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  1. smashing pumpkins shirts/45's on ebay
  2. said sadly
  3. Quiet and other songs
  4. b0lly apprciation!1
  5. Is Listessa Gone?
  6. a cool story about billy that i just remembered
  7. HEY YOU GUYSSSS!!!!!!!!111111 a polll
  8. look at this
  9. lyrics to 5 uncirculated pumpkins songs.
  10. Hey hyperbole
  11. is blamo where the o boarders went?
  12. Pisces Iscariot, revisited
  13. OT: Vans Warped Tour (Anyone Taping?)
  14. Pisces Iscariot rewisited
  15. Geek U.S.A. reminds me of a video game
  16. Mr. VanBeersum
  17. Hyperbole-
  18. Smashing Pumpkins
  19. Wtf?!?!?!
  20. i know its been said before but the spun soundtrack...
  21. The Chards/Shards
  22. Melissa video on!
  23. does anyone have tab to jesus is the sun?
  24. Chris Wainscott
  25. Free Pumpkins CDs
  26. smashing pumpkins are dead, f4gs.
  27. D'arcy touches a stuffed squirel?
  28. attn: all of those with a ridiculously large live pumpkins collection
  29. Melissa is playing Conan tonight!
  30. Melissa is playing Conan tonight!
  31. ISO: Hideout comp. 2
  32. Tristan and.....
  33. someone just told me that at hard rock cafe in berlin...
  34. the machina mystery ??
  35. the Lost 94 Tapes
  36. Do you think B0lly would be good manager at taco bell?
  37. remember when
  38. Machina Promo CD-R
  39. liveTSP downloads
  40. liveTSP downloads poll
  41. Corgan's biggest blunder since 1999?
  42. bolly tidbit 4 u
  43. Tales Of A Scorched Earth
  44. this is a smashing pumpkins shirt...
  45. SP tabs for the uke?
  46. what is this a reference to...
  47. another ass selling fake autographs
  48. do any of you ever feel like idiots for discussing the same stupid bullshit over and
  49. In June....
  50. 1979 single appreciation thread
  51. Currently on Sharingthegroove
  52. Marquis In Spades Karaoke?
  53. Presenting Darwin's evolutionary scale of names for billy!
  54. SP Soundboards + Pixies
  55. in this thread, u post teh scariest b0lly pictures
  56. anyone wanna sell some t shirts?
  57. does anyone have any iowa city shows?
  58. new article mentions billy
  59. Going to be on the radio today, what pumpkins songs should i play on my guitar?
  60. help with making a cover
  61. Top 5 non-album tracks
  62. the goo goo dolls suck.
  63. Zwan Sucks: Yes Or No
  64. zero single appreciation thread.
  65. What is your opinion of the goo goo dolls?
  66. Times that you've unexpectedly heard SP or Zwan?
  67. Smashing Pumpkins Trademark infos: here!
  68. Free-ish posters
  69. SP & Golf? Yes!
  70. Corgan mentioned in Breaking Benjamin article
  71. 30% off
  72. Mashed Potatos 5 cd's set artwork?
  73. I just downloaded some porn..
  74. Project
  75. to sheila - 7/28/98
  76. Download the Wrigleyville Reports with Billy Corgan here
  77. Pumpkins/Zwan ringtones?
  78. Were you people aware that
  79. corgan's worst vocal performance
  80. anyone know a website i could dl judas o from???
  81. so are any beside me going to this
  82. FS: Earphoria
  83. Do you ever have dreams about Billy? Because I do
  84. Are you rumored to the straight and narrow?
  85. compare and contrast shn vs flac.
  86. Looking for Billy's columns for Guitar World
  87. I couldnt believe my fucking eyes.
  88. for all the Wound haters!
  89. Is the Hub down?
  90. darcy is a fucking stupid whore
  91. Is anyone in Canada interested in taping Clann Zu?
  92. Smashing Pumpkins siamese singles Box Set
  93. Smashing Pumpkins siamese singles Box Set
  94. Hey guys, Sweet, Sweet is the best SP song.
  95. Whats the difference?
  96. spinoff: corgan's best vocal performace
  97. K-Rock today
  98. APC achieve a dense, meaty heaviness SP achieved live but never on record...
  99. OT: Modest Mouse Taping
  100. ISO Zwan March 28, 03 NYC
  101. NSFW - The rules. (This thread IS safe for work)
  102. NSFW - The rules. (This thread IS safe for work)
  103. Starlight boot (10/23/95) and Reading 92 downloads
  104. 33 single appreciation Thread
  105. What if the guy from Smashing Pumpkins lost his car keys?
  106. Billy C is Mary J
  107. i remember someone saying how good an mcis glastonbury concert was...
  108. I keep talking about old shit.
  109. Peel Sessions appreciation thread
  110. Lol
  111. i like the ZERO single
  112. Anyone have the Hideout 2 mp3s?
  113. ...
  114. July, I miss her.....
  115. CR05
  116. Is this Chris?
  117. Peel Time Sessions
  118. Im mourning....revolt,revive,renew
  119. autographed Pisces Iscariot vinyl (w/ bonus 7")
  120. Okay, so I've tracked down a taper
  121. the vertical extrapolator?
  122. the adore mono lp
  123. Did anyone take photos @ Billy's Poetry reading back in 2003?
  124. new spfc submission...
  125. im singing By Starlight
  126. Taping Shows
  127. Hoobastank Vs. The Smashing Pumpkins
  128. Suffer "solo"
  129. What's with all the.....
  130. outrage at cockbuster video!
  131. Everyone get this Pumpkins DVD torrent! 1996-04-07
  132. anyone know where i can dl a WMA to WAV converter without having to pay??
  133. Billy's Futuristic Rock Album
  134. can anyone direct me to a site with rare tool, deftones, nirvana, smashing pumpkins
  135. Does anyone remember the "Adore movie"?
  136. The Spun soundtrack ?
  137. Smashing Pumpkins 1996-07-09 Landover SHN 926mb (download link inside)
  138. SD Sleeve
  139. In Search Of: Evanescence demos, etc
  140. SP ebay autograph listing
  141. Spun played on cable TV
  142. looking back to almost 3 months ago.
  143. What originally turned you on to the Pumpkins
  144. Smashing Pumpkins in Chasing Amy!
  145. ST 1337: shows you are hoarding
  146. blinking with fists cover
  147. spinoff: how have you turned others onto the pumpkins
  148. Spinoff of a spinoff: Do the Pumpkins turn you on?
  149. Spinoff of a Spinoff of a Spinoff: Have you gotten turned on turning people on to SP?
  150. spinoff: have you been turned on by the Pumpkins?
  151. I'm selling my copy of Recliner. Feel the Roesing!
  152. an interesting eBay find ....
  153. mellon collie / siamese dream tab books??
  154. new recording device
  155. Funny Netphoria ad coincidence
  156. corgan's incredible notorious disappearing act
  157. Happy smashing pumpkins day!
  158. buying mellon collie guitar tab book
  159. Melissa played The tonight show last night
  160. MUSIC publishing
  161. attention hopeless romantics
  162. RCMP seize hundreds of 'bootleg' copies of live rock concerts
  163. following in sp footsteps
  164. If SP were marketed today
  165. why is SP not on
  166. Gish is the best Smashing Pumpkins album
  167. lol.
  168. droolarriffic
  169. cool edit help
  170. anyone ever get criticized wearing a zwan shirt
  171. Favorite SP Memories
  172. why is still up???
  173. fuck billy corgan
  174. Auf Der Maur
  175. it's true...
  176. The Stand Inside Your Love Video
  177. The Adore Era
  178. Interesting ebay find...
  179. should lycia+mayfair be allowed to continue pissing on the board
  180. MCIS refers to Machina???
  181. there is a small article about zwan in this month's jane magazine
  182. i think we all agree...
  183. np: sd
  184. Billy's thoughts on punk...
  185. 4 years on who - if anyone - are SP's heirs - my vote goes to Elbow and here's why...
  186. '96 MTV music awards
  187. What they should have had on 2000/12/02 @ metro...
  188. I want a good Zero shirt
  189. I know alot about the Machina Mystery...
  190. Anyone confirm this one?
  191. Rspaa
  192. no man nowhere can structure a song like bolly corgan.
  193. easy way to create a bootlist?
  194. now brainwashing!
  195. SP influence in your own music
  196. why was my brainwashing thread closed?
  197. Since Corgan hasn't been blogging recently..
  198. Spinoff: Billy's coughed on Punk'd; flops
  199. New Billy Corgan post
  200. sp hub?
  201. to sheila and crestfallen promos
  202. I am retarded.
  203. my girlfriend heard adore for the 1st time yesterday
  204. I love the 90's
  205. Billy Corgan works with Breaking Benjamin
  206. Ebay item question
  207. You know, I haven't actually listened to the Pumpkins in a long time...
  208. Is the Hub really gone?
  209. Billy's so XBOX
  210. Trying to unload Kobe for some SP stuff
  211. The "other" hub
  212. dirty chubby rocker
  213. En Concierto En Mexico promo
  214. does it tick you off that TEITBITE isn't on the GH DVD?
  215. 07.15.04 New Billy Post
  216. The Right Machina Tracklist
  217. My Aeroplane needs one last part!
  218. Billy is on permanent vacation!
  219. TSP Intimate & Interactive
  220. mysterious show... help...!
  221. Iso: 2000/01/15
  222. New gig??? =]
  223. Billy Corgan Herbst Theatre Tickets
  224. brief TV interview of billy
  225. The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex
  226. spinoff/CAPTION THIS NOW OMG
  227. GTA San Andreas soundtrack
  228. Billy at teh warped tour?!?
  229. "gives of herself and the magnet head"
  230. Hub
  231. in "to forgive"...
  232. the tsphub is back online!
  233. French DVD Project?
  234. Anyone interested in a Delta DiO 2496 digital soundcard?
  235. Hub online!
  236. B-side help
  237. if you had to place set the ray on MCIS instead of another song + in its exact place?
  238. who would you like to see Corgan work with
  239. if you had to place Obscured on SD instead of another song + in its exact place?
  240. what if billy lost his keys?
  241. FS: Pumpkins CDs starting at $0.01
  242. most "dated" pumpkins album?
  243. Dharma feat. James Iha - Fly Away
  244. did anyone try to remove the distortion from the spun soundtrack-tracks?
  245. ITT: We Appreciate Rhinocerus (Alternate Version)
  246. 1996-05-11 appreciation thread
  247. nero - technical problem
  248. Hub online threads: online!
  249. Title of new record?
  250. why am i so tired? appreciation