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  1. origins of non-commercial boots
  2. What song has the best guitar in it?
  3. Quiet Gravity Demos
  4. MCIS interview type thing,Billy tells a fan to fuck off!
  5. Chicago Set appreciation thread
  6. Billy in new SPIN
  7. VOB Files
  8. Bill's voice
  9. You are obsessed if...
  10. Early BWBW
  11. The Boy appreciation thread
  12. So.....Hmm.....
  13. Disc of Oboard posts
  14. Disc of Oboard posts
  15. What acoustic versions are better than the original recordings
  16. i was on the radio today talking about siamese dream
  17. What is your favorite name for Bill?
  18. Why do you like the Pumpkins?
  19. who recorded gigs on MD thus far?
  20. Cherub Rock and Daydream
  21. "spiders from Mars"
  22. Billys Site Is Back Up Again!!!
  23. The only reason people don't like the poetry book...
  24. Building a fan oriented website
  25. would SP have sounded like Zwan?
  26. the sp board
  27. 1993 Rocket Single
  28. johnnyv
  29. woah, did anyone else find this?
  30. WHAT THE CRAP? Ebay bs.
  31. Iso 8/7/93
  32. Is Bugg still alive?
  33. good Untitled tab?
  34. Jimmy Chamberlin's new album
  35. i love the remixes...
  36. Geek USA is a fucking masterpiece.
  37. Need the SPFC while it's down? There is hope.
  38. Smashing Pumpkins Timescale
  39. Age Of Innocence
  40. Sad Peter Pan
  41. MUSICIANS: songs you didn't appreciate fully until you learned how to play it.
  42. anyone else remember the pain of having to sit through the VH1 Fashion Awards just-
  43. XM Radio Plays Lots of Pumpkins
  44. Spun Un-official Soundtrack
  45. What is the album that the smashing pumpkins made that is the album of theirs that yo
  46. Billy all alone.
  47. Billy Corgan to replace Tom Delonge in Blink 182
  48. anyone interested in a pretty new Sony M1 dat and DAB's?
  49. metro video
  50. Message from Jimmy
  51. Music Videos
  52. Attn: Axl Rose
  53. so, I have $10 over and want to trade..
  54. Depresso
  55. hey guys, do you like this 'art'?
  56. re-release of the albums on 4th march 2005! ?
  57. Machina II (non-mp3?)
  58. Jimmy talks about reunion......unlikely for now
  59. How much do you know about the Smashing Pumpkins?
  60. annual charts from a local radio station (austria)
  61. the weird MACHINA flash site
  62. "Bands covering SP" tape
  63. Selling off my SP collection!
  64. beyond mellon collie doc.
  65. ST#365: I was putting together a mix of rare stuff for someone....(Weeping Willowlyc)
  66. Random Smashing Pumpkins refernce #5653
  67. Quiet live solo effect (SD era)
  68. REM bootleg
  69. i just realized something
  70. 4/25/2000 Hammerstein Ballroom NYC???
  71. what is the biggest crowd SP has ever played for?
  72. Pumpkins compilations
  73. some cd's for sale
  74. This is what I want to know:
  75. Anyone got a song called "promise"
  76. Jimmy Chamberlin post from Feb 23rd
  77. "Welcome Back Jimmy!!!" picture.
  78. despair, gloom, desolation, anguish & misery
  79. if you were to make a new Pisces Iscariot...
  80. The killers
  81. "Float On" Kidz Bop
  82. Pumpkins songs in films?
  83. Who thinks Billy will retire after his album??
  84. Zwan guitar
  85. Found a song that sounds like Infinite Sadness.
  86. hey billy, do something
  87. Vancouver Pumpkinheads
  88. Jesus Loves his Babies appreciation thread
  89. Pumpkins media archive
  90. where does this song come from?
  91. sooo... it's march...
  92. Listening to Mary Star Of The Sea...
  93. what the fuck was billy thinking...
  94. SP hub
  95. Rank the Pumpkins talentwise
  96. i was just told something that really made me say what the fuck
  97. Perfect Radio Show
  98. I'm PIFing my bootleg collection
  99. Slint bootlegs
  100. sufjan stevens beats corgan to the punch
  101. If you had to some up the Pumpkins in a word, what would it be?
  102. so with the album coming out tomorrow and all...
  103. Anyone else getting a "site under maintainence" page on Billy's site?
  104. gish and adore are one and the same
  105. So, you think Corgan's scrapping the whole album and starting anew?
  106. Does Anyone Here Like The Smashing Pumpkins?
  107. new show up for trade!
  108. The album release: Is it a Billy or WB decision?
  109. Live Smashing Pumpkins [The Site]
  110. Question
  111. So whats with Billy and James?
  112. Quote
  113. release?
  114. np pennies
  115. Post Young B0lly Pics
  116. Netphoria Frontpage:
  117. Release Delay: A Marketing Conflict?
  118. Who was that girl that billy
  119. Corgan spotted...album release info
  120. whats this i hear about jimmy giving drum lessons?
  121. What`s happening?
  122. Reminisce
  123. pumpkins cover request
  124. so hey, How do you think Jimmy is adjusting to L.A.?
  125. How many guitars do you think Bill has?
  126. Spin-off: If you had to sum up the Pumpkins in one guitar, which one would it be?
  127. Machina II (virgin promo)
  128. how rich is bolly?
  129. Another dumb rumor
  130. World's Fair Video
  131. billy on tv tonight!
  132. inspired by the pumpkins
  133. Poll: What song of Bill do you want to hear the most?
  134. Corgans personal lyrics for sale.
  135. Check out these lyrics for sale.
  136. what other bands do you guys listen to
  137. Looking for Jonathan Sebire???
  138. Judas O site downloads?
  139. don't you hate it when
  140. Wanted! Zwan 4/1/03 & 5/6/03
  141. Pumpkins Remixes
  142. MY DREAM appreciation thread
  143. 1994-06-18 Video
  144. 1994-06-18 Video
  145. Okay, so here's what's up.
  146. Which order did you buy the albums?
  147. jcc tour dates
  148. Blank page live ????
  149. when is john melovin going to rejoin the band?
  150. osycho video...
  151. What's the best live recording of Ruby?
  152. What is Your Favorite SP Album?
  153. So uh , anyone else knew that Pinocchio = Twilight to Starlight?
  154. lull
  155. ISO: live photos
  156. How much Pumpkins material do you think is still unknown?
  157. Because You Are
  158. Billy and MAdM day :)
  159. so, what's up with that anthology thing
  160. ATTN: new moderator
  161. attn netphorians
  162. am I the only one that does this....
  163. what are some of your favorite corgan lyrics
  164. Happy Birthday Billy!!
  165. let's play the game!
  166. I saw Jimmy and James today...
  167. 1992-XX-XX date
  168. any of you fools taped slint in the us?
  169. BC Post 2005
  170. Billy's a fucking queer.
  171. butch vig = the 5th pumpkin.
  172. escapism
  173. location of places in Adore booklet
  174. The Future Embrace?
  175. Machina II
  176. Does Billy post in the forums?
  177. goddamnit, I admit it.. Billy is GOD
  178. SP stuff in Hard Rock Cafe Memphis,TN.
  179. what are the backing vocals saying in the quiet bit of Bodies?
  180. Preserved Pumpkin
  181. Once in a While demo vs single?
  182. I'm new here
  183. For Sale - MCIS 3LP Numbered
  184. Odd !I Am One" promo tracklist
  185. My Chemical Romance singer looks like young Billy.
  186. woah (mcis artwork)
  187. Spin-off:pictures of arenas/clubs where you saw TSP
  188. So Jimmy tells me... (metro dvd related)
  189. What I want for Christmss
  190. Digital Pumpkins And A Brand New Billy
  191. Is Billy losing his fans?
  192. release date.......
  193. corgan's album leaked.
  194. SP on PBS
  195. my sp covers
  196. Rocket spanish promo...
  197. Will Billy be on tour with Jimmy?
  198. Best Record ever?
  199. glynis video
  200. bands reunited
  201. The Future Embrace
  202. Which SP member do you think has the largest bowel movements?
  203. FOR REAL!: Casting for The Future Embrace video!
  204. oh look at this
  205. Bask En Mein Presense
  206. jimmy vs drum machine
  207. Rarities and B-sides April 2005 tracklist
  208. 10.30/31.99 Bridge School Benefit
  209. Why are you all disappointed about the iTunes tracklisting?
  210. Tsunami Entertainment?
  211. Do these signatures look genuine?
  212. Happy Birthday to the one and only.
  213. cover art
  214. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
  215. Question about mailing cd's
  216. Dear Bolly xoxoxoxox
  218. Bert Mccracken
  219. Poll: Poll: The name of the cd
  220. How many times do you think b0ldy corrigan has been to netphoria?
  221. Local rumor has it...
  222. Release Date
  223. Is there REALLY a new Billy site?
  224. Jimmy on FM 94.9 hosting a rdio show.. listen live now... *inside*
  225. Launch #4 w/ Smashing Pumpkins
  226. Billy's childood amp
  227. give me an offer...
  228. tired subject: hideouts 1 & 2
  229. Urgent News from Rolling Stone:Billy Corgan looses 20 lbs
  230. "Love" Appreciation Thread
  231. "Untitled" Alternate video ?
  232. hello. i'm new. anyone here?
  233. Help, was I ripped off, no Barcode?!
  234. I found this in the upload folder at RSPAA...
  235. Pumpkins Piano Songs
  236. So who likes jimmy's new album?
  237. OMG like vote for the pumpkinz!!!1
  238. Stephen Lynch - What if that guy from Smashing Pumpkins..
  239. Ultimate Chicagoan....yet another poll
  240. james iha sucks
  241. rolling stone article
  242. Iso: Spvc
  243. Gish Game
  244. Will you download it once it's leaked?
  245. Billys world tour....
  246. Billboard article on TheFutureEmbrace
  247. so that jaguar of billy's
  248. some lyrics from new album...found in article..
  249. Stories about meeting or seeing SP/Zwan?
  250. lyrix for billz