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  1. I found some fun photos
  2. Which song on Siamese Dream was about Billy Corgan's .....
  3. SP Funeral songs
  4. Smashing Pumpkins Collection
  5. Starla effect, 5:39 - 10:19
  6. Vieuphoria at the video store......
  7. When I find you, I am going to kill you.
  8. I stayed up listening to Queen
  9. Bits so gold
  10. mellon collie & the infinate sadness LP
  11. was that tracklisting posted a while ago for real?
  12. Is LetUsBePurple banned yet?
  13. eye demo
  14. Mayonnaise Meaning
  15. melissas next collab
  16. different mastering?
  17. Full of so much one-star potential
  18. is GONE!
  19. Billy the Idol
  20. The smashing pumpkins best band in the world
  21. James iha is a legend.
  22. grow up
  23. Drop english right about..........
  24. chris bakewell is a legend.
  25. MCIS Demos 2 upgrade and other stuff
  26. Tips for taping my first show...
  27. smashing pumpkins sacred heart
  28. I Want LMGTWTY Adore Version...
  29. Pumpkin docs/zwan paris show ?
  30. hullo is anyone here?
  31. jimmy's daughter and wife
  32. Chick on the bus story
  33. Modern Classics Live: Best of Smashing Pumpkins & Stone Temple Pilots
  34. In Radiohead's Meeting People Is Easy...
  35. Billy Sighting?
  36. What a dickhead
  37. Chris "angry pants" Bakewell
  38. i've never heard Delusions of Candor
  39. Zwan BBC Radio1 Torrent (MP3)
  40. Mods
  41. New Billy Show
  42. Are the Smashing Pumpkins going to split up?
  43. Wow - the late 2000 shows are really good.
  44. The smashing pumpkins are still the best band in the world
  45. bwbw video version 1 concept version
  46. bah
  47. Billy's Book=D
  48. arrested for being a commie spy
  49. pix on
  50. Why is this board so elitist?
  51. since you're no true fans
  52. Hello! And one more thing...
  53. those of you with limewire
  54. New Fan, Old Question
  55. 16 thread titles mentioning "Billy" on page 1 of the B-C board...
  56. Looking for Cherub Rock video online
  57. 8-11-00 vid on the hub? mpg
  58. Perfect video
  59. black wings over america
  60. greatest hits dvd
  61. Looking for 8/12/00 Montreal video on DVD. I have lots to trade!
  62. jimmy c. journal, September 10th, 2004
  63. DC area people (book related)
  64. any netphorians in pumpkins video material?
  65. billy in rolling stone
  66. SP music vids and anime
  67. up for trade: tsp 4-18-94
  68. Billy Corgan joins Green Day!!!.... PROOOFF Inside
  69. what's up with sharing the groove?
  70. The best pumpkins board other than blamo
  71. Fuck this pisses me off
  72. Video
  73. Full collection.
  74. im back
  75. Jimmy's album is going to kick your ass.
  76. gear question??
  77. James Iha sighting...
  78. Best Graffiti Ever
  79. attn: chris trollwell
  80. Corgan in Rolling Stone
  81. RockLobster, ckeegan, PUGFECT, alisonmonster, Phoenix Down, daveomack,
  82. spot the SP heart!
  83. When did you become a Pumpkins fan?
  84. Billy's "book" really fuckign sucks.
  85. Billy in Toronto?
  86. In you I feel so hungry . . .
  87. i was browsing a friend's cd case yesterday and found this
  88. Pronunciation of Machina
  89. I guess 'ol B0lly had to sell out sometime.
  90. ISO: MCIS faces
  91. ok, so it gets it's own thread: info on pumpkins tribute
  92. Come on! don't dissapoint me pumpkins's Fans!
  93. "i can hear you... but i can't hear you"
  94. Pumpkins Ticket Stubs
  95. there should be anybody!
  96. ISO: Zach Payne
  97. 20000212 & 20000512
  98. Scarecrows and disease haunt us all....?
  99. remeber the Rolling Stone magic photoshoot from 95?
  100. Smashing Pumpkins In Studio Recording New Tunes
  101. What the hub?!
  102. Hypothetical question: Would MCIS be what it is without Flood and Alan Moulder?
  103. Billy....This is terrible...
  104. Asian Movie, Music by James Iha
  105. just a question......
  106. Fucker in AIM pretended to be billy
  107. Kid LJs Jimmy's Reply to personal email.
  108. i am such a fucking n00b.
  109. BREAKING NEWS: I saw a "Mary Star of the Sea" church today
  110. is this Feelium?
  111. Billy is quite an attractive man
  112. Thank you Mads!!!!!
  113. Chick in the Zero that her in Dodgeball?
  114. suggest a title for a compilation i'm making...
  115. Whoa, i just noticed this:
  116. Billy makes it into the new Rolling Stone
  117. bootlist revisited
  118. Billy played the drums tonight.
  119. get me started
  120. i still get that tingly feeling..
  121. James the DJ
  122. my science teacher once told me...
  123. New Post On
  124. burning at high speeds
  125. So has anyone read corgos book or what
  126. Favorite Final Tour Show
  127. Sacred + Profane Compilation
  128. i got billy's book yesterday
  129. I may have found an unsurfaced show or two
  130. Billy Corgan in new PSM
  131. 9/19 Show
  132. why doesn't work
  133. does anyone remember....
  134. must-have recordings?
  135. 3>1
  136. Wouldn't it be great...
  137. Itunes article
  138. october
  139. Corgo's Biggest Blunder
  140. Pumpkins avatars
  141. Anyone know what this event is?
  142. I was listening to a copy of the coyle tape and got to thinking....
  143. For those of you with MSTOTS vinyl
  144. Hooo boy.
  145. timetables
  146. I know this is hard to believe, but someone has ripped off the Lyric video.
  147. i've had french movie theme in my head ALL DAY.
  148. Recent price on CR05's?
  149. Matt Bellamy is the new Billy?
  150. scuse me while i go all machina mystery on your asses, but...
  151. New Corgo Update!!
  152. New Post on
  153. goddamn i wish the spun sountrack existed
  154. Greatest Hits Collection DVD
  155. interesting article about bootlegging..
  156. house of mouse
  157. My friend thought Billy was John Meyer..
  158. what the fuck
  159. Yungchen Lhamo
  160. auf der maur tickets
  161. Does Anyone Tape... Fiery Furnaces?
  162. You are the sweetest flower.
  163. Bad trader alert: William Shatner
  164. Rare CDs for sale
  165. Black Oblivion Appreciation Post
  166. was TIV ever on an SP live setlist?
  168. favourite chris_bakewell post?!
  169. Tour dates (Poet Billy)
  170. Auf der Maur artcile in the New York Times today
  171. Will Billy establish himself as a solo artist before letting out more SP/Zwan?
  172. Here's what I'd do at a corgo book signing
  173. Cigarettes shop Marlboro , Camel, Kent $14.99
  174. Cigarettes shop Marlboro , Camel, Kent $14.99
  175. One big download of MP3's from ?
  176. New Billy interview (Dutch)+great pic
  177. haha, misheard something?
  178. Billy performs this Saturday in Chicago for free
  179. Hot chick in Zwan shirt/dress
  180. My recording of Hummer
  181. Billy bit on TMT
  182. ???
  183. very weird pumpkins compilation
  184. Mellon Collie Vinyl
  185. REQ: UK and Cali Tapers (will pay!)
  186. Book Signing, ..notes
  187. hey dawgs, how do i get into taping?
  188. Tattoos
  189. Got my Billy-Poetry-Vancouver ticket today
  190. SHN>CD-r
  191. recording quality of the pumpkins
  192. zoltrix nightingale + xp
  193. the cream of jimmy
  194. Little Corgan article on Pitchforkmedia
  195. Billy's "Novel"
  196. who runs the spfc?
  197. New Corgan Post
  198. that yungchen chick sounds pretty cool.
  199. whos going to the toronto signing and reading?
  200. 001023 soundcheck
  201. NY Book SIgning Tix
  202. 10.04.04 New Jimmy Journal
  203. the darndest places you've listened to the pumpkins
  204. Who has gotten Corgan's book since it has been released? Yet another thread
  205. Anyone want "The Infinite Conversation"?
  206. FS: Billy Corgan tickets - Toronto @ that church on Bloor
  207. The D.C. Reading
  208. Pumpkins Poker Chips
  209. Listning to SP stoned
  210. ISO: my bootlist
  211. what's that rem thing?
  212. what kind of wishy-washy hippie bullshit church is Corgan performing in anyway?
  213. The things you come across on google image,LOL,Zwan
  214. For those wondering about Yungchen an mp3 can be found here....
  215. 7/23/91 ??? Foufounes Electriques Montreal, CA
  216. James Iha on the guitar
  217. James Iha on the guitar
  218. Ques: 2000.04.12, Northrop
  219. speaking of james on the guitar...
  220. Did The Smashing Pumpkins Action Figures ever come out?
  221. ahahahaha.,
  222. full
  223. Favorite Smashing Pumpkins Song/ Members of the bands songs
  224. Vancouverites unite(S)
  225. the feds...back in town?
  226. 1979
  227. Corgan interview in LA Times
  228. James' Rocket Guitar
  229. 2/21/95 Double Door
  230. Billy appearance at NYC art show OCT 16
  231. my cover of music for ZWAN Home Movie #5
  232. billy corgan interview live on the net Oct. 19th
  233. San Francisco Poetry Session - Roll Call
  234. Anyone gotten a reply from Billy who sent an email
  235. wtf. googled "james iha" lately?
  236. Biggest Pumpkin ever in town this week near San Francisco...
  237. bootlist generating program
  238. selling bootlegs is legal?
  239. SBD patching at final Beta Band gigs
  240. Praise For Xyu
  241. Billy is missing in SF?!
  242. Bill Corgan in San Francisco
  243. cleveland?
  244. I am obsessed again
  245. can't connect to the hub
  246. Bootleg torrent site
  247. FS: BC ticket - Toronto - Poetry Reading
  248. This has just =GOT= to be our Shaunna in the Toronto Star newspaper!!!
  249. question
  250. billy biography?