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  1. For sale: 5 SP vinyls
  2. What's Kerry Brown up to these days?
  3. Now Sharing On da hub: The Faint and Bright Eyes
  4. Underrated lurrix
  5. Corgan on Letterman????
  6. FS/FT: useless SP stuff
  7. ISO: JEW Tapers
  8. Corgan+blacksabbeth?????
  9. On Billy's Colaborations
  10. What about D'arcy ?
  11. ISO: recent Qotsa gigs
  12. Storytellers
  13. Reason Billy bailed Lettermen show
  14. The REAL Pisces Iscariot Survivor Round 10
  15. David Mead
  16. It's that time again... ISO: EAST COAST TAPERS!
  17. Looking for ****llica DAT recordings
  18. New James Iha song Never Ever?
  19. james article in new york times today!!!
  20. ISO: Dredg Tapers
  21. So, who's going to The Hideout this monday?
  22. Best live bands?
  23. Which Billy era are you?
  24. Billy Corgan with Marianne Faithfull on XRT tomorrow
  25. Billy Corgan with Marianne Faithfull on XRT tomorrow
  26. watching / listening to Pumpkins while drunk or stoned
  27. Wishing You Were
  28. dark little girl
  29. Weird DAT Transfer Problem
  30. Now Sharing: Weezer, Dashboard
  31. Favorite and why...
  32. Transfering from MD
  33. FS: rocket uk cd single.
  34. Questions on those ebay metro shows
  35. What's better for dumping/splitting Dat's? Soundforge or Cooledit?
  36. Pisces Iscariot Round 11
  37. Never Ever
  39. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the 666 video?
  40. More non-revelatory Spun score reviews...
  41. Who knew that Darcy had plastic surgery? (does this rhyme?)
  42. A Leona mess
  44. SP Trivia
  45. Netphoria Frontpage
  46. i got banned from the hub
  47. The Hideout...
  48. Did any west coasters tape morrissey?
  49. Hub help!
  50. ISO: first waltz on cdr sourced from the official vid
  51. corgan and faithful on letterman
  52. Final Round of Pisces Iscariot Survivor
  53. petition to change this forum into a "fun monkey facts" forum
  54. 1979 -> ugly > 1979 -> toase
  55. In search of Dan Elsen
  56. Help me picking a soundcard
  57. so tell me what's the future of the nspaa
  58. Who's seen Local H live?
  59. 1979 post party!!! ::::(party inside)::::
  60. bugg superstar
  61. generic appreciation post
  62. Last show banner value?
  63. Zwan album
  64. So how'd last night go?
  65. I hate wind...
  66. ...and you will know us by the trail of dead
  67. SHN>AVI/MPG for 05.23.00
  68. Best Unreleased Track
  69. I'm really tired of the forever brown-nosing secret surprise O-board
  70. Transferring Excellent Webcast>VCD
  71. Bootlist moved
  72. Best source info evar...
  73. transferring md to a hard drive
  74. Results for Pisces Iscariot Survivor
  75. Oh sure... Remove my post for unveiling the truth! you can't HANDLE the truth!! :)
  76. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Survivor Round 1
  77. My band's gonna cover some SP songs soon...
  78. check this out
  79. check this out
  80. Perfect Recognition Thread
  81. Chicago Sun Times Review of the 9/16 Hideout show
  82. I heard Corgan was teaming up with Jon Davis.......
  83. What Jesus says to Smashing Pumpkins
  84. This was from the USA Today Message board
  85. ISO: Taper in Detroit 9/24 (free ticket for you!)
  86. MCIS Survivor: predictions?
  87. The Hideout show (09/16) with Corgan
  88. FS: DPA 4060's & Sony D100 Dat recorder
  89. who does that falsetto cry at the end of glynis?
  90. D'arcy's biggest blunder
  91. Zwan album predictions...
  92. ISO: used stereo mic for MD - only europeans
  93. Hope
  94. Siamese Dream: Would you trade Silverfuck for Drown?
  95. SHN Trades anyone (especially those newly surfaced Metro shows)
  96. iso tapers interpol, a mann, fow, bdb, etc.
  97. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Survivor Round 2
  98. MP3 sourced? how can you check?
  99. Nov. 19th, 2002....Earphoria Reissue?!?
  100. sbd->MD...which cables?
  101. Further confirmation of Vieuphoria DVD!!
  102. If you were Billy what song would you be most proud of??
  103. Need a small favor
  104. Looking for 07.23.92 & 07.24.92 on CDR
  105. I'm planning to perform an entirely SP set.
  106. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Survivor Round 3
  107. Bright eyes taping?
  108. shipping question
  109. Psychodelic is such a My Bloody Valentien rip-off
  110. trail of dead shows
  111. Smashing Pumpkins/Lonliness
  112. Pic game: Name that song
  113. Other bands MP/Avalon equivalent?
  114. There's going to be a Earphoria re-issue!!!!
  115. anyone know what James is up to?
  116. Rivers Cuomo Avant Guarde demos
  117. Banned from Hub
  118. Its startlight, what do I still owe y'all?
  119. heavy ****l machine
  120. Glynis - No Alternative video
  121. New SP show for trade: 10.13.93 La Luna - Portland, Or
  122. question about soundboard taping overloads.
  123. Dixie Chicks doing Landslide
  124. Earphoria competing with Audioslave...
  125. ZAWN
  126. Anyone want some cheap dvds of 9-14-96 and 7-23-92?
  127. mayonaise acoustic chords/tab help
  128. SP Font Help... Infinite Dingbats??
  129. ISO: 4/27/96
  130. neko case rules
  131. a question for gearheads/musicians
  132. ok, new on this: streaming capture
  133. I need to find a certain song HELP PLEASE
  134. An Ode to 1992/07/23
  135. question about taping an in-store/acoustic show.
  136. Most Agressive/Angry?heavy pumpkins song?
  137. What is the last Smashing Pumpkins song you listened to?
  138. Doves?
  139. Chicagoans!!!! Pumpkins concert & interview on TV!!!
  140. i heard news of vieuphoria + earphoria on the radio here
  141. shn swaps anyone?
  142. ISO: Digital DAT transfer
  143. Bootlist up! WANT TRADES!!!
  144. Mr Bungle, Weezer, or Fantomas Trades?
  145. ..Which Pumpkin Are You..?
  146. So...anyone want to run Survivor?
  147. where is the hub?
  148. Looking for Nick Cai
  149. how lossy is a web-stream?
  150. Discuss: The Pumpkins never wrote one song as brilliant as Three Days.
  151. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Survivor Round 4
  152. ripping audio from DVD?
  153. zwan show rumor, blah blah
  154. Are you a good audio editor and can digitally transfer dats AND want some good DVDs??
  155. WTF???
  156. ATTN: Kris Scheurich and Ville Pyöttiälä
  157. Brian Krell just called me....
  158. so apparently james iha was assaulted last weekend..
  159. Jimmy's aging at a rather scary rate:
  160. Need Much Music I&I Performance
  161. a few jamboree pics...
  162. Sequence 4 Demos
  163. Jackboot
  164. When is the Zwan album supposed to be released?
  165. got the new earphoria
  166. Heeeeheheehoohoo
  167. SPUN - Release 2003
  168. >> Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Survivor Round 5
  169. "yeah" tab
  170. MCIS Demos II correct info
  171. Survivor Round 1
  172. MCIS Demos 3?
  173. 1993-09-18 anaM - enormous amount of clicks?
  174. OT - Netphorian Xmas CD/tape swap
  175. **two excellent SP shirts (unworn) for sale**
  176. **two excellent (unworn) SP shirts for sale**
  177. ISO: Milwuakee Tapers
  178. >> Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Survivor Round 6
  179. names of girls in SP songs
  180. Pumpkins on UK TV
  181. ok, what the heck is this?
  182. Effects/Settings for Today...
  183. Would anybody be so kind as.......
  184. slashing pumpkins
  185. FS: promos, silverbottomed bootlegs, interview discs, cdrom
  186. taping for the first time on saturday!
  187. Darcy arrested, James assulted...
  188. Billy to post next Tuesday...
  189. Can You HELP!
  190. >>Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Survivor Round 7
  191. alright, aliright. its about time we used the poll function
  192. Crashing cars?
  193. ISO: att.cable with level switch
  194. Super Furry Animals
  195. I got caught taping last night, but...
  196. i didn't expect this to be in the list
  197. ISO: US Tapers [NY, MA]
  198. is 10-25-96 a rare concert?
  199. That new James Iha message board
  200. Arising Shows/11-29-00
  201. Should I remove the "voting table" from the SP Survivors?
  202. Anyone have a full tab for jackboot?
  203. why......
  204. Whats an easy way to learn HTML to make a decent bootlist?
  205. tapers for Trembling Blue Stars
  206. That Frank Bennett cover of Disarm..
  207. two bolly pictures most likely nevar seen before
  208. MEANINGS of girls names bolly references
  209. >>Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Survivor Round 8
  210. teh funneh
  211. HELP : How to convert 48Khz wav to 44KhZ?
  212. The newest o-board related entertainment
  213. West Coast taperz, in the hizouse!
  214. CDRwin help
  215. Article - Smashing Pumpkins: Live After Death!
  216. Did you know that the guy from REM...
  217. Connecting an MT-877 to a digital card
  218. Teh Bolly has posted....
  219. do you still listen to the pumpkins...?
  220. ISO 1-2-96 and 1-3-96
  221. QUES: How to Video Tape a Show (and not get caught)
  222. Euro tapers
  223. Why are all my topics getting deleted?
  224. Did you know that the other guy from REM...
  225. anyone taping Tony Joe White?
  226. >>Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Survivor Round 9
  227. Good to be meeeeeeeeeee
  228. Help please
  229. For Sale: CD's, Vinyls, Videos, Etc
  230. >>Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Survivor???
  231. Magazines for sale or trade (Pumpkins and others)
  232. ISO: Tori Amos tapers for the upcoming tour
  233. Zwan Home Movie #2
  234. For those with no fashion (James Iha reviews cds in Surface magazine)
  235. 11.28.00 Sound Opinions ... finally streamed
  236. REQ - Someone with Bidpay and Paypal (Or just bidpay if no one has both)
  237. Looking for clean 8/12/93, 4/27/94, 11/30/93, 7/5/92, 7/11/92
  238. I just realized what these open mic things are
  239. What's the deal about I Fall studio again?
  240. since when does billy sign his surname?
  241. >>Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Survivor Round 10
  242. my teeth are razor sharp / my back is fucking strong
  243. Chevelle
  244. Pitchfork Write-up
  245. Taking Requests for the Hub
  246. Anyone wanna tape Box Car Racer, H20 & The Used in Toronto?
  247. Can anyone help find The Marked recordings?
  248. ISO: The Marked
  249. Some of you will hate me for this...but the truth must be told
  250. >>Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Survivor Round 11