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  1. So what are the chances of all the original members of the Smashing Pumpkins...
  2. Does anyone remember if the Pumpkins ever won a Grammy?
  3. 1979?
  4. Lost Tapes Silverfuck
  5. LAUGH Appreciation post
  6. D'arcy in cd booklets
  7. Happy Birthday Darcy
  8. Book
  9. Evanescence played Pumpkins Zero!
  10. Order the biography...if you're interested
  11. SP/zwan songs you hated, now you love?
  12. "1929" = Spike Driver
  13. Getting Rid of My Videos.......Any Takers?
  14. SD Demos on Union Jack's website, legit or not?
  15. Moronic eBay boot seller
  16. Metro 4/19/04
  17. 00.09.23
  18. some desktops
  19. 2000/05/13 [SBD] - Aerial Theater - Houston, TX
  20. pi is the shit
  21. fucking virgins news
  22. Attn; Frank Quinto Or Anyon That Has His Email Address
  23. ISO: Avalon
  24. Worst Deal You've Ever Seen for SP stuff
  25. SP Adore CD with "Mondo Beat" music???
  26. Spaced
  27. smashing pumpkins / bjork / etc. magazines up for sale
  28. SP Radio still online
  29. zwan2003-05-06
  30. you have chosen...wisely.
  31. looks like somebody decided to shut everyone up
  32. anyone used a Creative NOMAD Jukebox 3 for taping?
  33. It's a great time to be a Pumpkins fan.
  34. post your bootlist
  35. WTF is up with Billy's new post?
  36. these new shows
  37. Boxed Mellon Collie?
  38. Tortoise in Toronto
  39. damn
  40. Message for Brewer
  41. MP Bleed
  42. 8.10.88 - was it worth the fuss?
  43. Distribution ideas for new fans/new shows
  44. ...since we're making desktops.
  45. top 100 v.2.0
  46. 1991-09-xx, (hotel room), London, UK
  47. has anyone heard Mercury Switch's Tonight, Tonight cover?
  48. Tales of A Scorched Earth Alternate version?
  49. Missing Girl/New BC post
  50. Radiohead, SP, Cure promos/vinyl
  51. Billy in Sun-Times article: Poetic license or verbal abuse?
  52. Corgan, Cale aid Escovedo
  53. Tonight broadcast of SP show on BBC6
  54. Cherub Rock #94 in 100 Greatest Riffs (Total Guitar Magazine)
  55. Zwan song "Yeah" originated in Gravity Studios
  56. update on SP SMITI figs
  57. SP import on ebay.
  58. Your favorite show?
  59. This guitar solo made me a diehard fan.
  60. Canadians re: dvdr deal
  61. SP covers album
  62. Billy to play private concert on May 25.
  63. Noob Here
  64. ultimate SP setlist
  65. tab for Columbus
  66. Billy on fox news Chicago tonight...just a heads up
  67. SATANLAND,buy it before i burn it
  68. Whats with cutting the crap out of Linda Strawberry?
  69. Can someone tell me the address for the antimusic DC hub?
  70. Here Is No Why
  71. I can not get back on the hub.
  72. reflect (time) tree whispers appreciation thread
  73. ATTN: Elitist assholes.
  74. Just Made Rox
  75. for those of you that wanted rat stickers like the ones d'arcy has
  76. Dammit, Jim, I'm a Doctor not a Rockstar
  77. My Machina disc just broke in half
  78. Well, we all now know where Billy is on
  79. FS: 7" siamese dream singles
  80. First it was Bjorn, now Matt Walker is working with Billy
  81. break up the monotony, genmay
  82. is machina acoustic demos available somewhere on the web?
  83. Smashing_pumpkins-live_on_much_music-svcd-habit-apv
  84. Eye
  85. Favorite SP Ballad?
  86. favourite sp vocal performance?
  87. Anima Animus
  88. New Billy MSNBC Interview
  89. why isn't
  90. Was billy corgan ever a robot?
  91. FS: TEITBITE 2x12" Remix Promo
  92. "The Pre-Gish Pumpkin Tour Diary
  93. 2000-9-18 Heavy Metal Machine
  94. Is Final Metro show out?
  95. my tale of pumpkin-related pedophilia!
  96. alright guys, who's hotter?
  97. BC Integral Naked Interview, Part 1
  98. getting rid of the posters / flats
  99. The meaning of the year 2007...
  100. Precise moment when the pumpkins were no more.
  101. 04-19-2004 Metro Fixed
  102. 8/10/88 lyrics.
  103. I'm Leaving this community!!!!!!!....for a week or so
  104. i LuV bIlLy cOrGaN!!!11!!1!
  105. is Jeroen's ftp still up?
  106. Which album restores your faith in The Pumpkins??
  107. ISO billy metro recording
  108. favorite single artwork?
  109. SACD or DVD-Audio: what are the odds?
  110. List of Those Still Trading
  111. post your ideas for pumpkins videos
  112. god i love appels + oranjes.
  113. Raindrops starts so wrong
  114. Getting Rid of stuff....
  115. Hey Ho - Jeroen's Helloween SHN from back in the day...
  116. anyone here going to billy's high school performance?
  117. NP: The Groover
  118. Adore makes me feel like a man
  119. the truth about Billy & God
  120. For those who lost faith...
  121. god_like
  122. I spoke with Pajo this morning
  123. 08-05-1994
  124. Billy the Cubs commentator
  125. machina acoustic demos
  126. Reel Time Sessions...
  127. spinoff: your ideal sp babe
  128. Melissa article in the Toronto Star today
  129. TSP hub (am I banned?)
  130. Billy's Solo Shows Rolled Out On Mp3 Yet?
  131. This is sorta neat:
  132. meet Doug Iha! (James' cousin)
  133. The soma solo sound
  134. Corgan Interview in Guitar World (April 2000)
  135. when you got that spiderbite on your hand
  136. where can i find that nasty Q interview with corgan?
  137. ISO: 2/12/00 - Deep Ellum; Dallas, TX
  138. Winter 2:28 - 3:17 appreciation thread
  139. wtf? real or... someone's SP 4-H project?
  140. "Corgan Giving Suburban Kids a Grammy"
  141. cool ebay find : tafh prototype case
  142. i kinda miss zwan
  143. Look! It's a bargain!
  144. Did they ever find that girl?
  145. Gish, the video game!
  146. can you imagine if they had a reunion tour ...
  147. Radio Mafia (Helsinki, Finland) Billy Interview - 2000-10-25
  148. Darc'y dinks Evian
  149. Recommend me a mic for recording shows
  150. Darcy's relatives
  151. Billy's Grammy Event - Anyone know the song he played?
  152. Listen to Pastichio Medley...
  153. Are MD recorders worth it?
  154. Stupid
  155. Hey Baldy Coogan!!!
  156. madm appreciation
  157. 100 Greatest 'Pop' Videos- Tonight, Tonight
  158. Entertaining Adore-era article just for you guys
  159. Nirvana : carlton studios edinburgh
  160. My take on the bio "Tales of a Scorched Earth"
  161. Machina was just the pumpkins coming around full circle as a new wave band
  162. 4th Gen iPod: Possible HD recording device?
  163. Vines to split
  164. spinoff: Tales of a Scorched Earth II
  165. When is something exciting gonna happen?
  166. James Iha does a groupie
  167. 12.20.99 Metro
  168. Is this out there?
  169. Is this Paz?
  170. just saw billy's house on mtv cribs!
  171. gatgc
  172. jeebus the solo for endless summer kicks ass
  173. Big Billy News!!!
  174. Jimmy.........
  175. call me stupid...was billy's radiohead comment a shot at kid a?
  176. Older Traders...a question
  177. Soundforge vs Cool Edit
  178. Auf Der Maur (!?)
  179. Bad Religion played Pumpkins Zero!
  180. GH DVD Gish section
  181. now on an ebay near you!
  182. Avacado chicago
  183. if they put out m2 instead of m, pumpkins would have gone back on top
  184. avocado chicago part 2
  185. Ratings (heyheyhey!!!)
  186. update 2004-06-03
  187. Songs that you hated !!!and you love !!!
  188. Melissa Auf der Maur in Playboy!!
  189. i'm selling 2 nice things
  190. referencing the machina mystery isn't going to make the joke any funnier
  191. message for JLO (Jose) and Memories_Unwind (Jan)
  192. earphoria
  193. have you ever listened to SP...
  194. Mary star of the sea for 3 quid in local music store
  195. Your'e Favorate Billy Shirt
  196. mysteries
  197. pumpkins 8/14/93 is playing on xrt right now
  198. a bit of nostalga...who here was a regular ams-p er?
  199. TAFH BWBW Single font
  200. billy's new album we be amazing i think
  201. The Rat Sticker
  202. Billy to perhaps make another wrestling appearance
  203. tr00 fan faux pas'
  204. amp settings
  205. French Tribute
  206. ISO: 10.20.95, Duke Ellington Ballroom
  207. i have a secret to tell you.
  208. sp joke!
  209. Awesome Idea!!!!!111
  210. Suggestion
  211. new billy blog...i don't think he likes us anymore.
  212. Marcy Playground rips off Rocket
  213. I know, I'm late....looking for copy of Billy's solo show
  214. Smashing Spirit!
  215. The Answer to the Machina mystery
  216. melissa interview
  217. More than you think, I need a drink.
  218. :)
  219. BTW, what the fuck is this all about?
  220. Nice item on Ebay for Collectors
  221. editing help
  222. Billy's Autobiography
  223. The meaning of "still just a rat in a cage"?
  224. so i guess we'll never see the adore movie huh?
  225. Courtney Love(s) Bitchfights
  226. would you think billy is gay?
  227. Machina II
  228. 1979 font is the spiderman font
  229. do you ever have that feeling
  230. anyone going to bother taping Auf Der Maur?
  231. zwan songs that need to see the light of day
  232. So, do you think Billy laughs with us at the B0lly jokes?
  233. Is Spling Billy Corgan?
  234. the boot seller crusade *please read*
  235. boot seller crusade...
  236. ...and i was actually kind of excited about HI-MD....
  237. Billy is a political conservative?
  238. Happy 40th Birthday Jimmy!
  239. Speed Kills appreciation post
  240. Billy Corgan: In conversation with Stephen Elliott
  241. favorite smashing pumpkins song of all-time
  242. i love msots
  243. rock star money
  244. EITS 10/29+30/2003 torrent
  245. Give the man some respect...
  246. who has a blue honda with a large zwan decal on the back window
  247. Welcome to Pumpkinland
  248. Meaning behind the Today video
  249. Bollywood
  250. haha, remember this?