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  1. Smashing Pumpkins Action Figure Set!
  2. effect pedals for sale, cheap!
  3. Melissa Trashed Billy?
  4. new video from Auf der Maur
  5. and now some words from Dave Pajo
  6. Just put the mcis painting on my cab.
  7. Billy Corgan Official TAPING POLICY?
  8. saw james tonight in San Diego
  9. Are there any DAT or MINI DV tapers in the following cities?
  10. Machina Iii Being Realeased On 9/24/04!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Pajo vs Billy, the new war begins...
  12. Linda Strawberry Information
  13. website updated
  14. ANNC: BC Metro Tickets on sale NOW!
  15. The Smashing Pumpkins Are Starting Their Reunion Tour On 10/12/05!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Was James always female?
  17. Does Billy get chemotherapy?
  18. Im ordering my Smashing Pumpkins action figures ill be cooler than anyone else
  19. Corgan works with Breaking Benjamin
  20. Looking for "the Walkmen" shows
  21. On this whole "BILLY FOUND RELIGION, HE SUCKS NOW" subject...
  22. Siamese Dream would be better if it ended with Silverfuck
  23. Zwan or Pumpkins? U pick
  24. Early '97 Silverfuck/Space Jam appreciation
  25. Pumpkins referenced in obscure Underworld song
  26. Matt Sweeney's band before Zwan.
  27. i'm looking for a billy corgan passport or driver's liscense
  28. When the fuck are tickets going on sale for the metro show?
  29. I believe Billy.
  30. Do you like Plume?
  31. Urgent News: Zwan Coming Back Together
  32. Spun DVD, finally
  33. I'm listening to Cherub Rock
  34. Tickets for 4/19
  35. Farewell and Goodnight?
  36. I'm listening to Mellon Collie
  37. I'm so fucking sick of people saying Zwan was shitty. What was so shitty about them?
  38. Bolly on Adult Swim (kinda)
  39. Acquatic B0lly!
  40. Good DC++ Hubs?
  41. I'm listening to gish right now
  42. so is he like all religious now?
  43. tickets on sale this saturday at noon
  44. smashing pumpkins
  45. Mary has something to say about all this
  46. Is the Avalon show being circulated?
  47. ANNC: Something I have been working on...
  48. Rolling Stone's Immortal Artists - No Pumpkins!
  49. i saw someone wearing a trenchcoat today
  50. New Billy Post
  51. cable access channel showed old SP
  52. ATTN: Dead
  53. I'm listening to Wound
  54. ATTN: Mr. MacPhisto
  55. eits2004-02-29.torrent
  56. Mystery Solved!
  57. hey
  58. regarding B0lly Wonka and teh Record Factory
  59. corgan unveils solo album cover!!!
  60. About tomorrow
  61. ANNC: eits 2002-10-03 SBD, vienna, austria
  62. how early are people going to the metro tomorrow?
  63. "Bolly-ed out"
  64. Interesting Billy Corgan link
  65. News about Billy & Iha
  66. Billy Journal!
  67. 1999/04/10 - St. Andrew's Hall; Detroit, MI, US
  68. attn: people partying in chicago for the billy solo show
  69. WOW (Ticket Sales)
  70. Metro sold out in a minute
  71. Any extra Billy tickets?
  72. Billy Corgan Metro tickets for sale.
  73. Billy Corgan Metro tickets
  74. prolly a fake...
  75. For the next time, the BEST WAY to get your own tickets at
  76. no comment
  77. 2 extra Corgan tickets...
  78. <3
  79. 4 extra tickets to give away
  80. ISO: Trades
  81. Thanks!
  82. For those attending the recording sessions:
  83. Any guitarists going to Billy's show?
  84. New Billy Blog Post
  85. Taping policy for the Metro show?
  86. video "Never Let Me Down Again" KROQ Acoustic Christmas
  87. so where are we all going to meet on the 19th?
  88. Who needs one? Extra Ticket for 4/19
  89. guitaring question
  90. does anyone know?
  91. 4/10 Billy Blog
  92. Quiet and other songs
  93. Is this a good time to start freaking out?
  94. hideout vol I & II
  95. Billy to become an actor...
  96. hummer # 5 on top ten solos
  97. how much is Aeroplane Flies High going for?
  98. b0lly/sp photoshop extravaganza
  99. adm opening for offspring??
  100. has bill written any of you back?
  102. your Billy info post
  103. Today's intro
  104. Worth it?
  105. attn whoever is going to a remaining recording session w/ bolly.
  106. 4/12 (someone posted this already??) Billy blog
  107. adm at the mean fiddler tonight.
  108. spinoff of a spinoff:post you metro dvd covers here!
  109. what was it like Saturday trying to be the first 120 in line?
  110. so...did anyone here go to the recording today?
  111. Err.. so.. tickets...
  112. Glynis
  113. Why billy went bald.
  114. photos from the church sessions
  115. Recording Sessions Pics
  116. 2007
  118. Billy Blog Update
  119. James Iha sings BSB's "I Want it That Way"
  120. Metro ticket
  121. billy's wensday session info is heeere
  122. Tonights 4/14 session
  123. sp singles/videos?
  124. wtf? i just heard spaceboy on the radio.
  125. Public Transportation to Recording Session
  126. somewhat interesting, livejournal find.
  127. very funny reading '95 interview
  128. Tickets Were Just Released
  129. darcy...
  130. the music
  131. parking at the temple?
  132. Dean Moriarty
  133. Metro Won't Sell
  134. Look-a-like Doll....Dare I?
  135. Monday's recording session's discussions.....a small comp
  136. Video Clip Is Up
  137. New Billy Blog,...wednesdays review
  138. To those who have been/are going to the sessions
  139. christmastime, the sp song i mean
  140. recording the recording sessions
  141. any word on leakage?
  142. "i'm gonna punch james in the face."
  143. new blog posting
  144. Bury me
  145. didnt bolly say...
  146. Way to take the high road, James
  147. That little piece of you...
  148. Looking for a Song Title
  149. tonight tonight single apprecation post
  150. rarities collection
  151. James' SD Helmet?
  152. Final Recording Session tidbits
  153. tonight tonight single apprecation post
  154. I found d'arcy
  155. 2004 Pixies SBD's
  156. Please Help Me! What Is This Song!
  157. Siamese Dream on orange vinyl
  158. Towers Of Rabble studio ver.
  159. Are cameras allowed at the show tomorrow?
  160. Metro Ticket Needed
  161. What happened to the hub topic?
  162. New Billy article in the Sun Times this morning
  163. Releasing Some Shows
  164. why does everyone hate on d'arcy?
  165. Chavez playing a show!
  166. New Billy Post for 4/16 & 4/17
  167. You're WRONG, DJ
  168. the Billy Corgan show at Metro thread.
  169. Metro Show
  170. More reaction to Billy's James comments...
  171. Tonite Reprise
  172. my perfect match = Maya Kuper
  173. Billy Corgan: "Chicago" - April 19, 2004 - Metro lyrics
  174. I'll be the first asking...
  175. Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness Vinyl
  176. Metro Book PDF
  177. HUb
  178. Reading Billy's lyrics make me glad I didn't go to the Metro show.
  179. A Different Take on the Metro Show
  180. Mediabox 101 reviews Billy at the Metro
  181. Can someone translate these Japanese SP pages?
  182. I Am Made Of Pumpkin
  183. I am made of Pumpkin
  184. Puffy Remixes (Looking for info)
  185. Corgan Serenades Chicago (Rolling Stone article)
  186. Watch yesterdays concert here
  187. Corgan shares his Chicago 'snapshots' in solo debut
  188. Greg Kot review of Metro show
  189. hey, little question
  190. 2000 metro dvd...... again
  191. don't think this has been mentioned yet.
  192. Machine II Download Quality
  193. Pisces Iscariot
  194. "What would you like me to say?"
  195. Billy composed a song for the movie Any Given Sunday
  196. Metro Clip Download
  197. the return of SURVIVOR! Machina version!
  198. who blocked my amazing thread?
  199. A good/reliable/cheaper DVD burner?
  200. Iha Article in Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
  201. ATTN: dean moriaRty
  202. Final 2 Clips Up
  203. Something I noticed about Siamese Dream today.
  204. Media Player recognizes Mashed Potatos and it's track listing
  205. Pumpkins compilation I made today
  206. Idaho Greentracks CD
  207. pics from the metro show?
  208. tab for that 'say-goodbye' clip
  209. favourite moments in sp tunes
  210. And so the headline reads, "Homeless people love Machina!"
  211. billy's silver trousers
  212. Djali Zwan compilation I made today
  213. for Injektilo
  214. Extremely Important, Everyone Fucking Read!
  215. SP radio show late night on april 24th 2k4
  216. Stories and Finds: Time to Show Your Hand
  217. Stories and Finds: Time to Show Your Hand
  218. people who make fun of billy / the pumpkins.
  219. gish wishes
  220. adoRe
  221. Here's an interview of Jimmy by some Jap
  222. *cough*
  223. billy's stage props at the metro show
  224. Anyone go to the Chavez show in NY?
  225. hub question #3425
  226. Random: Dubbya and Billy.
  227. what's your current favourite song/record?
  228. New Billy Corgan Video Unearthed
  229. Does anyone have the fan made video with Untitled playing in the background?
  230. small Paz/Zwan mention in Rolling Stone
  231. Where would the hub be located, so I can get the montage Untitled video?
  232. Taiyo Yuden Silver CD-Rs
  233. Listening to "Quiet and Other Songs"
  234. Bad Trader - MICHAEL LIDSTONE
  235. god dammit
  236. Lyrics Up
  237. new pug remixes to download
  238. Trust your vibes
  239. hey, let's dust off the pumpkins comics
  240. hey...mary star IS a good album!
  241. re-transferring the poetery reading....
  242. Anyone know if Local H/Andrew WK allows board access?
  243. Smashing Pumpkins' Creative peak was in 1994
  244. Smashing Pumpkins Appreciation Thread
  245. The Sacred and Profane
  246. Billy contributes Song
  247. Billy contributes Song
  248. The Never Ever song by James...
  249. pumpkins/zwan merchandise you own?
  250. ST 555567: SD Rocket v. MCIS Rocket