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  1. Jimmy will...
  2. Metro DVD
  3. A bootleg of an official release
  4. Corgan Solo on radio
  5. if the Zwan record came out in mexico...
  6. Pumpkins Backgrounds
  7. Billy Corgan's Tracklisting (As Leaked on the Velvet Rope)
  8. Please help me!
  9. take a solo career to change an autograph style?
  10. Interesting tibits about THE Smashing Pumpkins..........
  11. Zwan - Spilled Milk
  12. Someone splain to me where I can download the Spun soundtrack.
  13. anyone looking for a like new silver mini ipod? with every SP song ever on it
  14. its official.....
  15. Simpsons episode with SP appearence airs tonite at 10 PM central time.
  16. Unofficial Spun Soundtrack question
  17. is this old?
  18. James Iha to do a DJ set with Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) in NYC August 7!!
  19. can anyone direct me to a place where i can dl sps last united center concert???
  20. Maven's music?
  21. Due to a lack of anything actually interesting to read on here...
  22. I would kill to hear Jesus I ---> God's Gonna Set This World on Fire again.
  23. WHat the fuck is 'clipping'?
  24. So i just picked up guitar again.
  25. O-board archives
  26. Feel free to bludgeon me, but
  27. kind of ST: songs that improved the most when played live
  28. ISO: Built to Spill tapers
  29. set list for the last SP metro show
  30. Where would Billy fit in list of alt.rock star IQs?
  31. just put Turn My Way on for the first time in 2 years..
  32. "666 IHA" license plate
  33. Do you think the pumpkins were better live or in the studio?
  34. 1996-10-05 up for download///
  35. Hub News
  36. ISO: White Stripes tapers
  37. Billy was just on SportsCenter
  38. Does an acoustic version of soma exist?
  39. indie-pop tribute
  40. Clips
  41. short bury me cover
  42. Corgan's Future
  43. Harry Potter listens to Smashing Pumpkins..
  44. C'mon, Machina is pretty good.
  45. So was Billy's solo show recorded?
  46. i feel owned
  47. Billy's tribute to Kurt?
  48. what happened to the hub?
  49. anyone know if Scramble is on this board?
  50. which Hard Rock Cafes have Pumpkins stuff?
  51. Blew Away is the sweetest song I've ever heard
  52. Has ayone traded with Palidor? (jason)
  53. I found out what D'arcy has been up to lately.
  54. is it just me, or has james always been very secretive about his lovelife?
  55. Cleanliness is Godliness
  56. Help finding songs
  57. ever notice that the town in the rocket vid...and i guess the disarm house too
  58. "and i don't even care to shake these zipper blues"
  59. Best LMGTWTY version for wedding?
  60. ISO: Marcy Playground shows
  61. Billy's Solo Album
  62. Howard Stern and 1998-10-31 up for download!
  63. Hey guys, remember when Billy TOTALLY KICKED ASS?
  64. Nspaa bonus tracks
  65. Zwan in SLC on 4/28/03
  66. Jimmy Chamberlin reviews DRUMMANIA
  67. 08.03.04 New Billy Post
  68. Need advice on wich MD recorder I should buy, Hi-MD
  69. Jimmy Chamberlin site!
  70. mcis packaging
  71. Billy broke the band up in between Gish & SD?
  72. Blinking With Fists - advance copy
  73. a new pic of james sleeping
  74. What did ex-Zwan members say to piss Billy off?
  75. Wound cover???
  76. Gatmog
  77. ITT: you tell about a "33" reference of the day
  78. new jimmy journal entry!~
  79. James may have
  80. Jimmy Chamberlin Signature Snare Drum
  81. Billy.....
  82. When was the last time Billy said 'motherfucker'
  83. review of Gish, the videogame
  84. The Lyric video
  85. An Open Letter To Billy
  86. Favorite Smashing Pumpkins Concerts
  87. Bolly corrigan in ESPN the magazine
  88. why can't I enjoy Auf Der Maur?
  89. Adore/Graceful swan of neverw docs etc
  90. songs sp should have covered.
  91. billy's swedish girlfriend?
  92. How many Zwan points do you have?!
  93. tapers i like and why
  94. Age of Innocence is just the best song ever.
  95. An open letter to this forum
  96. PIC POST: favorite b0lly photos
  97. looking for album
  98. There's a quote from Billy on the back of the new Wilco book
  99. anyone ever sold anything to
  100. SP vinyl
  101. SP last show at the Metro
  102. What's this song called?
  103. Dean's wonderful website.
  104. Where can I get the sheet music for MCIS?
  105. whereoh where can i find some live HELMET dlds...
  106. Little things that sitck out to you in SP songs?
  107. When do you think billy will post again?
  108. 08.12.04 New Jimmy Post
  109. 'The Ring' is Real MADM related
  110. I Love You Melissa
  111. MCIS 9 Years old this Oct 24!!!
  112. The Smashing Pumpkins are not Dead
  113. The Smashing Pumpkins are alive
  114. XRT this morning
  115. let's go buy fur coats!
  116. Finally figured James' SD rack rig out.
  117. I'm sure this is a rumor...
  118. Buy a Limited Edition Billy Corgan Poetry Sheet
  119. Ancient topic i'm sure,but..(1979)
  120. what release are you most psyked about
  121. Has Billy flipped his wig?
  122. The car keys of a guy from Smashing Pumpkins
  123. Various Items for Sale
  124. this forum is a ghosttown
  125. itt we discuss jimmy lyrics
  126. hey, someone want to do me a favor and send me gish?
  129. Pixies in Nashville
  130. most badass rock choon
  131. Fulflej
  132. This would probably be the most humorous arguement ever...
  133. bizarre request
  134. 1993-09-13, Cambridge Corn Exchange, UK
  135. Billy/Pumpkins reference on
  136. ....and Billy was drooling on his shirt.
  137. Zero_(Ep)_-_Smashing_Pumpkins-Remastered-UK-2004-EiTheLMP3
  138. date of the billy's so-called church sessions?
  139. Mashed Potatoes
  140. Billy's DVD contents
  141. 10/12/04 show coming up
  142. Selling pumpkins vinyl / box sets
  143. Who's got that Billy/Kirstin Dunst comparison picture?
  144. Most Religious Smashing Pumpkins Song!
  145. Jimmy studio pictures up on his site
  146. I saw a Zwan Poster in the background on…
  147. Jimmy mentioned in New York Post today
  148. Pumpkins tribute album due Mid 2005
  149. MP3 of "Ugly" from Double Door '95
  150. For the sake of humanity, let's close this board!
  151. Aeroplane Flies High
  152. billy pic
  153. pixies and pumpkins
  154. Help me... please
  155. Best Live Version of TTEOR
  156. Burning
  157. netphoria 2000 v.s. netphoria 2004
  158. 2716 packets might cause buffer underflow...(TMPGENC question)
  159. more poetry..
  160. R S P A A : the Reborn Smashing Pumpkins Audio Archives
  161. mayonaise acoustic
  162. looking for arising tour 4/10/99 in mp3
  163. Spun song info
  164. Tour dates?
  165. ZWAN in Orlando's HARD ROCK LIVE
  166. Did Jimmy ever understood the slow side of the pumpkins
  167. Bootlist
  168. subtleties
  169. :rockon:
  170. :(
  171. OMG!! You gotta hear this!
  172. What kind of crap is going on
  173. Looking for the arising shirt
  174. Hey Kids!!! A question!
  175. Artist Only: Smashing Pumpkins tonight
  176. Pumpkins Tribute Band - Southern California
  177. Define the SP
  178. Best Smashing Pumpkin Crunch
  179. It's really frustrating when....
  180. need info on these shows
  181. Rock music killed my son!
  182. ISO- longsleeve 666 tshirt
  183. Howard Stern interview mp3s?
  184. is anyone selling in uk?
  185. Billy's New Album?
  186. snap
  187. Gothic Industrial tribute!!!Who got this stupid idea?????
  188. I don't know if this means anything..
  189. Here's what was said about SP on VH1's top 100 hard rock artists...
  190. funny little article excerpt
  191. funny thing in liner notes of a Papa M CD
  192. LIKE DUDES.. ! Whjat is your favorite rocking The SP song.. Currently????
  193. TSP live CDs & promos
  194. I sell an official Machina t-shirt
  195. question about 8.12.93...
  196. any word on the missing canadian girl?
  197. Sonic Youth 10.14.87 BitTorrent
  198. they played 1979 on some tennis show today
  199. Methusela
  200. butch vig in vieupohria
  201. LIKE DUDES.... I'm am painting my room. THE colouR OF MCIS!!!
  202. Billy, you're so funny
  203. This has to be one of the strangest SP photoshops...
  204. The Smashing Pumpins are Immortal
  205. the smashing pumpkins are immoral
  206. Corgan stylee c. Siamese era
  207. How to test for MP3-source?
  208. Pixies Hub
  209. billy and meth.
  210. CNN news headline "Billy Corgan almost killed by....."
  211. 1998-07-05
  212. B0lly Found Dead in Arizona Hotel Room
  213. read it
  214. Wow this is really disturbing....
  215. i apologize.
  216. is new york and la tapers
  217. The best 27 seconds of pumpkins:
  218. "Well then you'd probably go out with me I'm better looking than Billy"
  219. SP stole Judas Priest lyrics.
  220. Billy Corgan Gets hit by a Train
  221. Billy Corgan dies of AIDS
  222. Billy Corgan interview from Rolling Stone
  223. Smashing Pumpkins - October 3, 2004!!
  224. The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
  225. I wore my most rainbowy Zwan shirt today
  226. Smashing Pumpkins!!!Black Sabbath!!!!
  227. what kind of effector was used in zero solo
  228. Will Billy and Evanessence do a "Zero" cover on MTV when Billy's solo album comes out
  229. Virgin Suicides
  230. Alt. Rock Savior
  231. how many films have used sp music?
  232. pixies brixton June 3rd 2004
  233. Pumpkins final show @ Metro
  234. A guy that looks like billy
  235. new picture of Billy from Rolling Stone
  236. anyone got some info on this shirt?
  237. Why why why must it be true!
  238. Billy’s Nightmare (Back in 1993)
  239. Poets of Zwan site mp3's
  240. Thank You Moderators
  241. Im Sick of the Smashing pumpkins
  242. pumpkins message boards
  243. Favorite pumpkins shower song
  244. Does Billy listen to Queen?
  245. Did Billy Corgan ever contract AIDS?
  246. New Lyrics for Billy Corgan's solo album
  247. letusbepurple
  248. Lycia+Mayfair
  249. Dirty mouths of babes
  250. phish