Blabbermouth on new album
  7. What I wish for.
  8. Help me I'm ignorant
  9. So I saw Corgan in Chicago Yesterday
  10. Corgan and Reznor -- working on project together....
  11. the most awesomest thread ever, if you dont read your gay
  12. Pitchfork Article On the New Album
  13. More DVD trades? It's growing :D
  14. Pastichio Medley songs
  15. Vancouver Complex-show Meetup! 4/9/05
  16. ***vote For Billy As The Ultimate Chicagoan!***
  17. Billy clip played on CTV last night
  18. yum!
  20. A Night Like This
  21. iTunes
  22. Billy "rumored" to be at next Lollapalooza
  23. mashed potatoes?
  24. machina II
  25. Billy on the radio
  26. pic of Billy at "Walking Shade" video shoot
  27. Smashing Pumpkins last 2 shows
  28. Do we know the true tracklist for NEC?
  29. billy's first solo songbook signed.
  30. Is anyone going to see the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex in SF tonight?
  31. Looking for Joao Miguel covers
  32. The Saint
  33. pumpkin rarities online now!
  34. To Love Somebody - Crogan vs. Jimmy Sommerville
  35. Billy at Complex show in LA 4/4/05
  36. Billy at the Troubadour...
  37. Smashing Pumpkins Tribute Night
  38. Royalties question
  39. New 1979 remix by The Crystal Method on new LP
  40. I just talked to Jimmy Chamberlin
  41. Mic's
  42. Positive Thread Alert!
  43. Gish Vinyl for like 11 bucks or so
  44. Digital Music Purchases
  45. pumpkins are on snl
  46. Billy on CNN 2
  47. Billy Mohler is an ANIMAL!!!
  48. Can someone post the complete 227 song list?
  49. Which James Song Should've Been A Single?
  50. somewhat old easytree news
  51. Will MCIS ever reach diamond status?
  52. Cool Streetcrawler video
  53. Billy Up Against Sherrif????
  54. Hard songs
  55. corgan on headline news "showbiz weekly" earlier today
  56. Not only does MCR's lead singer look like Billy... he appreciates him, too
  57. old fashioned top 10
  58. Chicagoans...
  59. Do you want $10?
  60. Under Construction
  61. um
  62. mina loy -- because i didn't know...
  63. Well, here's the new album's tracklisting...
  64. Smashing Pumpkins Ate My Balls
  65. iha and isobel
  66. Petition to make this thread the longest SP related thread on the SP boards.
  67. Info on "Walking Shade" US 1st airplay
  68. Matt Walker photos?
  69. ISO: neutral milk hotel DVD
  70. Craziest SP song?
  72. pumpkins are the best thing ever!!!!!!
  73. sp picture cds
  74. SP the most popular artist!
  75. I seed Billy on TV today.
  76. hmm...
  77. LBA isn't the greatest album in the world but...
  78. Spun soundtrack on slsk.
  79. new melissa album in the works
  80. the ignoffo tape
  81. Good SP songs to game too.
  82. newly designed and updated
  83. billy is trying to be down with the kids
  84. TheFutureEmbrace
  85. Billy's voice machina era
  86. So on that new blog...
  87. pumpkins hints
  88. T.O. SP geeks: The Simpsons SP episode is on right now
  89. wait... GRINDCORE?!? wtf?
  90. News From Billy!
  91. ISO: Zwan cowboy sticker
  92. Slug (Pug)
  93. We Must Kill Billy's Solo Album so The Pumpkins Can Live Again
  94. I found this review on Strawberry's board
  95. Anyone wanna let me hear the album on Yahoo?
  96. chicago songs?
  97. New Post on Myspace
  98. How FUCKING RAD is Billy's blog right now
  99. linda, what you think about...
  100. Did I Miss an Entry?
  101. Hey strawminator:
  102. why do i feel like this is all going to get trashed...
  103. Billy autobiography in the works?
  104. omg. SP on after barney! read please
  105. ISO DVDS/VHS's - list
  106. i can't take it any longer...
  107. Billy's lost it
  108. Coming Down the Mountain
  109. concerning celebrity 'ethics' & the corgan "confessions"
  110. adore
  111. MD experts wanted for question
  112. spfc needs to get researching!
  113. Jimmy has a multi-page article in Modern Drummer this month
  114. is this common knowldege...
  115. Tales Of A Scorched Earth
  116. Has Billy ever emailed you?
  117. Saw James in Detroit
  118. new billy entry - 14th april
  119. Some TFE Lyrics
  120. coming down the mountain...
  121. Billy's new profile- 4/15/05
  122. Pics - Billy at WXRT 04.08.05
  123. Rotten Apples instrumental
  124. How sexy is he,really?
  125. Eddy Street
  126. adore/1979 beatbox drum machine thing?
  127. What expectations do you have of TheFutureEmbrace?
  128. who else thinks...
  129. Billy and the MYSPACE IDIOTS
  130. Billi Corgan plays w/Tila Tequila
  131. The reason for feature on BC's site...
  132. Correct This Time acoustic tabs
  133. Marking Time
  134. MAVEN: on bill's myspace
  135. Looking forward to some juice on D'arcy
  136. billy wants hook up in europe
  137. Alabaster
  138. are you gonna download Billy's record when it leaks
  139. When you mention Netphoria on his Myspace...
  140. Europe Visits Clarification
  141. Could James and Darcy...
  142. The iTunes rarities and b-sides
  143. lets make some bets...
  144. whoah
  145. billy should just join garbage
  146. Some thoughts on netphoria's response to the inevitable album leak
  147. It leaked, and Billy's new album is terrible!
  148. What do you think of TheFutureEmbrace?
  149. The Night Song
  150. Sounds
  151. fucking nice!
  152. Billy at Frank Black's 40th Birthday
  153. this board feels like it's been inundated with twelve-year-olds....
  154. Taping new Garbage tour and WBCN Thursday 4/21
  155. Post comments from Bill's mySpace page!
  156. Wellington Avenue
  157. Wellington Avenue
  158. Best lyrics
  159. SPOILER: TheFutureEmbrace Review
  160. the raving bit in the end of soma...
  161. fares' new equipment
  162. Read this about watermarking
  163. official "post stupid things that bolly puts in his blog" thread.
  164. TheFutureEmbrace leak... (opinion, not a leak)
  165. I have over 1000 posts yet no album...
  166. Billy talking about TFE song by article
  167. Billy's blogs on childhood
  168. 2005 is the new 2000
  169. Out of the blue, Into the black
  170. A 100
  171. the official A100 thread!
  172. Reply on MySpace from BC
  173. Download A100 Here... (torrent link)
  174. let's talk about the VOCALS
  175. WXRT - New Billy song to be played in a few.
  176. special maintenance...
  177. What the title A100 means
  178. criteria for a "good" song
  179. The Prettiest of Pretty Stars.
  180. billy's myspace is back up.
  181. The price range
  182. WHo gives a shit
  183. crap. i missed it all......
  184. A100 a single?
  185. concert: billy corgan, 11th june in cologne
  186. Billy solo tour dates
  187. "and sodomy is such a part of you" and other misheard lyrics
  188. A100 - statistics
  189. Walking Shade Lyrics?
  190. Is today the first day that a new confession wasn't put up?
  191. New Jimmy tour dates
  192. Ok, someone please send me a working link
  193. I have an awesome bootlist
  194. To Love Someday (link)
  195. billy/ paris April myspace bulletin
  196. i must admit i am excited for billy's album
  197. can you rip the tunes on myspace?
  198. TheFutureEmbrace cover
  199. lollapalooza lineup: no billy
  200. Good Shit
  201. cowboy bill! (apr22 from
  202. Let's be honest... now that Billy's resurfaced, Jimmy's boring
  203. Question about Myspace
  204. Bill invites...
  205. The Crying Tree of Mercury (piano/vox)
  206. Netphoria: still leet as fuck
  207. Jimmy's Sony Connect set
  208. Do you think Billy likes Screeching Weasel?
  209. london
  210. new (?) blog entry
  211. slipcase over the cd insert?
  212. need a small help here
  213. Strange Billy statement...
  214. tonight in paris, 7:30 pm
  215. troll thread for new billy fans..dock here.
  216. On Broadway
  217. 1990-08-25 torrent
  218. Muzzle 990419
  219. How many people went to the Paris meet?
  220. Why is it gay?
  221. News for 4.22.2005
  222. 1988/11/19 - Request For A Rebroadcast
  223. Smashing Pumpkins/Billy Corgan Discussion
  224. The most exciting time
  225. Shot Full of Diamonds Tribute?
  226. I am whatever you say I am...
  227. The Reflex
  228. New Article on Billy--Chicago Tribune
  229. is this leak a joke?
  230. Girl A: "ZWAAAAN roOOCKS!"
  231. netphoria!
  232. OK Now! Its been real Slow
  233. Differences between Zwan and Corgan Solo
  234. New Pics are up on billy's myspace profile
  235. that new journal entry...
  236. Zwan acoustic show video ?
  237. Topless 'TILA TEQUILA' on Billy's Myspace
  238. what do you say...
  239. New European date
  240. update news050424
  241. So, How would you like this album to sound?
  242. Great Review of Earphoria
  243. Now that Billy has played Today....
  244. Crying tree of mercury piano score
  245. Cover would be cool like this...
  246. b0lly
  247. the ultimate bird on corgan thread, all bird, all the time.
  248. billy's new blog tonight!
  249. The "Real" Bullet Train to Osaka
  250. Billy UK Tour Date